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Top 4 SEO courses in Kota with Placement Assistance

Identity is meant to get reflected, and your website is your identity. The website needs to be visible to attract the right buyers or audience. To serve this purpose, we use the science that enhances the website’s visibility: SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We know that SEO gives us permanent results. It caters to a large audience and assists in staying ahead of the competition. However, SEO has its challenges which the SEO courses in Kota can melt.


List of the top SEO courses in Kota


You desired to learn search engine optimization and therefore started looking for SEO courses in Kota. However, have you ever thought how to optimize any website?


Some Methods of optimizing a website are as follows-


  • When you do extensive research on keywords, you are searching for queries. Your keywords have the potential to woo the right traffic and direct them to your website, so you need to be query(keyword)-driven to optimize your webpage.
  • You may often think that ranking on the search engine is the concern, but what determines your position is how you solve the audience’s queries. The other way of optimizing your website is writing relevant and SEO- friendly content for the people.
  • The use of images and videos can amplify the meaning of your content and hold people’s attention for a long. This can be another way to optimize your website.
  • Internal links are the URLs of the existing pages of your website indexed on google. Internal links can clear doubts related to the post and give the readers a sense of expertise and relevance. Therefore, an adequate amount of internal links can engage readers for a long. 


Is SEO the same as pay per click?


The only similarity between SEO and pay-per-click is that both can get used for any internet marketing campaign. However, SEO means organic results, and pay-per-click, as the name suggests, is a paid result. The traffic you get from SEO is more promising than the traffic attracted through pay-per-click. The reason is that the moment you stop paying for the ads, traffic inflow will also cease. However, if you appropriately optimize your website, the influx of traffic will remain uniform or may even improve.


If you’re confused about which is better SEO or pay per click? Then the answer will depend on the requirement. If you want more customers, then pay-per-click can be a profitable alternative. Furthermore, if you require better traffic, SEO is the queen then.


Will SEO exist in 5 years?


This question can keep triggering you when searching for SEO courses in Kota. Search engine optimization is here to stay for as long as digital marketing gets practiced. You can see that the virtual world is far more active and connected than the real world.  SEO is a magic wand in this virtual world. We are trying to enhance our identity; we are attempting to build authority to connect with people effectively. The charm that SEO has is unmatched, and this science will undoubtedly be relevant until we don’t find an alternative to the online medium.



What is implied by SEO courses? 


Let’s look at it like this- a course is a journey. Any journey has junctions that you must cross to reach the final destination. In the context of an SEO course, the final destination would be doing a project and getting a certificate. But the junctions before will teach you the what, why, when, where, and how to SEO. The course will include market trends, SEO tools, and practices and can coach you with topics such as-

  • On-page and Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • SEO practices for 2022
  • Black-hat and White-hat SEO

Therefore, an SEO course is a condensed form of the market. As a learner, you will enroll to study the digital market. That is the idea of an SEO course.


Now let’s glance through some of the SEO courses in Kota.




Are you confused as to which course can be the choicest fit for SEO courses in Kota? First, let’s list the advantages of taking the advanced SEO course offered by IIM skills. The list is as follows-

  • Mastering the technique of Audience analysis
  • Using analytics for decision making
  • The ability to research on almost every topic
  • Crafting SEO optimized content
  • Getting your hands dirty to learn HTML and CSS skills
  • Learning to extract relevant data
  • Following the changing SEO algorithms
  • Getting exposed to networking and communication skills
  • Performing effective competitor research
  • Learning blogging to stay relevant
  • Understanding the process of pitching to fresh clients


These are some advantages of taking the SEO course offered by IIM SKILLS. You must be thinking that you can get the same benefits if you pursue some other course from the given list. But would you like to let go of the opportunity to be led by the Global leader? IIM SKILLS is known for providing a rewarding career to learners. The institute has already ranked number one in rendering the best digital marketing and content writing courses; it has industry-validated content, International certifications.


It also gives Global Placement assistance. As a result, IIM SKILLS has become a reliable and renowned name in India. If you still aren’t sure of what you are reading, you may go through the course curriculum to see what you will get as a learner if you pursue this course.


Course Name: Advanced SEO Course

Course Duration: 4-weeks training+8-weeks paid internship

Course Fees: Rs.14,900+18% GST


The course structure is as follows-

  • An insight into SEO
  • The various types of SEO
  •  The importance of SEO in digital marketing
  •  The purpose of practicing SEO methods
  •  Niche selection
  •  The competitive niches
  •  The meaning of website credibility
  •  Methods to enhance the UI and UX
  •  Mind mapping the content and audience
  •  The know-how of Keyword research
  •  The keyword competition
  •  The intention of keywords
  •  Keyword density
  •  How to write the landing page?
  •  The importance of competition analysis
  •  SEO for local domestic and international pages
  •  Optimization of images, video, and content
  •  How to structure permalinks?
  •  Linking and its types
  •  Alternate keywords
  •  Cornerstone pages
  •  Meaning of indexing
  •  Social sharing Optimisation
  •  Meta tags and descriptions
  •  Importance of error pages
  •  301 redirect
  •  The 404 error
  •  What is a Canonical URL?
  •  Content marketing strategies
  •  Off-page SEO
  •  Backlinks and their types
  •  Strategies for Web 2.0 and 3.0
  •  Generating quality backlinks
  •  What is a cold email outreach?
  •  How is guest blogging beneficial?
  •  Creating quality content
  •  The dissimilarity between thin and duplicate content
  •  How to build a strong off-page with SEO strategies
  •  What is the multiple domain strategy?
  •  The difference between HTTP and HTTPS servers
  •  What is the content delivery network, and how is it implemented?
  •  The XML.sitemap
  •  Speed Optimisation
  •  What is structured data?
  •  The meaning of schemas, and how is it implemented?
  •  Registering to a search console
  •  What is a search console?
  •  The benefits of a search console
  •  The importance of URL inspection
  •  How to discover your site performance?
  •  What is site coverage?
  •  The submission of sitemap
  •  How to remove bad backlinks?
  •  Introduction to Google Analytics 
  • The focus of Google Analytics (that includes real-time traffic analytics, audience overview, acquisition, and traffic behavior)
  •  Designing in SEO report
  •  How to keep a record of Weekly progress
  •  Monthly reports
  •  Freelance SEO reporting
  •  Interview preparation assistance
  •  Resume preparation
  •  A brief about the paid internship 


 The benefits of taking the sports are as follows-

  • 2 months paid internship with a fixed stipend
  • Establishing a career as an SEO specialist
  • Receiving a letter of recommendation
  •  Complete interview assistance
  •  Post-training mentorship
  •  Placement support
  •  Learning to rank with blogs


 The tools covered in the course are as follows-

  • Google Search Console
  • Ubersuggest
  • KWFinder
  • Answer the Public 
  • Speed test tools
  • Performance tools
  • On-page optimization tools

 If you wish to enquire about the course, you can connect with IIM SKILLS here, 


More Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


2. HubSpot


Are you looking for SEO courses in Kota because you want to see an advancement in your career? Or maybe you want to expand your business? Do you know what drives growth? It is staying aware, updated, and relevant. And that is what you will learn from the SEO course offered by HubSpot. You will be learning the various SEO-friendly practices and business trends from the leading experts. You will receive a certificate to show off your skills at the end of the course. You will have phenomenal client experiences if you learn SEO from HubSpot.

If you still haven’t decided, check out the course syllabus to learn more.


Course Name: SEO Certification Course

Course Duration: 2.24 hours

Course Fees: Free


The course curriculum is as follows-

  • The basics of SEO
  •  History of search engines
  •  How have search engines become a part of our day-to-day lives?
  •  Creating the right SEO strategy for the business
  •  Focusing on KPI’s
  •  Performing an audit
  •  Crawling and indexing
  •  On-page and Technical SEO
  •  Optimizing the website
  •  How Google indexes a web page?
  •  Writing the meta description and meta tag
  •  Writing the link text
  •  Linking and its types
  •  The impact of internal linking on SEO
  •  The best structure for URL’s
  •  The basics of Technical SEO
  •  Keyword researching for SEO
  •  What is the purpose of Keyword research? 
  • The impact of Keyword research on content strategy
  •  The benefit of topic cluster content strategy
  •  Link building for SEO
  •  The number of links a web page requires?
  •  Building relations with the right audience
  •  Responding to press request alerts
  •  How can press request alerts give you backlinks?
  •  Optimizing your website for results
  •  The purpose of structuring data
  •  SEO reporting
  •  How SEO reporting impacts the business
  •  Learning metrics
  •  Everything about Google search console and Google Analytics


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3. Udemy


If you have your eyes fixed on pleasing the search engines, you may probably fail to rank better. SEO courses in Kota will indeed introduce you to SEO concepts and tools. Still, most importantly, it will shift your focus from the search engine to the audience. The reason is that the better you deal with your target audience, the higher your chances are to rank on search engines. The high retention rate and a lower bounce rate is the mantra that your website needs to chant for better optimization.


Therefore in this course by Udemy, you will learn to optimize every aspect of a website for the audience. Get more localized traffic with the hacks shared in this course. You will further be able to cross the boundaries to create content that ignites a sense of curiosity amongst the readers. So if you want to take a chance to pursue this course, read out the course curriculum to know what you can expect from the study. 


Course Name: SEO Training-Learn How to rank in Google Search Results

Course Duration: 3-hours on demand

Course Fees: Rs.468


The syllabus of the course is as follows-

  • What is SEO?
  •  the importance of SEO
  •  the time taken for SEO results to appear
  •  the working of search engines
  •  the terminologies related to SEO
  •  keyword research
  •  the various tools for keyword research
  •  long tail and short tail keywords
  •  competition of keywords
  •  generating keyword ideas
  •  everything about on-page SEO
  •  checklist for onpage SEO
  •  the components of on-page SEO such as page title meta description, large heading tags, outbound links, internal links
  •  what is meant by search intent?
  •  the idea of social sharing
  •  the importance of fresh content
  •  use of social media
  •  off-site SEO
  •  backlinks and their types
  •  what do we imply by domain authority?
  •  how to write a listicle article
  •  the significance of guest blogging
  •  the blog directories
  •  how answering questions on Quora benefits
  •  the structure of press release writing
  •  how can you become a source for reporters in bloggers?
  •  What is local SEO?
  •  the appearance of local SEO
  •  the local SEO keywords
  •  the various ranking factors when local SEO is concerned
  •  Local citations
  •  Local on-page Optimisation
  •  local link building
  •  Displaying reviews and testimonials
  •  The section of Black hat SEO
  • The don’ts of Black hat SEO
  •  Thin and duplicate content
  •  Stuffing the articles with keywords
  •  Buying backlinks


If you wish to connect with the instructor to enquire more about the course, please explore Udemy!


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Looking for SEO courses in Kota, let’s brief you about IIDE. The online SEO course offered by IIDE will help you rank better and faster on the Google search engine. The institute has coached over 8700+ students through online, classroom, and short-term courses. You will be introduced to some easily discernible, tried, and tested methods of SEO that will unquestionably help build your endeavor. If you wish to pursue this course, peep through the course syllabus.


Course Name: Online SEO Course with Certification

Course Duration: 7-hours

Course Fees: Rs.6355+taxes


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


 The course curriculum is as follows-

  • Learning about Google SEO
  • Finding the right keywords
  • The components of on-page SEO
  • How to structure the webpage?
  • Hacks for more website traffic
  • The importance of error pages
  • Using blogs in PR to improve the rank
  • The know-how of the Google search console
  • Ways and means to measure a site’s performance
  • Use of Google Analytics and Google search console
  • The Black hat technique of SEO and its impact on ranking


If you want to learn more about the course, you can contact IIDE here, 

Tel: +91 9619958615

Email: [email protected]


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Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs)


1. What are SEO Skills?

The SEO Skills are as follows-

  • The ability to optimize metrics
  • Being well versed with keywords
  • On-page and off-page factors affecting the website traffic
  • Creative bent of mind to find suitable content ideas
  • Strong communication and visualization skills
  • Effective time management skills
  •  a good sense of prioritizing the proper work at the right time
  • Competitive analysis 
  • Advanced editing and writing skills
  • Doing about the goal of Technical SEO
  • The various link building strategies 
  • Good knowledge of the SEO tools 
  • Knowing how to work for social media efficiently
  • To be able to optimize the content strategy
  •  having a sense of business

The above list entails some of the SEO skills you will require to even enroll in any of the SEO courses in Kota. 


2. Can SEO be considered a good career option?


You need assurance whether SEO is the right career path even before you start your search for SEO courses in Kota. SEO is considered a good career option. It is the most sought-after career in this digital time and age. Eventually, generating SEO-friendly content to get more leads has become a requirement for every organization today—many organizations hire SEO experts. Therefore, SEO is the best career option.


3. Can SEO courses be accessed for free?


Yes! You can access courses for free, especially when massive open online courses have become a buzzword. You can find free classes on Coursera Alison and Yoast Academy platforms.


4. How much time does it take to complete an SEO course?


The time can be from a few hours to one year. 

5. What is the average salary of an SEO expert?


A moderate salary of an SEO expert in India can be Rs. 2,65,051 per annum. 


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Nobody wishes to rank low. Even if the content strategy is not robust, people still want to be seen on the first five searches because of their effort to demystify SEO. If the action has no direction, it is of no use. And when you consider SEO as the foundation, you cannot have a frail understanding and, as a result, create a fragile thought structure. So, let’s see some of the possible don’ts in SEO-


  •  The search intent can never get missed out what people hope to see in your content certainly has to be present
  •  Do not stuff your content with keywords! The ideal keyword density should be 0.5% when optimizing a web page. 
  • If you want a high retention rate, don’t forget to review the loading time of your web page. Because of the loading is not smooth, the traffic will automatically get diverted to something else.
  • Do not use duplicate or outdated content.
  • Keywords are necessary, but that does not mean you can use any keyword. The keyword has to be relevant. If the theme of your keyword and people’s search intent does not match, your effort will become futile. 
  •  Don’t forget to add a meta description and meta title.
  •  Don’t forget to mention relevant links.


These are a few of the many don’ts in SEO that you should remember when building your content. You will learn all the other do’s and don’ts if you take one out of the many SEO courses in Kota. 


 So, SEO courses in Kota will teach you the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization and strengthen your skillset and even inject some new skills into you.

  • I came across this blog while looking for the best SEO training and I’ve been reading a few of the posts on this site, and I particularly enjoyed this one. Could you please let me know what fields I can apply into after receiving my certification in SEO course in Kota. I was curious as to whether SEO techniques are the ideal for my newly launched internet blog. Can a novice like myself enrol in this course, or do I need work experience first? How long will it take for my blog to rank after I start using SEO? Many thanks.

  • I’ve been working as an sales professional for four years. I am looking to study something new in a different field. I’ve determined that I don’t want to continue working in sales and have shifted my focus to my second interest, writing. Since returning to the area, I’ve been actively hunting for writing work. My friend told me about the SEO course and how useful it was for him when he first started writing. Writing blogs is one of my passions, and I’ve considered creating my own. I saw your article on SEO course in Kota and would like to enrol.

  • I have an interest in digital businesses. I have learned from a lot of them about the basics of having an online business and how to build a stable business digitally. Many of them insisted on learning seo for best results. I studied seo on my own and understood some of the fundamentals of seo. However I would like to get taught from a professional who has a on hand experience with seo tools and techniques. The seo courses in kota provided by your institute delivers just that so I want to join one of the batches. When can I start?

  • My father is in the construction of chemical tanks and he has an experience of nearly 30 years in this industry . However with the growing competition business is slow . He usually indulges in cold calling which is not giving us very good returns and I want to do something about it . I am a pre school teacher and the word SEO is alien to me . I came across what SEO is when I was browsing the internet and I feel it can do some wonders to revive my fathers business . Firstly I want to know if by doing this course will we be really benefitted as I just don’t want to enrol in a course that’s going to waste my time . This article looks good and I am definitely going to read up more on SEO course in Kota. Thanks

  • Hi. my name is parineeti. I am working for a software development company as a tester. However, I would like to try digital marketing and seo, as i have seen the marketing team and learned a little and found that i have a niche for marketing. I have searched many seo courses in kota and yours i find the best. When can i enroll? Also tell me if i am right with my decision on working in marketing. Is there a course i should study in before studying about seo. I want ot be fully prepared for a career in marketing.

  • This article has really narrowed it down with the specifics and made the search easier for me. I am going to register for iimskills. Are there any pre requisites before joining the course? What are the opportunities after this course completion? Will they help me with placement after? Since I don’t have any knowledge regarding seo and online marketing can I register or should I take some other courses first? What is the guarantee for placemen after the course completion? What is the scope of seo as a career choice in India? Are seo courses in kota the best or there are other options as well?

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