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Best SEO Course in Thane With 100% Practical Training

In the words of Patrick Coombe, “As long as there is search, there will be SEO”.

When users search for anything on the web, the general tendency is to review listings appearing on the first 1-2 pages of search results only. So, how do you get search engines to put websites, webpages, blogs, or business offerings on top of their list for better visibility?

Applying SEO or Search Engine Optimization processes helps make that happen. If you want to learn how SEO works, implement the measures and best practices involved, then his article provides a selection of Institutions that offer an SEO Course in Thane which can help you do so.


SEO course in Thane


SEO And Its Importance


A higher ranking on search engine results pages directly translates to more chances of relevant users discovering and visiting websites or consuming other types of content.


Only by bringing the right consumers to their respective domain can organizations and individuals alike meet their objectives of being seen, establishing themselves as a brand, or transacting with customers and audiences.


Attracting organic traffic without having to pay for advertisements to promote websites or pages requires strong SEO strategies. In addition to driving traffic and lead generation, SEO also brings in benefits of making for a better user experience when people access your content and it boosts credibility.


Developing and implementing an optimization strategy begins with knowing the different elements of this process thoroughly. Among other factors, SEO will mean understanding how search engines discover, index, and rank results, the importance of keyword research and inclusion; how you can otherwise optimize on-page content, and what to do off-page.


You will also need to know how to monitor the outcome of your augmentation efforts and make adjustments on a continuous basis as this is not a one-time activity.


Be it businesses who wish to increase customer base or revenue, bloggers wanting their views to be read and shared widely, or job seekers exploring the job market in the digital space, the choices for SEO training in Thane that is being reviewed here can benefit everyone.


You can learn SEO on your own by going through books, videos, or free courses and there are a number of them available. However, opting into a structured SEO training program will be beneficial as it does offer a few advantages over other modes of learning.


That leads to the question of what advantages do these training organizations have over self-learning? Well, for starters


  • There is scope for interaction and discussions. Faculty will have years of hands-on implementation experience and can share examples as you go through course content.


  • A lot of these companies are agency-backed or themselves provide a wide range of services to clients of which, training is one facet. This means learners get to apply what they are taught through real-time projects.


  • Interviews or freelancing breaks are lined up for students, easing entry into the field


These are, of course, only a few main influencing factors. There are others that the rest of the article will bring forth.


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Without further ado, then let’s go through some of the best Institutions offering an SEO Course in Thane.




The curriculum for all their professional courses is designed, validated, and delivered by industry experts to give you an all-encompassing learning framework that helps students grow into skilled professionals.


IIM SKILLS Advanced SEO course is a one-month program with two months of paid internship. With a strong focus on practical training, they have wrapped the training program with internship-induced projects and campaign work. That will ultimately add up to your skills and work experience.


Under the banner of this exhaustive learning program, you will learn the following things:


  • What is SEO
  • Setting up Your Niche
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Reporting in SEO
  • Resume preparation


You also get lifetime access to updated training materials through their LMS – a great way to keep yourself informed of what’s changing for years to come. Placement assistance and post-training mentorship are other remarkable features that make it the best SEO training in Thane.


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IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


2.     ProIdeators


ProIdeators is backed by alumni of premier educational institutions and industry experts, with the vision of being a globally acclaimed innovator meeting the educational needs of professionals. Their course offerings range from digital and social media marketing, web design, and development to networking technologies.


ProIdeators has its main office in Thane, with centers in other parts of Mumbai & Uttarakhand. They cover learners across India and the globe through their online training.


This SEO Course in Thane will delve into the following areas:


  • Web Introduction – understanding website structure, Domain, Servers, Hosting, CMS, WordPress, setting up of Website & Web Pages
  • SEO Fundamentals – learn how search engines work & key optimization terms
  • Keyword Research – how to search & find profitable keywords
  • On-Page SEO – how to optimize website content & structure
  • Off-Page SEO – building website reputation
  • Local SEO – optimizing web presence and local listing for close geo audience
  • Content Marketing – how to plan blogs and content for the website
  • SEO Reporting
  • SEO Tools
  • SEO Audits & Algorithm Penalty Control


Some features and benefits of availing this SEO training in Thane are that ProIdeators give their students the freedom of choosing between weekday or weekend batches per convenience. Training is personalized and designed to bring participants to a stage where they can manage projects independently.


Missed a class? Not a problem, as the Institution will provide 12-hour backup classes for missed sessions. Students also get placement assistance upon course completion and post-training support can be availed even after course completion.


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3.     Operating Media


The next stop for an SEO Course in Thane is Operating Media, an Institution with a success story of having imparted digital marketing skills to 1200+ batches of trainees thus far.


They are a division of iBraine Digital LLP, which is a Google and Microsoft Partner agency.  Operating Media has centers in Andheri, Borivali & Thane, with online learning options being made available too for pan India and overseas aspirants.


Their SEO training in Thane provides 15 hours of sessions on the following modules.


  • Introduction to SEO which also covers essentials of good website design & search engine algorithms
  • Off-Page Optimization focusing on link building, content writing, etc
  • On-Page Optimization such as keyword research and analysis, competition analysis amongst other topics
  • SEO Tools like Google webmaster & keyword tools
  • SEO Reporting


Participants can choose batch timings that suit them. Experienced trainers will ensure a great learning experience and there will be coverage for missed sessions. Operating Media has tie-ups with various digital marketing agencies & HR firms for robust placement assistance once a batch is out of its learning phase.


You also get lifetime post-training support in case you need their expertise at a later point.


4.     Universal Computer Art


Universal Computer Art is a long-standing Institute that has been in operation since 1992. The array of courses they provide includes Graphic Designing, Web Designing & Multimedia, Web and App development, and Digital Marketing.


At their center in Thane, Mumbai, or through online training, the SEO training they provide is exhaustive where participants will be taught:


  • Understanding search engines – learn how search engines rank pages, what is PageRank, Google Dance, what are algorithms and other topics
  • Keyword research with Google Keyword Planner
  • Selection of Domain Name
  • Content Writing – Heart of SEO: Know how to create SEO-friendly content, content marketing for blogs, newsletters, eBooks & social media; how to write press releases and Ad copy
  • On-Page optimization concepts like tags & anchor text, HTML validation, Sitemap creation, Page speed optimization, handling canonicalization issues, etc
  • SEO for eCommerce & International SEO
  • Google & Yahoo Webmaster Tools
  • Off-Page optimization – link & traffic building strategies, social bookmarking, link wheel, Squidoo lens creation, etc
  • Creating Blog with WordPress & Blogger
  • Local search Google+ covering optimizing website for local search, Google plus posts & communities, and other topics
  • Types of SEO – understanding White, Black & Gray SEO
  • Reporting & Management tools (Google Analytics)
  • Pay-per-click Marketing (Google AdWords & Bing)
  • Google Tag Manager – Installing containers, working with variables, etc
  • Preparation for Global Certifications from Google & Bing
  • SEO & SMO Tools – Learn Site quality and backlink check, RSS Feedburner, W3C validator, Introduction to Onlywire amongst other things
  • Interview preparation & Project.


Universal Computer Art’s SEO Course in Thane is for two months, with two weeks of live project work. This course is a complete package where students learn SEO strategies, tips, and tricks.


Advanced concepts that are covered in this course such as designing search-engine-friendly architecture, resolution of content management issues, etc definitely give this course an added edge.


They also have combined course options where you can jointly undertake two or more areas of study in one program. SEO can be learned along with Multimedia & Web programming or with web designing training.



5.     Freelancers Academy


Freelancers Academy is another well-known training provider covering UI/UX and Digital Marketing courses. They received recognition as the Best Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai City by Radio City in 2019


Their course catalog also has an exclusive SEO Course in Thane, Navi Mumbai, and Andheri where they have their centers. Online training can be availed by students from other locations, with both these modes of training being equally effective.


The curriculum of their comprehensive SEO Course comprises:


  • Keywords optimization & internal linking
  • Creation of Meta tag
  • Top SEO tools – link juice, appropriate URL structures
  • Sitemap creation
  • Optimization of titles and descriptions
  • Formatting of text
  • Get pages to load quickly
  • Differentiate keyword stuffing from keyword placement
  • Image optimization
  • Link building
  • Social media
  • Social bookmarking
  • Content
  • Article & Video submission


One of the advantages of learning with Freelancers Academy is being able to put your learning to the test through live projects facilitated via their in-house agency.


Students can also take the advantage of flexible learning formats and batch timings as well as opportunities to get long-term domestic and international freelancing jobs.


6.     The Digital Marketing Courses (TDMC)


A division of Digital Marketing Agency Yelkotech, TDMC’s courses are designed to help individual learners and businesses leverage TDMC’s expertise in the digital marketing field to build on their core competencies, thus improving career prospects or growing their business.


TDMC’s Advance SEO Course in Thane is structured as follows:


  • Know Search Engine basics
  • Keywords Research & Analysis
  • Website Audit & Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • On-page Optimization Techniques
  • Off-Page Optimization Techniques
  • Understanding SEO tools & Plugins
  • Google Webmaster Tool Basics
  • Google Analytics basics
  • Reporting & Maintenance
  • Local & e-commerce SEO, WordPress SEO tips
  • Latest SEO trends & Google Algorithms


These modules will be covered over 1.5 months. Their faculty consists of industry experts and training is job-oriented as it will include live project experience.


Post-course internships will provide hands-on experience, after which they will also assist you in preparing for and finding a suitable placement.


7.     Media Pasta


Media Pasta is a full-service Digital Marketing Agency utilizing its proficiency to provide training courses in Digital Marketing, SEO, Google Analytics, etc. They service both domestic and international clients and students.


Their offices are located in Mumbai, Thane & Gurgaon, but their reach as an agency and a training center are much wider, covering other cities in India and abroad. Following on from the success that their Digital Marketing training course garnered, Media Pasta’s course offerings expanded to include a separate, tailor-made SEO program as well.


A gist of what gets covered as part of their popular SEO Course in Thane:


  • SEO basics and forms
  • Search Engine Arrays – How do search engines work? Crawlers/Indexers, Page Ranks, and more
  • SEO Investigation & development covering market research and competition analysis, Keyword research and analysis, etc
  • Website design SEO guidelines including content review & optimization, design & layout


Training is practical and focused on real-life industry cases. Participants will also get an understanding of marketing from a wide-angle, and learn about other requisites such as keyword trends, search consoles, and advanced web analytics.


8.     Digital Bizware


Digital Bizware is a training Institute offering 35+ courses in Content & Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Marketing. The Institution has its center in Thane and delivers online training to a wider global audience. Their courses are completely practical-oriented and the company maintains a 100% placements track record.


Digital Bizware’s SEO training in Thane consists of the following modules:

  • SEO Outline – Where Google search architecture & search console, crawl stats & errors, Sitemaps, HTML suggestions, URL parameters, etc get covered.
  • Keywords Research & Analysis – Here students learn the benefits of Keyword research and methodology, advanced Keyword planning guide and Keyword generation ideas, competition analysis, and more
  • On-page Optimization – including URL, Meta & Title tags optimization, SEO Content Writing, Sitemap & Anchor links Optimization, and Rich snippets.
  • Off-Page Optimization – specifics covered here are link building guidelines & linking methods, local business listings, guest blogging & commenting, Press Releases, reports and management, etc
  • Algorithms – Panda, Penguin, Humming Bird, Medic & Fred update, Rank Brain, Machine learning & Penguin 4.


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


There will be live project work involved and an internship opportunity to strengthen knowledge acquired during the course. That brings us to the end of the list of note-worthy providers of an SEO Course in Thane which can meet your learning objectives.




Q1. Who can sign-up for SEO courses?

Just about anyone with a willingness to learn! Although there are a few technical elements to SEO, it does not require formal IT or marketing education.


Q2. Are SEO courses expensive and is there flexibility in paying course fees?

The price range for SEO courses will be dependent on the length and depth of training imparted. Flexible payment and different methods of payment are made available by the training centers.


Q3. What about career prospects after obtaining SEO Certification?

Freelancing gigs and job opportunities are abundant in this field – just search any job portal to look at the sheer number of open positions or projects to get an idea. You could also train others or go on to set up your agency too.




SEO is an integral part of Digital Marketing as businesses become more ROI-focused. It remains important as a low-cost but high-yield marketing strategy that creates myriad career and business opportunities.

In today’s digital world, it is not enough if you have an internet presence. Knowing how to capitalize on that digital footprint to meet and exceed business or career goals is equally important. SEO is one important tool at everyone’s disposal to make this a reality.

Getting it right, though, is vital to reap its benefits, and this is where enrolling into a professional SEO Course in Thane plays a part in upskilling aspirants who wish to learn and take advantage of optimization tactics.

  • I want to learn about SEO from a college that offers excellent modules. I did some research on your course and thought it was fantastic that you provided lifetime access to all the lessons. If I ever need to review the sessions again, it will be of great assistance to me. I’m going to apply the knowledge I gained from the SEO seminars to figure out how to expand my business. These SEO classes will undoubtedly aid me in that endeavour. Which of these SEO course in Thane will be most beneficial to me in my situation? Thank you for this article .

  • Seo is a good practice for businesses online to gain customers and leads. An understanding of seo specifics is really helpful to understand what types of practices need to be followed to gain traction on the internet. Whether a startup or a successful business it is required for very business to follow and learn how to use seo. I can say from experience that my business was more successful once we started seo practices online. Enroll in one of these seo course in thane to see for yourself the importance of seo in online business. You will gain experience of dealing with digital markets,

  • I searched the internet for the best SEO courses in Thane and found your college at the top of the list. And after reading this post and doing some research, I’ve decided that this is the best course for me. Could you please email me the details of the session as well as the pricing structure? I’d want to ask you a couple of inquiries about fees. Because I’d have a tight budget, I’d like to pay the fees in instalments. Also, what are the class times so I can plan accordingly? Please respond; thank you for your time and attention.

  • I am a student in Thane and about to complete my BA Hons. I have specialized in English and looking for a course that can help me flex my creative muscle on the internet for people to observe. I am really looking forward to an SEO course that I can pursue, with my degree, on the side. Please give me some details of the course and the modules that will be taught. Your article on the SEO course in Thane is great and quite comprehensive. I also have interest in writing for blogs and articles so I hope I can learn this skill and start writing one day too.

  • I recently returned to India , Thane and was looking for job opportunities as a writer. I have a knack for writing and have previously written and published a few articles. However, I now want to pursue content writing as a career and earn a decent living doing it. I came across a lot of need for SEO certified writers while investigating careers and the qualifications of a professional content writer, which aroused my curiosity in learning more about the SEO course in Thane. Any of the institutes mentioned in your article would be a great fit for me. Thanks

  • Is there scope in the SEO course in Thane? I am interested in teaching and wanted to make sure that this investment would be worth it. I have read about SEO on the internet and have some experience teaching online previously. But first I would have to understand this course for myself and for that your course looks like a nice option. I would like to know more about the course so if we could talk so I can come to a conclusion regarding the course. Sen me a reply and I would love to talk more thank you.

  • I am student from Mumbai and I am in second year Arts stream . I have a keen interest in blogging and I write a few articles about my travel and food experiences . I want to be a professional blogger and blogging these days is working quite well and is a high paying and personally rewarding job . I have a year to complete my graduation but I want to be industry ready the moment I pass out . I don’t want to waste my time enrolling in a course after the completion of my graduation . Could you tell me if I can do the SEO course in Thane while I am still studying ?

  • How useful is SEO for a business? I don’t know much about digital marketing but I am intrigued by it. I came to know about your institute from a friend who recommended it to me. Since I own a small shop here in thane he suggested I should try digital marketing but I am just a newbie to it. I read this article about seo course in thane and I learned much about seo and its advantages. Can you suggest me where to start with for my digital marketing business? I would like to know and learn more about this topic and how much it can help my small business.

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