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Top 5 Technical Writing Courses in Thane With Placements

Content writing is a sure-fire way to earn money online. However, did you know that taking a technical writing course can ramp up your earnings more than a run-of-the-mill writing course? This guide delves deep into technical writing courses in Thane to step up your writing game.


List of the best technical writing courses in Thane


Technical Writing – A Nontechnical Breakdown


The modern-day world witnesses an extensive growth of industries in technical fields like robotics, electronics, aerospace, medicine, software, etc.


The terms and jargon used in these fields are manifold in that only readers who have some sort of background in such fields can find complicated pieces of information accessible and functional. However, the products of these technology-based companies are not merely for technical wizards and specialists.


Companies sell either products or services to people irrespective of their educational background. The company must make technical information available and comprehensible to all.


Here comes the role of technical writing and writers. Technical writing is unraveling significant yet complicated information. In other words, technical writing is instructing, directing, and explaining technical content. Technical writing examples can give you an overall view of what technical writing is.


Technical Writer


A technical writer is a trained professional who communicates difficult to understand technical language in a way that is perceivable by everyone. Technical writers produce content using tools, skills, and relevant knowledge.


Openings for technical writers are increasing every year. Experts predict that technical writers’ employment is likely to grow 12 percent between 2020 and 2030. Increasing technical writer job vacancies on platforms like  LinkedIn and  Indeed makes the demand for technical writers conspicuous.


A technical writer need not necessarily have formal education in the fields he crafts information for. Passion for writing and understanding crucial technical terms along with a learning mindset are the essential qualities of a technical writer.


Technical writers save time for users as well as customer service employees. Merely by giving fool-proof guides and manuals, writers increase productivity and preclude customer confusion. Technical content might be hard to create but it is fruitful.


Major Types of Technical Writing


To suit the needs of different industries and their customers, technical writing has been classified and modified to suit a variety of audiences.


Technical writing can be roughly categorized into four major types. 


  • Technical documentation
  • Writing for the medical sector
  • User manuals
  • White paper


Technical Documentation


Companies use technical documentation to explain the functionality of a product. Technical documentation is for engineers and professionals who might repair the product later. Technical documents often dig deeper into product specifications and methodologies.


Having this type of documentation will enlighten people who repair and service a product as it is positively crammed with technical language. It is more about making information about a product or organization accessible to all.


This type of technical writing is predominant in the IT sector, medicine, and many other technical fields. Several people from manufacturers to end-users find technical documentation reliable to accomplish certain technical tasks. Even organizations use technical write-ups to increase productivity. Technical documents are said to enhance the customer experience to a large extent.


Writing for Medical Sector


Technical writers who have little or no education related to the medical field can pursue medical technical writing by taking the best technical writing courses. These writers write two types of technical content.


A few writers write for a mass audience who expect medical terms to be broken down. Some writers write for readers who have a medical background like doctors, druggists, etc. The writers who write for experienced professionals do not have to write in layman’s version.


User Manuals


Writing a user manual is entirely different from drafting a technical document. They hold content for different users. User manuals largely contain layman versions of complicated terms and they are designed to educate or instruct the end-user about a product.


Unlike technical documentation, everything is simplified in user manuals as these are only for final users. In organizations, guides are used to direct and enlighten employees on something.


Using less fancy language is more likely to achieve the desired objectives. User manuals are more like instructional booklets. Providing user manuals tends to improve customer relationships. Complex products require well-explained user manuals.


User manuals can be just illustrations guiding users. Technical writers can draft user manuals without a single word. Including feedback from other users will have a positive effect on consumers.


User manuals need not be confined only to customers. Employees can also derive benefits from user manuals as they provide a good reference source. IKEA user manuals are an example of technical content as they tell you how to assemble a product just with illustrations.


White Paper


White paper writing is a significant and one of the most lucrative forms of technical writing. Most white paper services are exorbitantly priced as they are information-packed and involve research. White paper writers usually cover almost everything related to a topic or issue and provide solutions.


Most of the technical writing courses in Thane cover white paper writing. To keep it short, doing this gig means minting money. Government companies and industries usually covet white papers as they assist in generating leads for the business.


As marketing content and education content go hand in hand in white papers, generating leads is much easier. Firms and businesses write white papers for other firms and businesses’ perusal. White papers do not have to be all about sales and persuasion.


They can be treated as a platform to prove a company’s expertise in the industry. White paper writers concentrate on powerful language rather than persuasive language. Unlike blogs, white papers are detailed and have a formal tone.


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What makes Technical Content Effective?


Technical content is informative. But not everyone knows the basic details. It is necessary to write what is more relevant rather than being profound. Otherwise, the audience will be unaware of what you try to convey.


Getting audience feedback can be of help to monitor your content. In content writing, it is easy to increase customer engagement, whereas technical information could be bland for a few.


Technical writers focus more on creating gripping yet erudite details. A well-written piece of technical content should comprise the following qualities to satisfy the user in providing relevant information.


  • Accuracy – a technical writer avoids ambiguity and focuses on giving only accurate content without leaving the user puzzled. Writing precise documentation can save users from undue dithering.
  • Images – Using images, diagrams, and illustrations convey the information effectively. Small details which cannot be conveyed in written text can be effortlessly conveyed using pictures. The audience who does not have time or patience to go through the written text can make good use of images.
  • Concise – Keeping the written part succinct without fluff is imperative. Readers need a solution if they are reading technical info. Make it crisp and to the point. People prefer reading something that is brief and to the point instead of a 3000 – word article swamped with redundancy and inaccurate data.
  • Coherence – Every step of a process must be coherently produced. While reading user manuals and guides, the readers expect step-by-step guidance that reads logically. It is better to list out the small details and they would not be redundant. For example, directing the customer to turn off the light or power source before changing a bulb would be a precautionary measure.
  • Accessible – Technical copies should be compartmentalized using headings, indexes, and links. Users do not have to go through the entire document instead they can skip to the part they look for in the document. Accessibility makes the document skimmable offering a quick read. At the end, who does not like a happy customer.


Importance of Technical Writing


The usual adage, “Communication is the key”, is true in the case of technical writing. Without proper liaison, products can become hazardous and futile. Not every consumer knows to operate everything flawlessly.


Be it a mobile, home appliance, cosmetics, application, or body lotion users will feel the need for a technical write-up to get the most out of a product. Shortly, technical writing is present everywhere where processes are guided and well-performed.


In industrial fields, the importance of technical context is more. Some industries assemble and dismantle equipment and products. In such fields, the need for technical writing is perpetual. These processes can be a nightmare without carefully drafted guides.


Likewise, in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, every pill, syrup, and equipment contains a guide, explaining the correct dosage, caution, instructions, etc. These details are indispensable to avoid misconceptions.


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Technical Writing as a Career  


Presently, with the demand for technical writers stiffly increasing, technical writing is indubitably a great career option. Further, technical writing remote jobs provide an opportunity to earn money from home.


Though you can become a technical writer without a degree, considering the circumstances, taking an advanced technical writing course can improve your chances of becoming a successful technical writer.


In general, companies look for a bachelor’s degree in English or Journalism for technical writing. However, it is not necessary to have any prior background. The ideal work-life balance and laptop lifestyle are the major perks of being a technical writing expert.


The salary of a technical writer is competitive and future growth is assured in this career. Statistics show that in 2019, technical writers made a whopping 72,850 USD. As discussed earlier, individuals who do not have any experience can also start a career as a technical writer.


Participating in webinars and internships is a way to acquire expertise in this field. Likewise, certification is not essential to get a job. However, certifications and technical writing courses in Thane can level up your resume and give you an edge over other potential candidates like any other job.


technical writing statistics


Image Cr: U.S. News


Here are some books on technical writing to get started before you start any technical writing courses in Thane.



Technical Writing Courses in Thane


Writing technical content is not an easy task because it is for experts and for people who do not have a technical background. Taking the best technical writing certified programs is a great way to upskill.


Just taking a course for getting certified is not enough. Knowing to apply all the expert techniques taught in the technical writing program is vital to writing a technical report. Here are some top courses in technical writing courses in Thane.


1)         IIM SKILLS


The first institute on our list to learn the best technical writing courses in Thane is IIM SKILLS. IIM SKILLS is a renowned training institute that will take your technical writing to the next level. Having trained more than 15000 individuals, the Technical Writing Course from IIM SKILLS powers up writing by providing industry-related skill upgrades. 


Apart from 20-hour lectures which will give you everything from basic knowledge to expert-level knowledge, 60+ hours of practical assignments open several avenues to start your own technical writing company. Lifetime support is an added advantage when you buy this course.


A case study is provided in this technical writing course at IIM SKILLS. Providing technical writing courses through distance learning, IIM SKILLS is a great place to kickstart your technical writing career.




  • Master Certification to adorn your CV
  • 24/7 round the clock support
  • Tools-driven training
  • Learn practically
  • Lifetime access


What will you learn?


  • Introduction to technical writing
  • Audience analysis
  • Writing the document
  • Competitor analysis
  • Flowcharts
  • Block diagrams
  • Infographics
  • MS Visio, MS Project
  • White papers
  • Journals
  • Microcontent
  • Conversational writing
  • XML Authoring – essentials
  • Datasheets
  • User manuals
  • Application notes
  • Learn effective writing
  • Medical Blogs, medical writing
  • Case Study


All these covetable features make IIM SKILLS one of the best places to learn technical writing courses in Thane.


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Other Courses offered by IIM SKILLS

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2)       Coursera


Coursera is a go-to place to learn free technical writing courses online. Yes, you heard it right! Coursera is a platform to learn new skills and earn certificates. World-class training by professionals guarantees a phenomenal career in any chosen path.


Though students buy courses here, applying for financial aid makes every course free of cost. You can learn anything you want without spending a penny and earn a valuable certificate.


Taught by Elena Bazanova, director of the language and testing center in Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, this technical writing course deserves a special mention in the list of the best technical writing courses in Thane.




  • Flexible deadlines
  • Certificate
  • 100% online training


What will you learn?


  • Introduction
  • Organizing the information
  • Researching
  • Capstone Project


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


3)         Udemy


Offering over 183000 courses online, Udemy is one of the best places to take technical writing courses in Thane. Isn’t it mind-blowing to get about 10,000 results when you type technical writing in the Udemy application? Let us narrow the search results down to the top 4 technical writing Udemy courses.


Professional Technical Writing Course – Ugur Akinci in this course makes this the most sought-after technical writing certification course.




  • Taught by a pro writer
  • Lifetime access
  • Get feedbacks for one final assignment from the tutor
  • 6-hour lecture video


What will you learn?


  • Principles of technical writing
  • Editing your content


Business writing and technical writing immersion – Learn how to write persuasive technical content by buying this certified technical writing course in Thane. Videos and PDFs make distance learning easy.




  • 5-hours lecture video
  • Lifetime access
  • Certificate
  • Learn on mobile or TV
  • Downloadable resources


What will you learn?


  • Introduction
  • Learning how to create better, concise content
  • Improving readability
  • Creating better emails
  • Organizing ideas


API Technical writing by Peter Gruenbaum – First-rate companies like Apple, Box, Volkswagen, Eventbrite, Apple, and Netflix offer this course to their employees. Editing and documentation types make this course a unique technical writing course in Thane.




  • Lecture
  • Articles to ensure better understanding
  • Resources
  • Lifetime access to the resources
  • Certificate


What will you learn?


  • JSON and XML formats
  • Writing documentation for XML and JSON files for API and other documentation types
  • Editing JSON and XML


Technical Writing by Joseph Phillips – This course by Joseph Philips is yet another beginner course. With mere grammar and language skills, you can ace this course. This course, being beginner-friendly, is one of the best technical writing courses in Thane.




  • Lecture video
  • Lifetime access
  • Online education
  • certificate


What will you learn?


  • Figuring out the objectives of technical writing
  • Researching
  • Analyzing the audience needs
  • Revising
  • Marketing


4)         University of Wisconsin


The University of Wisconsin is known for its technical writing courses.


Advanced Technical Writing – This is a great course to gain the skills and confidence needed to be a technical writer.




  • Start at your own time
  • Distance learning


What will you learn?


  • To figure out a proposal’s purpose
  • You will learn how to draft and edit a constructive technical document
  • Learn to garner and interpret data
  • Using design and concise content to improve readability


Basic Certificate in Technical Writing – Individuals who embark on a technical writing journey can benefit from this course as this course is designed for beginners.



  • Certificate
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Distance learning


What will you learn?


  • Analyzing users
  • Drafting content without redundancy
  • Formatting
  • Managing and evaluating projects


Certificate in professional technical communication – Technical writers who are willing to upgrade their knowledge in the writing field can opt for this course.




  • Certificate
  • Distance learning


What will you learn?


  • Build a strategy to find writing purpose
  • Tweak technical documentation
  • Reinforce marketing skills
  • Learn how to engage the audience


5) Henry Harvin


“Keep up with the times” is everything you can say when you look at the courses offered at Henry Harvin. They provide a wide array of courses and have an exclusive academy for every field of education like management academy, analytics academy, HR academy, etc.


Henry Harvin writing academy is the one offering Post Graduate Program in Technical Writing. It is impossible not to mention Henry Harvin’s course in our top technical writing courses in Thane list.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite 



  • Training
  • Gold Membership
  • Hackathons
  • Bootcamps
  • Projects
  • Internship
  • E-learning
  • Certification
  • Placement


What will you learn?


  • Monetizing technical writing skills
  • Fundamentals of technical writing
  • Mastering language skills to crank up concise content
  • Type of writing
  • Internet skills
  • Strategies of content creation
  • International projects


Henry Harvin provides another course in technical writing known as the technical writing course.


Frequently Asked Questions


1.   How do I become a technical writer without a formal degree in the field?

Yes, you can kickstart your technical writing career without a degree. However, experience and expertise can come in handy to land your first gig.

Doing internships related to technical writing can help. A lot of YouTube videos provide insights into technical writing for beginners. Even though one can become a technical writer without a formal degree, an English or journalism degree is preferred. Getting certified is always better.


2.   What are some free technical writing courses?

One of the main reasons to take a course is to get certified besides acquiring knowledge. Free courses do not have perks like paid courses do. Most free technical writing courses in Thane do not offer certification.

Moreover, such courses are beginner-friendly providing limited resources. Anyway, if you are sticking with free technical writing courses, you can gather certain information using the course audit option on Coursera. Udemy provides several free technical writing courses without certification.


3.   How is technical writing different from other writing types?

While other writing types are subjective, technical writing is more objective. The tone is more formal in this type of writing. Technical writing simply conveys complicated information, technical writing educates users while other writing types entertain and amuse readers.


4.   What is the pay scale of technical writers in India?

Technical writers’ salaries are directly proportional to their skills and years of experience. Technical writers make a handsome sum of money depending on their job profile. To give you an estimate, technical writers in India make 4.97 INR annually. Pay raise is expected as experience grows.




Technical writing being one of the highest paying writing jobs is not as popular as content writing. This is largely due to the general misconception that you need to have a formal degree to write technical documents.

Technical writing is as creative as content writing and it does not require any sort of background. Taking any of the previously mentioned top technical writing courses in Thane can tweak your overall profile.

Moreover, gaining skills using the tools mentioned is a definite way to launch your technical writing career with confidence.  Which among these top technical writing courses in Thane will you choose?

  • I recently did a diploma that included creative writing, I studied content writing as a student. I’m not familiar with technical writing, and I thought a degree would be sufficient. But after reading your article, I understood that I need to be conversant with a few technical terms in order to write effectively. I imagine that technical writing is clear and free of frills and gimmicks, which I like the sound of. If there are any requirements for entering Technical writing courses in Thane , please let me know. I’d be interested in registering for a part-time, short-term course.

  • What exactly is a technical communicator as I have no idea? Also, after completing technical writing courses in Thane, can I work as a technical trainer? I took a five year break to care for my child. Now is the time for me to return to work. Prior to taking a hiatus, I worked for a publishing business . Now I’d like to enrol in a course that will actually help me. Before taking a career break, I had a total of 3 years of professional experience. Will my previous experience be considered now? Please direct me to the best academy on your list . Thanks

  • Hello, I’m a Thane-based engineering student looking to pick up a new aptitude. One of the courses I’m considering is technical writing, but most of the ones I’ve seen need too much time. Which of the courses you recommend would be flexible enough to fit into my schedule while yet allowing me to complete my studies?

  • I am an arts student and I am working in a content writing agency in Mumbai . I want to upgrade my writing skills and become more SEO knowledgeable so that I get better employment opportunities and can expect a good hike . I wanted to know what is the hike I can expect as an intermediate level writer from enrolling in a Technical writing courses in Thane ? Also please direct me to the best listed institute providing part time live online sessions I can be a part of as I am currently working and this option would suit me best . Thanks

  • I have been looking for a technical writing course in thane for a while now, and comparing each course’s curriculum is not my cup of tea hence procrastinating for over a month now. but now I feel that you did the hard part for me. I am yet to choose one course for me from the shortlisted Institute but this article is of great help to me. thank you.

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