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5 Best Sales Training in Pune for Corporates

Across businesses, there is a significant demand for trained salespeople. If you are looking for sales training in Pune, you have reached the right place. Here is a detailed article on sales training requirements, benefits and various sales training courses available.


List of the best Sales Training in Pune


Great sales training results in excellent outcomes. This training aids in building a high-performing sales team for any business. Then sales teams and managers can achieve company targets faster and more efficiently. This put together propels the business to newer heights, and sales skyrocket. However, only increased sales are not the aim of sales training, but improved customer experience is. Customer experience is directly related to sales goes hand in hand. Now let’s look at the best sales courses in Pune.


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Benefits of Sales training




Businesses invest vast sums of money into sales training every year and, as a result, get excellent returns or revenues. For instance, every salesperson is expected to possess an essential skill to sell without discounting. This skill benefits both business and the salesperson. Efficient sales personnel bring higher revenues as well as more clients. So sales training is no doubt one of the high ROIs in any industry.

Brand Loyalty


Salespersons are in direct contact with your customers. So, well-mannered and intelligent salespersons will increase the brand’s authority and image. Customers want to speak to someone who can listen to them and solve their problems. Sales training assists your sales staff in effectively diagnosing the root cause of your customers’ business issues and conditions before recommending solutions that perfectly match their needs. Great client experience results in client retention. Further, those clients may buy more from you.

Business growth


A growth mindset instilled in your sales staff is necessary. Because of increased sales, brings increased revenues and thus more clients. Another aspect of this, is skilled sales staff can then target to close huge clients or big corporates, for example. However, Growth has different meanings to different businesses. But at the core of it are the sales teams that drive sales and customer acquisition. 


Quality sales training may provide your staff with the skills they need to carry out your growth strategy and propel your company forward. Employees also learn to use the power words. Sales training helps sales teams to convince customers better. As we know, in a customer-facing role, persuasion skills are necessary.

Great Customer Experience


Excellent customer experience is mandatory for every business. Because without customers, there is no business. And all your products and services are for your customers only, so it becomes your duty to address customers’ queries. B2C sales training has been more frequent, but now B2B firms also focus on this area. Since B2B deals have a much higher lifetime value than B2C deals, so B2B companies also invest in sales training. And good customer experience brings more customers by referrals.

Leadership skills


Sales training helps in nurturing the leadership skills of your sales team. As a result, it boosts their confidence, and they will be willing to take responsibility. Besides that, it reduces blame game among sales staff. Hence, imbibing and nurturing this skill is crucial to a fantastic sales team. Moreover, they stay motivated and confident while interacting with customers.

Employee satisfaction


Training offers sales teams instructions that may help them become better at their work, resulting in increased satisfaction. Success leads to fulfillment. Employee happiness can be improved by practical sales training since it gives them a sense of triumph. Upskilling and certifications motivate and instill confidence in sales teams. 

Essential Skills for Every Salesperson


  • Soft skills
  • Effective communication
  • confidence
  • Product Knowledge
  • Listening Skills
  • Time-management skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • CRM tool skills
  • Closing skills


Top Sales Training in Pune


1. Dishah consultants


Sales jobs are one of the most competitive jobs in India. There are many companies in India that demand trained salespersons. So, Dishah Consultants conducts sales training in Pune to bridge this gap. The institute has been successful in nurturing many students to excellent salespersons. They have designed the curriculum so that overall development is possible. If you are searching for sales training institutes in Pune, this is a great place to start your learning. 


The institute has won many awards like the Indian Achiever Award, best sales training, sales consulting leader of the year, and so on. The accolades speak for its commitment and quality training imparted to students. This institute can be an excellent option to consider. From top business corporates to entrepreneurs or students wishing to upskill can avail the course. The course is suitably customized according to the needs of different groups of people. 


Dishah organizes regular workshops and classes. Not only in Pune but all over India, the workshops are scheduled. The training comprises building a business development plan, sales process, lead management for higher conversions, email and social media channels for lead gen, and many more. Likewise, there are four more types of workshops on various sales-related topics. So may enroll based on your requirement. Most of the sales training in Pune by Dishah occurs on Saturdays. Check their website to stay updated about the following workshops.


2. Yatharth Marketing Solutions


Yatharth is another well-known institute offering sales training in Pune. YMS’s provides highly customized sales courses. Mihir Shah provides this sales training and covers all the necessary topics in sales. The institute participants leave actionable sales and business information. If you enroll in this training, you will gain the essential skills to excel in Your sales journey. It makes a salesperson’s life easier with these actionable steps. The other plus point of learning here is the customized training according to your requirement. You can consider your goals and enroll.


Trainees learn how to devise effective sales strategies and business development plans. As a result, your revenue increase, and you can get more clients on board. This is one of the critical goals of a sales job. Your loyal client base is more preferred than one-time clients. Due to increased lifetime customer value, they become beneficial for you.


Yatharth’ training includes how to interact at every stage of customers’ journey. YMS’s sales training programs are ideal for sales training, sales consultancy, and leadership training. 


The course begins with sales fundamentals and mindfulness in sales, confidence, and personality traits, and all topics covered that every salesperson needs to succeed. YMS offers the best sales training in Pune for every type of business, whether a novice or a successful business, such as real estate, technology, healthcare professionals, small business owners, agents, financial product sales, etc.


Who can take this training?


  • Business owner
  • Consultants
  • Call center agents
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Car salesman
  • Real Estate agents
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Bankers
  • Insurance agents
  • Retail staff and many more


Course content:


  • Manage Sales using optimized technology
  • Sales reporting
  • Enhance your current sales content
  • Sales fundamentals
  • Customer knowledge assets
  • Better understand your customer
  • Customer engagement tools
  • Update your sales technique to keep up with the times.
  • Improve the company’s structure to make it more efficient.
  • Learn the principles of CRM and how to make better use of it.
  • Establish and maintain a thriving sales culture in your company. 


YMS has served clients like ISRO, Maxxis tires, Aditya Birla group, Tally and so on. There are three corporate training programs by YMS- Gold(1-day), Diamond(2-days), Platinum(3-days). 


3. Softskillstraining.in 


Sales is one of the essential aspects of any business or company. The sales teams are the ones who constantly strive to bring more revenue and increase sales of a company. The institute provides sales training in Pune to help corporates train their employees in conducting effective sales. Softskills understands these needs and has designed a comprehensive sales training curriculum. This training aims to improve the employees’ efficiency of any business. As a result, salespersons can max out their sales output set by the company.


Training Objectives 

  • Increase sales teams productivity
  • Empower members of the sales team/sales representatives to focus on opportunities rather than obstacles.
  • Raise morale by assisting salespeople 
  • Reduce Sales staff attrition
  • Reduce blame game
  • Improve salespersons selling skills 
  • Achieve Customer-centric approach in Selling
  • Increase sales conversions
  • Sales closure skills
  • Improving time and territory management of sales staff


The teaching methods used in training aim to develop knowledge and selling abilities. Besides, trainees can generate sales strategies to deal with problems that may arise at every customer journey level. It equips them with all the necessary skills to work more efficiently and meet their targets.


Anyone from fresher to experienced reps can join this training to upskill and perform better at their sales jobs. In addition, it also builds confidence and poise while interacting with customers. As a result, they can close deals while putting customers at ease. Once learned, it can do wonders for the sales reps. Another point to state here is that this will also improve the work-life balance of sales reps while staying motivated. 


The training builds sales skills in entry-level sales employees and sales teams, allowing them to take on the competition effortlessly. The training involves assignments, exercises, projects, and demonstrations to provide hands-on training. 


4. Middle earth


Middle earth is one of the leading sales training institutes in Pune. Courses offered by the institute include certified customer care professionals, certified sales managers, certified sales techniques and Mindsets of sales stars. Along with this training, the institute also provides other personal development courses. The good part about these courses is that they are certification courses.


The course is 100% practical oriented. Besides offering top-ranked courses, it has received many awards because of its excellent training. Every batch has a mix of participants from 60+ countries with varied experiences. The institute has Infosys, Mindtree, IBM, Accenture, and more clients. You can reach out to them through their website for further training information.


5. The Knowledge Academy


Knowledge Academy has a bunch of sales training courses available. Corporates and businesses can choose them accordingly. For instance, to simplify, let us explore their Sales management masterclass. The course delivery options include online instructor-led, online, classroom, and self-paced training. It’s usually a one-day training or an 8 hours self-paced course. The course content comprises Sales management basics, selling benefits, elements of sales management, and its objectives.


All the courses are of top-notch quality. To know about dates and prices, you can check their website. In addition, if the training is not available at your location, the institute claims to organize classroom sessions at your preferred location. The academy provides the best price for these training programs worldwide. Their client list includes Deloitte, Tesla, Google, BMW, Thames Water, and more.



1. What training is needed for sales?

Sales training should include the following modules

  • Vital sales skills
  • Increasing empathy for customers
  • Your product and Market-related training
  • CRM training
  • Team-building exercises
  • Assessments and exercises

2. What are the top sales training programs in India?

Some of the best sales training institutes in India are:

  • The Knowledge Academy
  • Yatharth Marketing solutions
  • Harish Sai Raman
  • Softskillstraining.in
  • Dishah consultants
  • Rain Group

3. What are the charges for sales training for corporates?


The usual fees for sales training programs vary based on the number of delegates attending—other factors like location and area of market specialization in sales training. Generally, sales courses in India range from INR 70k to 3 lakhs.




Sales teams are a crucial aspect of any business. Hence, firms and corporates invest heavily in training their salespersons to increase efficiency. As a result, the demand for sales training has increased. In other words, the sales department is the driving force of revenues and client acquisition in any business. So, negligence in training them will be a big mistake. In this article, we have covered the best sales training in Pune. If you are an employer or a salesperson, check the courses and choose your choice.


Most of these training programs focus on developing the sales and the management skillset. There are different modes of training available rather than only offering classroom training. A good number of corporates have availed these training programs to upskill their sales staff and managers. 

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