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The Top 5 Psychology Courses in Mumbai in 2024

With rising stress levels in society, lack of support systems, increasing importance of individual well-being and mental happiness, professional psychologists are in demand like never before. Are you from Mumbai? Are you looking for psychology courses in Mumbai after the 12th? Do you plan to pursue one of the best psychology courses in Mumbai as a part-time course? Look no further, we have gathered all the information you just need. Go through the entire article for a detailed study on psychology and an insight into the best psychology courses in Mumbai.


The image is about psychology courses in India


What is Psychology?


Psychology, as mentioned in the textbooks, is the study of the human mind and behavior. In layman’s terms, Psychology takes into consideration all the factors that affect how people think, feel and behave.

Psychology is a diverse field because it deals with various factors like human behavior, personality, thoughts, emotions, perspectives, motivations, judgments, etc. Hence, it is broadly categorized into:


  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Behavioral Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Counseling Psychology
  • Development Psychology
  • Educational Psychology
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Health Psychology
  • Social Psychology


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Application and Impact:


The most famous application would be in the field of mental health where psychologists help their clients to overcome stress, depression and help them improve their mental state of mind and wellbeing. But this primary application is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to realizing the impact of Psychology.


It also helps in understanding why people behave in a certain manner, how does the human mind function in particular scenarios, child development, cracking crime cases, performance improvement, ergonomics in product design, self-esteem, creating a safe society at large, and many more.


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History of the profession:


Psychology is a branch of science derived from biology and philosophy. These two parent fields date back to the era of Aristotle and Socrates. However, Psychology was established as an independent branch when Wilhelm Wundt performed the first psychology experiment in a lab in Germany in 1879.


Various schools of thought emerged, and soon they started collaborating to study the human mind, anatomy, behavior, decision-making skills, memory. Together, it paved way for this subject to become what it is today. The amount of good scope for psychology as a career today has resulted in more and more institutes and universities offering advanced psychology courses.


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Why Study Psychology:


If you are intrigued to learn how the human mind functions, why do people behave like they do, which things annoy some individuals, what makes some happy, you should study psychology. There are various reasons other than this to convince you to take up Psychology:


  • Escalating need for sound mental health professionals
  • Understanding the phases of human development
  • Understanding the diversity in human personalities
  • Global recognition in privileged universities
  • Stay on top of new researches and discoveries
  • Personal learning and growth
  • Lucrative career


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Scope for psychology in India and globally:


In an increasingly complex world, psychology helps people and society to improve their well-being. It is a highly bankable and rewarding field. With abundant awareness about the importance of emotional health and a happy state of mind in the major cities of India and around the world, career prospects for psychologists, counselors are enviable. Particularly, the earnings of counselors who address the needs of the corporate sector are topmost. Private practice can also be quite flourishing.


Psychology courses:


If you want to become a psychologist in Mumbai, various paths can be taken. It will determine the type of psychologist you would become. Thereafter, you can even specialize in a psychology school. Different psychology schools function differently, with each having its own set of techniques and theories of studies.


1.      Abnormal Psychology


Courses in abnormal psychology highlight the cultural, biological, and environmental influences on abnormal behavior. The syllabus for this course includes subjects like personality disorders, psychosomatic disorders, substance abuse, and mood disorders.

In addition to exploring the background and the diagnosis of these disorders, students also get an experience to explore some of the available treatment theories and approaches.


2.      Clinical Psychology


It’s the most in-demand specialization in the field of psychology. Professionals pursuing this course assess and treat people through medical practices. These psychologists work in clinics and hospitals, rehabilitation centers, or private practice. It is mandatory for people, who are interested in building a career in Clinical Psychology, to do their MPhil or Ph.D. to be successful psychologists. The best psychology course in Mumbai is TISS’ Masters in Clinical psychology (Read the institute section for more details)


3.      Cognitive Psychology


For students who aim to pursue Cognitive Psychology, they need to have a good foundation in the subject of Mathematics. They must have a science background. This course is a specialization where practitioners monitor human mental processes from a scientific perspective.


It is the study of the mind as an information processing unit. It encompasses the study of topics such as memory, perception, language, and problem-solving skills. They adapt neuroscientific techniques such as brain scanning for the study. They focus on correcting the way a patient thinks by analyzing their behavior and mind in depth.


4.      Development Psychology


Developmental psychology courses analyze the developmental changes in the biological and emotional domain as well as how factors such as family, school, society, and culture impact growth. These courses study the course of human development right from conception to the final stage covering the entire lifespan.


This course deals with how individuals, groups, and societies develop socially and emotionally, intellectually over a lifespan. The field can cover childhood, adolescence, or old age. Psychologists do their research and apply their theories while working on their cases and even help other psychologists in their practices.


Practitioners can be a part of social service and can also get their Ph.D. and teach as professors and lecturers. They may opt to take a course that provides an overview of development through life or choose a course that focuses only on child development in particular.


5.      Counselling Psychology


This specialization is one of the common practices where psychologists provide counseling to people having troubles and emotional issues. These psychologists can have private practices. They can hold the position of counselors at organizations, companies, in the Human Resources department, in schools, and in universities. They guide students facing confidence issues and inferiority complex. Their primary aim is to direct people in the right way by helping them to overcome their problems and troubles simply.


6.      Educational Psychology


Students in this field attempt to create techniques that enhance learning processes and get hands-on experience by working with schools, colleges, universities, and institutes. Educational psychologists help students facing difficulty with their studies.


Their main focus is to support them and improve their experience of learning. They make use of techniques that they have learned during the training. They even help students open up, become attentive and help them deal positively with issues that affect them in personal life. Psychologists study the pattern and behavior of children of all ages.


7. Forensic Psychology


Psychologists use their theories and expertise to deduce and analyze crime investigations. They help the law in criminal investigations. They assess the behavior of criminals and address any psychological issue detected. It is a must for them to participate in prison counseling or rehabilitation programs. They even help lawyers and teams involved with criminal prosecutions. It is one of the most thrilling careers out there which is as realistic as it can get.


8.      Social Psychology


Social Psychologists study how behavior, cultural upbringing, and feelings are affected by others. They deal with behavior patterns such as attitude formation, change, aggression, prejudice, and interpersonal attraction. These psychologists work in social service centers and organizations, corporates, where such emotions are brought out.


These courses focus on the scientific study of social influences on behavior and interaction between individuals and interactions at the group level. Core topics studied in this class include social pressure, leadership, obedience, non-verbal communication, and the bystander effect. Social psychologists are keenly interested to study the impact that the social environment and group interactions have on human behaviors and attitudes.


9.  Experimental Psychology


If you wish to pursue a psychology major, a course in experimental psychology is a prerequisite. In this course, one can learn about basic research methods and the flow of experiments.
Most of the experimental psychology courses require practitioners to carry out or perform experiments.


11.  Physiological Psychology


This course may be listed under an alternate course title such as behavioral neuroscience or biological psychology but physiological psychology acts as a good starter to the field of neuropsychology. It serves as a basic introduction to the functioning of human behavior and mind. Before going for the details, it’s commendable to develop your knowledge of the brain, perception, sensation, basic anatomy, neuroanatomy and this course provides just all that is required for beginners.


Institutes offering psychology courses in Mumbai:


  1. Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Deonar


TISS has a course dedicated to Clinical and Counselling psychology. Along with Bachelor of Arts, they even provide Masters in Applied Psychology. The main focus of this program is the development of practitioners in sound research. They give due significance to fieldwork practice along with research. This provides people with one of the best psychology courses in Mumbai.


Collaborations with cream companies have led to remunerative campus placements.


Key Highlights:

  • Course duration: 2 years
  • Fee structure: 1.05 lac per annum
  • Exam: TISSNET. Credits are given on fieldwork and research
  • Average Salary: 6LPA onwards

All these factors make it one of the best psychology courses in Mumbai.


  1. University of Mumbai, Kalina Santacruz East


The University of Mumbai offers a single course on Applied psychology. This course was started 55 years ago and is known for being one of the best psychology courses in Mumbai. They also offer a Ph.D. in Applied Psychology. The experienced faculty consists of well-known psychiatrists from Mumbai. Getting training from the experts in the field is helpful in a long way. The factors that make it one of the best psychology courses in Mumbai are listed below.


Key Highlights:

  • Course duration: 2 years
  • Fee structure: 1.45 lac per annum
  • Exam: MU semesters. Credits are given on fieldwork and research
  • Average Salary: 5LPA onwards


  1. Xavier’s College, Mumbai


St. Xavier’s College of Arts needs no introduction. It is not a surprise that their psychology course was so well received that they added 2 PG courses in their Psychology department: Masters in Lifespan Counselling and PG diploma in Expressive Arts Therapy. This offers one of the best psychology courses in Mumbai.


The training methodology is just perfect. They have weekly seminars and guest lectures given by the coveted alumni and highly trained professionals. Exhibitions and field visits with special educators give the students a realistic view of the work done and the environment. Creative workshops, faculty development programs, out-of-the-box festivals bring out a sense of belonging and help the students to be at ease and give their best.

Key Highlights:

  • Course duration: 2 years
  • Fee structure: 40k-1.8 lac per annum
  • Average Salary: 4.5LPA onwards


  1. Institute of Clinical Research India (ICRI), Andheri


The course of Masters in Clinical Psychology has been in demand for the past 15 years. It receives the majority of applications from students with having psychology or art backgrounds. This course presents good career opportunities not only in India but also globally because it is highly recognized and appreciated by foreign universities. This can be considered one of the best psychology courses in Mumbai.


  • Course duration: 2 years
  • Fee structure: 1.7 to 2.7 lac per annum
  • Average Salary: 6LPA onwards
  • A minimum score of 50% is mandatory in the bachelor degree
  • The syllabus consists of other core psychologies like cognitive, social, abnormal, and experimental psychology
  • After the course is completed, one can opt for a Child psychologist, Clinical psychologist, School/ educational psychologist.


  1. Amity University, Mumbai


Amity University offers the highest number of courses in the field of psychology in Mumbai. Hence, it is one of the best psychology courses in Mumbai.

  • Phil (Clinical Psychology)
  • Sc (Psychology)
  • Ph.D. (Psychology) Full time
  • Ph.D. (Psychology) Part-time

It is famous for its state-of-the-art infrastructure and satisfactory placements in leading MNCs.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1.What is the beginning salary of a psychologist in India?

In India, the average salary a psychologist earns at the start of the career is from Rs 3.5lakhs per annum. Several factors decide the pay package – the university from where he/she gets the degree, experience, scores.


2.Can a commerce student take up Psychology after class XII?

Yes. Any student from any stream can apply for graduation in Psychology. The candidate should have passed their class XII from a nationally recognized board and should have scored a minimum of 50% on their boards.


3. Can I pursue a Masters’s in Psychology through distance learning or correspondence?

Not many universities provide distance education but Manipal University, Indira Gandhi National University provides students with an option of MA in Psychology through distance learning.


4. Which college is the best in Mumbai for psychology?

If you want to pursue a course in psychology in Mumbai, the University of Mumbai, Kalina is the best.


5. What are the pre-requisites to apply for psychology?

It’s recommendable to have sharp analytical, problem-solving, rational, logical, observant, and interpersonal skills.


6. How to become a psychologist in Mumbai?

Clear std XII with a minimum of 50% and opt for graduation in psychology in any of the institutes mentioned above. Pursue B.A or B.Sc. in applied psychology for 3 years. For majors, you can pursue M.A or M. Sc. in any of the specializations for 2 years.


7. How much does a psychologist earn in Mumbai?

Private practice can fetch more income. For a 50-minute session, the fee ranges from Rs. 500 to Rs. 2000. In general, the average income starts from 3.5L and keeps increasing based on your practice and expertise.

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