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12 Best Forensic Science Courses in India

If you are curious by nature and love mystery then making a career that revolves around Murder, crime, and its legal consequences may excite you. Forensic science courses in India are slowly gaining popularity.


It highlights the 12 forensic science courses in India


Forensic science is a thorough investigation with scientific support like collecting a sample of blood, nails, Hair, and fingerprint of the suspect or dead body and analyzing it, it is an actual scientific study of the crime scene which answers the interest of the Legal system.


With the increase in crime rate especially during the pandemic Forensic science has become a topic of interest for youth and it has a promising career. There are many Forensic science courses in India that you can pursue based on your qualification and interest in which you want to specialize.


The Latest Case that was in the news of a Bollywood actor’s unnatural death is something that made many of us curious to know the reality and truth all we want is justice to be served to the dead and his family, Forensic science report is the document which confirms any suspicious activity or crime involved.


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Due to advancements in Forensic science courses today it is very easy for the investigation team to narrow down the case and punish the Culprit. Due to its growth and advancement, Criminals will not be safe for a long period.


Forensic science courses in India offer many career options. The Job opportunities are also good and decent where you directly work with Government departments, Hospitals, the National Intelligence Team, or Private Detective agencies. It is a moment of pride when you play such an important role in society.




The very basic requirement that a candidate must have to apply for a Forensic science course in India is 10 +2 at least (Undergraduate with a Science Background) after which a candidate can complete his Bachelors (B.Sc. In forensic science), M.Sc. (Masters in forensic Science), Doctorate (Ph.D.). Forensic science courses in India are based on a different level, their duration and their significance differ.


The different levels of courses are: –

  1. Certificate course
  2. Diploma courses
  3. Bachelor’s degree course- Graduate Level course
  4. Master /Postgraduate Level course
  5. Doctorate or Ph.D. course


When Job is the criteria the most rewarding and reputed Forensic science courses in India are the Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. courses. There is a need for strong interpersonal and logical skills which a candidate should have to excel in the Forensic science field.


The present Forensic science course in India are good and advanced courses that polish these skills in an individual. As said due to increase in crime the demand for these niche courses has increased recruitment in Government Department, Intelligence Department, Forensic Laboratory and pharmaceuticals department


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Below are the Forensic Science courses Available in India: –


1.BSc in Forensic science:


It is a 3 years Graduate Level course

Eligibility: 10 +2 with Physics, Chemistry, Biology as the main Subject with 60% marks.

Fees: 30000 -2 Lacs per year (Depends on the Institute)

Approx. salary:40,000 pm as starting salary


About the course: B.sc in forensic science is about Introduction to forensic science, Introduction to toxicology, behavioral science, crime and socio -Cultural and psychological factors, Introduction to criminology, Students are taught to analyze a crime scene, bloodstain analysis, saliva, fingerprint, bones, DNA profiling, analysis of evidence found at the crime spot.


 University/Institute/College: Best Institute of forensic science (Mumbai), University: Institute of forensic science (Mumbai), Gujarat Forensic science University (Gandhi Nagar), Amity University, Jain University -Bangalore, Mumbai university, Osmania University, Bundelkhand University, Sharda University, Gujarat Forensic science university, Dr. Hari Singh Gour University (Sagar), MP, GalgotiasUniversity (Noida).


There is entrance exam like JET (By Jain University, Bangalore), SUAT- Sharda University by a few universities


Career Opportunity:

  • Government hospitals
  • CBI, Intelligence Bureau
  • Crime branch
  • Forensic laboratory
  • Police department


Job role:

  • Investigation Officer
  • Medical officer Forensic expert
  • Lab in charge


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 2. M.sc in Forensic science:


 It is a 2 years post-graduate Level Course

Eligibility: A Graduate in Science with relevant subject with 55% at least, It is divided into 4 semesters

Approx. salary:2- 6 lacs pa

Fees: Rs 30000- 3Lacs depending on the university.


University/Institute/College: Institute of forensic science (Mumbai), Gujarat Forensic science University (Gandhi Nagar), Amity University, Lok Nayak Jaiprakash Narayan Institute of Criminology and Forensic science (New Delhi), Jain University (Bangalore), Osmania University Hyderabad, Mumbai University, Parul University (Vadodara), Bundelkhand University (Jhansi), Dr.Bhim Rao Ambedkar University (Agra), Dr. Hari Singh Gour University (Sagar), MP, GalgotiasUniversity (Noida).


About the course: Master’s course has more value in the job market and offers many specializations. It is an in-depth study of Forensic techniques, crime Investigation techniques, DNA profiling, questioned documents, fingerprint analysis, and photography, specialization in forensic ballistics- A study of firearms, the distance and the angle from which the Gun is fired, forensic biology, forensic serology, forensic chemistry, forensic chemistry, forensic toxicology – A Study of determining and detecting if any Banned drug or poison was used and its effect on the human body.



  • Crime laboratory analyst salary 4-6 lacs,
  • Forensic serologist, salary 3-5 lacs,
  • forensic scientist, salary 4-5 lacs,
  • Forensic toxicologist -2-4 lacs,
  • Forensic Architects :3-4 lacs


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3. M.Sc. Forensic science and Criminology:


It is a 2years Post graduate-level degree course

Eligibility: Graduate with any science stream- Chemistry/Physics/Botany/Biology/Pharm/BDS or Applied science with 50 % or above.

Fees Range:20000- 2 Lacs (Depends on the Institute)

Salary: 6 to 8 lacs


About the course: When we take into consideration the safety of the Forensic team than out of all the forensic science courses in India the course which deals with criminology is the most courageous and prestigious field a candidate can opt for. It Offers specialization in Criminal law, Criminal Justice.


Cytology-It is an advanced study that helps understand which part of the body the bullet was passed and analyzing the tissue on the bullet, Criminology & penology, Scientific methodology used, Forensic biological science, instrumentation and Instrument analysis, and chemical science.


Dactyloscopy –Fingerprint Analysis to link the suspect or exclude the suspect from the crime scene, Drugs of Abuse, Advance DNA, methods, Criminal Laws Biology, Computer forensics, Forensic explosives, Forensic Audio-Video Analysis, Forensic psychology statistics, ballistic, quality management.


University/Institute/College: Lok Nayak Jaiprakash Narayan Institute of Criminology and Forensic science in NewDelhi), Gujarat Forensic science University (Gandhi Nagar), Nimbus School of technological Management in Lucknow.



  • Criminologist
  • Drug policy advisor
  • Crime scene analyst Cyber forensic expert
  • Crime laboratory analyst


Employment opportunity:

  • Private detective agency
  • Research and statistics institutes,
  • Court
  • Central police state police
  • Clinical research industry


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4. Masters in Forensic Psychology:


It is 2 years post-graduate-level degree course

Eligibility: B.Pharma/BDS/Graduate In psychology/Biochemistry/Physics/Chemistry/Botany

With 55% marks.

 Fees: 1.35 – 2 Lacs (Depends on Institute),

Starting Salary Range: 3.5-4.5 Lacs Pa


About the course: Forensic Psychology is a study that connects psychology with the legal system, it is a study of the criminal justice system by using psychological aspects. Mastery in forensic psychology course helps the Law-and-order machinery, helps courts with finding and recording is used against the criminals


Forensic Psychology looks from the bigger picture of psychology and applies legal investigation while questioning the suspect.g., the Mental condition of the accused, new public policies, and laws. Out of all the forensic science courses in India, this course is challenging because it deals with human psychology and understands it at the deepest level.


It teaches about the Fundaments of Forensic psychology and Legal aspects, Assessment of Personality, Personality Disorders, Therapy interfering behavior pattern, Brain profiling, interview techniques, Scope of work of a psychologist in Legal work.


Institute/University/Colleges: Gujarat Forensic science University (Gandhi Nagar), Lok Nayak Jaiprakash Narayan Institute of Criminology and Forensic science in NewDelhi), Dr. Hari Singh Gour University (Sagar), MP, Osmania University Hyderabad, Bundelkhand University, Christ college -Bangalore.



  • Forensic psychologist
  • Senior Investigation Expert


Employment area:

  • Research Institutes
  • Police department
  • CBI
  • Intelligence Bureau
  • Hospitals
  • State and central Govt Legal Bodies


5. MSc Information security and cyber forensic:


This is a 2 years Post Graduate level Course.

Eligibility: BSc /B.Tech /BE/Degree in computer science, Cybersecurity, or IT with 50%-55% Marks.

Any Police official or Défense/Law enforcement /Crime investigation Professional with 2 years of work experience can also apply.

Fees Range: 23,000(Distance education- Madras University)and Approx. 2 Lacs (Full Time for other Institute Like Gujarat Forensic science University (Gandhi Nagar) and Centre of Excellence in Digital forensic (Chennai)

Salary:4-11 Lacs (11 lacs in the highest package offered to Gujarat Forensic science University students)


About the course: When we consider all forensic science courses in India this course is the most technology-driven course, where advancement and up gradation are timely seen. This course is designed to help in protecting unauthorized use of Information and its Access, to curtail the destruction of Evidence or tampering of evidence.


This course is about Cybersecurity, Cyber laws, Technology, and organizational behavior. It includes a study of legal issues, ethics in cyber-Security involving Communication networks and technology.


It includes Basic Networking, Advance Networking, Cryptography-Study of solving codes, types of cybercrime and frauds, soft skills, cyber laws, Intellectual Property rights, Application security, Information forensic, Projects and internship, cyber forensic and investigation of cybercrime. It is best for students who want to be in the technology field.


 Institute/University/College: Gujarat Forensic science University (Gandhi Nagar), Centre of Excellence in Digital forensic (Chennai), Madras University (Distance Education-Part time course)


Career: Employment Area:

  • Cyber Police Department
  • Cyber forensic labs,
  • CBI.



  • Information Security specialist,
  • Quality assurance and Information security Manager,
  • System operation specialist,
  • An information security officer, or Analyst.


 6. MD Forensic medicine and Toxicology:


It is a 2 Years PG level course

Eligibility: MBBS with a 1-year rotating internship

 Average course fees: 3.55 Lacs,

Salary: Approx. up to 10 Lacs Pa

There is an entrance exam for this: AICET, NEET PG, AIIMS PG, JIPMER PG


Institutes/University/Colleges: LTM medical college, Sion (Mumbai), Topiwala National Medical College (Mumbai) All India Institute of Medical science (AIIMS), New Delhi, Madurai Medical college (Madurai), Kings George medical University (Lucknow).


About the course: It teaches to handle all issues related to the emergency, environment. From all the forensic science courses in India, this is the course where a lot of work is Lab-based. The practical study includes an Autopsy, recording observation, a test of a bloodstain or any other stains, determining poison or prohibited drugs used if any, preparing a Legal-Medical report. Fundaments of medical science, Forensic toxicology and jurisprudence (Law), Forensic pathology and, immunology and the latest research. A student having an interest in Chemistry and physics can go for this course.



  • Narcotics Department,
  • Department of Forensic Medicine
  • Private medical college,
  • Govt medical college,
  • Armed forces Department
  • Research and Analysis Department.



  • Toxicologist
  • Lab technician,
  • Forensic advisory
  • Professor, Lecturer.


 7. Ph.D. in Forensic science:


 It is a 2-5 years Research-based study course

Eligibility: MSc Forensic science with 55% marks. Students need to clear the entrance exam like GATE, UGC-NET, UGC-CSIR-NET with 55 % marks followed by a Personal Interview.

Average Fees: 48000- 160000 per year (Depends on if it is GovtUniversity or Private College)

StartSalary Range: 300000 to 1200000 Pa


University/College/Institute: Chandigarh University, Amity University (Noida), Gujarat Forensic science University (Gandhi Nagar), GalgotiasUniversity (Noida), Osmania University Hyderabad, Indra Gandhi Institute of Medical Science, Patna, Panjab University (Chandigarh).


About the Course: It is a research-based course, it is a study of the dead body and its DNA Analysis. Students who wish to study the cause of Unnatural death can further pursue this course. Ph.D. In forensic science has a very bright career scope.


The candidate must have excellent analytical, Time management, Logical skills. Professionals already working in the forensic science field who wish to become professors/Lecturer can upgrade their knowledge by doing this course. Out of all the forensic science courses in India, this is the one that will pay good money.


It teaches introduction to forensic chemistry, digital imaging, introduction to forensic Anthropology, Advance anthropology, DNA analysis, Forensic information and technology, Medical investigation of the Dead body, Ethics in research methodology, Policies in Forensic science.



  • Post-mortem expert,
  • Crime scene examiner
  • Forensic Science researcher
  • Biomedical researcher
  • Forensic science consultant,
  • Professor
  • Forensic pathologist.


Employment sector: Pharma companies,

  • University,
  • Medical sectors,
  • Govt research centers, research organizations,


Top recruiters: Ranbaxy, Wipro, NCBR, NCB, Apollo Hospital.


 Diploma Courses: Diploma courses are for 10-12 months Duration. Minimum Qualification is 10 +2 or Graduate depending on the institute.


8. Diploma in Forensic and Criminal Law:


10 months Undergraduate diploma course

Eligibility: 10 + 2 or 60% Marks in Arts (Psychology)/Science /Law

Fees: Approx. 27000 +Processing fees Rs 500

Salary:15,000 – 20000 pm (Entry Level)

Institute: Xavier College-Mumbai


About the course: This course is suitable for professionals in the field of Media, Police, or any student who wants to gain knowledge in crime-related studies the course includes Fundaments of the Crime scene, Criminal laws, Trends in forensic science, about evidence and biologically handling those evidence. Toxicology – Trace of Illegal Drugs and alcohol abuse if any. Medical, and legal Investigation patterns and techniques, DNA, Ethics, and different types of research methodology.


Career: Police department, Criminal Lawyer practitioner


9. PG diploma in Finger Print Expert:


It is a 1-year Post-Graduation level Diploma course

Eligibility: Bachelors in Science /Medicine/Pharmacy/Engineering/Forensic Science with 50 % mark at least.

Fees: INR 60,000 Approx.

Salary: Approx. 5, Lacs pa for PG Only.


University: Gujarat Forensic Science University. Gujarat Forensic science University is the hub for forensic science


About the course: It teaches the History of fingerprints, classification of fingerprints, Fingerprint pattern, recording fingerprint, its identification, characteristics of an individual by analyzing fingerprint, verification, and comparison of fingerprints, photography of fingerprints, Computer, based techniques of Fingerprint analysis, Fingerprint expert opinion knowledge.



  • Forensic science labs,
  • DNA test labs
  • Detective agencies.
  • Fingerprint expert


 10. PG Diploma in Humanitarian forensic:


It is a 1 year Post Graduate level Diploma course

Eligibility: Bachelors in Any science stream with minimum 50% marks.

Fees: 30000 per semester.

Approx.salary: 3.6Lacs


National Forensic Sciences University (NFSU), Gujarat, International Centre for Humanitarian Forensic, Gujarat


About the course: Of all the forensic science courses in India, this is the most respected course.

This course teaches tackling crisis with compassion considering a scientific approach in Disaster management, handling grief, pain physical trauma of Victim family, it takes into consideration psychosocial level of Victim, Management of Dead and emergencies, Forensic Humanitarian focuses on managing disaster where the mankind is distressed in large by showing compassion and empathy.




 Certificate courses in forensic science: These courses are for a shorter duration of around 3-12 months. Very Basic Course to attain Knowledge. Eligibility criteria for certificate course are 10 +2 /Graduate.


11. Certificate course in Forensic Science: 


Eligibility: Minimum 10 +2

Fees: Fees Approx. Rs 15000 + Rs 500(Processing fees)

Salary: 20,000p.m.- 250,00 (Entry Level salary)

University /College: from St. Xavier’s college- Autonomous (Mumbai), IFS education Dept (Pune), Delhi university.


If you are looking for a short time online forensic science courses in India then one of the best institutes to do certificate courses is from St. Xavier’s college- Autonomous(Mumbai) which is a 4 month online Part-time Certificate course in Forensic Science.


About the course: This course is designed for students who wish to pursue a basic level quality education from a Good institute. As this is an online course it is assessable and easy for anyone and everyone, if You are sitting anywhere in India you can take up this course and gain good knowledge. The course included the most basic knowledge of crime scenes.


The course teaches Ethics to be followed, Understanding of Legal System-Police, Investigation process involved in the crime scene, Biological Evidence, Toxic substances- Alcohol and list of illegal drugs in India, the main role of Forensic Science is to assist the legal system by providing scientific evidence to arrest the Culprit for crimes like Murder, Terrorism, rape, etc. Forensic science courses in India are considered highly skilled and prestigious ones.


Career: Certification can offer Entry-level Jobs Like a medical officer.


12. Certificate in Cyber Forensic  


Fees: 5000-15000(Depends on the Institute)

Eligibility: 10 +2 for BasicCertificate and MinB.scB.Tech.Diploma in Engineering /Technology for PG certificate

Salary: A candidate can update his Certificate and apply for Jobs Via Job portals, LinkedIn profiles and get Stipendwhich (which depends on the employer and UG or PG level of his education. A minimum of 15,000-20,000is expected for UG-certified candidates.


University /Institute: IFS Education dept (Pune)- PG certificate & Basic Certificate, National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, Aizawl


About the course: Course Includes Fundaments of networking, Fundaments of Data Storage, Introduction to Cybercrime and its Technical processes, Identify, access and secure the device and system, Reconstruct damaged evidence, Network tracing, and Legal cyber procedures.


Career: Digital Forensic Evidence examiner (Internship), computer forensic trainee -Internship


All the aspiring young freshers, professionals who are passionate about bringing justice to our society and want to make this world a better place for the Coming Generations can make a good career in Forensic science.


Forensic science courses in India are all updated and advanced, the majority of the courses are up to international standards which can meet any challenges that our Legal system may face, and help in closing the past criminal cases. With more and more advancement in forensic science, we will see more growth in this sector with much more premium forensic science courses in India.


Forensic science is a huge ocean of practical study that optimizes the use of scientific and advanced technology to close the most complicated criminal cases. It creates awareness in public and can help minimize crime to a certain extent. Forensic science course in India has started seeing the light of the day as it has now seen more students enrolling in forensic sciences course now. If you feel for your country and wish to contribute by adding value to society then this course is the one for you.


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