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Top 4 Photography Courses in Pune with Internships

Do you enjoy photography as a hobby? And have you decided to pursue photography as a career? Then there are a few things to consider before jumping in. The below article covers all the necessary details on photography and the different photography courses in Pune.


List of the best photography courses in Pune


While India is currently going through faster growth in digitizations and the boost by the government for the digital revolution, the need for advertising, web series, fashion blogging, food photography has risen. As a result, many institutes have started offering photography courses in Pune. These courses teach about various types of photography related to social media, products, food, travel, and many more. People have started to view clicking pictures and shooting videos as a promising career choice. Besides, the rising demand has increased the need for expert photographers.




It might be a hobby or a favorite pastime to capture the images for some. However, clicking pictures creatively of various subjects around you is an art. To pursue photography professionally, one must possess the qualities of patience, creativity, and legal or ethics knowledge. Having legal knowledge might seem too much, but being aware of copyright laws might save you from landing in trouble.


Photographers build last impressions with their skills, strive to find the proper lighting, location, and patiently wait for the perfect shot. As a result, they bring about the required emotions and feelings in their pictures and videos. Photographers can also find work in the commercial sector by taking promotional photos or images for print ads.


Have a look at other recommended courses:


There are many different job options in the photography industry, many of which require talents other than operating a camera. Jobs in the technical aspect of photography, such as editing images and controlling factors of a photoshoot like lighting and location, are plenty. Photographers may collaborate with a beauty team of stylists that help the photographer or creative director make any photography subjects look precisely the way they want them to. Whatever your hobbies are, there is almost certainly a position in the photography industry where you can put your abilities to use and pursue your love.


Profitable Types of Photography




Portraiture type photography aims to capture the attitude and personality of a person. Great photographers often first make their clients feel entirely at ease, allowing for natural and relaxed expressions. The subject must be comfortable before every photo shoot. Portrait shoots usually occur during wedding shoots, senior portraits, family photoshoot sessions and more. The tone and emotion around the subjects are captured through proper lighting and background. Portrait shoots are one of the most popular. Hence, has the potential to increase your earnings. 




This genre deals with shoots of a building’s exterior or interior. These shoots include capturing pictures of various historical monuments and modern facilities. Their cultures and traditions may influence buildings’ concepts and themes in different parts of the world. So, these types of shoots convey a lot of information about the place and its significance.


The building, as well as neighboring landscaping aspects, are frequently captured using daylight in exterior views. They can also be photographed at night using ambient lighting such as street lights, natural light, or moonlight. Perspective control is a critical aspect of these shoots.




Fashion shoots primary aim is to enhance the appeal of fashion clothing and accessories worn by models. It’s one of the popular forms of photography and is usually done for advertising or editorial purposes. These shots can take place both indoors and outdoors. The proper setting and backdrop allow the correct focus on the subject. 


These may also include fashion show shoots and require sufficient lighting and camera gear. It’s equally important to realize that good communication and teamwork play a significant role in these shoots. 




Photojournalism builds a credible story using images around the subject, be it a historical site or an event or location. The photo should be as fair and accurate as possible, with candid moments taken while capturing gorgeous pictures. This requires a lot of understanding of lighting and the perspectives to convey the message accurately and precisely through images. Photojournalists frequently attend scheduled events with the goal of capturing spontaneous, unscripted moments. Their work often appears in publications and newspapers.




Food photography has gained a lot of momentum with the emergence of social media. And during the current pandemic situation, many people discovered their inherent food photography skills. However, it has equal importance to pursue professionally. It has its fair significance in editorial, commercial and still life shoots. Capturing food is a popular genre of photography that usually involves a photographer working with an art director or a food stylist to get the final shot.


Real Estate    


Capturing pictures of the real estate sites and structures, both interior, and exterior is a high-paying photography job. These images are used in editorials to display a wonderfully executed design or market a home or workspace. The real estate spaces include malls, offices, cafes, residential buildings, and more. While this pays more, it also requires a lot of experience and expertise. One can tread into this niche with a course or an internship. Internships give a first-hand experience of how these shoots are done. However, courses offer theoretical as well as practical training.


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Best Photography Courses in Pune


1. MIT-WPU School of photography


MIT WPU is among the top educational institutions in Pune. The institution has a various degree and diploma programs. It offers courses in design, graphic design, and photography courses in Pune. It has a vision of attaining world peace through education. The diploma course in photography is a one-year program comprising photography basics to advanced photography. You will have an overall in-depth understanding of photography. Students study a variety of genres, including advertising, fashion, wildlife photography, medical photography, and much more.


Course content:


  • Basics of photography
  • Outdoor shoots
  • Post-processing 
  • Studio photography
  • Advanced outdoor concepts
  • Art and photography
  • Advanced post-processing
  • Portfolio


Students have the opportunity to learn from various seminars, guest lectures, and workshops organized by the institute. In addition, study tours open whole new avenues of photography according to different locations. Street photography, architecture, landscapes, and more give ample opportunities to students to explore their photographic interests and hone their skills. The Click Foto Fest is an essential component of MITSOP’s extracurricular activities. Students exhibition from the corresponding academic year can present their work in the Click exhibition. 


Another course by MIT-WPU is the 3-year B.A. program that covers a more comprehensive and practical course curriculum. This course can be taken by serious photography aspirants who want to make a mark in the industry. It’s a nine-trimester rigorous program teaching students all the essential aspects of photography. The course has been amalgamated with theory and practical training.


In addition to photography modules, it also focuses on English communication and photojournalism. Professional trainers will teach the core subjects with adequate experiential training. The course fosters the students to reach an expert level in photography.


Course content:


  • Photography principles
  • Electives- German/French
  • Post-processing Basics and advanced
  • Art and photography appreciation
  • WPC
  • Outdoor
  • Studio photography
  • Elective-media economics/digital marketing
  • Photojournalism
  • Marketing basics of mass communication
  • MOOC
  • Industry visit
  • Videography
  • Video editing
  • Film appreciation
  • Specialization
  • AV film project
  • Internship
  • Dissertation
  • Exhibition  




One of the prestigious design schools of India offers photography courses in Pune. With its rich legacy and expert trainers, the institute has shaped many students’ careers in photography. The course allows you to specialize in your favorite genres. In addition, trainers continuously mentor and observe your work. The training will follow the most current market practices in different elements of photography to keep students up to date.


Course content:


  • Camera types
  • Light sources
  • Over and underexposures
  • Studio lights and effects
  • Different lightings
  • Studio photography

INSD offers two photography courses in Pune with one year and another certification program of six months.


3. Seamedu


Seamedu is a School of filmmaking, VFX, photography, game development and more. It offers degree and diploma photography courses in Pune. Students after 12th grade can take these courses to pursue a career in professional photography. These classes are designed to teach you photography fundamentals before you specialize in cuisine, tabletop, commercial, or fashion photography. The course teaches photography with a unique approach and takes inspiration from the surroundings to take better photos. Besides, the institute ensures the course is up-to-date with ever-changing market trends in photography.


Course content:

  • History of photography
  • Camera controls
  • Photography aesthetics 
  • Image post-processing basics
  • Artificial lighting
  • Studio lighting
  • Portrait photography
  • Fashion photography
  • Photojournalism
  • Sports photography
  • Editorial photography
  • Landscape and travel photography
  • Wildlife
  • Wedding and events
  • Food 
  • Fine-art photography
  • Digital post-processing
  • Commercial photography
  • Portfolio creation
  • Product photography
  • Specializations


The course syllabus covers all the demanding topics necessary for a professional photography career. You will learn all the camera skills you need to know. Well, the practical training makes it seem a lot easier with regular workshops and experiential training. Additionally, it has a degree course covering more advanced topics and is a three-year program.


The course is designed with the right intermix of practical as well as theoretical training. Both the above courses mentioned are eligible for 12th-grade pass candidates. However, students need to possess a DSLR camera and a lens kit so that it helps during practical sessions. Additional topics included in the degree course are:


Course content:


  • Media tools
  • Visual communication
  • Composition basics
  • Media management
  • Meid marketing
  • Soft skills
  • Research techniques
  • Film review
  • Book review
  • Print, colour management
  • Media laws and ethics
  • Internships
  • And more


4. SSP


The new name for SSP is symbiosis school of visual arts and photography which offers various photography courses in Pune. The institute has world-class facilities, and the campus is in a picturesque hillside location. The school couldn’t be in a better place than this. While this is good, the training and course syllabus is pretty comprehensive. Without a doubt, it’s one of the best photography courses in Pune. The campus boasts of a scenic view and a great place where photographers are nurtured and taught the best skills in the industry.


Course content:


  • Visual literacy
  • Darkroom processes
  • Art and visualization
  • Digital darkroom
  • Sketching
  • Drawing
  • Culture and society
  • Printing and publishing
  • Wildlife
  • Importance of Aesthetics
  • Visual effects
  • Digital film making
  • And more.


This course also has a similar curriculum with additional important topics related to filmmaking photography. However, the best part about the course is its practical training. Besides this B.A. degree course, there are a variety of photography courses in Pune by Symbiosis institute.




1. What is the eligibility of a photography course?

There’re no such strict eligibility criteria for most photography courses, but the minimum requirement is 10+2. However, to pursue this course, it’s recommended to carry a camera to make the most out of it.


2. How to become a professional photographer?

For an entry-level photographer, a degree or a diploma in photography is required to pursue a career in professional photography. However, a mere degree won’t do since practical experience is more crucial for some genres. Some jobs require you to work as an intern while studying photography.


3. How to freelance in photography?

Firstly, pick a niche you are most passionate about and learn the basics of camera and photography. There are a plethora of resources available on YouTube, Google, Udemy, and Skillshare. Take a professional course if you need it. But niching down is very important as your earning depends on your expertise in a particular niche. Then make a portfolio in addition to branding materials, and market your skills and brand through social media. You may want to run ads or get an organic lead through social media handles and websites. Please apply for your dream clients or projects. Meanwhile, regularly upskill to be on top of market trends. Gather the testimonials and ask for referrals.



Listed here are the top four photography courses in Pune that offer professional training blended with practical training. These courses engage and involve students in various workshops, seminars, guest lectures, and study tours so that students can network and showcase their skills.  

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