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Top 10 Hubspot Certifications, Exams, And Curriculum

Today we are going to discuss the Top Ten HubSpot Certifications that can provide you with deep insight into digital marketing strategy and planning. HubSpot not only provides you with great learning material through their video lessons, but they also have great resources for you to refer to in times of need.

Hubspot Certifications, Exams, And Curriculum

Hubspot Certifications are a gateway to knowledge and understanding of core digital concepts. Since Digital Marketing has become a permanent means of marketing a product or service, it is always important to equip yourself with the latest trends, practices, and knowledge on several Digital Marketing elements. We have a lot of institutes offering Certification Courses on the different modules of digital marketing.

These courses cover the most basic to the most advanced levels of digital marketing education to turn you into a 360-degree marketer.

HubSpot is a leading name in the software department of digital and web marketing. However, to provide more value, create more prolific digital marketers, HubSpot has introduced several valued certification programs on its educational website the HubSpot Academy. 

Most of the lessons come with downloadable slides, and transcripts for the videos. There are blog posts and several other important content of the websites that can enrich, inform, and help you become better digital marketers.

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Without further ado, here are the Top 10 HubSpot Certifications to help you become a more advanced digital marketing with enhanced skill sets.

  1. Inbound Marketing Certification

The free Inbound Marketing Certification from HubSpot comprises 10 lessons, 37 videos, 10 quizzes, and four and half hours of completion time.

During this course, you will learn about several inbound marketing techniques and understand the core elements that drive inbound marketing. By the end of the course, you will become adept at understanding the skills required to become a successful inbound marketer.

The course topics are as follows

Lesson 1: Inbound Marketing Fundamentals

The lesson comprises of 3 videos and 24 minutes of learning about inbound marketing and the methodology applied to inbound marketing. The areas covered include the fundamentals that drive the inbound marketing process.

The lesson also describes in detail how buyers are an integral element of any inbound marketing strategy and planning. Every technique is used and evolves finally to match the behavioral pattern of buyers.

Lesson 2: Planning a long-term Content Strategy

This teaches the learners to formulate a strategy to build a long term plan for future initiatives and marketing campaigns. The lesson that comprises 4 videos and 21 minutes is taught by Justin Champion. The course will help you to realize what are your realistic goals keeping in mind your audience.

Then you proceed to the lesson to perform audits to understand how to build a successful content strategy better. You will also through this audit, understand your strengths and weaknesses. You will plan for your content by taking the relevant information of your pious and creating your own road map for the future ahead.

Lesson 3: Creating a blog post 

This lesson is 22 minutes long and comprises 2 videos by Lindsay Thibeault. The lessons include understanding blogging, and how it helps to grow your business online domain. Also, how to create a successful blog post.

Lesson 4: Clusters and Pillar Pages

This lesson has 34 minutes of intensive learning and teaches about clusters and pillar pages. The main areas covered are the definition of topic clusters, creating effective topic clusters, and pillar pages. They also provide examples of successful pillar pages.

 Lesson 5: Understanding Social Media Promotion. 

This constitutes a major portion of marketing techniques and therefore comprises six videos of one-hour duration. It gives a detailed explanation of Social Media promotional techniques and tips. The lesson imparts knowledge on several aspects of the relation between inbound marketing and social media.

The topics covered are

  • Why You Need A Social Media Strategy In The First Place
  • The Different Media Channels And Their Characteristics
  • Social Listening
  • Basics Of Social Media
  • Content Auditing
  • Social Media And Using Digital Channels To Up Your Inbound Marketing Strategy.

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The 6th lesson – Developing a Conversation Growth Strategy. 

This lesson is 4 videos long and is of 23 minutes duration. The important areas covered are the steps to implement a search strategy, and why conversational growth strategy is important to the overall inbound marketing process.

Some other areas covered are your consideration when selecting and zeroing in on a preferred messaging channel. Also, how to select the right channel for conversation with your prospective customers.

The 7th lesson – Understanding Conversion Strategy

The curriculum covers

  • Why Conversion Is Important To Inbound Marketing
  • Building An Effective Conversion Path
  • Definition Of Conversion Optimization
  • Implementing Conversion Optimization Effectively

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The 8th Lesson is understanding Lead Nurturing. 

It is 3 videos in 26 minutes long. The topics covered in this area are about the fundamentals of lead nurturing, the importance of lead nurturing. It also teaches you what an effective lead nurturing campaign is all about important examples.

The 9th lesson is very important as it aligns your marketing goals with your sales objectives. It is a total of 19 minutes and has 2 videos.

It Covers important elements such as sales as an integral element and how exactly can you align your marketing and sales together to form a winning campaign.

Lesson 10: Applying A Customer Marketing Approach 

Curriculum includes 

  • The Essentials Of Customer Marketing
  • The Importance Of Placing A Customer Marketing Approach In Your Digital Strategy
  • Creating An Impression With Your Customers
  • Building Camaraderie.
  • How To Solve For Customer Success.

The instructors for these lessons are Crystal King, Justin Champion, Jorie Munroe, Courtney Sembler, along with other talented marketers. They have a thorough understanding of the online marketing space and provide you with clear instructions.

  1. Content Marketing Certification 

The content marketing course is one of the very important and popular free HubSpot certifications that cover key aspects of the content marketing system.

The lessons include

  • Overview Of Content Marketing
  • Importance Of Storytelling
  • Content Creation Framework
  • Long-term Content Strategy And Planning
  • Content Idea Generation
  • Quality Blog Creation
  • Repurposing
  • Topic Clusters, Pillar Pages
  • Video Marketing Strategy
  • Guest Blogging Strategy
  • Effective Promotion Of Contents
  • Analyzing Content.
  1. Email Certification

The Email Marketing Certification at HubSpot is also an intensive list of lessons that teach you to create email marketing strategies successfully. It can help your understanding of your business strategy better and can help you establish your brand successfully. It is regarded as one of the finest Hubspot Certifications conducted by the institute.

In total the course comprises 10 lessons 28 videos 9 quizzes and 3 hours and 18 minutes of completion time. The course is ideal for marketers, beginners, and intermediates.

The takeaway from the course

It will help you understand the core concepts of Email Marketing. You will get to know about HubSpot’s free email marketing tool. You will equip yourself with one of the most in-demand skills today in the world of online marketing.

Lesson 1 is Understanding Email Marketing at its core. The lesson is three videos long with 19 minutes of training by Courtney Sembler.

The topics for this lesson includes

  • Formulating An Effective Email Strategy For Your Business
  • Understanding The Importance Of Email Marketing Efforts
  • What Exactly An Email Strategy Looks Like

The 2nd Lesson: Creating A Content Management System As Well As A Segmentation Strategy. 

It deals with giving you knowledge about providing the maximum value to your contacts via email. The course is 3 videos 15 minutes long and the instructor is Bernardo Vordenwinkler

The syllabus includes

  • Importance Of Content Management And Segmentation
  • Building A Sound Segmentation Strategy
  • A Practical Insight Into What A Segment Strategy Looks Like

Lesson 3 is to identify ways to send a written email to the right customer. The lesson teaches you to understand the efficacy of the contextual message. It is 3 videos and 21 minutes long.

Topics include

  • How To Send The Correct Email
  • Why Sending Correct Emails Is Of Paramount Importance.

Lesson 4 deals with creating an email that performs extremely well for your business. High performing email is the email that provides maximum value and helps engagement with your focus group.

A lot of times emails are sent to the trash bin without even opening it. This lesson will teach you how to create emails that are appealing and help your overall marketing efforts. The course is 30 minutes long with 3 videos.

Lesson 5 is Understanding the Email Deliverability Method.

It is 3 videos in 29 minutes durationYou understand the nuances of email deliverability through metrics and the steps that should be taken to ensure a sound deliverability strategy. Great content in Email is a method will help you build the required rapport with your customers.

Lesson 6: Designing your email

It is 3 videos long and 24 minutes duration. The lesson deals with designing your email for appeal and instant connection with your customers. It is important to be able to generate interest in your customers about your email content. You can achieve that by creating an impactful design for your marketing emails that will Ghana response from your customers.

Lesson 7: Analyze your emails

The lesson covers how emails analysis helps to create more focused marketing strategies. It helps you to achieve success in your business and build trust with your potential and existing customers.

The topics in this lesson include

  • Understanding Why Analyzing Your Emails Is Important
  • How To Analyze Your Email Effectively

Lesson 8: Testing your emails. 

The lesson comprises key concepts to help you test your marketing emails. It will also teach you how to perform those tests and use the information for growth in your business.

Lesson 9 is to develop a relationship with prospective customers through lead nurturing. This is a very important part of the email marketing strategy and a pertinent module of the sales funnel. A sound lead nurturing method ensures that you develop them into your customers who swear by your product.

The Course Topics Include 

  • Laying The Foundation Of Lead Nurturing
  • Implementing Lead Nurturing For Your Organization
  • Comprehending Why Lead Nurturing Is So Important In Your Overall Marketing Endeavor

The tenth lesson is a video that is one minute long and is optional to get started with the HubSpot free email.

  1. Hubspot Marketing Software Certification

The lesson consists of 16 lessons 85 videos 12 quizzes and 4 hours of completion time. It is ideal for anybody who wants to learn about marketing. The course gives you a comprehensive lesson on sales and design management for beginners and intermediates.

The course not only introduces you to the HubSpot marketing tools but teaches you the methods of leverage in HubSpot to grow your business.

Course Topics include

  • Comprehension Of Marketing Hub
  • Exploring Contact Database Using The Advantages Of Buyer Persona
  • Creating Content Strategy
  • Creating Campaign
  • Understanding Blogging
  • Creating a Landing Page
  • Understanding The Content Management System Of Hubspot
  • Call To Action In Hubspot Form Creation In Hubspot
  • Market Segmentation 
  • Social Media Understanding
  • Email Marketing With Hubspot
  • Understanding Workflows
  • Understanding Reporting And Launching A Campaign In Hubspot.

You have a case study on the HubSpot Marketing software where you explore and analyze a prime example of how a business is planned to create and executed with a comprehensive inbound marketing campaign with the help of the marketing hub software along with its tools.

  1. Contextual Marketing Certification

The Contextual Marketing Certification comprises 3 videos of 10 minutes of completion time. It provides information on creating a personalized website for every visitor. That should be done taking into account their preferences, objectives, wants, and behavioral patterns.

It mainly involves providing the right kind of information to the intended person. This means that you create customize content and provide value to your customers through that specialized content.

The course will provide you with the fundamentals of contextual marketing. By the end of the course will be able to create successful contextual marketing strategies to provide the best service to your clients and visitors.

6. Inbound Certification

The free Inbound Certification Program is different from Inbound Marketing Certification or Inbound Sales.  It consists of 6 lessons 15 videos for quizzes and 2 hours of completion time. In this course, you will learn about the core fundamentals of an inbound strategy.

The candidates will also explore the foundations on which inbound marketing is based and how flywheel is a core part of inbound business. By the end of the course, you will be able to chart a clear path with Inbound Marketing techniques.

The 1st Lesson is comprehending the fundamentals of an inbound marketing strategy. 

The lessons comprise of three videos in 31 minutes of intensive lessons taught by Jorie Munroe. This part of the lesson deals with giving you the knowledge as to what inbound marketing is.

The course especially teaches you that an inbound strategy is not to emphasize only the sales aspect but to give more importance to the customer-centric demands preferences and to act upon it.

The above aspect invariably helps in the prosperity of the business. You also learn about why a shift in marketing has happened and how the behavioral patterns have influenced new strategies to open up.

The content included in this lesson is

  • The Reason Why Inbound Marketing Is Important
  • How Inbound Methodology Applies To Market
  • The Core Aspects Of Inbound Marketing

The next lesson is to grow your business with a flywheel model.

It provides examples as to how your business resembles a flywheel that will continue spinning through your Inbound Business Strategy and Planning. This lesson comprises 2 videos and 11 minutes of study with Kyle Jepsen

The lesson includes topics like

  • The Reason Why Your Business Is Like A Flywheel
  • Combining The Best Practices Of Funnels And Flywheels And Other Fundamental Elements.

The 3rd lesson is creating your company’s purpose

This is an important aspect of the inbound sales process. It requires you to identify and answers some of the questions like the purpose of establishing your business.

What is the mission vision and statement of your business? Who are you planning to serve through your business initiatives? This helps a lot in the entire inbound sales process because it invariably helps you to find your target customers.

The lesson is 26 minutes long and comprises 2 videos that teach you to implement strategies to understand the core purpose of your business

The 4th lesson is comprised of 4 videos and is 20 minutes long that helps you to learn about setting your business goals successfully. It is again taught by Jorie Munroe.

The course content includes

  • Reasons To Set A Definition Of Business Goals
  • Aligning Your Business Goals With Your Company’s Mission
  • Prioritizing Goals Based On Time
  • Learning How To Align The Team Members With The Company’s Goal Through The Example Of Hubspot.

The 5th lesson deals with a very e important part which is creating a representation of your target consumers for more focused content.  The course content includes two videos in 19 minutes of the lesson

Topics include 

  • Why Creating An Audience Persona Is Vital To Your Entire Inbound Marketing Strategy.
  • And How To Create Your Audience Persona Based On Data Information Interviews And Analytics Present To You.

The 6th and final lesson is to implement the information that you have on your buyers to develop a business aligning with their needs and preferences. The course is 12 minutes long with 2 videos and taught by Courtney Sembler

The content topics include

  • Understanding What A Buyer’s Journey Entails
  • To Create Your Business Content Aligning With The Buyer’s Journey
  • Doing Justice To The Preferences And Choices Of Your Buyers Through Inbound Methods.
  1. Frictionless Sales Certification

The Frictionless Sales Certification is another free course that teaches how to do away with friction in your sales and marketing strategy and help your sales team grow better. The course comprises 4 lessons 12 videos and 1 hour of completion time.

The 1st Lesson is identifying the fiction in your strategy that is detrimental to the sales team. The lesson is 3 videos 19 minutes long. It covers important aspects such as the increase in sales without the element of friction. Also, creating a framework for frictionless sales. Hubspot provides an example of Babel Quest and how they resolve their issues.

The 2nd lesson is enabling your sales team to have more time devoted to selling. 

The 20 minutes long session has videos that cover areas like enabling your sales team, the reasons why they should be given importance.

HubSpot cites the example of EZ Text, a company that successfully enables the sales team to provide results. The lesson also comes with the workbook which involves a worksheet that helps you to practically planning the strategy to enable your sales team.

The 3rd lesson is aligning the sales team with your focus customers. It is 20 minutes long and involves 3 videos of rigorous training on sales and your target group.

The topics covered are

Aligning your team and the need to align with your buyers. It also gives you an example of Usabilla and how the company aligns the sales team’s success with its customers.

This lesson too involves practical training in the form of a workbook that you prepare to create an effective plan.

The 4th lesson is very important as it provides value to your sales team by fostering a culture of learning in them. This also comprises 3 videos but is 17 minutes long.

The core topics in the lesson are

The reasons the team needs to be provided learning, transforming the team through focus coaching, how engaging partners can foster the culture of learning. In the end, you will have a worksheet to plan the transformation of your team.

Throughout the course, you will learn how to integrate sales with target customers. The lesson gives you an understanding of being the leader of a sales organization and how to create opportunities for yourself people to remain motivated to improve the performance and work in a cohesive manner helping their peers to improve as well.

  1. Social Media Certification 

The Social Media Certification at HubSpot is a very popular free course available to students of HubSpot across the globe.

The course as of now comprises approximately 8 lessons 38 videos 30 quizzes and 4 and half hours of completion time. However, an updated version will be available after the 6th of May 2020. So watch out for the newly updated content.

The course helps to gain an understanding of engaging in social media and creating an effective campaign for your business. It also involves building an inbound social media strategy that provides value to your customers thereby growing your bottom line. Also, it teaches the basic qualities to leverage the power of social media to grow your business in the webspace.

The course contents include

Developing a social media strategy. It is 46 minutes long covered in six videos. The lesson provides information on creating a promotional plan for your business that leverages the advantages offered by social media channels.

The various areas covered are

  • Why You Need A Social Media Strategy
  • The Social Media Channels Explained In Detail
  • Setting Your Key Performance Indicators For Social Channels
  • Building The Foundation Of Success By Structuring A Social Media Team.

It also involves identifying the social media tools to get your job done. Evaluating the social media tools and developing a budget based on your findings are key lessons that are provided in this session.

The 2nd lesson is social media listening and monitoring which is 40 minutes long and comprises 5 videos of in-depth learning. 

This area covers the essentials that you need when you want to monitor your social media activities and social media listening.

Understanding brand awareness, comprehending the power of social media, looking out for competition come under the curriculum.

The 3rd lesson is building a content strategy for social media requirements. 

It is one hour long and comprises 7 videos that tell you how fundamentally important is content to your social strategy. The lesson also emphasizes creating content customized for social media channels and developing a strategic plan.

Your brand tone and voice determine the impact you have on your prospective customers in social media. The other topics are industry leadership through content curation on social media, the importance of timing, and testing your content.

The 4th lesson is using social media to build a strong relationship with your consumers. Course duration 42 minutes, and videos 4.

The topic content includes

  • Social Engagement For Your Social Strategy
  • Getting Started With 1-1 Engagement
  • Social Customer Service
  • Achieving Business Goals Through Social Selling.

The 5th lesson is an introduction to Social Media Advertising. 

It is 3 videos and 22 minutes long. It includes covering all the aspects as the advantages of social media advertising, creating digital ads for social media, exploring the several media advertising platforms to choose the best one.

The 6th lesson in measuring returns on investment in social media.

It includes an exhaustive understanding of how to measure social media ROI and why it matters so much. It also includes social media audits, understanding the success rate with social media. Tying metrics back and transforming your business is crucial.

The final chapter is the requirements for continued success on social media channels. They are one hour long and comprise 4 videos.

Topics covered

  • Social Media Governance And Risk
  • Crisis Management Plan
  • Social Media And Ongoing Process
  • Employee Advocacy Program Among Others

The course is taught by Katen Freberg, Daria Marmer, Corey Braccialini, Laura Fitton, Lindsay Kolowich, Eric Peters, and Crystal King.

  1. Inbound Sales Certification

The Inbound Sales Certification at HubSpot offers to teach the key technique of inbound methodology and its application to sales. It consists of 5 lessons 21 videos 5 quizzes and approximately 2 hours of completion time.

With this course, you will learn how to identify the best ways to connect with and provide value to your most promising customers and leads. You’ll also learn to implement sales calls and presentations that will help to drive optimum results.

Lesson 1: Inbound Sales Fundamentals. 

That is covered in 2 videos and 18 minutes of course content explaining all the possible reasons why you need an inbound sales strategy.

The 2nd lesson is prioritizing active buyers. It is five videos and 30 minutes long. The course teaches why one should place importance on certain buyers based on their level of engagement and how to identify them.

Course contents include

  • The Importance Of The Identification Phase In Inbound Sales.
  • Good Fit Prospects
  • Listening For Segregating Active Buyers From Passive Ones
  • Using Social Selling To Identify Key Prospects
  • Enriching Leads With Buyer Persona

The 3rd lesson: How To Garner The Attention Of Today’s Empowered Audiences. 

It is 4 videos and 35 minutes long. This session helps you to identify trigger events and connections to connect with leads effectively. You need to have a personalization approach to your outreach strategy.

The 4th lesson: Understanding The Buyer’s Context. 

In this course, you will learn how to create an exploratory conversation to empower your buyers to make the decisions that will benefit both you and your customer. TCI, CGP, and BA are some of the Frameworks that are taught in this lesson to guide your prospects for the best possible result.

The 5th lesson is delivering a personalized sales presentation which is again understanding how the products and services should be marketed.

Your prospects should understand with complete clarity how your products and services are going to benefit them and improve their lives in some way. The course is 5 videos in 23 minutes long and taught by Andrew Quinn. Other than him, Mark Roberge Senior Lecturer is your instructor for this course.

The topics covered are

  • Your Prospects
  •  Best Practices For Creating Sales Presentations
  • Motivations For Your Customers To Take The Desired Action
  • Recapping What You Learned From Other Sales Conversations
  • Suggesting Ways Of Achieving The Goals Of Your Audience Among Others.
  1. Digital Advertising and How to do it

The HubSpot training in Digital Marketing Advertising is a free course that comprises 6 lessons 18 videos for quizzes and 1 hour 30 minutes of completion time.

The course is suited to marketing professionals and people are inclined to learn about digital advertising. It is ideal for beginners who want to understand the fundamentals of digital advertising and sales.

The course is taught by Davis Mastin, Corey Braccialini, and Kevin Bertrand.

The course topics include

  • Journey Based Advertising

In this lesson, you will develop a strategy that is essential to businesses that want to build brand reputation and awareness and drive revenue through display advertising.

The course helps you with creating a journey-based advertising strategy to amplify your efforts. It is 17 minutes long with 3 videos incorporated in the session.

  • Understanding Digital Advertising

This lesson deals with giving you a thorough understanding of what digital advertising is and what it entails. You will also learn how display advertising is integrated with organic content. And, how can organic and paid content work strategically to form a strong digital advertising campaign.

  • Introduction To Social Media Marketing

HubSpot realizes what an exceptional channel social media is for your advertising and how creating a favorable reputation of your business for your users is beneficial in the social domain.

In this lesson of 3 videos and 19 minutes, you will learn how to leverage several digital media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Tik Tok. You learn the best practices for creating impactful digital ads for social media platforms.

  •  Introduction To Paid Search Advertising

You will learn how to leverage Google which is the most popular platform to strategize the paid search advertising campaign. Learn to incorporate the best practices for paid search marketing.

HubSpot also provides you with some of the best examples of paid search ads that yield results in the online domain.

The next is a digital advertising story from Texada software. This is is a success story that is presented to you by HubSpot. It will provide you with insights into how you don’t need an enormous budget to make the right impression on people.

Through the story, Texada will give you key tips through its creators on how to leverage the benefits of the digital platform. As a result, it will help you with creating your ads with as much efficiency and creativity.

Some other courses that you can explore that provide a lot to value to your overall education are 

  • Facebook Marketing Course
  • WordPress Training Course
  • Building A Paid Media Strategy Course
  • Learning E-commerce Marketing And Selling More Online
  • Twitter Strategy Course
  • YouTube Marketing Course
  • Business Blogging
  • Measuring Brand Engagement And Emotional Connection
  • Instagram Strategy For Your Business
  • Sales Manager Training
  • Lead Management Course
  • Conversational Growth Strategy Course Among Others.


HubSpot is one of the most popular online academies for different certification Training as well as certificate training. Growth Design, HubSpot Design, Agency Partner Program, Marketing software Program are additional courses that you can take up to learn about digital marketing exhaustively.

You also have a HubSpot Content Management System course that provides you with the essential education on a content management system.

Since there are a plethora of free courses out there on the web, HubSpot Certifications make sure that their free courses provide you with more value than others.

You get to learn a lot of new concepts get familiar with glossary and jargon concerning the Digital Marketing system. You also gain a lot of information on every aspect of the marketing process through the diverse courses that are offered in these HubSpot Certifications.

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