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All You Need To Know On Hubspot Content Marketing Certification

Today we will discuss the HubSpot Content Marketing Certification and let you know all the details that are important criteria for you to choose HubSpot for a Content Marketing Certification. But before that let’s look at why we consider content as an intrinsic part of any digital strategy

HubSpot Content Marketing Certification

Content marketing is the strategic ideation, planning, creation, and implementation of content to disseminate useful, valuable, consistent, and relevant content to the public. It is one of the most significant techniques of a digital marketing campaign.

HubSpot is a leading software provider that offers tools for the different modules of digital marketing like Social Media Marketing, Web Analytics, Customer Support, Search Engine Optimization, Content Writing & Marketing & Management, Landing Page Optimization, etc. They partner with Salesforce, Microsoft, Dynamics Customer Relationship Management, Sugar CRM to provide the best services available to the public.

The objective of content marketing is to provide the most notable information to the consumers so that they can make informed purchasing decisions. This can benefit both the consumer and the business.

Why is Content Marketing Important? 

Content Marketing is probably the most important element of your digital marketing process because it helps you to get qualified leads to turn into conversions organically.

This innate authentic property of content coupled with the ingenuity of businesses to provide meaningful information is what sets it apart from other strategies.

It is an honest way of disseminating knowledge that educates the target customers and builds trust and rapport. When you provide value to your prospective customers you encourage them to turn into your consumers and ultimately your brand advocates. It only reinforces your relationship with your customers because they make an educated decision associated with your business after knowledge about your brand and its products and services.

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Why Content Marketing is an Integral Part of Businesses No Matter the Size and Funding of the Same? 

Improving Brand Reputation

Content emphasizes getting leads and converting them into trusting customers through the organic distribution of content. As a result, your brand reputation increases manifold through this method. Let’s face it, when you start a business online you are bound to get reviews, comments, feedback about your product.

That is an inevitable part of your marketing process. However, there are two sides to it – a positive and negative side. Positive feedback can do wonders for your business but in comparison one negative feedback can pull your business back to a great extent.

Building Trust

One major aspect of the content marketing process is to nurture your consumers and build trust. Building a sense of faith in your consumers takes effort and patience.

Solving their queries, addressing their grievances, instructional and informative content, whitepapers, infographics, How-to images, and videos, testimonials can go a long way to validating the genuineness of your brand.

That helps to cement the trust that consumers have in you. No other component of digital marketing can help you build that relationship with your consumers the way content marketing does. Hence it is a must in your marketing strategy.

Helping Conversions 

Since content marketing provides education and knowledge of new opportunities and prospects, it opens up new better avenues for consumers. The authority of content marketing over a particular subject can help in converting leads into customers.

But in all the efforts you put into turning these potential customers into existing consumers the mandatory element should be providing value and imparting knowledge.

Content marketing is integral to the digital marketing strategy because your consumers can choose based on informed decisions. Hence the option of conversion should not be made rigid in content marketing.

When you give the option of garnering information without a monetary incentive or other such incentives it helps to strengthen your brand authority.

It also bolsters the confidence of your target consumers in your brand. All these factors come together to facilitate conversion through the content marketing module.

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Optimized Content for Search Engine Ranking

Content is the primary factor for search engines to rank your article on SERP. It is a validation of your efforts and your quality of content.


We often deliberate whether content marketing is a cost-effective method of campaigning in the online domain. The answer is a definitive yes.

It is one of the most economical ways of getting brand equity and putting your business to the fore. Since it is an honest and dependable method of getting knowledge about your business it doesn’t need aggressive advertising thereby saving money.

Your content can be shared on various social media channels. Now, that is a very cost-effective method of digital campaigns for your business.

Leveraging the benefits of hashtags in social media channels, connecting with niche communities on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and disseminating content through these means are great ways to reach more people is a cost-effective method.

Authority Leaders

Content has the power to help you become a domain authority in your specific market. When your content answers some of the most pertinent questions put forth by consumers, you automatically get the trust of the online community.

The main elements that speak of authority leadership and great content are consistency in your perspective of a certain issue and managing it successfully.

Engaging with your target group, existing customers, and providing value through video, infographics, images to your consumers are means to build authority. Blogs, YouTube Videos, ebooks are great examples of content that can help you build authority leadership.

Customer Relationship Management

Your customers are your priority. They expect the best service from you. Keeping in mind their confidence in you, you have to consistently churn out content that helps to keep them informed about your products, your brand, and your industry best practices.

A cordial yet friendly, interactive approach through informative content can be greatly successful for a positive customer relationship.

With great content, your customers will invariably turn into brand advocates for your product. This will give you dominance over the market for your product or service.

For example, a particular consumer has problems in understanding the way one of your products works. You can interact with them, give them the required content that will inform and educate them.

And then you can check back to ensure that they have had no difficulty. These are small things that ensure you care about your customers.

Edge Over Your Competitors

An outcome of all the above points, genuine content dissemination can help you get an edge over your competitors. Your aim should be to provide the most valuable information that your consumers can look for.

Guiding your customers through a fun and entertaining way is the best approach to getting ahead of your competition and creating a special position of your brand in the minds of your focus group and customers.

An Indispensable Part of Digital Marketing

Lastly, content marketing is important because it is an unavoidable part of your entire digital marketing planning and strategy. Any digital campaign is incomplete without the element of content marketing in its constituents.

Not only does it help to establish a rapport with your consumers it helps facilitate the sales funnel through truthful knowledge distribution.

Content marketing is that an integral module of digital marketing that alone can help you gain expertise in your field and become thought leaders in your specific market. Therefore, it is undoubtedly an indispensable part of your marketing efforts.

Core components of Content Marketing

Original Content

The prerequisite to good content writing is creating original content based on your perceptions and perspective. You should infuse the mission and objectives of your business into your content and weave stories that will speak of your goals.

Your experiences are unique to you. In the same way experiences in the journey of establishing your business are unique. Leverage them to create original content that is not lifted from any other brand’s experiences and stories.

Identification of the Target Audience 

Content marketing has to be focused on. Therefore metrics have to be taken into consideration for identifying your target consumers. It will only be after you thoroughly understand the target group that you can draw up a content strategy. Then, implement that by creating impactful relevant content for these focus groups.

An Organized Approach to Content

You have to chart out a content marketing plan before you think of publishing anything online. Developing a sound content strategy taking into account all important factors is paramount.

Devise an organized approach to your content, prepare a content calendar for at least 3 months. Then you can efficiently start composing your articles, ebooks, white paper, blogs, and other forms of content that you wish to publish for the utility of your consumers.

Syndication and Promulgation

Syndication is a major part of promulgating your business to reach maximum online users. It helps you in several ways. Some are, getting you more visibility, generating more traffic, creating more qualified leads, and giving you an entirely new consumer base to inform, inspire, and influence.

It helps in creating immense brand awareness and increases your ranking in search engine results pages. Syndication or content has to be taken very seriously in your content marketing plan. It is the key to promote your business most effectively on several digital marketing platforms.

Emphasis on Data Analytics

Understanding and comprehending Data Analytics is essential for a great content marketing strategy. It helps you to determine the page visits, the recurrent visits to your website, the bounce rate.

Moreover, with the help of heatmaps, analytics helps you to understand how far your online reader is reading your web page before leaving your website.

This can be a piece of very important information for you to create an effective content strategy. Content Marketers should always put adequate emphasis on Data Analytics. It is important for all businesses irrespective of their nature.

Brainstorming and Internal Communication

Content Marketing involves a lot of brainstorming and internal communication with the other branches of the digital marketing strategy and planning.

Proper coordination, understanding, and cohesion among the different elements will help in better content creation. It will also help in the better overall marketing strategy of the business.

Determining Keyphrases and Keyword

This is the primary element of good content. Every content marketer is familiar with keywords and key phrases and how to incorporate them to maximize the value of the content for search engine rankings.

Keywords are those particular words that online users search for on search engines. Based on the volume of search, content marketers can pick up these key phrases and keywords and create content around these words that are relevant to their business.

Google scans your article and looks for the appropriate key phrases and keywords integrated into your content. Therefore you have to be very careful to incorporate keywords just as much as is necessary and not overdo them.

Competition Research

Content Marketing not only involves research on what your online users are looking for but also keeping an eye out for your competition.

Competition research is essential to your digital marketing process and more so with content marketing. You should always analyze, and research what your competitors are providing valuable.

This solves two purposes – you will know whether you are doing the right thing and you will learn about your challenges and your weaknesses through comparison. Remember healthy competition is always desirable as long as it doesn’t breed animosity.

Audience Persona

Audience persona is a representation of your target consumer, based on their behavioral patterns, interest, choices, preferences, and the things they search for in the online domain.

Analytics and audience persona go hand in hand. With the findings in your analysis reports, you will be able to form an idea about the kind of target consumers you have.

Based on those reports, you will be able to create an audience persona or buyers persona as they are popularly called to create focused content for these target groups. Audience persona can include age, gender, education, job, financials, preferences, etc.

The HubSpot Content Marketing Certification Course

Owing to its immense popularity as a company providing the best possible automation tools, HubSpot has ventured into the education discipline in November 2016. Since then, they have come up with several online courses on its HubSpot Academy Website. HubSpot content marketing certification is one of them.

The HubSpot Certification Course imparts education on the core concepts of the content marketing module of the digital marketing process.

It is beneficial for marketers, beginners, intermediates, and experts alike. The course comprises 14 lessons, 54 videos, 11 quizzes, 6 hours 12 minutes of completion time.

Takeaway From the Course

After completion of this course, you will have exhaustive knowledge of the content marketing elements that constitute the content strategy framework.

You will be able to create original content, understand the importance of creating content of value, repurpose content and optimize Search Engine results.

Overall it will help you become a more strategic, incisive, and thorough content marketer. The course contents might change taking into account the industry practices and standards.

The Topics Covered in the Hubspot Content Marketing Certification Are as Follows

Overview of Content Marketing 

This is the introductory session that teaches the importance of content in your overall online marketing campaign. It will also give you plenty of reasons why content distributed with honest intent can be scalable, entertaining, helpful. It will provide the foundation of your everlasting relationship with your consumers.

This is a common fact that if you are writing does not inspire or entertain people they are going to leave your website. It is important to draw your consumers in with unattractive content that will include all the important elements. This is what the introductory class by Justin champion will teach you at the HubSpot content marketing course.

Some of the course lessons are:

  • What do you mean by
  • How to go about doing Content Marketing

The Importance of Storytelling 

The key aspect of powerful content is strong storytelling. In this session, HubSpot teaches you the importance of keywords in your story.

It is important to address the what, why, how, where, of any product or service. This provides valuable information and idea about a product.

The strategic answers to these questions can be combined to form the golden circle concept. This golden circle concept helps you to identify crucial parts of a product or service.

This lesson is 23 minutes and involves 3 videos by Lindsay Thibeault.

Storytelling ensures that there is an interactive marketing approach to your business. This portion of the course will teach you the crucial elements of storytelling and how it can help your business prospects as well as add value to your consumer’s life.

Content Includes

  • The efficacy of storytelling
  • Why the story is necessary
  • Business Storytelling and Importance
  • Actionable techniques while building a story

Content Creation Framework 

This lesson is on building a solid content framework that will teach you to put adequate efforts into creating a clear process of formulating a content strategy that will yield great results.

The course comprises 3 videos and a total duration of 23 minutes. The lesson covers a very important facet of content creation. In the content marketing framework, you will have to take into account the areas which are not performing well and drive great content to help them evolve.

Writing and publishing content is not enough. You require a prudent mix of identifying your buyer persona, setting a particular timeline reviewing, ] and editing your content before it goes out to the public.

Syllabus includes

  • How to build a great content framework
  • Determining Resources
  • ELements for best Content Framework and others

Long-term Content Strategy & Planning

The 4th lesson is on planning a content strategy that yields results in the long run. The course comprises 3 videos and 29 minutes lesson that covers the journey of creating and ideating a successful content strategy. This lesson is taught by Orbit Media CMO digital marketer Andy Crestodina.

The lesson deals with identifying and organizing a campaign throughout a specified time in which you have to create an entire content schedule for your business.

It deals with learning how to create the most realistic objectives for your content marketing. Also, it emphasizes performing an audit that will help you to further create focused content that will be relevant to your target group.

Since the course is taught by one of the thought leaders in the focused content strategy you will learn from Mr. Andy Crestodina how working with influencers can help achieve your content objectives for better visibility and reach.

You will learn how to conceptualize your strategy of contents, coordinate with several factors and create a stellar piece of work that will be appreciated by one and all.

Topics Include

  • Importance of content strategy
  • Analyzing Content Gap and working on it
  • Working in collaboration with Influencers with others

Content Idea Generation 

Content Idea generation is the 5th lesson taught by Guillaume Delloue. It has 3 videos and comprises 15 minutes of high-quality study on the techniques of generating great content ideas.

This lesson deals with a very important part of the content writing process. It is a common occurrence that after you write a certain number of articles you reach a point where you think you’ve already written every possible article you are supposed to write on.

This “idea fatigue” or mental exhaustion can be detrimental to your content strategy plan. The lesson teaches you to hold onto an idea and identify the several dimensions to it.

Look at it from a different angle and create an article from that viewpoint. The lesson also teaches you to work as a team collaborate, and find different areas of content that you have missed.

Course Lessons Include

  • The process to generate new ideas
  • Where to find inspiration
  • How to find new Angles

Quality Blog Creation 

The 6th lesson is creating blog content that is going to impress your audiences enough to take the desired action. The course is comprised of 40 minutes of 6 videos by Beth Dunn.

This lesson covers creating blog content and why it is not as easy as it sounds. You learn how much effort goes into creating a blog post that catches the attention of your audience.

Key factors like a topic in your niche market, industry knowledge, keyword optimization, search engines matter when it comes to creating a great blog post.

Also, a blog post structure is of great importance when you want to optimize it for the benefit of your readers. It should have a title and introduction with relevant headings, the main article, and then the conclusion which would initiate action from a reader.

Course Topics Include

  • Importance of blog structure
  • Efficacy of a relevant title
  • Optimizing blogs
  • Incorporating popup forms for more conversions
  • Best Blog writing tips
  • Ideas to improve SEO rankings of Blogs

There are several types of blog posts. Examples are list posts, recommendation posts, comparison posts, how-to posts, which have specific structures aligned to their characteristics as blog articles.

You should be communicative and co-ordinate with your sales team and other executives from the digital marketing team to decide on the best plan of action while creating a blog post.

Furthermore, have to take steps to ensure that your article is being shared on as many digital platforms as possible to get better viewership. All of these parts are explained in this blog section of their content marketing course.

HubSpot Techniques to rank number 1 on Google 

This lesson is taught by Matthew Howell’s Barby and covers the vital element of content marketing- ranking high on search engines.

The course is 33 minutes long with 8 videos. It gives you three important elements as to why HubSpot ranks so well in search engines and what it has done to achieve that result.

Driving organic traffic to your blog is the key to rank higher on search engines. Hubspot leverages the benefits of topical relevance providing excellent knowledge on a particular topic.

They also include optimum keywords but never overdo the use of keywords. The course teaches how to structure your blog content and optimize it for the Google snippet feature.

It also gives you details on implementing a strategy called historical optimization for blog posts that have already been published.

Repurposing for More Value

Repurposing refers to the reuse of content to suit the needs of the business for better reach. The lesson for repurposing content at the HubSpot content certification course is conducted by Nadya Khoja.

It comprises of 4 videos in 31 minutes of intensive video lesson on content and how to repurpose it to gain maximum value from it. Recycling content can come to various uses.

It helps to turn out more content at a greater speed. This lesson also offers you tips on how to identify the repurposing opportunities available to you. This enables you to republish a good piece of content again to reach a wider base of audiences.

The lesson includes the essentials of things to consider when your planning on republishing your content in your content marketing endeavor.

It means choosing a site that is popular and aligns with your work of business. You have to use meta tags, canonical tags and make necessary changes to the headlines.

You also have to include impressive internal links for content that are most successful on your website. Recycling blog contents creating subtopics out of the main topic, choosing necessary templates. Such areas are covered in-depth in this part of the curriculum.

Topic Cluster And Pillar Pages 

This is something that Hubspot has brought to the notice of content marketers. The main purpose of creating topic clusters and pillar pages is for your search engines to understand the purpose of your content and help your content rank higher on search engines.

Breadcrumb navigation is also an important part of a website. It helps your readers to identify where you are on a particular website that is filled with the content of several topics and subtopics.

Clusters and pillar pages help to organize and conceptualize content for search engines to read them better. It also helps for better readability in terms of your focus group.

When you create articles on a particular subject and keep all your articles in a particular cluster so that people can go and read it helps you to become a thought leader in that particular domain.

This type of meticulous organizing helps you to create brand awareness and build a camaraderie with your customers. The lesson for topic clusters and pillar pages is taught by Justin Champion of HubSpot. It consists of 5 videos and 38 minutes of learning.

Creating A Successful Video Marketing Strategy 

Videos are the most influential form of content for a wide variety of reasons. But a lot of thought has to go into creating a video campaign or strategy that is going to be impactful.

The lesson here provides you with education on how to keep the right mindset while you are creating a video marketing strategy. It is one of the most vital areas for inbound marketing efforts.

The course is taught by Rollo Wenlock. HubSpot gives you valuable tips concerning your video marketing strategy from experts at Wipster.

The course is 23 minutes long, divided into 3 videos that provide exhaustive learning on the Fundamentals of Video Marketing strategy.

Guest Blogging Strategy With The Help Of SEO

Guest blogging improves your credibility of being an authority on that particular niche market and empowers you with the advantage of being the go-to you for information on that particular subject.

Writing and creating content for other websites is not an easy task. You have to possess a certain amount of credibility for people to trust you to write on their blogs.

The lesson taught by Justin Champion helps you to find proper guest blogging chances on the web and secure a good guest blogging opportunity.

The course will also teach you to write an appropriate author bio for guest blogging and create an effective strategy for people to entrust you with writing for their blogs.

This course comprises 5 videos and 33 minutes long with tips, techniques, and examples to optimize your writing for SEO and guest blogging.

Effectively Promoting Content 

Writing high-grade content is not enough. You have to possess the acumen to effectively promulgate your content on several digital media platforms including discussion forums, social media channels, other websites, blogs, etc.

Your content can be a mix of images, videos, gifs, statistics, but one thing has to be certain. It should informative and should communicate the core values of your brand with absolute clarity. This is what this lesson encapsulates providing you with more intensive concept training.

The lesson by Collie Braccialini covers the intrinsic aspects of a promotional strategy through several means organic and paid. It helps you to identify trends to improve your promulgation means and strategy.

You also have Larry Kim the leading expert on content promotion, founder of WordStream, and Mobile Monkey to provide examples of the most effective promotional tactics for content. This lesson is 43 minutes long divided into 4 essential videos.

Measuring and Analyzing Content 

This is their last lesson in their course content for marketing. It is taught by Corey Braccialini and inverse 35 minutes of 5 videos. The lesson successfully gives you tips to determine your goals and objectives of content and creating a strategy aligning your business needs.

You will have to formulate a sound plan to identify your content performance based on organic and paid marketing strategies. Several metrics help you in the process of determining your good points and weaknesses.

You will learn about brand engagement and awareness tactics of lead generation among other things. Larry King also provides valuable actionable tips on analyzing content and measuring it to gain maximum from your content strategy.

In this respect, you will get to learn about customer loyalty and retention The different elements of website performance, conversion rate optimization, tips, having SMART goals as reiterated by Digital marketers all across the globe.

Survey Content Marketing Next Steps And Exam For 1 Hour

The next video is conducted again by expert Justin Champion. It 1 minute long and instructs you about the steps needed to take the examination and become a content marketing expert from HubSpot.


HubSpot Content Marketing Certification Program aims to provide you with comprehensive knowledge of content and its various elements.

Through the several videos and important knowledge of crucial concepts, they offer to provide education that helps in a successful content marketing strategy for a business.

The mentors are all skilled experts with years of experience in this field of content marketing and know their craft well. Therefore, you should take up the Content Certification to equip yourself with the knowledge that can be your first step to becoming an expert content marketer and strategist.


Q. What is the validity of HubSpot Content Marketing Certification?

It lasts for a year but, the certified participants can renew the certificate before it expires to retain the access.

Q. Is HubSpot Content Marketing Certification worth?

Yes the HubSpot developers have very high demand for it trains the candidate to offer excellent quality work.

Q. Can I do HubSpot Content Marketing Certification on LinkedIn?



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