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Top 6 Investment Banking Internships in Delhi

Internships are a great way to gain experience in specific industries and learn their proceedings. The investment banking industry not only provides internship opportunities for aspiring investment bankers but also makes a lucrative career option. However, you should keep in mind that simply participating in internships is not the right way to get into investment banking. The industry asks for several professional skills and you’ll be more favoured if you hold a degree in finance, economics, or business analytics. Finding success in the investment banking career path is challenging and requires you to have a base knowledge in the field. Therefore, in this article, we’ll help you explore different aspects of investment banking internships in Delhi.


So, What Does Investment Banking Mean?

By definition, investment banking refers to a special segment of banking that caters to aid individuals or organizations perform several tasks. It primarily raises capital, provides important financial advice to clients and when needed, acts as an intermediary between investors and security issuers to help new firms go public.

Investment banks are the pillars of the finance industry because they often take part in building successful businesses by assisting them with financial advice. Aside from these multinational companies, its clients include high-net-worth individuals and governments.

If you trace its roots back in history, you will understand how investment banks started. It functioned mostly as an agent for security issuers. But today, investment bankers have a tight schedule that they follow and work systematically, filling the role of financial professionals who advise corporations and governments to raise capital.

What Are the Various Investment Banking Services Offered by Firms?

Since modern investment banks multitask daily, there are various services that these firms have to offer. Investment banks aren’t just firms that raise capital or help businesses and individuals with finance-related decisions but oversee various other tasks in the finance industry.

Mergers and Acquisition – This term quite literally means the merging of two separate companies but the process is different. It’s also a prominent aspect that you’re bound to stumble upon while searching for investment banking internships in Delhi.

To be more specific, ‘merger’ occurs when separate organizations combine to create a new organization. While, ‘acquisition’ refers to a company that is financially secure taking over another smaller company, to establish a combined firm. Investment bankers must be skilled enough to guide the two firms through the process.

Sales and Trading – These services concern the buying and selling aspects of financial products which provide liquidity to their investors. You can learn more about it through investment banking internships in Delhi as it’s one of the primary front-office divisions of investment banking. It is used for trading activities performed by the sell-side investment banks, mostly engaged in making markets for organizational clients.

Equity Research – Another division that holds great value in investment banking is Equity Research, mainly overlooked by the lower positions like analysts and associates. Just as the name suggests, the main task is concerned with producing reports of varying lengths, which can be quick updates or in-depth ones.

During your time in investment banking internships in Delhi, you might get a glimpse of this division but in most cases, it is a competitive field and requires more than base-level skills. The notable contents of Equity research consist of management overviews, industry research, historical financial results, valuation, forecasting, and recommendations.

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Underwriting – Through underwriting services, investment bankers deal with institutions or individuals to measure and evaluate financial risks for a specific fee. The said risks typically involve loans, insurance, or investments.

In underwriting services, when you represent the financial organization you are in charge of assuming a fee for the client’s potential risks, in insurance, loans, mortgages, or investments. Training for underwriting services will be touched upon by investment banking internships in Delhi so that you can get proper insight into it.

Asset Management – Investment banks are also responsible for managing your valuable assets, which fall under the day-to-day running of a wealth portfolio. Usually, an investment manager is in charge of this division because it involves a certain amount of risks that need to be assessed.

Other than that, valuable opportunities must be found and strategies must be developed for the sole purpose of reaching set financial objectives. In asset management, clients can vary which means they can be regular people who entrust their valuables as well as nonprofit organizations of either small or large scale.

Bond and Debenture – These are two separate functions performed by investment banks and the differences can be identified once you go in-depth into the topic. But in all means, debentures are types of business loans that are issued by the business on the receiving end, as a promise of repayment.

A bond can be referred to as a debenture, whenever it is unsecured. In short, all debentures are bonds but the reverse may not be true. These bonds are issued by clients like governments and corporations, on the other hand, any individual who buys bonds from them is lending the issuers money. To build your base, you can understand the work environment through investment banking internships in Delhi.

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What Qualifications Are Required for the Investment Banking Field?

Like most other fields, investment banking is not a one-step process. You need to prepare well ahead of time and have the right qualifications to be selected for the analyst position. Whether you apply for investment banking internships in Delhi or fresher jobs, there is a structured path that one must follow to achieve the final goal that includes a series of skill development, education, and work experience.

  • Get the right education – Investment bankers have a trained analytical mind, which means you should complete a bachelor’s degree in such subjects. The most preferred degrees include Finance, Economics, Accounting, and Business Administration, otherwise, you should obtain a degree in a similar field. The course however must focus on the areas of financial analysis, accounting, and investment principles.
  • Attain a certification – Although not necessary, certificates can boost your credibility for the job you have in mind. You should consider pursuing relevant courses that offer certification at the end of the program. Several online as well as offline certificate programs are appropriate for the field of investment banking. The institution-provided certificates can hold great value and most of the time the certificates are e-mailed to you, which makes them shareable on professional platforms like LinkedIn. Moreover, investment banking certifications can increase your career prospects.
  • Develop a foundation – You should focus on building a strong foundation on financial markets, economic principles and investment strategies because this helps you prepare yourself before applying them in practical scenarios. If you have previously attended courses in statistics, mathematics, and data analysis, you’re hard work will pay off because it’s able to enhance your quantitative abilities. Besides, proficiency in financial tools and software is required, for ease of using Excel, Bloomberg, and financial modeling.


  • Get into advanced courses – It is an optional choice but something that will increase your value to the firm. Obtaining a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) or any finance-focused degree. Advanced programs provide you with knowledge of complex aspects of investment banking. There is also a competitive advantage that will open doors to higher-level positions.
  • Build your skills – For the field of investment banking, certain hard skills and soft skills must be present in the applicants. These include strong analytical abilities for analyzing financial data, interpreting market trends and evaluating investment scope, strong communication and presentation skills, paying close attention to accuracy, and being efficient during teamwork.
  • Look for internship opportunities – Several investment banking internships are included with the professional courses after which you can apply for investment banks, financial institutions, or related companies. Internships provide you with practical experience in areas and exposure to areas of financial analysis, investment research, or capital markets. Moreover, through internships, you can opt for valuable networking opportunities and make your knowledge proficient. Below we have discussed more about investment banking internships in Delhi.

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What is the Scope of Investment Banking Internships in Delhi?

  • Rapid development – The future of the investment banking industry is very bright and offers plenty of room for further development. There are provisions for multiple technologies being used in investment banking procedures which could avoid manual intervention. This increases the efficiency of investment bankers who work long hours over extended periods.
  • Skill development – If you are looking forward to obtaining the relevant skills that investment banking students are expected to possess, there is no better way to learn them than the investment banking internships in Delhi. This is especially better after you have obtained some knowledge about the proceedings through courses on the subject, as it helps you understand what you might be working on during the internship program.
  • Data Analytics and Integrity – With professional investment banking internships in Delhi, you can explore a variety of segments and their relevant data which has the power to influence its future.
  • Potential for more practical exposure – Investment banking courses can equip you with the right set of skills but not the practical exposure. There are only a handful of things you can achieve in a classroom setting, whether they’re online or offline. You learn better when you are on the field and are applying your prior understanding of the subject to obtain better outcomes.
  • Build a network – Through internship opportunities, you can get access to important contacts within the industry. Interns can learn a lot from the professionals or senior employees at their internship firms. In the long term, these interns can perform better than how they had first started and there will be ample room for their improvement.
  • Scope for full-time offers – Investment banking internships in Delhi often provide interns with the scope for improvement and securing a full-time opportunity. Most of the internships are performance-based, which means that anybody with the right skills and work ethic can get promoted to a full-time position at the company.

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Top 10 Investment Banking Internships in Delhi

There are several startups as well as well-known brands that offer internships across multiple platforms.

1. Goldrush Capital Services Group

With 20 years of experience, Goldrush Capital Services Group has been leading financial consultancy across India and beyond. As far as their achievements are concerned, they have executed several marquee transactions in various sectors and ticket sizes for huge organizations. Other than that, the company also has its own Fintech arm.

Some Key Responsibilities for This Internship Position:

  • You should be good at client communication and be able to assist through various channels
  • You must draft correspondence and prepare materials for presentations
  • You must have relationship-building skills like maintaining existing client relations, participating in client meetings and building rapport
  • You should assist in managing client databases and update information as needed
  • You must be able to collaborate and work closely with the relationship manager as well as other team members

Monthly Pay: INR 8,000 – 20,863


2. Saturn Consulting Group

The company works as a trusted partner for NRI financial solutions and investments in India. It’s skilled in guiding NRIs through Indian financial markets and taxation. Furthermore, it customizes its solutions to optimize wealth creation and compliance.

Responsibilities for the Intern:

  • You must assist with daily financial tasks like analyzing financial data, preparing financial statements, using accounting software and more
  • You should support the finance team with several tasks
  • You must be available for the entire duration to work on-site and in return, you will gain hands-on experience


  • You must have a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting or any related field
  • Must have experience with accounting software
  • Strong analytical abilities to interpret financial statements
  • You should have a solid understanding of financial concepts and principles
  • Must have attention to detail for great accuracy in financial data analysis

Monthly pay: INR 10,000 – 13,000

3. TravClan Technology India

The company is well-known as a B2B Travel Tech Startup that works towards reshaping the process travel agents deliver and sell extraordinary travel experiences around the world. The company’s aid enables the travel agents to perform their tasks more efficiently and conveniently. Moreover, the company is fast-growing and has performed more than 1000 Crore INR GMV sales.

Key Responsibilities of the Intern:

  • You must attend to tasks centring payables and other key business areas
  • You must manage cross-border dealings and work with bankers for FX rates
  • You should be able to perform basic accounting or tally data entry work
  • You should participate in completing KYC and other documentation-related activities for the company’s agents


  • You must be ethical and hardworking in your approach
  • You must be available for a full-time internship
  • After being selected you must be available to start the internship immediately
  • You must be attentive and be willing to learn new things

Monthly pay: INR 15,000

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4. Eos Capital Advisors Pvt Ltd.

The company strives to create value for clients across the infrastructure, Real Estate, Consumer Products and Technology through their efficient services. Its team comprises seasoned professionals who have had past experiences with reputed organizations and as a result, they can achieve accurate results.

Moreover, its corporate finance offers Private equity syndication and other services. Clients have been able to benefit from its strategic and financial advisory and Invest-India services, in recent years.

Responsibilities for the Intern:

  • You must be able to carry out industry research and target data for investment banking mandate assessment
  • You must perform quantitative analysis which includes helping the team in financial modes
  • Your role also includes preparing management meeting notes, memos and deal presentation
  • You should assist the team in preparing deal collaterals


  • You should have a work ethic and strong logical ability
  • Your written and verbal communication must be exceptional
  • You should have hands-on experience in Excel, Word, PowerPoint and other tools
  • In terms of degree, CFA will be preferred

Yearly pay: INR 10 Lakhs – 14 Lakhs

5. RK Financial Services

RK Financial Services, established in 1984, has provided good-quality financial services ever since its inception, always putting clients first. It customizes services for clients as per requirements along with financial freedom for them.

The company strives to create wealth for customers in the present market as well as the future generation. The team behind is dedicated and targets to provide the best professional solutions and customize them for each client.


Responsibilities for the Intern:

  • As an intern, your tasks include working on banking financial products mostly in retail assets
  • You must find clients in their respective areas to sell financial products
  • You must be on terms with clients and maintain a good relationship with them
  • You will represent the company, therefore, your professionalism is reflected when you interact with clients
  • You should participate in the online training program, provided by the company


  • You must have a bachelor’s degree in any finance-related field
  • Experience for the position can be 0-1 years

Yearly pay: INR 2 Lakhs

6. Barclays Internship

As one of the well-known investment banks, Barclays is headquartered in the UK. It provides diversified services depending on customers and clients. Its businesses around the world include payment operations and consumer banking around the world.

Barclays’ services are renowned around the world for its top-tier and global corporate aspects, which is supported by its service company providing technology, operations and functional services around the world. The company also offers flexible and hybrid working facilities for its interns.

Responsibilities for the Intern:

  • The intern must execute their responsibilities and have good stakeholder engagement skills
  • You must be motivated, proactive and enthusiastic in your approach
  • Your interpersonal skills must be strong and you should be an excellent communicator
  • You should be willing to take on the role and perform successful resolutions
  • As an intern, you should pay attention to detail and resolve conflict situations
  • You must be able to relocate/be present at the on-site location
  • You must have focus, be tenacious and assertive


  • You must qualify for ACA, CIMA, ACCA
  • There is minimum requirement for a bachelor’s degree from a reputable institution
  • Basic level of experience in a quarter-end reporting role
  • Basic understanding of key accounting principles
  • Must have a strong base in tools like Excel
  • Strong control awareness and problem-solving skills

Yearly pay: INR 13 Lakhs – 58 Lakhs


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) Is investment banking beginner-friendly?

Investment banking brings forward complex terms that require some amount of prior knowledge, so it can be said that professional investment banking courses are not beginner friendly. Considering you have the right degrees; you can develop your skills with the above-mentioned institutes that also provide investment banking internships in Delhi or other parts of India.

Q) Will AI harm investment banking jobs?

Technological advancements have been introduced in almost all fields and you can hardly find a profession that hasn’t seen the light of AI technologies. Even though it can somehow harm the prospects of several working industries, investment banking is not one of them. Investment bankers are safe from the influence of Artificial Intelligence invading their place in the firm.

Q) Can I learn about investment banking from guidebooks?

Yes, you can learn from guidebooks and there are several books on the market to help you understand the industry. To name some we have Investment Banking for Dummies, Investment Banking Explained and The Business of Venture Capital.


To climb up the ladder of success in investment banking, we recommend that you develop a professional base through courses and internships. The benefits are pretty evident, as you get exposure to industry trends and updates on what’s new. If you are someone with big dreams and a creative approach to tasks, an investment banking career path can prove to be rewarding. You can work with other professionals, gain new insights and grow your career, all by giving it the right amount of dedication. Thus with all being said, we conclude the list of investment banking internships in Delhi structured to lead you in the right direction.

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