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Investment Banking Fresher Jobs – A Comprehensive Detail

Today many recent fresher graduates and finance enthusiasts from non-commerce backgrounds are dreaming to build their professional careers in the highest-paying jobs in the investment banking sector within the finance industry. For recent graduate freshers and aspiring young professionals, the investment banking sector offers a favourable opportunity to become an important part of something extraordinary from the very beginning. With the allure of challenging projects, prestigious clientele, and the chance to influence and understand the working of global markets, countless freshers and finance enthusiasts are desiring to dive into this world of numerous possibilities. In this article, we embark on a journey of exploration, uncovering the enigmatic realm of how freshers can secure or achieve investment banking fresher jobs.  In this article, we also learn about the top five investment banking fresher jobs available along with a list of investment banking fresher hiring companies.

Investment Banking Fresher Jobs

Table of Content 

  • Investment Banking – Overview
  • How Freshers Can Secure Jobs In Investment Banking
  • Investment Banking Course
  • Eligibility Requirement For Investment Banking Course 
  • Investment Banking Course Syllabus  
  • Investment Banking Freshers Jobs – Qualification & Skills Required
  • Top 5 Investment Banking Freshers Jobs 
  • Companies Hiring For Investment Banking Freshers Jobs
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Investment Banking – Overview

Investment banking is a specialized and most important sector in the finance industry that offer various types of investment banking and financial services to corporations, business organisations, companies, institutions, and governments. Their primary focus is to facilitate capital raising through the trading of securities including stocks, bonds and more. Investment banking also plays a pivotal role in helping clients by raining capital through initial public offerings (IPOs) and by identifying other financing channels. There are various services provided by the investment banking sector such as merger & acquisition support, advisory services, capital restructuring services, portfolio & wealth management services along with contributing to strategic decision-making.

Overall, investment banking work as an intermediary between issuers and investors, aiding them in complex financial transactions and offering expert guidance to clients in order to efficiently enhance their financial positions. It also contributes to the smooth functioning of the global economy by ensuring proper financial markets and capital allocation.

How Freshers Can Secure Jobs In Investment Banking

Graduate aspiring freshers who are desiring to secure investment banking freshers jobs are advised to follow several significant and crucial steps in order to increase their chances of success in achieving their job goals. First, freshers are advised to focus on building a strong educational foundation with a relevant degree in commerce associating backgrounds such as finance, business administration, banking, economics, or investment.

The second step is that they should gain practical experience through pursuing professional certification courses in investment banking and gain globally recognized certification along with doing internships in industry-recognised companies which help them to develop & upgrade essential skills and industry exposure. In the upcoming section of the article, we are going to learn comprehensively about investment banking courses, investment baking fresher jobs and companies hiring investment banking freshers which may help many graduate freshers to select their path.

Investment Banking Course

Investment banking courses are certified and globally or industry-recognized paths for graduate freshers and finance-interested individuals who are looking forward to starting their professional journey in the investment banking sector.

Authentic investment banking courses help many individuals in securing their desired investment banking job and become competent investment banking experts in the field. Today numerous eminent online learning platforms or institutes are providing industry-based and masterfully designed investment banking courses worldwide. These courses help course participants by equipping them with the required essential knowledge, and skills along with training them with practical teaching because that is necessary to become skilled experts within the industry of investment banking. Here mentioned a list of the top five investment banking courses offered by prominent institutes.

  • IIM SKILLS – Investment Banking Master Course
  • Intellipat – Certificate in Investment Banking Operation
  • Imarticus Learning – Investment Banking Operations Professional
  • Mentor Me Careers – Certified Investment Banking Operations –
  • BSE Institute Ltd. – Certification Program in Investment Banking Operations

These are the demanding courses to learn about investment banking which are offered by globally renowned institutes and individuals who desire to pursue any of these investment banking courses will obtain industry-accepted or globally recognized certification in investment banking along with placement support assistance. 

Eligibility Requirement For Investment Banking Course 

Let us discuss the general eligibility requirements before registering for any authentic and globally recognized investment banking courses. However, eligibility criteria for investment banking courses usually depend upon different course providers. But it is necessary to discuss common eligibility requirements for investment banking courses that are mentioned below in comprehensive detail. Graduate freshers and finance enthusiasts who are seeking genuine investment banking courses should read attentively and take seriously these eligibility criteria.

  • Minimum Qualification – Graduation in commerce-related field. (finance, economics, business administration, banking and more.
  • Candidate should have a strong academic record in quantitative associating subjects.
  • Candidate should have basic knowledge of finance, accounting principles, investment, banking and more.

Investment Banking Course Syllabus

Understanding the general syllabus structure for investment banking courses is an important task that should be done by graduate freshers before registering for any investment banking course. Let us now completely explore topics that come under the syllabus structure of investment banking courses. Here is mentioned general investment banking course syllabus thoroughly which tells what individuals are required to study during the course program and what are the important topics related to investment banking.

Introduction to Finance

Here course participants will revise their previous learning and participants from non-commerce backgrounds are able to deeply understand the foundation topics.  

  • Basic financial concepts and principles
  • Financial instruments & types

Introduction to Microsoft Tools

Course participants proficiently learn basic to advance working of important Microsoft tools regarding investment banking activities. 

  • MS PowerPoint & MS Excel
  • Keyboard shortcuts & their importance
  • Understanding the ribbon in both tools
  • Designing & managing slides on MS PowerPoint
  • Building graphs, charts, tables and diagrams
  • Functions & formulas in MS Excel
  • Font, number & conditional formatting
  • Creation of cells, rows & columns on MS Excel

Fundamentals of Finacial System & Market

The course syllabus also provides learning or understanding of financial systems & markets. By understanding these significant topics, participants can obtain a thorough knowledge of the financial or derivative market, stock exchange systems and concept of financial centres, which helps them to identify how these essential factors are related to investment banking.

  • Introduction to the financial system
  • Types of financial market
  • What are market regulators
  • Introduction to a stock exchange
  • Concept of financial centres
  • Various kinds of shares & bonds
  • Forex & its features
  • Concept of the derivatives market
  • Long & short positions
  • Call & put options
  • Pricing in the derivatives market
  • Understanding Payoff & its types

Introduction to Investment Banking

In previous topics, we cover all essential prerequisites that are required to study before starting the core topics in the investment banking course. The below-mentioned topics are compulsory in order to understand investment banking extensively.

  • Comprehensive overview of investment banking
  • Function and work under investment banking
  • Role of Investment banker and related professionals
  • Investment banking & industry trends
  • Types of investment banks
  • Concept of mergers & acquisitions
  • Concept of corporate restructuring 
  • Types of funding stage
  • Understanding Leveraged Buyout
  • Concept of post-merger integrations & synergies

Financial Analysis & Business Valuation

The next significant topic that course participants should deeply understand and learn is the analysis of financial statements & conduction of business valuation. These topics come under the core subjects within the syllabus of investment banking courses. Below mentioned points are important topics which course participants need to study in this extension of the investment banking course syllabus.

  • Financial statement analysis
  • Ratio analysis
  • Understanding financial health assessment 
  • Implementation of financial modelling 
  • Building financial models
  • Fundamentals of valuations 
  • Methodologies & techniques of valuation
  • Discounted cash flow analysis (DCF)
  • Identification of investment opportunities

Above mentioned syllabus is common and important in each investment banking course. However, there are numerous important topics and subjects which course participants can study under different investment banking courses, and these topics can vary specifically to the syllabus structure of different courses providing online learning platforms. Most of the renowned and prominent institutes offer practical as well as industry-based real-world training programs along with theoretical education to help participants in understanding the working activities in the investment banking industry.

Investment Banking Fresher Jobs – Qualification & Skills Required

Before going comprehensively exploring the top five investment banking fresher jobs. it is mandatory for every commerce fresher graduate and finance enthusiast to attentively read about the educational qualification and skills required to secure desired investment banking fresher jobs within the sector of investment banking. 

Educational Qualification

  • Candidate should have completed basic education (10+2).
  • Candidate must be a graduate in one of the commerce-related subjects such as finance, accounting, banking, business administration and more.
  • Candidates from non-commerce backgrounds can also secure investment banking fresher jobs and build a successful career in the investment banking sector of the finance industry after pursuing professional certification courses from genuine learning platforms or institutes. 

(Above mentioned institutes are worthy for pursuing investment banking courses for both individuals from commerce or non-commerce background  because their certificate is globally recognized and they also provide placement support)

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Skills Required

  • Strong financial knowledge 
  • Deep understanding of the financial market
  • Analytical skills
  • Proficiency in quantitative analysis & financial modelling
  • Excel proficiency 
  • Building financial models
  • Communication skills
  • Attention to details
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Teamwork & multitasking
  • Time management
  • Interpersonal skills

Top 5 Investment Banking Freshers Jobs

After comprehensively discussing how a fresher can start his career in the investment banking industry along with the types of investment banking courses available to all graduate freshers. We also explored what are the eligibility requirements for investment banking fresher jobs. Let us now discover the top five investment banking fresher jobs in detail.   

Investment Banking Analyst 

The investment banking analyst jobs are one of the popular investment banking fresher jobs or entry-level jobs which individuals can achieve after fulfilling the eligibility requirements or after pursuing a significant investment banking course from an authentic finance courses learning platform. Many companies, business organisations and industries hiring freshers for the investment banking analyst job roles. These analysts have to perform many duties such as supporting seniors in executing investment banking activities, performing financial analysis, preparing various investment banking reports or presentations and more.

Investment Banking Analysts – Responsibilities

  • Conducting thorough financial analysis and research 
  • Building, implementing and maintaining complex financial models
  • Conducting industry analysis & market research
  • Preparation of investments pitch book & presentation
  • Providing assistance in due diligence on target investment opportunity 
  • Supporting the execution of investment-associated deals
  • Building client relationships & addressing their enquiries 
  • Financial reports preparation
  • Preparation of investment memorandum
  • Monitoring & tacking industry trend
  • Observing & reporting market changes & development

Expected  Salary: INR 5,00,000 to 12,00,000 per annum. 

Risk Management Analyst

Risk management analyst is also considered one of the significant investment banking fresher jobs available in the investment banking industry. They are demanding professionals who are experts or competent in conducting risk management activities regarding investment banking. Risk management analyst supports their clients by identifying the type of risks and degree of risks involved with multiple investment opportunities available in the capital market. They devised risk management strategies and implemented risk mitigation methodologies along with recommended profitable investment opportunities with low risk in order to help their clients in taking informed investment-related decisions.

Risk Management Analyst – Responsibilities

  • Identify potential risks through thorough risk assessments
  • In-depth analysation to identify the nature and degree of risks
  • Development & implementation of risk management strategies
  • Monitoring as well as tracking risks metrics
  • Monitoring financial statements or investment portfolios to ascertain possible risks
  • Preparation of risk reports and present insights or finding to seniors, clients and stakeholders.
  • Ensuring compliance with risks limits & industry standards
  • Collaboration with other departments to efficiently implement risk management strategies
  • Determining best methods or techniques in risk management by consistently updating on industry trends.
  • Performing scenario & risk testing analysis 

Expected Salary: INR 5,00,000 to 12,00,000 per annum.

Corporate Finance Analyst

Many graduate freshers have a keen desire to work in the core corporate finance sector within the investment banking industry. The corporate finance analyst is an important job profile under the investment banking fresher jobs and numerous individuals looking forward to benign their career in the investment banking industry as an expert corporate finance analyst. These professionals are working in collaboration or association with the finance team of their concerned clients whether companies, business organisations and industries. Corporate finance analysts help their clients by analysing their financial situation as per financial information provided by their finance team. They also assist their clients in achieving investment goals along with making informed investment-related decisions by determining or evaluating investment opportunities available in the market.

Corporate Finance Analyst – Responsibilities 

  • The thorough analysation of financial statements 
  • Evaluation of key performance indicators & business performance
  • Building or implementing financial models 
  • Forecasting the performance of the client’s financial situation
  • Prediction or estimation of expenses and revenues
  • Capital budgeting & comprehensive investment analysis 
  • Preparation and presentation of financial reports
  • Development of a strategic business plan
  • Curation or execution of investment strategies
  • Perform capital restructuring & manage client’s business financial operations
  • Collaboration with cross-functional teams
  • Analystaion of industry trends & market conditions
  • Provide assistance in treasury management
  • Facilitating cash flow analysis
  • Contribute to financial planning & decisions making process

Expected Salary: INR 5,00,000 to INR 15,00,000 per annum.

Equity Research Analyst

The fourth investment banking fresher jobs is the most common yet demanding in the field of the investment banking industry and that is an equity research analyst. They are considered important expert professionals who contribute to researching, analysing and evaluating multiple varieties of equity available in the capital market. Equity research analysts help their clients in various ways such as by conducting in-depth analyses of their business position by reviewing financial statements along with other documents that enunciate financial activities of business concern. These expert analysts are also responsible for identifying market or industry trends in order to provide insights and recommendations on various types of investment opportunities. 

Equity Research Analyst – Responsibilities

  • Conducting thorough research and analysis of market or industry trends 
  • Building, maintaining and implementing intricate financial models
  • Evaluation of companies and conducting a business valuation
  • Preparation of annual and research reports 
  • Writing equity research reports
  • Providing investment recommendations to clients
  • Always updated on current financial news, industry trends and market patterns
  • Gathering pivotal investment-related information from clients
  • Conducting and participating in meetings between investors and stakeholders
  • Consistently updated on regulatory changes and ensure regulatory compliance
  • Work with the trading team to support investment decision making
  • Building investment strategies and portfolio management

Expected Salary: INR 7,00,000 to INR 15,00,000 per annum.

Mergers & Acquisitions Analysts

Last but not least investment banking fresher jobs we are going to discuss in this article are mergers & acquisition analysts. These analysts are required to support the execution of the challenging and toughest investment banking activity which is mergers and acquisitions. They are also demanding professional experts in the industry of investment banking because they are responsible for facilitating mergers and acquisition deals efficiently. Mergers and acquisition job profiles are regarded as one of the most complicated or challenging jobs within the investment banking industry because they have to work wi under intense pressure with keen dedication and tight deadlines. 

Mergers & Acquisition Analyst – Responsibilities

  • Analysis and evaluation of potential mergers & acquisitions opportunities
  • Conducting thorough financial analysis & legal assessments on target companies
  • Development or implementation of financial models
  • Ascertaining the impact of financial transactions related to mergers & acquisitions
  • Gathering significant information on target companies
  • Preparing & presenting transaction-associated documents 
  • Forecasting the impact of mergers & acquisition deals
  • Providing legal and finance advice during the execution of deals
  • Conducting valuation and scenario analysis
  • Providing strategies for implementing deal structures
  • Proficient execution of mergers & acquisitions deals by managing timelines 
  • Conducting negotiations between concerning clients
  • Provide assistance in post-merger planning integration
  • Observing and reporting market activities regarding M&A
  • Identifying competitive landscape 

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Companies Hiring For Investment Banking Freshers Jobs

In the above section of the article, we comprehensively explored the structure of how fresher graduates can secure investment banking jobs along with also mentioning the top five demanding investment banking fresher jobs which every individual can pursue after obtaining the required qualification and essential skills. As of now, numerous fresher graduates with a commerce background and finance enthusiasts from non-commerce backgrounds looking forward to building successful career professions in their desired investment jobs within the industry of finance. There are many top investment banking companies, industries and firms hiring freshers for multiple investment banking job roles. Below mentioned researched list of the top ten companies that are seeking to hire graduate freshers and individuals who have done authentic or globally recognised certification courses in investment banking.

  • Goldman Sachs India
  • J.P Morgan
  • Citigroup 
  • Credit Suisse
  • Accenture
  • Tata Consultancy Service
  • ICICI Bank
  • HSBC
  • Morgan Stanley
  • KMPG


Career professions in the Investment banking industry are rapidly evolving and becoming one of the most popular or demanding professions in the entire finance industry. Numerous graduate freshers and individuals from non-commerce backgrounds who are known as finance enthusiasts have also come under the category of fresher in investment banking jobs. This article was written to help freshers by providing a detailed report on how to pursue a career om the investment banking industry. In this article, I panoramically explain investment banking courses that contribute to adding credentials to a resume for securing investment banking fresher jobs quickly and multiple other significant information. The article also explores the top five investment banking fresher jobs along with a list of the top ten investment banking fresher hiring companies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the investment banking fresher salary at J.P Morgan?

The investment banking fresher salary at J.P Morgan depend upon various factors including job position, resume credibility, qualifications and skills. However, the salary starting range is between 8 lakhs to 25 lakhs per annum.

Q. Are hiring companies provide training for investment banking fresher jobs?

Yes, many top hiring companies provide orientation programmes and comprehensively designed training sessions for investment banking fresher jobs. Freshers will be able to understand and learn the working of investment banking companies.

Q. What are the working hours of investment banking fresher jobs?

Here comes the challenge for every fresher who joins the investment banking industry. There are no fixed working hours and freshers have to work for long hours in order to complete the assigned work before the deadline. 

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