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Top 10 Affordable Instagram Marketing Tools in 2024

Instagram is the second most accessed network on the internet. From individuals to cats, this social media platform has magnetized everybody to have an account on it. With 1 billion active monthly users, Instagram is a great asset for marketing and prospering your business on social media. And for a great Instagram business profile, you need great content worthy of likes, shares, and saves. Though making a business profile on Instagram is simple. However, it can be painful to maintain the glory of your business profile. For a perfect Instagram business account, you need to track the quality of content, analytics, and insights of the page. For all this, you need Instagram2 marketing tools that can take up all such responsibilities to ease the burden on your shoulders. Keep reading to dig into the eminent Instagram marketing tools that fit your budget and make your Instagram look like a professional virtual showroom of your brand.

List of the best Instagram marketing tools


Why do you Need Tools for your Instagram?

Instagram is a social platform with daily growth. It is one of the most effective social media platforms for interacting worldwide. About 71% of US businesses rely on Instagram for their prosperity.


These businesses grow exponentially because they have the platform to interact and showcase their brand to the world. Think of what your business will do if it comes on this most-loved platform.


You will get the opportunity to market your services without announcing yourself at every doorstep. A social media account for business needs nurturing.


For that, you will be expected to maintain the quality of content and know what works best for you. To get all these things done, you need Instagram marketing tools. Below are some affordable tools for Instagram marketing that can ease your work on the social media platform.


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Top 10 Instagram Marketing Tools


1. Buffer


Buffer is one of the most effective Instagram marketing tools with packed features. This tool is a hamper package for providing everything you need for maintaining your social media platform. So, the pain of scheduling and creating your post and tracking analytics, comments, and customization fade away when you work with this tool.


For a starter, you can access this tool free of cost. Although, there are some limitations to the free version. Still, it will impress you with its multiple support for running your social media platform.


With Buffer, you can do anything, from creating a post to scheduling it to different time slots for publishing on social media platforms. The tool provides features for Instagram such as Instagram tagging, Instagram first comment, preparing and scheduling Instagram posts in the paid version. But the paid version of the tool is also quite pocket-friendly. Hence, it will not hurt your wallet even if you purchase it.



  • Create and schedule post
  • Time slot for publishing
  • Handle multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin from a single spot
  • Calendar view
  • Instagram tagging
  • Instagram first comment
  • Insights and analytics for performance of posts
  • Impeccable customer service for troubleshooting any problem


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2. Hashtags for Like


Pricing: $19/ week.


This tool comes in handy for building organic traffic for your Instagram page. Through this tool, you can make your account reach vast followers and announce your presence on Instagram. Hashtags for Like is a plausible Instagram marketing tool that gives you trending hashtag suggestions depending on your brand or content.


Trusted by 11,400 companies and influencers like Neil Patel, this tool is a blessing for making Instagram’s business visible for your brand. Through these trending hashtags, your account can welcome people to your virtual doors.


The tool does not limit itself to providing trending hashtags only. It also analyses their performance. With this smart analyzer, get the most advantage for understanding hashtag difficulty scoring and what works best for your Insta account.



  • Live Instagram stats
  • Hashtag difficulty scoring
  • Tiktok hashtags
  • Analyzer software for profile tracking
  • Performance reports
  • 3000 hashtag searches per month
  • Instagram and Tiktok growth channels


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3. Iconosquare


Pricing: $49/ month, 14-days free trial.


Iconosquare is one of the best Instagram marketing tools with the best approach towards analysis of the performance of posts. You can analyze multiple social media platforms such as Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter. This tool provides you with a deep analysis of your brand or agency.


If you want fast-paced growth for your channel, this tool is just for you. A little costly it may be, but it still outnumbers many expensive tools and comes in handy for growing your Instagram account.


The tool has many features that make your work easy and fast. Hence, no pain in scheduling postings for individual stories or scheduling the first comment on your post. From preparing timelines to reading metrics for your account, this tool has every feature.



  • In-depth analysis
  • Customized dashboard
  • Profile management from a single dashboard
  • Automative content publishing
  • User tagging
  • Instagram feed preview
  • Know about profile activity and performance


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4. Shortstack


Pricing: Free up to 100 entries.


Making engaging content that can drive traffic to your page can be time-consuming. But, to overcome this, Instagram marketing tools like Shortstack blesses you with its unmatchable features.


The tool can create the most impressive online contests, landing pages, websites, emails, and hashtag giveaways. To craft such contests, dozens of templates are available to make your work easy and attractive.


No need to spend hefty amounts of money to make contests or engaging campaigns. All you need to do is make use of this tool. The tool specializes in tailoring marketing campaigns. So, be ready to announce your brand into the Instagram world and gain more followers by doing this.



  • Online contests
  • Hashtag giveaways for Instagram and Twitter
  • Landing pages
  • Response to mobile
  • Customizable templates
  • Have a feature for importing comments


5. Mailchimp


Pricing: Free.


MailChimp, originally a great tool for email marketing, is an impeccable tool for crafting impressive Instagram ads for your brand. Through these Instagram ads, you can showcase your services and welcome followers to your virtual doorstep.


This Instagram marketing tool is perfect for generating brand awareness. Through the campaigns, you can reach audiences who never knew you existed on Instagram.


MailChimp does more than create Instagram ads for you. It keeps a check on the performance of your ad campaigns by tracking their performance. Hence, you get complete knowledge about the growth of your ads, making it the best among the Instagram marketing tools.



  • Marketing CRM
  • Creative assistant
  • Website builder
  • MailChimp domain
  • Forms and landing pages


6. Pablo


Pricing: Free.


Team Buffer presents this amazing pocket-friendly tool for making incredible posts for your social media. The type of content you post on your Instagram account has everything to do with increasing your brand exponentially.


Hence, Pablo is another effective Instagram marketing tool having a great role in creating engaging posts that will make your followers fall in love with your page.


The tool is pretty straightforward to use and has easy access. This simple and easy-to-use tool can give the advantage of designing engaging posts with just a few clicks. There is no technical stuff required for designing images or posts. This tool will ease half of your work by providing pre-designed templates.


Want to announce a sale or launch of your new product, do not settle for an average post. Make it more unique and worthy of clicks by adding text to your templates. Over 5000+ images, 25+ stylish fonts, shared with any platform. This tool can make your image posting a little interesting.



  • Create beautiful images
  • Filters for images
  • Image enhancement tools
  • Formatting available
  • Share on social media profiles available
  • No mobile version

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7. Canva


Pricing: Free.

Pro Version: $12.99/month.


When it comes to designing engaging content, Canva is the best option as it has everything a person needs for generating content. The tool gives many features from designing stickers to infographics to brochures, from LinkedIn posts to Instagram posts, from videos to presentations. There is nothing Canva cannot cover.


This tool is easy-to-use and is hassle-free. If you are not a professional graphic designer, no problem, because Canva does half of your work by giving you thousands of templates to choose from. Hence, no worries about making something from scratch.


Through this tool, you can make attractive Instagram posts or videos. You can create catchy campaigns for Instagram and schedule your content for posting. Another advantage of using Canva is the feature of uploading your brand logo on templates for branding purposes. However, this is only available on the pro version.



  • Ready-to-go templates
  • Resize designs (pro version)
  • 5 GB cloud storage for the free version and 100 GB for the pro version
  • Schedule posting available
  • 1000 templates to choose
  • Animation
  • Attractive designs for creating content


8. Social Insights


Pricing: $29/month; 14 days free trial.


Social Insights is an Instagram marketing platform. As the name suggests, it gives insights into your account. This Instagram marketing tool provides the facilities of scheduling and posting from a computer. It monitors engagement and interactions on your page. You get the privilege of scheduling your posts timeline from a single dashboard.


So, you need not worry about checking your timeline and posting every single post manually. Just set your schedule on automatic mode with planned dates and times, and the software will do the rest of the work for you.


This tool is best known for its Instagram analytics with metrics. Know about your followers, the pattern of growth on followers, interactions, engagement.


Sort your followers by types such as most followed, most posted, last posted. What is brilliant in Social insights is that you can indulge all your team members without giving them Instagram login details. Altogether, it shines among the most-useful Instagram marketing tools.



  • Linked Instagram account
  • Advanced analytics
  • Email support
  • Join team members without sharing login details
  • Instagram analytics daily
  • Automatic scheduling of posts
  • Know the pattern of your most followed posts


9. Unfold


Pricing: Free.

Pro Version: $12.99; 7-day free trial.


Unfold is one of the most creative Instagram marketing tools. It helps by crafting the most unique and engaging posts for your account. If you are struggling to make impressive content worthy of likes and sharing, this tool can help you.


With award-winning templates and easy-to-use features, you do not need technical knowledge of designing. Only passion for making quality content is enough for operating this tool.


With this tool, you also get a bio site for your Instagram account. If you are representing your brand through the social media page, the bio site can come in handy for showcasing your audiences about what you do and why you do it. Through the bio site feature, make a simple site and be ready to tell your story.


With the pro version, you can get more advanced features, you can make brand-level content. Choose the color palette of your brand and customize your posts. Also, insert your brand logo on images and let the world know about your brand.



  • Easy-to-use
  • Award-winning templates
  • Brand kit for the pro version
  • Bio site
  • Hundreds of templates


10.             Shorby


Pricing: $15/month.

Pro version: $29/month.


This tool is a must-have for your Insta account. The one disadvantage of Instagram is that it allows only one bio link on the account. So, if you want to let people know about your work on other pages, you need multiple links. This is where Shorby comes in.


It gives the advantage of making more than one link on a page and adding them to your bio link. So if a follower opens the single link in your bio, he lands on the page of more links.


It gives you features of inserting links to your other social media pages, websites, and so on. If you want people to get to your product website, this tool can do that too. It is pretty simple to use and you can publish links to anything you want.


From Facebook page to YouTube content, make a landing page with multiple links to navigate your followers. This tool can make it possible. Another impressive feature is the dynamic feed.


In the dynamic feed, whatever you post on your other page, say YouTube, the tool will automatically upload the updated content on your created page. Also, do not miss adding a contact link to your page for your followers.



  • Smart pages
  • Direct message buttons
  • Dynamic feeds (pro version)
  • Click insights
  • Custom domain (pro version)
  • Google Analytics (pro version)
  • Shorby rewards


Frequently Asked Questions


Why is having an Instagram profile for business important?


Instagram is the second most visited platform on the internet. With an Instagram business page, you can grow your brand exponentially. You can engage with more people hence, increasing your customers. Also, you can build trust with people by connecting with them.


With an Instagram account, you can look into insights, and know what your customers like the most about your products. You can make changes to your business by gaining knowledge about people’s psychology on your page.


How is Instagram personal and Instagram business different?


Instagram personal is for personal use. You can share your photos, videos, and reels with people you want to share with, while Instagram business is for the public. Whatever you post on the account will be visible to everyone, and it is for commercial purposes only.


How can Instagram help you with marketing?


Instagram can give lots of advantages to your business. One of them is marketing your business. Through Instagram, you can reach many followers, and it can also become your virtual showroom.


You can promote your products on Instagram. Most importantly, no need to drain your money to build thousands of followers, optimize your account organically.


What is the effective strategy for Instagram growth?


Multiple strategies are necessary for the growth of Instagram accounts. These are;

  1. Relevant hashtags
  2. Post consistency
  3. Engage followers through contests and promotions
  4. Collaborate with influencers
  5. Follow trending post ideas
  6. Schedule Instagram posting


What is the role of hashtags on Instagram?


Hashtags are important for optimizing content organically. Using trending hashtags that are relevant to your content can increase visibility.


The visibility increases when your content shows up on the search page of Instagram. This is what hashtags do. They put your content on the search page for people to find out.


What are the trending hashtags?


Hashtag trends keep on changing with time. The most popular hashtags of recent times are #love #picoftheday # ootd #follow #nature #instagood #fashion #instalike #happy #cute #selfie. The list is endless but, always try to use trending and relevant hashtags with your business.




Instagram is the most popular social media, which can bring wonders to your business. For an impressive and engaging Instagram page of your brand, above mentioned are some affordable and easy-to-use Instagram marketing tools that are worth trying.

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