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How to Use Instagram Reels for Business in 2024

The introduction of reels on Instagram had a great impact on social media platforms. Although this thirty-second video feature is a copy of the TikTok platform, due to Instagram’s immense population, it becomes a most successful feature in a very short time. Also, the reels pave the way for attracting customers for businesses, startups, vlogs, etc., to market their brand on Instagram.

Thus, digital marketing gets one step ahead in social media management due to the success of Reels. Let’s get into this article to know the factors that help the Instagram reels to be a success in your Instagram marketing plan.


The images shows tips to use Instagram Reels for digital marketing purposes


In India, the Instagram reels were launched in July 2020, and within August, the feature reached every part of the world. From the first day itself, the influencers had a massive reach through the first few reels they have uploaded. Instagram not only delivers this feature to the influencers but it is also made available for all users.


Businesses, corporates, startups, and other enterprises found this as an opportunity to market their brand. The reels implementation is an up-gradation to digital marketing by which you can attract consumers and brand your product efficiently.


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An Overview on Instagram Reels


The feature was also known to be a copycat of TikTok. Also, YouTube introduced a similar feature named YouTube shorts back then. After the reels’ launch, the influencers or companies tend to share their videos created from the other platforms here because of the huge audience on Instagram.


This itself helps Instagram not wait for quality content as they are already made and are easy to promote. So, influencers and companies from other platforms also gained fame with ease initially. But then Instagram announces policies and other things to provide equal attention to new investors and artists.


This results in implementing algorithms to the reels to keep the content in check. In such a way the contents can be provided to appropriate users. Still, you can crack these algorithms to take over the competitions and trends by following certain factors. Let’s dive deep into the factors that help to win in digital marketing.


Steps to Make an Instagram Reel


After the new update of Instagram, making a reel is made way easier than before. Follow these to create one.

  1. Open Instagram, click the reel icon that appears on the bottom center of the screen.
  2. After clicking, you can see any reel will be playing on the screen.
  3. On the top right corner, you can find a camera icon.
  4. Click and create a reel for your favor.
  5. Similarly, you can click the story option on the story bar and select the reels option at the bottom.
  6. Also, visit your Instagram profile and click the ‘+’ icon opposite to your profile name.
  7. Now select the reel option to create a reel.


Remember that, you can add filters and music audio from Instagram music to create your reel an attractive one. Additionally, Instagram provides the liberty to add and edit the videos outside the platform and upload it in reels.


How to Trend Your Reels for Business Management?


One can effectively trend the reels for business purposes is through the following ways:

  • Knowing aspects of the Instagram algorithm
  • Hashtags
  • Trendy audio and context
  • Business account Insights
  • Call to action (CTA)
  • Innovative and Inspiring (Trendsetter)
  • Promoting through ads
  • Social media management apps


The above-mentioned factors can be summed up and defined as the social media management of the reels in digital marketing. If you are using the Instagram reels feature for a commercial purpose, a few of these factors are enough to drive trends to your wish. However, it is different for business and brand marketing.


For businesses, influencers, etc., you have to target a specific audience, attract them and market your product or brand. So, a deeper analysis with detailed analytics is required to achieve this significantly. This is why audience targeting enterprises should follow all the methods listed in this article.


Aspects of Instagram Reels Algorithm


The Instagram algorithm is introduced to regulate the uploaders, contents, and audience effectively. Every social media has its algorithms to reach customers. In Instagram, the algorithms automatically segregate the contents and deliver them to the people who enjoy them. Also, it analyzes the type of content and follows the Instagram policy for action.


If the algorithm finds the reels to be irrelevant content that targets the wrong audience, the reel would not be ranked. For content that is explicit adult content or provokes violence, the reels will be removed as per the policy. Instagram also verifies the copyright infringement to give authority to the original contents.


The interest of the people is analyzed by the algorithm using the user’s engagement to those types of content. The engagement is mostly picked through the following ways:

  • Like
  • Comment
  • Share
  • Save


Liking a Reel 


You can like a reel if you double-tap or click the heart icon from the left bottom of the screen. After liking, the Instagram algorithm finds this as an engagement and analyzes the post.


Then, you will be presented with posts of the same or similar contexts in your reels to give the best user experience. To put it simply, the more likes a reel gets, the more audience it will reach.


Comments in a Reel


If someone comments on your reel, the algorithm records it as an engagement. Commenting in a reel is pretty easy. Click the comment option below the reel and comment in the space. The algorithm thinks comments are more intriguing than liking a reel. So, it tends to provide similar content to the commenting audiences.


Sharing a Reel


Sharing stimulates the Instagram algorithm more than other aspects. So, you must concentrate on providing content that interests a great audience. You can share a reel with fellow Instagram users by clicking the share option next to the comment option.


You can also share reels with your friends from other social media too by clicking the three-dot line on the top and selecting the share option that pops below. Sharing indicates that the user likes the content much and the algorithm will work perfectly to provide such content after that.


Saving a Reel


The reels can be saved by clicking the save option from the three-dotted line or by clicking the save option on the right bottom of a reel. Saving a reel indicates that the particular context or the uploader is a user’s favorite. In such a way, the user experience can be provided by Instagram.


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Instagram hashtags play an important role in trending a reel and targeting a specific audience. Unlike Twitter, the hashtags of Instagram align every latest post on particular tags in a search thread.


Also, users can follow their interesting hashtags to get updated on the content they need. The uploaders must include the hashtags in the caption of the reels to rank them in the trends.


The hashtag feature helps both the uploaders and the users. For users who follow the hashtags, the contents they like are directly narrowed to them without any other interference.


From an uploader’s perspective, their audience of targets gets narrowed within hashtags. So, having a hashtag will put your reel on the specific hashtag thread to find the people of interest easily.


As per the algorithm, there is no need to stuff your reels with hashtags to make them trend faster. The Instagram algorithm just refers only to five hashtags from your posts to define its context. As a pro tip for business marketers, have one or more own hashtags for your brand to have solid customers follow that.


Audios and Trending Context


As we know, the Instagram reels are composed of audio, video, stickers, texts, and filters. These features not only improve the aesthetic of a reel but also the ranking. However, you should concentrate on these two things to rank your reels.


  • Trending audio
  • Trending context


It is always advisable to follow the trends in Instagram to attract the audience quicker. The reels must be of high quality with clean filters or texts if needed. The advantage you get for adding trending audio and context to your reel is given below.


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Trending Audio


Firstly, if users like music that is used in a reel, they can access similar reels with the same music. To access it, users can simply click the music mentioned at the bottom of the reel. It will direct you to a thread that contains reels only with the same audio. Instagram also records these engagements and provides the content to the users.


So, adding trending audio to your reels will drive you to a considerable audience easily. Make sure to create your reel more attractive than others in the trend to have much better performance.


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Trending Context


It is necessary to follow the trends in every social media. In this way, you can catch up with the likes of people and create content to attract them. The context of a trending reel can be a dance step, challenges, pranks, music, or anything in the catalog. Follow the trend, make reels that align your business perspective, and find the audience quicker.


Call to Action (CTA)


For businesses or service providers, a lack of call to action is a great backlog to bring customers. The users may enjoy your reels but never think to interact with you unless they see a call to action in the caption.


Although the CTAs are important for business profiles, Instagram does not allow sharing links in captions. So, a call to action like contact details could be supportive. However, you can share links only through your profile bio on Instagram. So, a call to action like “Link in my profile bio” could be efficient.


Business Account


Instagram for users gives sufficient experiences for entertainment purposes. However, you can get hands-on additional features and accessibility to have analysis and insights.


Thus, professional digital marketers, influencers, and brands must switch to a business account. It is easy to switch through the settings of your Instagram profile.


You can easily switch your Instagram to a business account by the following Profile> Settings> Accounts> Account type> Switch to a business/ Professional account.


After switching, you will have access to various attributes such as Bio up-gradation, insights, shops, ads, and so on. One of the main functionalities that help the reels to perform more is insights. The insight option is also available for posts, IGTV, live, and reels.


The insights help to track the performance of a reel by providing the values of engagements and impressions. Normally, it shows the number of comments, likes, plays, and shares.


Along with that, it also displays account reach and peak concurrent viewers for a reel. This dedicatedly helps the business accounts to study their reels and bring changes to them.


Promoting Ads


Advertisements can be interpreted as a hack to reach the target audience easily. If you are willing to spend money on your business, promoting ads is a great way to spend money.


You can come across the promotion ads for Instagram reels through stories and the explore area. The promoted ads will randomly appear on the stories of the targeted audience as well as in the Instagram explore.



For promoting your reels, you can just create an ad campaign from an ad manager on Instagram. There are possibilities to drive the audience by creating the right campaign with a better call to action.


Social Media Management Applications


In the case of bigger brands and enterprises, which have a massive digital marketing team to control social media, much better support is needed. It is essential to have multiple users to handle social media to regulate the trends up to date. So, digital marketers use a tool to handle all of these complications easily and that is social media management software.


Social media management software is a great tool that helps to manage different social media at the same time. Also, it comes in handy with schedule postings, analytics, ads, calendars, etc. Here are some best social media management software out there:


  • Hootsuite
  • Sprout social
  • MeetEdgar
  • Zoho
  • Buffer
  • Sendible
  • Loomly


The more the users, the more the performance. Some of the social media management software features are available free. However, the full potential of the application can be attained through purchasing their pro versions. Thus, it is worthwhile only for large enterprises to have this software.


Innovative and Inspiring


Apart from all the technical aspects, one who wishes to be successful in Instagram reels must produce quality content. You have to be a trend follower as well as a trendsetter if you aim higher. Instagram loves quality content and tends to promote them.


Easily, one can be a trend follower of Instagram reels, but to be a trendsetter, you must concentrate on two important characteristics.

  • Innovative
  • Inspiring


Coming up with innovative ideas for Instagram reels attracts the audience easier. The ideas must be simple and lucid so that every audience could catch up with the idea straightforwardly. Also, the reels must be inspiring enough to make the audience replicate your context. In such a way, trending as well as branding is possible in Instagram reels.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the best ways to trend your Instagram reels?

A. Trending the reels will become easier if you follow these ways:

  • Algorithm
  • Hashtags
  • Audio and Trends
  • Insights
  • Call to Action
  • Innovative and Inspiring
  • Promoting through ads
  • Social media management apps


Q2. What is social media management software?

A. A social media management software is a tool used by businesses and digital marketers to work with every social media at a time and analyze the stats and insights. Also, handling features like schedule postings, analytics, ads, calendars, etc., is easier through SMM software.


Q3. How to switch Instagram into a business account?

 Follow this to switch your Instagram account into a business account.

Profile> Settings> Accounts> Account type> Switch to a business/ professional account.




For digital marketers and influencers, social media management can be a challenge as there are different algorithms followed by every social media. So, having an in-depth knowledge of social media is mandatory. To acquire knowledge, it is recommended to pursue a certification course for Digital Marketing and Social media management.


If you are a content creator in social media, it is very useful to take an online content writing course. You can learn these skills at a world-class standard from your home itself. Several global institutes are providing these quality courses at affordable prices for aspiring students. So, make use of such services to outrank the competitors quicker.


Social media is never going to be just an entertainment platform anymore. It provides opportunities for businesses to grow. One with good marketing and innovative skills can shine quicker, especially for features like Instagram reels, TikTok, YouTube shorts, etc. So, develop the qualities, use the tips provided and have your brand trending as you wanted it to be.

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