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How To Write Killing Content Which Converts To Sales

How to write killing content that converts to sales: Understand your readers – A write-up that is crafted by taking into consideration the needs and desires of the targeted audience is a proven method to convert the readers into potential customers. As a content writer who is thriving to write posts that convert to sales, you need to have a clear understanding of the behavioural patterns of your audience. You need to have a crystal insight into the mind of your readers and deduce what they desperately want out of your write-up if they invest their time reading it.

How To Write Killing Content Which Converts To Sales

Here are the tips that will be extremely helpful:

Your write-up should be crafted in a way that points to the common worries of your readers. Pay special attention to the strategic placement of these elements of worries throughout the write-up in a scheme that provides good reasoning behind their existence. 

Example 1: If I rephrase the headline of this article to “5 Reasons why your content is not converting to sale”, what I am actually doing here is pointing out the common worry that most online content marketers generally have. This will push them to read my article.   My write-up would then be focused on the common mistakes content developers do.

Your words should be smartly phrased to attack the anxiety of the targeted audience, in a positive manner. Care should be taken not to cross the line and scare away the readers. No one gets attracted to too much negativity. However, a post that consists of elements of positive anxiety aims to push the boundaries of the readers in a constructive manner.

Example 2: If I rephrase the headline of this article to “7 tools content writing tools that will increase the traffic 10 times”, what I am actually doing is attacking the dire need of the desired result that almost every content marketer desperately wants. This will again push them to read my article.

Provide practical solutions to their fears. Write-up without a step-by-step guide on how to do something is incomplete. The main value of your write-up lies in the innovative ideas and solutions to the requirements of the readers.

In example 1, The value that my readers gain will be a list of things they need to avoid if they want to write killing content that converts to sales.

In example 2, The value that readers gain out of investing their time reading my article will be a list of content writing tools they need to learn how to use if they want to write killing content that converts to sales.  

You need to develop your content in a manner that creates a sense of the importance of the product or service you are trying to provide information about. You can do this by including the past records in the form of facts, figures, statistics of sales and quality. Mentioning real-life reviews of the past customers in written or audio-visual format is a great move to establish a sense of trust and reliability amongst the readers which can be potentially converted to customers. These reviews should necessarily describe how the product or service added value to the lives of these past customers. A crisp summary describing the value proposition of the brand in quantitative terms is a very crucial part that a content writer must learn if he/she wants to write killing content that converts to sales.

After you have established a sense of importance around the product or service, you need to craft the description in a clever way that delivers a vibe of urgency in the mind of the reader to immediately take an action.

To do this you need to craft your headline that radiates a sense of urgency. If I rephrase the headline of this article 

to “Monetize your writing skills NOW!”, what I am actually doing is, provoking a conscious feeling in the minds of my readers to not waste any time and take a quick decision to learn content writing NOW!

You can further maintain the urgency by adopting the principle of scarcity to sell your products and services. Mentioning phrase links like “out of stock in a few hours” or “Buy now and avail 50% discount” or simply giving away the products and services for free to the first 100 customers is a fabulous method to deploy to write content that converts to sales. Special mention of the extra benefits that the customers get by acting on their sense of urgency is a must to not scare away the readers.  



How to write killing content that converts to sales: Adopt ideas that have already produced results

Do your research sensibly. Study your competitors closely and deduce what they are doing differently that is giving them an edge. Dig in deep through their blogs, websites, social media handles and closely observe the reviews customers have for them. Learn where you are lagging behind. Work to modify and level up your work and its presentation accordingly. Also properly study the past data, statistics, and reviews of the performance of your write-up to get an insight into the gaps you need to fill in to get the desired results. Read as much as you can about your subject and try to craft the material around its unique selling point. This is again a very important aspect that must take care of if you want to write killing content that sells.  

How to write killing content that converts to sales: Add relevant visual content



A plain white wall of text on a screen is either quite boring or intimidating. Setting up a theme and including visual content that aligns with the subject of a well-structured, value-loaded write-up is a great way to attract more traffic to the webpage.

Structuring a write-up in an inverted pyramid style where the information of primary value crops out early in the article with a catchy, concise and head-turning headline and sub-headline is a great way to keep the reader engaged throughout his/her reading session.

Relevant inclusion of pictures, GIFs, and videos also provides an edge because it makes your article look attractive and reliable. It also gives an insight into the kind of effort and dedication you have put into your work.

How to write killing content that converts to sales: Include a proper call-to-action.

A call-to-action is simply an invitation for the reader to take a specific action. This can vary from providing a link to make a direct online purchase to signing up for newsletters or free e-books and goodies. It also includes further reference links to study the subject of the content in-depth or the author.

The mention of links that direct the readers to share the write-up on their social media handles is also a part of a call-to-action.

Content marketing is incomplete without mentioning a call to action. Care should be taken to not over congest the webpage with these links because overdoing it will distract the readers from taking the actions you want them to take.

How to write killing content that converts to sales: Use a conversational tone.

The tone of your posts makes a huge impact on the amount of traffic you will attract. A casual, conversational tone aids the readability of the write-up. The extremely straight and overly formal tone of an article is a great way to bounce away from the readers and eventually dwindle down the conversion rates. Relevant use of trending words and writing style is extremely important to keep the readers engaged and eventually convince them to take the desired action.

How to write killing content that converts to sales: Put up content frequently.

It is not entirely the quantity that matters but the content marketers who post content frequently acquire more traffic on their page compared to the ones who put up content, say once a month or a week. Extremely successful online content marketing strategy are the ones who put up different kinds of posts on a daily basis without fail. Frequent posting is a good way to manipulate the search engine algorithm to assign the webpage higher ranks in a search engine result page.

How to write killing content that converts to sales: Social media marketing.

Promoting the content of a brand with the help of various social media platforms is an amazing move to gain popularity amongst potential customers. Content that is successful on social media attracts more traffic to the original website of the brand. This, in turn, increases the chances of these readers to eventually convert to customers.

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No. Language is not a concern. But since English is an international language, and if you are targeting your audiences from across the world then having good communication skills in English will be in your favor to target your readers globally.

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Q. What is the scope of career after finishing the content writing course?

Basically, content writing is for creative minds as far as you have a creative mind to create a unique content for your readers that engages the audience the scope of career is good. Having a little bit of digital knowledge is like icing on cake.



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