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How To Be A Content Writer? How You Can Learn Content Writing?

How Often Do You Get This In Mind regarding How To Be A Content Writer Or How To Learn Content Writing? Content writing is a form of writing where a well-structured, value loaded and high-quality engaging write-up is crafted for a targeted audience, particularly with an objective to convince the readers to take the desired action. Content writing is an indispensable part of an online marketing strategy for a brand on an organizational level or personal level. More and more businesses are migrating towards e-commerce on a gigantic scale with every passing day.

How To Be A Content Writer

An influential presence of these brands online is directly correlated to the amount of profit they make. This is mainly because more than 50% of the world’s population is online today. This online population uses search engine results to know about the types of products and services that are present in the marketplace. The top few links of websites of various brands in a search engine result attract the largest amount of traffic. The larger the reach of a brand in the digital space, the more successful it is considered in general.

Content writing is a way opted by these brands to develop a strong online presence. It consists of blog posts, articles, social media posts, audio-visual testimonials, online brochures, e-books, and online newsletters. The objective of these forms of content writing is to educate the readers to make a well-rounded decision, generally a purchase or a change. It is the quality of content that plays a major role in deciding if the objective of content writing is achieved. Content writing is a skill heavy in demand in the corporate world and is worth mastering for a rewarding career.

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Consistent Practice

Excellent writing skill is the central point around which the craft of content writing revolves. The ability to beautifully express thoughts, emotions and neatly structure facts and figures at hand, is a major prerequisite to becoming an efficient content writer. You can hone your writing skills by reading more, listening more and above all being persistent throughout the process.

How to Start Content Writing?

If you wish to learn content writing, starting a blog and writing on a daily basis, without fail will be a great push in the direction to master this craft. Other than blogs, you can also start posting your write-ups on your social media accounts. Online platforms like Quora, and Reddit are also a great place to start writing. The space of social media provides a channel for honest feedback and criticism which can help you track your progress with time.

Consistent practice is all that it will take to sharpen your writing abilities. Being open to alternative opinions and criticism is very important if you want to level up as a writer.  

 Learn SEO

Content writing is a part of an online marketing strategy which is done with the objective to create a strong online presence of the brand for which content is developed. This objective can only be achieved with the knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. Your effectiveness as a content writer heavily depends on how strong are your SEO skills.

Search Engine Optimization is a practice in the field of digital publication that increases the visibility of a webpage by optimizing its content to achieve higher ranks in the relevant search engine results. Correct usage of SEO techniques attracts more traffic to a webpage. This, in turn, accelerates the production of desired outcomes.

Keywords and keyphrases are the words used by people to search for information about any topic in search engines. Strategic usage and placement of such words in a write-up that provides the information the user is looking for is an excellent move to gain higher ranks in search engine results. Care should be taken to maintain the keyword density between 1% to 3%. It is advisable to use bold and italics options for these keywords and key phrases whenever they crop out in the write-up. Proper structuring of the content in paragraphs, and points under subheadings is a key technique to obtain desired results. The inclusion of relevant hyperlinks is also advisable.

Search Engine Optimization is a skill that must be mastered if you wish to go any closer in the field of content marketing. There are many online tutorials that can help you hone your SEO skills. What really matters is your eagerness to learn and apply this knowledge in a real-time situation.

Find Work Online

If you think you are an above-average writer with a basic understanding of Search Engine Optimization, you should strongly consider finding online content working projects. Provide links to your write-ups that you have posted on your blog or social media handles in your CV. These writing samples will allow the employer to judge your writing skills. Do not hesitate in taking up unpaid work for starters. Focus on gaining knowledge out of this opportunity because it is your experience that will count in honing your content writing skills and eventually finding paid work.

There are many online platforms like Internshala or LinkedIn that offer paid or unpaid content writing projects for freshers.

Build a Portfolio

Gaining experience out of paid and even unpaid work will help you build a good record. It will showcase you’re the basics of content writing. Do not step back from grabbing any opportunity, no matter how small, that can help you exercise your content writing skills. Other than this, it is always a great idea to keep posting content on your blog or social media handles. This, in turn, will help you build and enhance a great portfolio that will impress your future employer.

Find a Full-time Job

There are many online jobs seeking platforms like LinkedIn, Naukri.com that have many openings for a full-time content writer. Once you believe that you are ready to transition into a full-time role as a content writer, start applying. Apply to as many as positions available. Do not stop until you get what you want.

Keep Looking for Opportunities

There is always a new peak to climb. Keep learning relevant skills. Do not stop updating yourself with recent trends and technology in the field of content writing. Keep looking for opportunities that suit your needs the best.

How to Learn Content Writing: Additional Tips

Write When You Can Focus Best:

Writing is an activity that stimulates your senses. It pushes you to actually think. Writing requires you to stay extremely focused. You cannot expect to do justice to your work if you are distracted or sleep-deprived. You will develop amazing content when you can focus best. So, picking up a time slot where your level of concentration is at its peak is highly recommended. It is always important to shut off distractions like a buzzing phone from your sight. A library or a silent study space is a great place to get your work done.

Choose Your Projects Wisely:

As a beginner, it is very important to pick up projects that help you to learn the basics of content writing in a light yet intriguing manner. The main aim should be to learn the basics required for effective content writing that is relevant to industries. Once you ace the beginner level, slowly transitioning into an intermediate level will be relatively easy. With time, it is crucial to challenge yourself and level up your game by updating and refining your skills.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Your Niche:

There are many types of content writing styles to choose from to earn specialization as you gain more experience with passing time. Different types of industries require different styles of content writing. It is always beneficial to learn more than one type of content writing. This increases your value as an employee and also opens diverse doors for you to different industries. Not limiting yourself to a single type of content writing will also present you with many options of projects to choose from and eventually work on the one where your interest lies.

Read a Lot:

Great writers are also avid readers. They do not hesitate away from experimenting with different genres and writers. Reading is an activity that not only improves your writing skills but also has another set of very valuable benefits that will always aid you in becoming a master in the field of content writing. It improves your analytical skills, helps you focus better and above all accelerates your transformation into a well-read, well-spoken individual. Reading is a habit that by all means pushes you to become the best version of yourself.

Frequently Asked Question- FAQs

Q1. Which are some of the renowned content writing training courses for budding writers?

There are many top-rated institutes that offer top-quality content writing courses for writers who want to make a mark for themselves in the content writing industry. IIM SKILLS is one of the best online courses that can provide you with knowledge of theory and practicals with live assignments.

Q2. What is the duration of content writing courses online and offline?

A content writing course is 1-2 months approximately. Sometimes the duration may exceed owing to internships, soft skills training, and other additional features provided by the institute.

Q3. What is the course fee for content writing courses in general?

The fee for content writing programs may vary from 12,000 to 27000 approximately.


Content writing program can be learned by anyone who is interested in writing and has basic digital skills. There are many online training programs that offer best content writing courses, IIM SKILLS is one among the most recommended Ed- Tech company that offer best skill development courses worldwide.

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