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How to Start a Content Writing Career? Must Follow Steps

Words are very powerful, and there is no doubt about it. Words, irrespective of all forms, have the potential to create or destroy. They get dispersed in the spoken and written realms to bring into fruition a specific output; it does. The onus on you here is to know where and how to unleash the powerful combination of words. Take a Hippocratic oath. There should be one for a profession like this, promise yourself that you will not abuse the power of words. How to Start a content writing career? Is that what you are thinking?

How to start a content writing career

Now, What is Content Writing?

Knowing what a fishing rod gets used for, you will understand content writing and its application. Well, good Content Writing is nothing short of bait. Start thinking as to why Content Writing entails the process of planning, writing, and editing. Well, it gets done so to create the perfect recipe for marketing.

To draw in a significant number of footfalls to what you write and thereby channel the incoming attention of traffic to promote a particular brand or business. Yes, it’s a skill that gets learned and bettered. So everything you hear on leading social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is all about content, trying to hook the right audience. Chances are, if you are a good storyteller at heart, you are invariably thinking of how to Start a content writing career.

How To Start a Content Writing Career?

Don the Writer’s Hat First:

If you desire to get hailed as one of the writers and not just a writer, work on summoning your creativity, productivity and persistence; all your written work should be reflected the same. Writing which evokes from a more profound level lies in predominantly challenging your conscious negativity, which you have sustained for years. That is how a writer is born when you train your mind to think out of the ordinary.

Make Your Writing Engrossing; Write Like an Investigator:

Any investigative piece is mesmerizing. It is not possible to make every writing sound like crime fiction. Nevertheless, if your writing invokes your reader’s curiosity, even to a small extent, consider the job is done. Your content must play straight bait to the reader if you are musing about how to start a Content Writing Career.

Reading and Research:

Reading helps you understand different thought patterns and perspectives of people. Most writers are quick to write but slow to read. It has to be the opposite. The more you research, the more insightful and original your writing will evolve. The higher the quality of your reports, the higher the chances they will retain you in a job or freelance market as a Content Writer.

Reading is not just limited for one to succeed as a writer. CEOs and leaders always take to reading to keep up the learning curve. Hence it doesn’t matter whether you want to know how to start a Content Writing Career; read in any way.

If You Are Good at Organizing, Then It’s a Pat on Your Back:

Learning how to start a Content Writing Career is akin to learning to skim sea waves. While they are unpredictable, you need to be intuitively good at getting organized to sail through many changes. It is an attitude you need to breed to keep in sync with Google’s latest algorithm changes. 

Gain Excellent Command Over the Language:

Good command over the language in Content Writing does not merely mean perfect grammar and superb writing. It means getting into your audience’s shoes, understanding their tone of voice, and writing per their tastes to strike the right chord. The more you can sync with the audience, the better your chances as a Content Writer will succeed. However, let not the lack of it deter you from learning how to start a Content Writing Career. While you polish your language skills, smart apps like Grammarly will compensate for your temporary writing flaws. 

Be Adaptable Like Water:

Being versatile is a must when it comes to being successful in Content Writing. The stark truth, though, is much content doing the rounds online usually falls flat. They fail to charm. Because while content is generic, the types of writing under its roof will vary just like its audience.

The same will apply to the styles used to write different sorts of copy. Writing for hi-tech scientific equipment should appeal to the scientific temperament of its readers. It just cannot do like you write for an Organic food shop. Now, this quality; Let it not sound like a death sentence to those thinking about how to start a Content Writing Career

Create an Impressive Bio:

Your bio is a picturesque representation of the net person regarding values, knowledge, education, and future aspirations. Reading your bio will instantly attract a potential buyer for your services offered or might repel prospects. A typical bio should introduce yourself and state your brand or company name. Follow it up by explaining your professional role and achievements. Towards the end, discuss your passions and values; mention your interests.

Create Social Proof:

In any society, people’s buying habits get influenced by influencers, primarily celebrities, athletes, or academicians. In your case, making people conform to your digital outlook is social proofing. It gets based on the idea of normative social influence, which states that the herd mentality of people is the outcome of many social proofs at work.

Incorporate social proofing in terms of what some top shot says or thinks about something you write. Take the example of any main landing page; it will have a testimonial from a well-known industry expert. Likewise, a product demo will have another industry giant explaining the same problem you faced, creating powerful empathy.

Collating such comments all the time you write is not possible, though. So improvise and bring in any data or observation widely approved and accepted in connection with what you write. Make it a practice, and you have begun to solve the how-to start a Content Writing Career puzzle.

Here are the most important Skills Required for Content Writing

Launch a Blog and Practice the Following:

  • Building Authority

You are not the first one to do it, nor the last. So if you want to be heard loud and clear, your content needs authority. Credibility follows the command, finally leading to that million-dollar attention you need to stand out from the crowd. How do you pull such a feat? While there is no secret ingredient for such overnight success, a slow and steady approach will. Get going with tried-and-true techniques to take you to such heights.

  • Networking

Like improved neuron connections in the brain is helpful, you need to innovate and improvise to network for success at blogging. To develop authority for your blog, you need to connect with bloggers having great domain authority in the blogosphere. Become a part of their inner circle and bank on their fandom to shoot your blog to one.

  • Establishing Trust

As most blogs furnish the same off-beat information, readers naturally scan for trustworthy and original content. You naturally attract more readers to your blog when you make it a pattern to provide high-quality content. Here is where your credibility as a trustworthy content provider counts. By default, you turn into a number one resource for their kind of content or answers to problems they are seeking.

  • Professional Writing

Your writing helps your readers gauge your deep understanding of a specific niche. While trying to impress upon them with facts and figures, a humorous detour in your writing will play a binding effect on your audience. Such an approach, while considered professional, is also good to keep your readers flocking back to your blog for more. It is akin to offering a cup of hot coffee to sip as they read your content.

  • A Grasp of SEO; Better Make it Solid With Time.

You cannot fire an 11.5 mm using a 9mm pistol; Can you? The fault is not with bullets or guns, but apt placing, which is missing. Likewise, your content will be great, but it needs to be optimized and linked near perfect for a winning shot. Using SEO-friendly descriptions and titles adds up to your content mileage and delivery just to the right audience—again, a quality you will have to polish with time.

Stay Focused:

Content Writing is a specialized craft and cannot be done without focus. No surgeon would like to be disturbed while at it. So dear surgeon, with words, do put away the distractions and focus on your craft.

Meeting Deadlines; A must:

The business world is full of pressure. Your clients need your content to drive profits and goodwill. But the purpose is lost if you fail to deliver in time. No matter how great it is, your content has missed the bus. Your client’s competitors will then have the advantage. Companies get pitted against their rivals in a ruthless battle of wits. Then if you fail to deliver the required content, how will your client fire the needed salvo? Are you thinking of How To Start a Content Writing Career? Learn to be on your toes first.

Enroll yourself in the top-rated Online Content Writing Courses to make a good start in the writing industry.


Join hands and collaborate. Once you have established strong connections, collaborating with authority bloggers should be pursued. You can share your projects like writing an E-Book by accepting contributions made by several bloggers. You will be surprised at what this arrangement will help you achieve. The benefit is mutual, while the results are phenomenal.

Never be Tacky:

Take care that your writing never leaves a bad taste in the minds of your target audience. Most bloggers have done that and burned their fingers. It is the same as being tacky in everyday life – The verdict is clear, no one likes it.

Communicate Professionally:

Make it your motto at all communication levels to avoid clichés and heavy jargon. Employ a friendly and conversational tone of language, and know when to hit that sweet spot between social communication and a professional one. The former is vital for engaging, while the latter establishes trust, credibility, and authority.

Always Communicate to Straighten Out Doubts:

Any assignment before you work on it is new to you. Doubts will naturally surface in your mind. Never assume anything because getting into your client’s shoes takes a while to understand and write as required. So never pile up your questions; instead, put them up as a part of official communication.

Know How to Pitch Your Content Successfully:

No matter to whom you pitch your content idea, the recipient is always another human being like you. By our sheer nature of being human, we all love to relate to things. Assume that you are pitching your content about leather works in India to your boss, a connoisseur of leather wallets.

Ask him if he knows that Ted Lapidus, the French fashion House, sources fine Leather products from India. Then suggest how about writing a blog on signature leather products of India. Explain the power of relativity to your boss when people who consume such content are likely to buy a similar product mentioned therein.

Be Active on Social Media and Be in Demand:

Keep connecting and relating with people on social media for your profile as a content writer to blossom out wide. The more you are visible on social media, the probability that you will be spotted and hired just went up the roof. Like you would try to get the attention of someone you love, keep cold emailing. There’s no shame in being ashamed of anything. Many valuable contacts and clients will be yours for present and future prospecting for writing contracts.

Find here Effective Content Writing Tips

Write for Leading Publications:

Announce the arrival of a new writer in the writer’s space; That’s you. The idea here is simple; you go where the crowd is to get seen. For instance, writing on the Readers Blog of The Times of India will help you get a byline. You can invite your friends over FaceBook and other apps to like and comment on your article.

Slowly you can generate traction for your content. You can write on Politics, Wellness, and Entertainment. Who knows, there could be businesses who would get interested in your writing and contact you directly. Sowing seeds of growth this way is essential if you are thinking of a career in the field.

Join Content Platforms:

After you have tasted initial writing success, flex further by joining Content Platforms. Identify and engage with top content writing platforms paying writers per word or article or based on other criteria. The other factors before joining any Content Platform are as under:

  • Scope of work
  • types of content
  • freelancing /full-time opportunities
  • pay scales
  • employee benefits
  • client base
  • Industry Recognition

Some of the Best Content Writing Platforms

Write Access:

Rating -5/5

Website – https://www.writeraccess.com/


Rating – 4/5 

Website – https://www.fiverr.com/


Rating – 5/5

Website – https://www.upwork.com/   

Media Shower:

Rating – 5/5

Website – https://mediashower.com/    

Constant Content:

Rating – 4/5

Website – https://www.constant-content.com/   


Rating – 5/5

Website – https://www.italics.in/   


Rating – 4/5

Website – https://www.zerys.com/  


Rating – 4/5 

Website – https://www.textbroker.com/       


Rating – 4.5/5

Website – https://www.articlez.com/    

Write Right:

Rating – 4.9/5

Website – https://www.write-right.in/ 

IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite

The Salary Scale of Content Writers- if You Are Thinking of How to Start a Content Writing Career

Entry-level Content Writers in India can earn an average annual compensation of ₹ 2,11,031, including bonus tips and overtime. With a further 1-4 years of experience, a writer can take home a figure of ₹293,167, while a mid-career writer with 5-9 years under his belt will be more prosperous by ₹426,493. 10-19 years of experienced writer will draw a total of ₹4,78,297, and beyond 20, the take home will compound to ₹541,838.

The average salary in English-speaking nations will peak at $ 54,135 per annum. What should be your take-home in 5 years to come? It will depend upon your experience and ability to complete projects within specified timelines. But first, learn how to start a Content Writing career.

Must consider the highly rewarding Content Writing Courses in India for a lucrative career in the writing industry.

Best to Invest in a Course- if You Are Thinking of How to Start a Content Writing Career

Many Content Writers who carved a place for themselves in the Content Writing Industry have made their way up through trial and error. Investing in an excellent professional course is now the norm if you or anyone want to know how to start a Content Writing Career. So you can play smart by banking on their knowledge by enrolling in similar courses launched by many Content Writers. This way, you will have a proper blueprint to adhere to while at it in the beginning stages. You end up avoiding a lot of mistakes which many industry predecessors did.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q1. Is Content Writing Career a new age digital fad?

No, it is a serious career that anyone who desires to learn can pursue full-time or part-time.

Q2. What is the age factor involved in learning Content Writing?

There is no such age factor involved.

Q3. Will adding Content Writing to my CV gain me more chances of being hired for a post?

It depends on what you are applying. Nowadays, most marketing is getting online, so if you are applying for a position in the marketing hierarchy, such a qualification is most appreciated.

Q4. What is the most significant benefit of getting into the Content Writing Industry?

Job flexibility, besides other perks, is the single most attraction of this domain. You may begin to work somewhere in 9-5 sets, but eventually, you can freelance from home or your favorite holiday destination.

Q5. What is the future of the Content Writing Industry?

While content writing is comparatively a new industry, it has all the more scope to expand over the next decade and century.


Content Writing is an art to indulge humans psychologically. Budding business people have already realized it and are investing in fine-tuning its effectiveness. Hence as this domain grows more in acceptance, businesses will stress targeting human emotions through one’s writing. The written content could also assume an audio-visual rendering as the industry gets more personalized. Very soon, corporations will use content like the Captain’s rudder to steer and dictate customer preferences. So if you are excited to know how to make a Career, then sure, it’s a great deal.

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