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15 Best Landing Page Tips to Increase Conversion Rate

A landing page plays a vital role when created for the products or services you’re advertising and showcasing on your social networks. This makes the visitors who are visiting become buyers to lead conversion. A landing page is a single web page that a visitor or a consumer can land on to serve a single and focused purpose. It helps to build your trade by providing some sort of special offer, a piece of information, or a deal. It is the job of a good landing page to convince its customer that it’s worthy enough to provide personal details in exchange for whatever you have to offer. Therefore, for optimizing your site some landing page tips should be practiced.


List of best landing page tips


Types of Landing Page


Using proper landing page tips enables you to complete the process post sequence with a dedicated page that shows visitors have landed in the right place. Landing pages make it clear what the outcome will be after the visitor click through. It also helps to refine and improve your interaction with visitors landing on the page and thus increasing the chances of conversion.


You are going to get more in returns from the PPC spent and the landing page makes it worth your while. The possibility of conversion can be increased further by using the right kind of landing page. Let’s have a look at the variety of landing pages and their usage:


Landing Page vs. Website Homepage


You might wonder why you should bother with landing pages when the main objective is to drive more and more visitors to their homepage. To get traffic on your home page is a good thing but it is less likely to result in conversion than we get through landing pages. Home pages have a lot of information and it invites users to navigate through a variety of locations to look for.


Visitors may turn off if he reaches your home page with one specific goal if they have to look through different services and product options. Therefore, the homepage’s main objective is to direct the users to the pages where will find the homepage they want. On other hand, landing pages eliminates the intermediate step by directly landing them on the page they want.


In simpler terms, a home page is a general page while landing pages are focused and served a specific purpose. A homepage directs visitors to your website by providing them or her all the options your business can; landing pages offer has one simple call to action to offer.


Lead Generation Landing Page


A lead–generation or lead capture landing page intends to collect leads through a data capture form. These pages are used in the middle of the sales funnel, the point where customers are evaluating your offers and are on the verge of either accepting your offer or moving away.


This page presents both a request and a reward side by side. The reward is the particular offer you are promoting to grab leads. On other hand, the request is the information you require in your form. Both the reward and the request should be well balanced.


Click-Through Landing Page


Unlike Lead Generation Page Click – Through Page doesn’t depend on the use of a form in other words it doesn’t require a form at all. It can be called a mediator between your advertisement or promotion and the page where you want to direct your customers.


For example, it is often used to link an ad to a shopping cart. It just requires a brief explanation of what the visitor has found by clicking through and the call to action with a link to the final destination.


Squeeze Page


A squeeze page is meant to collect data similar to a lead-generation page. Its main goal is to gather email addresses to add potential leads to a general mailing list. These are short, basic landing pages and contain bold headlines with minimal content.


As it has a clear call to action, it becomes easy for the reader to understand what to expect from the click-through. Along with a link provided to take the reader to the next level or step, there should also be exit options if the visitor is not willing to proceed further.


Sales Page


Among all, this is the most difficult page to design. With this page, you are not only anticipating leads but at the same time convincing people to buy. This concept is different from the proposition of basic reward and request combination. The creation of a sales page requires an understanding of customers’ needs and their position.


There can be two cases, either you can sell too hard and turn your clients away or you lose the sell-by underselling. Here comes the need for old-school salesmanship. The length of your sales page depends on your product. In addition to the length of the page, there should be a detailed pitch that explains the value of the product to convince the customers to click the button and make the purchase.


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Infomercials are relics of 90’s night television advertising. These are still used by some business corporate using digital strategies using specialized landing pages. Infomercials are characterized by a long elaborate story that invokes emotions and excitement among the readers. Their main purpose is to keep the reader engaged by scrolling and get them to commit to purchasing.


Splash Page


This is the most basic type of all the landing pages discussed. It can be used at any point in your sales funnel and have one or two bold images. The mode of communication is very simple with just an announcement or a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ request. It aims to collect data or generate leads and provides very basic information to your visitors before they enter your website.


Viral Landing Pages


The primary aim of viral landing pages is to create brand awareness. The main key areas are the informative content and fun and interesting enough for the readers to share it further on social media. It should involve videos, images, or games to captivate readers.




A microsite is a dedicated miniature website targeted to create a specific campaign. It consists of more than a page but is set aside for only one specific aspect of sales and promotional efforts.


Importance of landing page


A landing page is a web page that is focused to get visitors to take action and click a link. Landing pages help significantly increase your conversion rate and create it as an important part of any digital marketing campaign. It is found by most brands that one page for each form of traffic gives the best results.


Landing pages help the visitors to buy and result in higher conversion rates and it meets the expectations of the visitors. It builds both authority and trust for your brand. It will be also easy for the viewers to navigate and provides a single option to choose from. Hence, one should make practice following landing page tips while creating it.


It Helps in Optimizing Your Brand in the Following Ways:


  • If you are already blessed to have a healthy subscriber list and see your customers open your emails, the opens are turning into purchases. Landing pages for particular campaigns keep customers focused and ensure they see the offer they responded to when they arrive on a website.
  • It becomes easy for the visitors to become buyers by creating landing pages for the products or services that you are advertising on your social networks. They are going to find an optimized and detailed page for your digital marketing.
  • When you provide your buyer or customer with proper detailed information about the item they have responded to will definitely increase your conversion rate which in turn will increase your revenue.
  • Landing pages play an integral part in your digital marketing strategy. They are going to perform well only when they are well optimized and designed with conversion in mind and are easy to read.
  • Landing pages boost your credibility as a salesperson. A user always appreciates a clear and simple message that explains properly the value of your offering. When you insert testimonials as social proof it increases your conversion.


15 Landing Page Tips for Better Optimization


The first thing to keep in mind is your home page should not be your landing page. Your job is to land your customer on the page that will provide the advantage of whatever special offer as a digital salesperson you have promised. Since they are meant for something specific, this gives your landing pages to have a better chance of capturing an audience for a longer period.


Creating a landing page requires some effort to ensure the page you created gets the desired results. To get desired results one must follow certain landing page tips. Here are some landing page tips to boost optimization for better conversion:


1. Your Landing Page Offer Should Be Clear:

The first and foremost landing page tip that needs to be followed is that the visitors landing on the page should understand what you are offering. You should always think from your customer’s perspective and address it in your headline.


2. You Should Keep Your Landing Page Design Simple:

Your visitor needs to focus on your Call to Action (CTA) i.e what you are targeting to get from your customer. A clear, simple designed landing page helps to avoid the distraction of your visitors and makes them focus on what you want them to do. This is one of the essential landing page tips that you need to practice.


3. Usage of Contrasting Colors to Stand Out:

A good Landing page uses contrasting colors for clarity to deliver its message to the customer. Colors are used for the sake of highlighting important page elements and grabbing people’s attention.


4. The Offer Should Be for a Limited Period:

You must have come across the terms “limited quantity” or “limited offer” in marketing. This is one of the landing page tips used as a strategy in marketing because the idea of scarcity encourages the visitors to act fast in the fear of losing the offer due to a limited period. Scarcity Marketing has become a trend nowadays. Countdown timers are used to tell how much time is left for the offer or deal to end. This adds another layer to urgency.


5. Your Message Should Be Consistent:

Visual consistency plays an important role as it makes a massive difference in your landing page conversion rates. If you have created an ad on Facebook and a landing page when your prospective user clicks on the ad. Both should look visually alike and have the same offer to avoid any kind of confusion among the customers.


6. Important Information to Be Added Above the Fold:

This is one of the traditional practices followed by newspapers and is also one of the important landing page tips to be followed. The idea behind providing the headline above the digital fold is to ensure people see the headline and buy it. At this point, most of the users would scroll for more information.


7. Contact Information to Be Displayed:

Providing your visitor’s easy ways to contact you removes the obstacle between you and the customer and makes the buying process easy. This in turn will convince people to convert. There are various ways to display your contact information to your visitors. Some businesses display contact numbers and email Ids on their landing page. Simple contact forms, live chat services, and links to help centers are other modes of connectivity with visitors.


8. Usage of Different Media Types:

Videos nowadays have become so popular online, especially with digital marketing. People want to watch videos that break the complex information than read it. Adding a video to your landing page will attract the visitor’s attention for a longer period. The video can be a demo screencast of your product.


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9. Persuade Your Users With Customer Testimonials:

Providing social proof is one of the vital landing page tips to be followed to persuade hesitant customers. It develops a trust factor among the visitors to buy the product after going through the reviews of other customers. This also helps in getting an edge over your competitors. You can showcase studies or quotes from your happy customers along with their names.


10. Search Engine Optimization:

In digital marketing, most online traffic is organic. Suppose a user is searching for something via a search engine and your land page could be the answer they click. You need to optimize your landing page so that the user lands on the desired page. You can use tools like SEMRush for the best keywords to rank your landing page.


11. Page Load Time to Be Decreased:

Most of your visitors are mobile users and here page load time becomes an important factor. If your landing page takes more time to load, people will leave increasing your bounce rate. For example, you can speed up Word Press landing page load times by:


  • Installing caching plug-in
  • Compress your image
  • Using reliable Word Press hosting
  • Update your website


12. All the Elements of the Landing Page Should Go Through an A/BTest: 

A/B testing of the elements of the landing page gives authenticity by providing accurate data. Each test done by you should have a single chance at one thing. But do not change too many things at a time to avoid confusion on which change had the most impact on conversion. This too forms another important landing page tip to follow for better conversions.


13. CTA Buttons:

Your Call to action buttons should be easily noticeable by your visitors. It should not confuse them. Do not use complicated offers or languages. Rather it should be clear, simple, and concise. A few examples are ‘Download Now’, ‘Get Started Now’, and ‘Yes I Want This Deal’.


14. Target Long-Tail keywords:

Long-tail- keywords are phrases that tend to be more than four words and are one of the best landing page tips one can follow for better optimization of the page. It is advisable to use long-tail keywords because they are less competitive than short-tail keywords.


15. Earn Backlinks to Boost Your Landing Page:

When your landing page gets linked from high authority websites, backlinks show what’s on your page is valuable as well as reliable. This will lead your site ranking on the search engine results page will increase. You can contact reliable websites for guest posting opportunities to build backlinks.




1. What elements a landing page should contain?

A landing page must contain the following elements:

  • A headline (sub-headings are optional)
  • Brief description of the offer
  • A short video or at least one supporting image
  • A form to capture information or a CTA button


2. How many words should a landing have?

The word limit for a landing page is 500 words which is sufficient enough to provide information to describe the credibility and benefits of your product while persuading the reader.


3. Do landing pages rank on Google?

If you follow a certain rule imposed by Google to make a good landing page, your page will rank definitely high when it crawls.


4. How can I promote my landing page?

The simplest way to promote your landing page is through email campaigns or social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. You can copy the URL and share it on different social media platforms.




The Landing page tips play a critical role in digital marketing strategy. They help in converting leads into paying customers by guiding them with different information related to the product to take further actions. There is no limit to the number of landing pages a website can have. According to studies, the more landing pages a website has, the more is the conversion (as long as the landing pages are not competing with each other. To ensure a good conversion rate one must follow the landing page tips and practice them and optimize to rank high on search engines. The above-discussed landing page tips enable you to make a good digital marketing strategy and monetize for growth in your business. So, now you are all set to build a high conversion landing page.


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