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How to Apply For The BAT Course Online?

Business accounting and taxation (BAT) has always been in high demand, specifically in the accounting industry. It is very important in every business to file tax, bookkeeping, and recordkeeping, and all companies or individuals must oblige to the rules laid by the Government bodies. In today’s scenario, it has become imperative to hire a BAT professional to manage the company’s accounts or tax filings. So to get a better idea of this in-demand Business accounting and taxation course, let’s explore how to apply for the BAT course?


How to apply for the BAT course online?


The continuous movement of goods or commodities which drives business around the world needs sound knowledge of accountancy. Business can be far more profitable if one knows how it works with the inbound concepts of accountancy and taxation which fuel it in the real world.


A country’s economy can be best understood with the fundamental knowledge of Accounting concepts, employee payroll policies, and taxation involved there in the world of commerce. The continuous movement of goods or commodities which drives business around the world needs sound knowledge of accountancy.


With the passing of time and growing awareness, more people are realizing the need of filing taxes and handle their business accounts, because most of the time tax preparation and maintaining accounts is a tedious job, so most people hire BAT experts to assist them. This article will shed light on how to apply for BAT courses and which are the best institutes one can consider enrolling for.


What Does a BAT Course Mean?


BAT deals with Finance Accounting and Taxation, where it teaches us about the structuring of accounting, and the financial status of any company or an organization. BAT also stresses the tax regimes, to which a firm, company, or individual is compelled to pay some portion of their income or revenue as a tax to their government for the developmental purpose.


If we go by the general definition, the individual entities are defined as:


  • Business Accounting is the practice of keeping track of all corporate operations which involves evaluating, documenting, and interpreting financial documents.


  • Taxation involves the collection of revenues in the form of taxes by Government bodies across the world. It levies fees on individuals, groups of individuals, or businesses to produce cash that can be used to fund the country’s economic development.


So what knowledge this course will provide and how to apply for the BAT course will be explained in this article.


Why is this BAT Course Important?


Business, Accounting, and Taxation are the three core aspects of Commerce. BAT curriculum provides a thorough understanding of taxation, financing, auditing, analysis, indirect taxation, and other related topics to an amateur or to a commerce graduate thereby educating them for bright prospects.


It derives logical thinking and a thorough understanding of the accounting and taxation processes and one becomes eligible to work in any commerce industry after completing this BAT course. Being a BAT professional one is involved in the constructional role of a business and carries out important functionaries to keep the working of an organization smooth.


Some of the Key Roles a BAT Professional Carries Out Are: 


1. Maintaining Accounts


Keeping a systematic record of all the transactions about the Inventory, Receivables, Payables, Stocks, Finances, etc. Maintaining a book of accounts to ascertain the profits or loss, the financial position of the company, and helping managers in the decision-making process and future planning.


2. Taxation officer

In the world of accounting, filing taxes is a critical function. An organization or person must pay taxes on time, file tax payment documents, file tax returns, and much more. You also advise making smart investments for individuals or businesses by lowering their tax bills.


3. Management Account officer

To advise corporate management, analyze their financial data, assist them in decision-making, and planning.


4. Cost Accountant

Cost accounting is the process of reviewing a company’s cost structure by summarizing and analyzing the company’s cost data. Cost accounting is used to keep track of expenses and allocate funds to the company’s expenditures and business activities.


5. Auditor

Reviewing of accounts and scrutinizing the internal system regularly to protect the company from any kind of irregularities, fraud, mismanagement of funds, etc.


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IIM Skills BAT Course free demo invite


Career & Salary Options After BAT Course


The BAT course offers numerous job opportunities in the field of public as well as the private sector. Given the field has a strong potential in the maintenance of a company’s financial management, making a career in this course will make oneself a backbone of the company’s financial management team and will gain financial knowledge for himself with this skill set.


Some of the well-known job profiles one can pursue post completion of the BAT course are as follows:


·       Accountant

·       Accounts Executive

·       Assistant/ Senior Manager

·       Analyst or a Senior Associate

·       Deputy General Manager

·       Tax consultant

·       Lecturer

·       Income tax officer

·       Revenue officer


Any in-demand skill brings in a lot of scope and a plethora of opportunities to the candidates. The BAT course offers a lucrative salary to all the job posts with an entry-level salary starting with a minimum of 2 lakhs p.a to as much as 8 Lakhs p.a after having several years of experience in this field.


Who is Eligible and How to Apply for BAT Course?


A candidate having completed 10+2 in commerce or a bachelor’s degree like B.Com, BBA, etc, or any person who is self-motivated to understand the fundamentals of accountancy is eligible for the course. With the rise of the internet all over the world, any institute in the world is not far from the reach of your home.


You can just search for the desired institute of your choice which is providing the best curriculum, the best trainers, and the best job placement assistance should be given priority to. You can visit their official website and fill in their application form and apply for the same.


Let’s check out how to apply for the BAT course and which are the best institutes offering the BAT course in India.


#1 IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the most trusted online institutes offering professional courses in the field of business, accounting, and taxation. They cover all the basics of business accounting and taxation. They focus on all aspects of accounting and taxation that will make you a skilled professional providing you with the inside knowledge of the industry’s best practices.


They aim to mold you with real-world scenarios by using accounting software such as Tally, SAP, etc. These technical tools are the need of the time for all the accountants to horn their skills in the field to propel their future as per the growing demand of the industry.


What They Offer:

·       Lifetime support

·       100% Interview guarantee

·       Tool based practical learning

·       Mentorship provided by top-level Chartered Accountants

·       Community access to the alumni

·       Lifetime access to the live classes & recordings

·       100% Money back guarantee


Course Fee: ₹ 49,900 + 18% GST

Course Duration: 4 months


Download Business Accounting and Taxation Course Curriculum


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BAT Course Curriculum:

Their course structure is designed by industry experts in accounting and taxation having years of experience in the field. It’s conceptualized keeping in mind the industry standards to build students for the real world market as they complete the BAT course with IIM Skills.


The Course is Divided Into 6 Modules

Module-1: Basic of Accounting and Accounting with Tally (25 Hours)

Module-2: GST in Tally (22 Hours)

Module-3: TDS and TDS with Tally (20 Hours)

Module-4: Payroll policies and Payroll with Tally (12 Hours)

Module-5: Income Tax process with Tally (23 Hours)

Module-6: Advanced Excel learning and MIS Reporting (18 Hours)


Salient Features of their BAT Course

·       Super-interactive Sessions

·       Flexible Scheduling

·       Exceptional Faculty

·       Master Certification

·       Learning Resources

·       Courseware

·       Anytime Anywhere Access

·       Tools

·       Freebies


Who can and how to apply for the BAT course of IIM SKILLS?

Their intricately designed BAT course applies to everyone including,

·       Commerce Graduates: graduates with a degree in B.com/ BBA/ LLB/ CMA

·       Tax Experts

·       Finance Professionals

·       Entrepreneurs/Solopreneurs

·       MBA aspirants or the professionals

·       Chartered Accountants or Company Secretaries

·       New Startups


Find out how to apply for the BAT course and all the details about this online BAT course by IIM Skills and get queries answered with their masterfully designed BAT course by the industry experts. You can contact IIM Skills or Email them below mentioned details.


Phone: +91 9911839503

 Email Id[email protected]


 Other course programs by IIM Skills are:


IIM Skills BAT Course free demo invite


# 2 EduPristine:


EduPristine is a premier finance training institute having five business verticals in Finance, Analytics, Accounting, Marketing, and the Healthcare sector. Their educational network provides classroom learning, self-paced learning, and online learning. Their program is designed by industry experts that provide you with an intensive learning experience that empowers you with practical knowledge to face real-life challenges in the field.


Duration: 5 months course


Course Curriculum:

The course details of the PGP – BAT course by EduPristine are divided into 10 modules considering all the fundamentals of accounting and taxation which are required in the field of accountancy.


Module 1: Basics of Accounting & Accounting in Tally

Module 2: Basic GST & GST in Tally

Module 3: Basic Income Tax

Module 4: Income Tax in Tally

Module 5: Payroll and Its Components

Module 6: Excel for Accounting and MIS

Module 7: Finalization of Financial Statements

Module 8: BUSY Software practicals

Module 9: SAP

Module 10: Soft Skills


Salient Features:

·       Dedicated computer lab

·       Industry-relevant content

·       Project-based practical training provided

·       Work on Tally,

·       SAP,

·        MS Excel, and

·        BUSY software

·       Dedicated discussion forums

·       Interpersonal communication

·       Presentation boot camp

·       Interview preparation workshop provided


To know how to apply for the BAT course by EduPristine, you can Email them or contact EduPristine at:

Phone no: 1800 200 5835

Email Id: [email protected]


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# 3 Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is one among the Top 500 global Ed-tech companies which have trained 300,000+ Alumni, catered to 900+ B2B Clients, onboarded 500+ award-winning trainers, and have been providing 200+ Courses. They have a customer base in about 97+ countries and rank among the Top 100 Ed-tech companies of India.


This GST Certified Course gives deep insight on GST regulations which are delivered by the experts who give a talk at Aaj Tak, NDTV, and other notable platforms. They also cover the latest trending topics such as GSTR 3B, GSTR 1, GSTR 2A, new provisions of e-invoicing, how to take ITC in case it is not reflecting, etc. This BAT course is mainly crafted for professionals who are keen on building a successful career in Accounting and Taxation.


What They Offer:

·       Live Online Interactive Classroom Training of 172 Hours

·       Projects in GST,

·       Advanced Excel,

·        HR Payroll

·       Internship Assistance

·       Govt. of India recognized & Award-Winning Institute Certification

·       100% Placement Guarantee

·       E-Learning Access with video content, Tools and Techniques,

·       Regular Bootcamps

·       Eligible for Free Hackathons and Competitions

·       Gold Membership of  Henry Harvin Accounts Academy


 Salient Features:

·       Basic Accounting and Taxation

·       Understand GST and indirect taxation concepts

·       Provide professional Experience

·       Understanding of TDS and TCS

·       Income Tax and Business Income knowledge provided

·       Can clarify doubts during and post-session completion

·       Can apply conceptual accounting and taxation skills in the real world

·       How to develop financial strategies will be taught for your business

·       Learn the concepts of Litigation Management


Course Curriculum:

Their course curriculum is divided into 6 modules considering all the necessary fundamentals of financial business plus 2 complimentary modules to fortify your skills.


Module 1: GST Practitioner Course

Module 2: Income Tax Course

Module 3: Financial Statement Analysis

Module 4: Advanced Tally ERP 9

Module 5: Advanced Excel

Module 6: HR Payroll Management

Complimentary Module 1: Soft Skills Development

Complimentary Module 2: Resume Writing


For detailed and complete information about how to apply for the BAT course, you may contact them at the below-mentioned phone numbers.



+91 9891953953

+91 8287514699




1. Can I enroll in Business Accounting and Taxation course even if I don’t belong to a finance background?

A student with a finance background is better off in understanding the concepts, and terminologies due to having a good understanding of the fundamentals of accountancy, however, anyone having a strong will and commitment to learn and understand new things can excel in this field.


2. How to apply for the BAT course online?

To know how to apply for the BAT course, you should visit the official website of the institute.


3. Will I get a job after the BAT course?

Yes, after completing a certified BAT course a candidate can work in different fields such as Accounts department, Taxation, Auditing, Real Estate Financing, Budget Analysis, Management Accounting, Revenue department, Corporate Taxation, Personal Finance Consultant, Tax consultant, etc.


4. Can I do the BAT course after the 12th?

Yes, one can enroll for BAT course after completion of 12th standard, a higher secondary schooling with commerce specialization is a must. However, it can be done by commerce graduates having a bachelor’s degree like B.Com, BBA, etc.


5. Which is the best training center in India for Business Accounting and Taxation courses?

IIM Skills Business Accounting and taxation courses are considered one of the best courses in India today. Their trainers are industry experts having 10+ years of experience in the field of accountancy and taxation and provide real-life training to the students seeking to build their careers in the commerce field. Furthermore, the institute provides internship opportunities as well as 100% job placement to all the candidates who complete the BAT course with them.




With the proliferation of new businesses or new start-ups, there is a growing demand for BAT professionals in today’s world. Right from understanding the fundamentals of the business to the management of business accounts of a multibillion-dollar company, BAT professional is the most sought-after course in the 21st century. Considering pursuing this course now will bring unimaginable satisfaction to your future professional goals and will help you grow in this lucrative career. So, after learning how to apply for the BAT course, start applying.

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