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The Top 10 GST Certification Course Institutes in Delhi (Updated)

One of the most important verticals of Indian taxation is GST, making the GST Course one of the most significant courses on taxation in recent times. Here is the list of 10 places from where one can pursue a GST certification course in Delhi.

GST Certification Course Institutes in Delhi

Tax professionals, as well as individuals, need to get updated on the various sections, rules, and regulations of GST systematically via professional GST certification courses rather than random readings and statements available on the web.


Even though most of the materials available on the web are correct, yet as they were written by different authors, and approach of each author towards the subject is different thereby creating lots of confusion in readers’ minds.


Hence, a structured GST course that starts with basics and gradually eases into the complexities of GST is very important for a better understanding and this is where a GST certification course comes into the picture.


Furthermore, in-depth GST knowledge plus GST certification course is very significant for the lucrative employment of individuals as every business house whether big or small, tax payment is inevitable and a company has to manage its accounts effectively. Also, the business houses prefer to hire individuals with a professional with GST certification.


Here are a few highlights on what is GST and its impact on employment opportunities and available premier institutions for the GST certification course in Delhi.


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What is GST?

  • The tax levied on the purchase and sale of any commodities or hiring any service is termed as GST. India has travelled through various forms of taxation regimes to reach this unified tax regime under GST. There was a sales tax, where the tax was collected on the sale of goods. Later it was subsided by VAT, value-added tax.


  • VAT had different taxation rates in different states which created a lot of challenges in the economy. Keeping track of taxation when a good originates from one place and is sold at different states becomes very confusing.


  • Keeping all these challenges under VAT, the Government of India, suggested GST, Goods and Service Tax in the year 2014, and in 2015 the GST was implemented in India. In 2016, August the bill was presented in the parliament


  • And after the bill was passed it becomes an Act Known as “Goods & Services Tax”, GST in July 2017.


  • GST has subsumed all the indirect taxes levied in every stage of production. GST has emerged as a cumulative, comprehensive, multi-stage, destination-based tax. The significant aspect of GST is that it is collected from the point of consumption, not from the point of its origin.


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The top highlights of the GST Act:

  • GST is implemented at both State and Central levels. Central level tax directed towards the central Government of India is known as CGST.


  • SGST (State Goods and Service Tax), is collected by the State Government on Intrastate sales. State-level tax is divided into half 50% of tax goes to the central government.


  • GST is levied on export-import of goods and services together with custom duty. There are 5 slabs in the GST rates 0%, 5%, 12%, 18% and 28% as of today.


  • Under section 7 of the GST Act, the scope and supply under GST are discussed in schedule I, Schedule II, and Schedule III.


  • GST increased the tax bracket thereby benefitting the small traders. Under GST, the limit for taxation increased to 20Lakhs, from 5 lakhs and 10 lakhs respectively for goods and services in the pre-GST regime, which in turn benefits many small traders.


  • Under the composite scheme of GST, one can pay a fixed tax at a fixed rate of turnover. This also helps the small business houses tremendously.


  • Unified taxation is one of the greatest advantages of GST. GST filing is a process that is simple, efficient, and avoids cascading effect of taxation which was present in previous tax regimes.


  • In the business of E-commerce GST Act has very clear-cut provisions which in turn helped the sector tremendously overcome all the confusions and irregularities, logistical complications in taxation that it faced in earlier tax regimes.


List of 10 topmost GST certification courses in Delhi:


IIM SKILLS is a renowned online education institute that offers courses in various domains of content writing, digital and online marketing, CAT training, and GST certification course.


GST Course Curriculum At A Glance

  • Fundamentals of GST
  • Input Tax Credit
  • Advantages of GST
  • TDS and TCS
  • Reverse Charge Mechanism
  • Restrictions of GST
  • Composition Scheme
  • Credit and Debit Notes
  • Assessment and Audit Refund
  • GST law
  • Time, Place, and Value of supply
  • Amendments and Surrender of GST

The GST certification course at the institute is named the Master GST practitioner course. It is an exhaustive curriculum that includes all the vital components of the GST act. In one month, the GST course incorporates 16 hours of lectures and hands-on assignments. The comprehensive curriculum by industry experts helps you to grasp the complex components of the GST act successfully.



Whether you are a student, a new job seeker, an experienced professional in the accountancy and Finance domain, you will benefit from the course that covers the fundamentals and the advanced concepts that make up the GST system. The GST course fee is Rs 2900.


After the completion of the course, you can take up the work of a tax consultant, tax accountant, tax analyst, tax manager, and associate among other designations.


The GST domain offers lucrative career opportunities, provided you master the skills of implementing GST for businesses thoroughly.


Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]


2. IPA, Institute of Professional Accounts (Govt. regd).


IPA has a GST certification course in Delhi that focuses on practical training.


Some highlights of the course are:

  • The primary objective of this course is to provide professional and practical on-the-job work to become a professional GST practitioner course.
  • GST certification course in Delhi with IPA provides practical monthly, quarterly, and yearly GST return filings demonstrated by experienced faculties.
  • This GST certification course provides knowledge, skills, and confidence to manage one’s tax liability.
  • This GST certification course is very flexible and beneficial for tax professionals as well as for fresh graduates.
  • The details of the GST certification course provided by government registered institution, IPA
  • The eligibility of this GST course is for students who have passed 12th std. and above. This course does not confine to CA, CS, law graduates. Commerce graduates, etc.


IPA provides GST course online GST courses with certification in India, i.e. online students can also avail the practical training programs offered.


It has two modes:

  • Online video classes, self-paced work.
  • Online live GST courses are offered by experienced faculty.


The duration of the GST certification course at IPA is 20 t0 30 Hrs(2 months course. Class duration 3 hours (weekends, Sundays)


After completion of the course, an online examination is conducted and successful candidates are sent a GST certification certificate via registered post.


The contact details are:

Head Office:- email: info@ tipa.in, Ph no.921385555

E-54,MainVikasMarg Laxmi Nagar,,

Opp. Metro Pillar 44, Delhi-110092


3. BSE Institute Limited, Delhi centre

One of the very well-recognized courses in the GST certification course is the certification course offered by BSE Institute Limited.


The target audience for this particular certification course is:

  • Investment Bankers
  • Investors & Students
  • New entrants to financial services
  • Professionals already working in the industry
  • Stock Brokers


The objectives and applications of this course are tax compliance, accounting, supply chain optimization, IT, and pricing and how it is affected by GST. This GST certification course in Delhi by BSE aims to enhance knowledge about credit notes, debit notes, tax invoices, payment of tax, and refunds along with demo sessions.


The duration of the GST certification course by BSE is 20 hrs. (4 days a week) 10.00am to5.30pm.


The contact details are:

email.: [email protected]

New Delhi Branch Office

BSE Institute Limited,101, Rajendra Place, New Delhi 110 008.


4. GST certification course in Delhi by Arth Institute


One of the most popular institutes for Certification courses in GST is Arth Institute which is government recognized. Arth institutes real-time training in GST. Their professional accounts facilities prepare a perfect combination of theory and practice and focus on accounting concepts.


 The course curriculum for this premium GST certification course in Delhi comprises of :


  • GST introduction & scope of supply
  • GST sales and outward returns, Business to business details, B2Csmall, and large invoices, export invoices, etc. GSTR1
  • GST purchase invoice returns, B2B details, import of goods and services, ITC eligibility, etc. GSTR2
  • Details of inward and outward supply, details of UNI Holders, valuation of non-GST goods Etc. GSTR3-details.
  • TDS and TCS, TDS introduction returns, TDS payment to other than salary/TCS/NRI, adjustment entries of TDS/TCS, etc.
  • Analysis and reports, reports on GSTR1 and GSTR2, online E filing GST3B & GSTR4, rates of taxes, nature of taxation, taxation values, etc.


The duration of the GST certification course in Arth Institute in Delhi is 45 days., daily or alternative days as per the schedule.


The placement program of Arth Institute is very Efficient. After the completion of the course, the students will be able to create accounts of veracious companies and individuals and how to pay taxes online.


5. GST certification course in Delhi by Aspire


Aspire Institute of professional studies is a company set up a team of entrepreneurs in Delhi with more than two decades of experience in the field of education and training.


The key highlights of the GST certification course in Aspire Institute are :


It is a fully Integrated course: This is an integrated complete that covers theoretical concepts on GST with hands-on experience in GST software.


This is the only course on GST certification that provides complementary GST software to allow students to file GST returns independently.


After successful completion of the course, the students can upload their business profiles on their company website.


They provide the tools necessary for building one’s brand name and value and guide them on how to achieve them.


The price for the course is 10,000/- plus taxes.


The contact details are:


Aspire Institute of Professional Studies

11/5B, 2nd Floor, Param Tower Pusa Road

New Delhi – 110005

Phone – +91 11 43270000

Email: [email protected]


6. SLA Consultant India


(Structured learning assistance program in short SLA consultants India been in the market for around a decade and growing rapidly. They have their training centres in Gurgaon, Noida, and Delhi.


The primary highlights of their GST certification course are: 


  • Impact assessment of GST in one’s business


  • Migrating to GSTN and registration


  • Adhering to GST compliance


  • Customized accounting system updating


  • The prime focus of SLA consultant India is to help the candidates who aspire to enhance tax consultant knowledge and skills or individuals who want to work on maintaining their company accounts or who want to enter into the business and financial sector, etc.


  • The trainers are highly trained and accomplished Chartered Accountants which are the best in the market, which helps students to industry-oriented knowledge for their future endeavours.


The curriculum of SLA consultants comprises of :


  • Basic of GST, an overview of model GST law
  • GST registration and migration under GST law with GST rules and formats.
  • GST returns sec 37-48 with GST rules and formats
  • Section 54-58, with GST rules: Refund
  • E-commerce in GST: sec 52
  • Job work and composition
  • Other topics -GST rule and topics
  • Rolling out of E-way bill by Govt.
  • Model IGST law.
  • Annual return GSTR -9


The duration of the course is 50 to 60 hrs.


Contact details:


Vijay block, metro pillar no. 52.

Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi: 110092

Ph no. 8700575874, [email protected]


7. DGA Professional Institute


DGA Professional Institute has ranked one in accounting institutions in Delhi, which provides certification courses in GST along with financial E accounting in west Delhi.


One of the primary focuses of this institute is to establish its students to make them fully equipped to enter the employment market with confidence, they have trained more than 4000 candidates to date.


The key highlights of the curriculum:


  1. GST Introduction and definition
  2. Invoicing in GST
  3. Exemptions, a composite scheme
  4. Tax return filings, special cases, etc.
  5. Overview of GST/IGST/CGST etc.


The course duration:


15 days, weekend classes: Saturday & Sunday 2 ½ hrs. and weekdays: Monday to Friday 1 hr every day.


The unique features of the DGA professional institute are:


  • Weekend batch facility for working individuals
  • Job oriented training
  • Real-time training experience with qualified and friendly trainers.


The contact details:


Address: Opposite Dwarka Metro Station, Pillar No. 781, New Delhi -59.

Email: [email protected], Phone: 011-25357891, +91 9871599566/ 9811559107


8. GST Certification Course in Delhi NCR by BPA Educators


The GST certification course at BPA educators’ primary focus is to, make the trainees understand the concepts maintain books and accounts, and file tax returns with practical training, to enable actual filings of returns of GST/TDS or taxes. BPA educators are one of the best GST courses in Delhi. (ROHINI)


 The prime features of the course are:


  • One real live project
  • Certification of professional training after the completion of the course.
  • OJT certification from CA/CS
  • OJT (one the job training) under Experienced CA/CS
  • Expert advice.


The modules of the GST certification course:


  • Basic concepts of GST
  • Levy and collection of tax.
  • Time and place of supply
  • Composite and mixed supply
  • Value of supply
  • Reverse charge mechanism
  • Job work
  • Input tax credit
  • Composite scheme
  • Export-import in GST
  • Tax invoice
  • Payment of tax
  • E returns
  • E-way bill generation
  • GST using Tally/Busy
  • Practice on GST
  • Project on GST


Contact details:

C-8/13, Sector-7, Rohini, Delhi-110085,

[email protected]

Ph. no. 8512851249


9. GST Certification Course in Delhi NCR by Megara Infotech


Megara infotech was founded in the year 2008, and incorporated as a company in the year 2012. Megara Infotech is an ISO Certified company.


The prime mission of Megara Infotech is developing products that have high impact and they give a wide range of industrial and corporate training.


The GST course under them is practical training specially designed for job seekers and tax professionals in India.


The basic requirement of this course is a 12th pass with basic knowledge of English.


The course curriculum is stated as below:


  • Introduction of GST
  • GST invoice, credit, and debit notes
  • Time and value of supply
  • tax credit aligning with GST rules
  • GST returns under GST law
  • Tax payment
  • GST audit and assessment
  • Refund with GST
  • Place of supply
  • GST registration with GST rules and formats


The timing of the courses is:

Regular batch2 hrs 5 weeks course

Weekend batch 12 Sundays. (3 hrs)

Fastest course: 5 days. 11 AM to 5 PM.


The contact details:

M-46, Old DLF Colony, Sector 14, Gurgaon, Haryana.

Ph no.9999858239, contact @megara.co.in


10. GST Certification Course in Delhi NCR by LK Singhal Tax Consultants


LK Singhal Tax Consultants India is a team of Chartered Accountants, who takes care of their clients as well the individuals who learn from them, vide the various courses comprehensively provided by them.


The few benefits of Joining LK Singhal Tax Consultants India are:


  • They guarantee to provide maximum coverage
  • The regular test is conducted by them to check the knowledge and personality development
  • All training is conducted by FCA trainers.
  • 100% interview guaranteed and placement assistance
  • Personality development
  • Communication focus
  • Compare, content, cost, quality, and then join


The topics that are covered under their curriculum m in the E GST certification course is:


  • Overview of GST law
  • Under model GST law GST registration
  • Composition scheme
  • Reverse charge mechanism under GST
  • Procedural Rules of GST
  • TDS, TCS under GST
  • Returns under GST
  • Refunds under GST
  • E-commerce under GST
  • Impact of GST in various sectors such as Food Processing, FMGC, Textile, Automobile, Work contractor
  • GST audit


The classes are conducted under FCA Disa L.K.Singhal has more than 7 years of experience in direct and indirect taxation training.

The fee structure is Rs. 11,000/- Inclusive of GST.


Contact details:

Ph no. 9718350837, 8168000601

[email protected]

LK Singhal Tax Consultants India

Maharaja Banquet Hall,

Near KD Campus, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi 110092


11. Attitude Institute


The primary highlights of Attitude Institute are:


  • Attitude institute is providing GST Courses through GST training centres in Delhi.


  • The course content comprises GST tutorials, GST videos, GST PDFs.


  • GST books and are regularly updated to ensure that the trainees get maximum benefits and students are fully equipped to enter into the job market with confidence after completion of this course.


  • The duration of the course is 40 Hrs for regular batches and weekend batches are also available.


The course curriculum incorporates:


  • Basic overview of GST
  • Returns under GST
  • Refunds
  • Input tax credit
  • Model IGST law
  • e Waybill


The GST training institute at Attitude is subject to quality audit, ensuring that facilities, study materials, and students are all updated knowledge about the current market rules, regulations, requirements, and opportunities.


The contact details:

Yamuna Vihar, Delhi-110053

Uttam Nagar: Syndicate Bank, Uttam Nagar, Delhi-110059

Ph. No. 9654382235

[email protected]

More Courses from IIM SKILLS


The above-mentioned 10 institutions are some of the most renowned institutions that provide GST certification courses in Delhi and NCR. The list is based on the qualifying requirements for the course, course availability convenience, fees structure, trainers or faculties, online reviews available on various platforms, etc.


Apart from these, there are many numerous institutions available that provide GST certification courses and the number of institutes is increasing day by day.


Especially during the current scenario, people prefer to attend everything online. Hence, the demand for online GST certification courses also increased and so is the corresponding supply and giving rise to many new online GST certification courses in Delhi and NCR.

Hemanandini Deori has completed her Bachelor's degree in economics and LLB from Delhi University. She has experience in working with various corporate organizations and has keen interest in content writing. Currently, she is working as a guest writer at IIM skills. She is an avid reader, writer, traveler, passionate orchid grower, painter, and a proud mother
  • Thanks for the comprehensive list on GST certification courses in DELHI. GST has certainly become an integral part of taxation thus bringing everything under one umbrella. It is mandatory for all taxpayers to know about what they are paying for . Therefore, a course in GST would certainly be of great help. I would request you to provide the fee structure for the top few institutes as well.

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