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6 Best Free Tax Accounting Courses Online

Tax Accounting is a framework of accounting strategies that mainly focuses on taxes as compared to the public financial statements. In tax accounting, the business taxable income is separated from the revenue earned out of business. Its main focus is on tax returns and payments than on the public financial statements. As this is not a very easy task, it needs a qualified tax accountant to deal with tax accounting responsibilities. Tax is a mandatory charge that is imposed by the government which is further used in the development of the nation. Tax accounting is being followed for ages. This is a very old technique that is practiced to get financial contributions from every citizen to contribute to the development of the nation. 

List of best free tax accounting courses online


Managing or accounting of tax is not everyone’s cup of tea. It needs accounting brains along with knowledge of tax laws rules and regulations. The tax imposed and tax laws are different from business to business, they have been calculated on a different basis as per the laws set by the government. Not every individual is skilled or qualified to be a tax accountant it needs specialized certifications.


Importance of Tax Accounting


Tax is a very important part of every individual who is earning or running a business. Tax is something that is levied on physical assets like property, transactions, sale of stocks, or a home. There are various types of tax that are imposed differently on different things for example tax on income, capital gains, property, sales, inheritance, or corporate.


Tax accounting is a must for every business. As taxes imposed are the finances raised for the government to invest in the development or essentials of the public services such as government schools, public transport, government hospitals, etc. 


Need for Tax Accounting Course


A tax accounting course is a must for every individual who is looking forward to having a career as a tax accountant. It’s a specialized course designed for students who are interested in learning how tax accounting functions. The tax accounting course helps in having a better understanding of the theoretical and practical knowledge of direct and indirect taxes, auditing, and financial accounting.


To decide to have anything as a career or profession demands having a certificate and training for the same. Hence if you are looking to have a successful career in Tax accounting, it is very important to gain the theoretical and practical knowledge authorized with a certificate.


 Before we head to learn about the free tax accounting courses online, let us understand the basics of tax accounting courses eligibility, roles and responsibilities, and scope of growth.


Eligibility for the Free Tax Accounting Courses Online:


B.com graduate is the most minimum and important eligibility to apply for the free tax accounting courses online. Knowing the basics of accounting along with basic tax laws is a must for the application of a tax accounting course. There are no particular age criteria though. An applicant for the tax accountant role requires a minimum of 3 years of experience in a tax-related profile or as a tax accountant. An excellent communication skill works as icing on the cake.


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Roles and Responsibilities of a Tax Accountant:


The key role of a tax accountant is to assist their clients or companies with their financial and income tax statements. They are specialized professionals to do research studies and interpret tax laws. They are skilled to prepare payments, analysis of the tax issues, and identifying the tax savings.


They ensure that all the information provided to them by their client or company is adhered to the regulations and is forwarded the same to the federal, state, and local authorities. A tax accountant offers full support and guidance during the company audits.


 A tax accountant is responsible for the evaluation of the tax regulations and suggests the policies required to help reduce the tax burden on their clients or the company. They are constantly keeping track of the current industry trends and observing the changes related to the tax. Responsible for maintaining accurate reports on a quarterly and annual basis. 


Scope of Career Growth after Completing Free Tax Accounting Courses Online:


There are less than minimal chances or no chances at all of not having growth in a career after completing a certification course in tax accounting. Their many professions to choose from after you are a certified tax accountant. After one completes the intensive course program in tax accounting there are wide opportunities to make a career.


One can simply choose to have high a profile career with a corporate/ government office or can also opt for having a respectful career in academic jobs like colleges and universities. In today’s competitive environment, being a certified tax accountant opens the door for many opportunities in having a stable career. Having said that a tax accounting job comes with various challenges depending on the choice of career you make.


Scopes of Tax Accounting Courses Online in India and World Wide:


Tax is not easy. It’s not a cup of everyone’s tea. It takes good understanding skills of the tax laws and regulations. The whole world runs on Tax, meaning tax is very important not only in India but globally. Hence there will always be high scope for tax-related jobs in India and globally provided.


One needs to have knowledge and certification of the tax courses of the respective country you are trying to seek a job in. Free tax accounting courses online are one such powerful platform for those students who are interested to make a career in Tax accounting, but because of being underprivileged cant apply for a formal degree due to very limited finances to sponsor. Having a course done in Tax accounting will never run out of jobs as there will be many opportunities in demand. 


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Benefits of Free Online Courses:


Today is a digital world. Everything you need is available at a click. There are many reasons why online courses are beneficial, but the most important and relevant benefit of learning from a free online course is that is free of cost. Those who are underprivileged or has very limited income source but are seeking interest in learning can avail benefit from online free courses to have a better career prospect.


Plus online courses also come with the benefit of learning in our own space along with taking up a job. One need not leave a job to seek a course or compromise with taking up a part-time job. Along with a full-time job, one can learn as per their schedules. Online learnings also are free from location constrain. Anyone interested can learn being at any corner of the world, the only essential requirement is having an internet connection.


Purpose of Tax Accounting:


The main objective of tax accounting is to calculate the taxable income from the revenue earned by an individual or a company. With the collected information generate the tax statements and annual reports with the primary objective of building tax information and creating quarterly and annual reports.


Tax accounting is a skill required in all firms irrespective of what business or industry it belongs to. There will always be a high demand for job opportunities related to tax. Tax demands a constant update so the learning never stops. A tax accountant or any job related to tax demands a constant update of the tax laws and regulations. This is why there will never be a scarcity of tax-related profiles. 


Topics Covered Under Free Tax Accounting Courses Online:


  • Direct Taxes
  • Indirect Taxes
  • MIS & Excel Reporting
  • Goods and Service Taxes
  • Finalizing the Financial Statements
  • Financial Reporting


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Let’s Further Learn About the Top Free Tax Accounting Courses Online:


1. Udemy


Udemy is one of the most popular institutes for online teachings and learning. In today’s digital world having online courses are the best thing where one can learn in its own space. Udemy is one of the best institutes to offer opportunities to learn online and for free.


They offer many options for the professional courses they provide. They have a wide range of courses to offer in different categories from health, development, business, finance, music, etc. You ask and they have it. In today’s world having a certified course is more important and at the same time expensive, Udemy comes with free online courses to offer.


Those who can’t afford to pay and learn can simply choose free courses with Udemy. They have highly skilled mentors with industrial specialties to train. You will find all the videos on their websites for detailed learning.


 Below are the Listed Topics Covered under Tax Accounting:

  • Public Tax Preparation Tutorials
  • Learn to Prepare For Tax Reforms
  • Tax-Advantaged investor
  • Tax Prep for Entrepreneurs
  • Tax Professional Trainings
  • Oracle Applications
  • Oman Value-added Tax
  • The Common Reporting Standards


2. Alison


Alison is the worldwide most popular platform for free education, training, and learning. It aims to offer online learning opportunities for anyone who is seeking any sort of training in any subject. They are experts in providing online education by offering high-quality learning materials & services to deliver. Alison offers free online training worldwide irrespective of gender, age, geographic and economic status. Along with free tax accounting courses they also offer a wide range of courses free of cost.


Below Are the Listed Courses They Offer Under Tax Accounting:

  • Tax Accounting Systems and Administrations
  • Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
  • Fiscal & Monetary Policies 
  • Introduction Of Financial Statements
  • Introduction to Finance & Financial Analysis
  • Theoretical Foundations Of International Trade
  • Microeconomics


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3. Class Central 


Class Central is listed worldwide as a free online course provider. They offer many courses free for those who are genuinely interested in seeking to get trained. Class Central has no physical offices they thoroughly operate online. They are primarily famous for their free online training in most subjects. They are the best ranking for the best online class provider. 


 Below Listed is the Topic They cover for Tax Accounting Courses:

  • Direct Tax – Laws & Practice 
  • Introduction to Financial Accounting 
  • Accounting Business & Society 
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Forensic Accounting & Fraud Examinations
  • Accounting For Decision Making
  • Auditing 1 & 
  • Financial Accounting Fundamentals
  • Data Analytics Foundations For Accountancy
  • Accounting Analysis 1 & 2


4. Income Tax Academy


As the name says, Income Tax Academy is popularly known for the Tax related courses free & online. They offer tax classes for beginners who require no prior basic knowledge. They offer courses all over India. They also offer a certificate of completion after you finish the course. They offer courses for complete raw in tax and accounting meaning one need not be a graduate to take the course.


Below Are the Subjects Covered Under Free Tax Accounting Courses Online:

  • Income Tax Return E-Filing Courses
  • E-filing Of Tax & Taxation Courses
  • Online Income Tax & TDS E-Filing Training Courses


5. Tezpur University


Tezpur University’s incorporation with the Swayam Academy has started with the taxation and accounting courses. They offer free tax accounting courses online. The training is provided by highly qualified mentors. In Tezpur, they focus on a detailed study of tax accounting which is especially practiced in India. Comparatively, Tezpur offers more intensive training and details about tax accounting. 


Below Listed Topics are covered under the Course:

  • What is Capital Gain
  • Conceptual understanding of the Profit
  • Difference between Income and Salary
  • Deduction from Total Income
  • Plan Of Taxes
  • Income Tax File Returns
  • Sources Of Income and Calculation Of Tax
  • Tax Planning and Tax Management
  • The direct Tax system of India


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6. Coursera


Coursera is one of the leading online course providers and is partnered with more than 200 universities. They offer free online courses along with paid courses to help affordable and job-relevant online training to individuals and companies worldwide. They have a wide range of opportunities, projects, and courses with certificate and degree programs.


Coursera is a global learning platform that provides training and access to online courses to anyone from any corner of the world. Coursera, no doubt has the most highly qualified and industrial specialized mentors to train. With online training with Coursera, students are privileged to learn with students all over the world. The pre-recorded videos are shared by experts from all over the world.


 Below Listed Are the Topics Covered under Free Tax Accounting Courses online:

  • Federal Taxation I
  • Introduction to Finance and Accounting
  • Introduction To Corporate Finance
  • Profitbooks
  • European Business Laws
  • Taxes Of Business Entities


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q1. What is the eligibility to apply for the free tax accounting courses online?

A Bcom graduate in business administration is a must for the students aspiring to the tax accounting courses. However one can also apply to learn general accounting & tax to have better opportunities if seeking a job. 


Q2. Is it mandatory to have a law degree to apply for a tax accounting course?

No, It’s not mandatory to have a law degree. But mostly those who possess a law degree are often interested to improve their tax knowledge.


Q3. Is there scope for growth after completely free online courses?

Of course, but it depends on where you take the course. You will find many free online course providers online but you need to do lots of research to choose the one which will be worth it. For this one need to do 


Q4. How to take up free tax accounting courses online?

It’s very simple to select the institute you wish to enroll in, before selecting make sure you do complete research and check the reviews. Go to their websites, and check for the free course options you will find the pre-recorded videos just click and learn. The main purpose of the review is to get quality learning though it’s for free.


Q5. What are the job ranges the tax accountant can apply for?

Well, the demand for anyone who has completed a tax accounting course will never have a scarcity of job opportunities. Tax-related jobs are the most in-demand profiles irrespective of the industry or the type of business. Any individual who has done a certified course in tax can apply in any company or government sector and also the education field.




Online free courses are worth taking. But before taking up the course just be sure that it’s worth your time invested. There will be many institutes, academies, or universities that will assure to offer the best free tax accounting courses online, but before applying do the complete research and check the reviews and only then plan to take up their courses. Though the courses are offered free the quality teaching by the experts is what one should look for in free online courses. 

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