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Top 4 Digital Marketing Courses In Hobart With Placements

Hobart is one of the oldest cities in Australia and has several restaurants, businesses, and art galleries today. Do you know that you can help them using your digital marketing skills? Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Well, you just have to upgrade your skill sets and become an efficient and enthusiastic digital marketer. Not only the art galleries or restaurants, but you can help any type of business big or small. You can be a part of everything and succeed immensely.  This article will help you get information on the top digital marketing courses in Hobart and the secret formula behind successful digital marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing Courses In Hobart

Learn Digital Marketing 

When you are about to learn about digital marketing, you have to learn every detail that is related to it. At this point, you will struggle while you will be just searching for related articles about digital marketing only.

There are loads of things to learn in digital marketing. It can be SEO, paid ads, web development, and others. You have the opportunity to explore all the latest things that are related to digital marketing. It has been shown that most of the young generation has a keen interest and tends to lean towards upskilling in this field. Why not just get into the digital marketing courses in Hobart and talk to the institution’s experts? 

They always will help you to understand all your doubts. You will be developing technical, and qualitative skills as well. Your analytical skills also will be good to stay updated with the latest trends in the market. It will be perfect for you to become a successful digital marketer. You will be able to think about how to create a present digital strategy as well as plan for the future. 

RACE Model in Digital Marketing 

The Race model is used to create a digital marketing strategy. The model mainly covers four different types of marketing elements- building a good relationship with customers, customer loyalty and you will be able to understand the customer lifecycle.

All will be beneficial while creating the RACE model. RACE has four stages REACH, CONVERT, ACT, and ENGAGE. Everything will be settled if you have a RACE model in your hand. The most important thing is to learn this while engaging with digital marketing courses in Hobart.

A small thing you need to understand before going into the model. You have to build a plan and set a small target. It will be helpful for you to build your strategy to improve in the future as per requirement. To maintain a good track record, you can use SMART methods.

The first thing is you have to be specific about things at a time. It always will be good for you if you measure the benefits and risks of the plan. After, you have to check the percentage to achieve this task, and whether is it relevant to grow in the market. You will know the time to complete the task? All will be coming under the SMART method. Then you can discuss the RACE model for further improvement. 


At this stage, you will be able to understand the exposure rate of the brand and its market potential rate. You can use the techniques in both offline and online media to measure the success rate. It can be good to build traffic to the campaigns. It can be through social media pages or the website. Therefore, you will be learned about earned, owned, and paid media. The most interesting fact is that most of the digital marketing courses in Hobart offer all three media. 


It is the most important for any company when you help them. You will be able to generate leads that can be useful for the company. It is all about building a good relationship with customers. With the help of email marketing, you can generate leads and it can be useful to keep a track record while using google analytics. There is a fact that if a person shows an encourage toward any post or article. They automatically start sharing with other people. It always can be a good thing for a company to grow in the market. 


The convert stage mostly will be applicable when a customer purchases something from the website. You have to use the content strategy to make useful content. The best thing is to understand the target audiences to create campaigns. You have to focus on the target audiences and can generate a survey to ask about the improvement. It will be good for online as well as offline sales. You will be able to understand the profit and revenue after the generated sales. You get to understand all the tricks behind this when you be learning all the methods in digital marketing courses in Hobart.


Building a good engagement always will be a good thing. If you the engaging the right audiences that means you are doing good things. Loyal customers always will be a good thing to increase your business. With the help of the engagement process, it will be helpful to ensure the customer experience of a website. If your customers are happy, then they will be talking about you and your business. It always will be a good thing to understand the loyalty and satisfaction level. You will understand if the customer purchase in a repetitive manner. 

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Why does a Business need a RACE Model? 

  • Whenever you will be providing services to a client. You have to create a RACE Model because it is a part of the digital marketing strategy. More, it always will be helpful for you to keep a track record. 
  • It will be helpful to understand the weakness and strengths of the developing strategy. Based on that you will be able to make a good strategy.
  • To create a good development process, you have to monitor every process. That way, you will be able to identify the mistakes of the strategy. You just have to focus on methods that can be helpful to build a good return on investment. You will be guided by an institution expert but for that, you have to take risks to join digital marketing courses in Hobart.

Top 4 Digital Marketing Courses in Hobart


IIM SKILLS always has unique courses to offer for its students. This institute always tries to give you the best education model that you might not find anywhere. Their digital marketing course gives you a few advantages if you are about to enroll in their program. This institution offers new and trendy features in its courses. You are never going to regret it if you are a serious candidate and searching for digital marketing courses in Hobart.

Modules Covered

Core Modules
Content Writing And Blogging
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Email Marketing
Web Analytics
Special Modules
WordPress Web Development
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
Online Reputation Management
Content Writing And Blogging
Media Buying
Affiliate Marketing
Video Marketing
Marketing Automation
Digital Infographic Resume Preparation
  • Course Name – Digital Marketing Master Course
  • Course Duration – 3 Months + 2 Months Paid Internship
  • Course Fee – AUD 730.78 + Taxes

You might be thinking about what is so special about the course offers. The total course duration is 5 months. You can utilize the total 5 months in two different ways the first 3 months will be the training program and for the next 2 months, you will be doing an internship.

The internship will be helpful for you. If you are a new starter in this journey then this course will be good. You will get 40 digital marketing modules that you can access for a lifetime. Under the total module, you will get 15+ live projects and over 10+ case studies to know about digital marketing. Another benefit you will get is one certification from the institute and 13 others certifications from Hubspot, Google, and Facebook. 

The Main Reasons to Choose IIM SKILLS Online Digital Marketing Course are as follows:

The institution’s main motive is to provide you with the best digital marketing course. You will find that there are different types of institutions out there, and most of them offer recorded videos. It never going to be good for you to learn new trends in the market. It is always said that when you are learning something online + it is life. Therefore, you should take that opportunity. 

Every class comes in a small size to cover all your queries. The best thing it gives you the motivation and eagerness to learn new things about the market and tools. All of the learnings in your class always will be benefited you. 

Your mentors are from the same background and the most interesting part is they are serving about 12 years in this industry. They always want to know about the latest things and share them with you as well.

This institution has good time flexibility which can be good for you. You can join from anywhere you want. If you have any type of electronic gadget like a phone, laptop, or tablet, you can join their classes.

Hiring Partners

You will get a certificate that you can showcase anywhere you want. These certificates globally recognize you can use your skills for any company or your clients. 

You can pay for one time and have access to all of the resources anytime you want. Their learning management system aka LMS always will be available.

It always will be a good thing to get career counseling. They will share how you will make an infographics resume that always will be helpful to get good placement assistance.

If you need any type of help after completing the program, they always will be there to help you. 


To understand that they give you good services, you can go to their website and check all the information related to the course. Another thing, you can take their next demo class to understand the course structure better. If you like their demo class then it going to be a win-win moment for you. 

Media Coverage

More Courses Offered at IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

Alumni Review

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2. ADMA Institution (The Association for Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising Institution)

This institute can be good to gather some digital marketing strategies to understand the real world. One thing that is most important for you is to learn from real-life case studies and understand how the world works. It will be helpful for you to create a good digital marketing strategy that can be used anytime you wanted. 

The Ways Course Works 

  • You will get 10 weeks of a hybrid course. All the courses will be delivered online, and you can get access to the IQ learning lab. It can be open 24/7, you can use all the resources, course materials and tools. 
  • Every week you will unlock new content that provides you with live tutorials and offers lots of tools and activities.
  • You will get 6 weeks of interactive sessions with the top 5 CMOs in Australia. All sessions will be live and you going to get chances to ask questions. 
  • After completing all the weeks, you will be rewarded with the ADMA digital marketing certificate badge. You can add it anywhere. 
  • When you will be slowly developing your marketing strategy that can help helpful in the future. When you are in a business you always have to implement new types of strategies as your backup plan. They will guide you.
  • You will be able to connect to know the other members as well.  It might help you to learn various types of things from them.  

The Course Content 

Week 1 – Digital Marketing Landscape

Future trends 

Strategic framework

Live tutorial with Simone Blaker’s feat. Stuart Tucker

Week 2 – Targeting Segmentation Personas

 Journey mapping

 Live tutorial with Simone Blaker’s feat. David Morgan 

Week 3- Content Marketing


 Paid -display, programmatic

 Live tutorial with Simone Blaker’s feat. Trisca Scott-Branagan

Week 4- Paid -Social

Owned -social

Live tutorial with Simone Blakers

Week 5 -Paid -social

 Owned -social

Paid / Earned – Influencers 

Live tutorial with Simone Blaker’s feat. Susan Coghill

Week 6-Owned -email and SMS


Landing Pages, Apps, Mobile

 Live tutorial with Simone Blakers

Week 7-Implementation – Martech 

Implementation- Automation 

Live tutorial with Simone Blakers

Week 8- Measurement – pirate metrics and Google Analytics

 Live tutorial with Simone Blakers

Week 9- Conversion Rate Optimization

Testing and Conversion 

Working Practices 

Live Tutorial with Simone Blakers

Final week – there you will get a chance to talk with the lecturer for 15 minutes. To attain the final week is not mandatory. You will be received a certification based on the submission of the final assessment. When you pass the test you will get a badge from the institute. 

Course Fee

For Non-ADMA member

$ 4,645

For ADMA member 


To Know About the Course


(02) 9277 5400


You have to visit their website to fill out the form to know their email address. 


This institute’s digital marketing program always will be helpful for students who are looking for digital marketing courses in Hobart. This institute always focused on the latest digital marketing tools that can be helpful to build a strong marketing strategy. With their course, the joiners always can learn social media marketing, the fundamentals of SEO, Google Ads, and others. 

The Course Content 

  • Basic of digital marketing and SEO (Lesson 1)
  • Introduction to pay-per-click (Lesson 2)
  • Understanding Web Analytics (Lesson 3)
  • Mastering social media marketing (Lesson 4)
  • Exploring brand management (Lesson 5)
  • Hands-on learning with digital marketing projects (Lesson 6)
  • Studying advanced email marketing (Lesson 7)
  • Mastering advanced content marketing (Lesson 8)
  • Mastering advanced mobile marketing (Lesson 9)

Admission Process

  • First, you have to fill up the enquire form for the digital marketing master’s program. Therefore, their admission department will touch with you. 
  • You can do another option which is to choose any date after entering their website. Afterwards, you can click on the signup option. 
  • You will be able to start the master’s program. 
  • You can talk about the discount option to the admission expert.

Extra Benefits 

Live Online Training 

  • You will be able to exposure to digital marketing tools. 
  • You will be accessed real-time projects and advanced skilled assessment. 
  • Various types of platforms will be covered by influence marketing, SEO, social media marketing and SEM. 
  • They will assure you to get the best industry training can get. 

Corporate Training 

  • You can customize for your teams as per requirement. 
  • Pricing options will be flexible in this way. 
  • You will get 24×7 support and learning assistance.
  • If required, they will give you online as well as in-person delivery. 
  • They will give you an opportunity that after completing the course you can pay.

Course Fee

For Live Online Training 

A$ 1871

For Corporate Training

To know more about the course rate, you can contact them directly. 

To Know About the Course


+61 (0) 24 0398333


[email protected]

4. Upskilled 

This institution offers a Search engine optimization (SEO) digital marketing course. If you are in Australia and looking for digital marketing courses in Hobart, you can start with upskilled. They have self-managed online learning solutions that you can start at any time you want. They also offer 50 qualifications to upskill your learning skills. There are advanced digital marketing courses and principles of marketing courses you can take. 

Their course materials are not provided on the website. To know about the course, you can fill up their inquiry form. Therefore, they always tell their audience that if you have an internet connection and computer. You will access the course any time you wanted. They have other career options like project management, business, IT sector, and workplace health and safety, and others. It always will be good for you to have vocational education and training to update your skill. 

They are online education providers that always help those people who are looking for courses to move up in life. They always follow the Australian Qualifications framework that can apply to Australian employers. It always will be good for the skill set to have a good diversification in the work culture. 

Course Fee 

It is not disclosed on the website. You have to contact them or fill up their inquiry form.

To Know About the Course


1300 472 713 (Monday -Friday)


[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q 1. What will happen if I am not able to understand the RACE model? 

Don’t worry about that, you will be able to understand that in a slow process. There are loads of students who might be struggling to understand the model but still, they work for a company. They work on the model too. You just have to concentrate on learning and if you find it difficult to learn. You can ask your instructor when you join digital marketing courses in Hobart, and they always will be happy to help you. 

Q 2. Suppose I am working for a company, and they give a task related to a survey. How can I know where to find customers?

There are loads of ways like using platforms is always going to be a good thing. You can use your social media handles to understand what your audiences are thinking about the company’s product or services and also to know more about the products or services. This also helps in getting feedback like if they want to give any suggestions or any new things you want to develop. That can be a good thing to create engagement. It always can be the best for you when digital marketing courses in Hobart want feedback from you. You will know how they are doing it. 

Q 3. I am a newbie and eager to learn everything about digital marketing courses in Hobart. Will it be good for me to join any of the courses? 

Yes, it always will be good for you to join any courses. You can look for those courses that provide you with at least 5 months of training, then you will be able to know about everything. 


When you think about doing something on your own. You will meet many obstacles. The same thing will happen at the beginning of the journey. One request is, do not stop at that point, always try to overcome it. It has been saying do not lose hope keep on trying, and you will flourish in the future. If you can overcome all the obstacles, then no one will stop you become a successful digital marketer. Just choose digital marketing courses in Hobart, and you will be knowing the difference.

  • Hello. I have a printing agency. Searching for best digital marketing course in Hobart from the available ones. With sheer amount of tools, data and channels available on the internet it creates vast opportunity to deliver effective content to specific people, through customization. I want to learn direct advertising strategy for a very particular audience, that will help my brand to grow? Thus seeking help in terms of guidance and counseling which is possible with the demo invitation. Thanks

  • Hi I am Simon. Was adopting traditional marketing strategies and trying to follow the current trend of implementing marketing strategies through the use of digital media technology. In order to stay competitive, but unable to follow them and run successfully. For the public to recognise the ten year old brick mortar company on the digital platform, branding is crucial. So for following best practice in implementation of important digital marketing techniques I want to take part in a digital marketing course in Hobart. Thanks for the article with very useful information. I would like to attend the demo session.

  • Hi, I am Ashton. I am a freelance content writer, and a website content manager too. Website cannot advance itself and get traffic generated. It needs to be continuously monitored, upgraded, properly managed, and effectively promoted, so that it can grow. I want to get enrolled into digital marketing institute in Hobart to learn how to grow the website. This article was very informative, thanks.

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