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Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses In Baltimore With Placements

Do you want to take your marketing career to the next level and don’t know where to start? Digital marketing is one of the growing professions in the world. If you want to be a part of this growing market and don’t know where to start, then you are at the right place. In this blog, we will tell you about the top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Baltimore. The blog also includes the curriculum, fee structure, duration, and placement which will help you to decide on the best course for you.

Top Digital Marketing Courses In Baltimore

Digital marketing has become an essential marketing strategy for all types of businesses. All businesses big, medium, and small want an online presence for which they require professional help. It is here where the role of a digital marketer comes in. They are the ones who help with the content of your website and suggest you online marketing strategies to use to reach the potential customer. It may seem simple, but it requires skills to do the task. Digital Marketing Courses in Baltimore can give you the required skill to make a carrier in this field. 

What is Digital Marketing?      

 Before looking at the Digital Marketing Courses in Baltimore we need to understand what exactly digital marketing is and why it is crucial. Marketing has changed over the years, unlike the old days when advertisements were done in newspapers, magazines, and TV commercials, now a new dimension has been added to this. This new way of advertisement is done online with the help of digital marketing. 

The Internet has become a very important part of our lives and now marketers use this to promote their customer’s products and services. These marketers use search engines, social media platforms, and other online platforms to reach their prospective customers. 

As everything is becoming digitalized, it becomes very important for all businesses to follow the trend. Digital marketing is online marketing which means advertisements through digital channels, promoting the brand, and connecting with prospective customers by using the internet and other digital forms of digital communication like social media, search engines, and so on.

Companies can expand their business with the use of digital marketing, by creating a desire among the potential client to buy their products and services. This is an opportunity to increase the demand in the market and ultimately sales. Currently, even small start-ups use their social media sites to expand their reach. Digital marketing makes it easier to create a brand among the public. 

What Are the Different Strategies Involved in Digital Marketing?

A strategy is a method that is used for executing a proposal, idea, or plan in a way that gives us the desired skill. Various strategies are used in digital marketing to get fruitful results. Digital marketers use one or many strategies to get the desired results. Here are the most used strategies in detail.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important strategies of digital marketing is SEO. This is the main factor that marketing strategists use to rank websites in organic results. The SEO specialist evaluates the markets and analyzes the needs of the prospective clients thereby helping businesses build a strategy to market their products. These professional works with search engine data, categorizing them based on the search volumes. Various tools are used in this entire process making it a time-consuming process. 

If one wishes to learn search engine strategies, then one should do an SEO training course. This course is very beneficial for people who run their websites and for people who want to make a carrier in this field.

 Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click is also referred to as PPC in the marketing world. This is a marketing technique where one pays to make their advertisement or website rank on the first page of the search result.

In this strategy, the advertisers have to bid on keywords that are based on their search volume and pay a particular amount to get their site ranked. The flaw in this strategy is that the person whose bid is higher will be a higher ranking as compared to the others with the same keywords.

Every time there is a click on the advertiser’s website, a specific amount will be debited from their account. This may or may not lead to a sale but the stipulated amount will be deducted from the advertiser. This is a good option for businesses that have a good advertising budget and do not want to wait to rank in organic research. This is one of the best and the easiest way to get ahead of the competitors. 

Content Marketing

 This is a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online matter which can be in words from websites and blogs, videos on youtube, reels, etc. The marketer does not promote a particular brand but is a way to arouse interest in their products or services. 

Content writers strive hard to produce engaging and relevant content for users. The content also plays a vital role in a website to get ranking on page one of search engine results. It is the content that must be SEO-rich to get a ranking. Getting people to one’s website may be a task but these prospective customers must come back to your page. This will only happen if the content of the website is relevant, informative, and not boring. 

All the product description that we see on the website is the work of a content writer. The way a product is described plays a vital role as this description will help the customer to decide whether to buy or not.

Content is considered the most important part of digital marketing. Without good content, all other strategies of digital marketing will not be able to get the desired results. Be it social media marketing, e-mail marketing, mobile marketing, or SEO the base for all these strategies is the same- Good content.

One must have understood the importance of content in the digital marketing field. It is said, “Content is King”. This is also a high-demand job as most businesses are going digital.  A well-designed content writing course can be helpful to begin a carrier in this field.

Email Marketing

E-mail marketing is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways that can enhance brand awareness and reach potential customers. This is a smart way of marketing where one can constantly update sales, products, and services to a selective group of clients.

While doing e-mail marketing it is important to retain customers. One cannot send too many emails or irrelevant emails as the customer has an option to unsubscribe from the mailing list. The marketer should ensure that only relevant information, designed most attractively is sent across. The mail should always be personalized and should give significant details.

Social Media Marketing 

This is the most frequently used method for digital marketers. Whether it’s a big business or a small one, today everyone uses social media platforms. The most commonly used social media platforms are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Pinterest are a few to name.

The best thing about social media marketing is that this is one of the most effective free modes of marketing your business in the digital era. Although social media marketing is very useful in many ways, here are the highlights of this strategy.

Gives your business a human touch- this medium enables you to make your business an active member of the market. The profile, post, and communication between clients and the company give the audience a friendly environment that helps them to connect and trust you. 

Drives Traffic: Social media posts, blog posts, ads, etc are generally linked to their respective website. Social media is a top channel that drives traffic to your website. These visitors who have come to your website via social media links will be future clients.

Generate Customers and Leads: One can generate leads and conversions from social media platforms by using features like Facebook/Instagram shop, a call-to-action button on profiles, direct messaging, and booking direct appointments. These can prove to be very fruitful in converting visitors to actual customers.

Brand Awareness: The social media platform builds a visual identity across a huge audience which in turn will increase the brand visibility and awareness. More visibility means reaching more audiences which will result in a higher conversion rate. 

Build relationships:  These platforms are open to both direct and indirect modes of communication. One can communicate directly with the followers to get their feedback, discuss issues, and hold discussions.

Digital Marketing involves lots of research, planning, and execution. It would be advisable to do a well-designed course in this field to get a better understanding of this subject. Many institutes offer this course with and without placement.

Here We Have Listed the Top 5 Institutes That Offer Digital Marketing Courses in Baltimore


IIM SKILLS is an online education provider with courses in various fields. They are recognized in the market and provide high-quality training in digital marketing. They gave a detailed course curriculum which ensures that the students get a good understanding of the subject. They conduct online classes with real-time case studies and projects.  The institute also has different courses like SEO specialization, content writing, and many more. Explore the IIM SKILLS website for more details.

Modules Covered

Core Modules
Content Writing And Blogging
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Email Marketing
Web Analytics
Special Modules
WordPress Web Development
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
Online Reputation Management
Content Writing And Blogging
Media Buying
Affiliate Marketing
Video Marketing
Marketing Automation
Digital Infographic Resume Preparation
  • Course Name – Digital Marketing Master Course
  • Course Duration – 3 Months + 2 Months Paid Internship
  • Course Fee – USD 400 with + Taxes



You get training on 40 digital marketing modules. Also, they offer you training on the most vital tools with access to tools worth USD 950.


  • Weekly assignments and feedback is given to each student on regular basis.
  • Highly skilled and trained tutors.
  • Lifetime support to all the students.
  • The institute issues a course completion certificate from IIM SKILLS and also prepares students for other renowned certifications like HubSpot, Google, etc.
  • Students get the opportunity to publish their first blog with the Times of India.
  • The students are trained to start their digital marketing agency.
  • The institute has over 300 placement partners with whom they collaborate to provide placements to students.

  • Personal guidance is provided as and when needed.
  • The institute also issues a letter of recommendation which is helpful when getting job placement offers.
  • The students get lifetime access to their learning portal (LMS) which helps students to track their learning.

Media Coverage IIM SKILLS

More Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

Alumni Reviews

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2. Towson University

This is the second-largest university in the University System of Maryland and the 12th-largest public university in the US. They offer a wide range of courses from various fields. Their Digital Marketing Courses in Baltimore has a detailed curriculum which makes it a good option for learners.

The university has excellent faculty who focus on the growth and development of their students. The concepts are explained in detail and the mentors ensure that the students have understood the topic.

Course Syllabus

  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • PPC 
  • Digital Analytics
  • Social Media Mobile Marketing 
  • Digital Strategy
  • Advanced SEO
  • Advanced PPC
  • Web Analytics
  • Advanced Social Media management
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Digital Strategy 
  • Brand Marketing

Course Duration & Fees

The Digital Marketing Courses in Baltimore is for 9 months and the fee for this course is USD 2599.

Course Highlights

  • In-depth knowledge of the various digital marketing aspects
  • Formulation, planning, and execution of digital marketing strategies.
  • Creating and communicating the right marketing communication to the target audience
  • Learn digital marketing tools 

Contact Details

Address: 8000 York Road, Towson, MD 21252

Phone: 410-704-2000

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3. Noble Desktop

Noble Desktop is a leading center for learning and career development in New York. The institute focuses on project-based classes that give professionals the required tools to work in the competitive business environment. The institute offers courses in design, coding, and marketing.

The digital marketing course by Noble Desktop is well-designed as it is designed by marketing experts. These experts have a proven record of increasing sales and high conversations for many businesses from all across the world. Here is a look at the course content.

Course Syllabus

  • Digital Marketing Strategies
  • SEO
  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Facebook marketing
  • Linkedin Marketing
  • Video Marketing for YouTube
  • Content Marketing 
  • Blogs 
  • Content marketing for Twitter

Course Highlights

  • 78 hours of hands-on training
  • Highly trained faculty
  • Live classes 
  • Project-based training 
  • Retake for free within the 1st year
  • Digital certificate of completion
  • Flexible payment options

Course Duration and Fees

Noble Desktop is a good option for digital marketing courses in Baltimore. The course is completed in 78 hours and is priced at USD 3,295

Contact Details

Phone Number: +1-212-226-4149

Email ID: [email protected]

Address: 185 Madison Avenue (3rd Floor)

New York, NY 10016

4. iCert Global

iCert Global is a fast-growing Education brand, as an Accredited Examination Centre (AEC) and Accredited Training Organization (ATO). The institute is a known institute that offers courses in various facets of digital marketing.

iCert Global imparts information in a very personalized manner which means that the course is customized in a way that suits the participants who are from diverse business interests and backgrounds. The courses are taught by highly trained instructors who are rich in expertise and experience. The Digital Marketing Course is developed by industry experts with years of experience.

Course Syllabus

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Website Development with Word Press
  • WordPress Training
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Mobile Apps Promotion
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Maps Course Overview
  • Youtube Advertisement

Course Duration & Fees

iCert Global is a reasonable option for people who want to do Digital Marketing Courses in Baltimore. This is a 3 months course 3. The fee is USD 299 which happens to make it one of the cheapest courses in this field.

Course Highlights

  • 80+ hours of an instructor-led training program
  • Instructor-led online project with mentoring sessions
  • Instructor Team of Silicon Valley authors
  • Global Approvals 
  • Free E-learning for all participants
  • Classroom and Live Online Training 
  • 24×7 Customer Support
  • Assistance with the Exam Application Process
  • Consultant to answer your queries

Contact Details

Phone: +1 (713)-287-1187

Email: [email protected]

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5. American Graphic Institute

The American Graphic Institute is a well-known name that offers certificate programs in Digital Marketing, designing, video editing, and more. The institute’s Digital Marketing Courses in Baltimore is a good option for people who want to restart their carrier as the course gives a deep understanding of the subject.

The digital marketing program offered teaches digital marketing principles along with practical skills. The program gives a hands-on experience to the students and teaches them skills using modern digital marketing tools. At the end of the program, the students have to showcase their skills and get reviews on their portfolios. This portfolio is very helpful for students as it is based on this that they get work in the industry. 

Course Syllabus

  • Google Analytics 
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • HTML Email
  • Responsive HTML Email Course
  • HTML Course – Introduction
  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Introduction and Intermediate to InDesign Class
  • Introduction and Intermediate to Photoshop 
  • Digital Marketing Project
  • Digital Marketing Portfolio

Course Duration & Fees

American Graphics Institute’s Digital Marketing Courses in Baltimore is a 6-week program. The fee structure is not provided on the website and one must contact the institute to get information.

Course Highlights

  • Hands-on work experience
  • Individual attention to all students 
  • Hybrid modes of studying 

Contact Details

Phone: (781) 376-6044

Thoughts on the top digital marketing courses in Baltimore

These are the top 5 institutes that offer Digital Marketing Courses in Baltimore. These institutes are leaders in the market and have the best curriculum at competitive prices. Digital marketing is a good blend of all different strategies that are being used by marketers, however, it should be noted that all strategies can be learned individually and one can become an expert in any one or more than one strategy. One can learn about all the strategies in a digital marketing course and then choose one of the strategies as their niche.

Here are a few common questions people have regarding digital marketing.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which is the best Digital Marketing Course in Baltimore?

Many institutes offer Digital Marketing Courses in Baltimore. One can choose by looking at the curriculum and see if that fulfills their requirements. One of the top institutes that offer Digital Marketing Courses in Baltimore is IIM SKILL. The detailed syllabus ensures that the learner has covered all the important parts of digital marketing. The faculty at the institute are all experienced professionals and have many years of experience in teaching the subject.

Q2. What is the cost of doing a Digital Marketing Course in Baltimore?

As many institutes offer this course, the prices depend on the mode of learning to the duration of the course. One can say that on average the cost to do Digital Marketing Courses in Baltimore is roughly USD 200 to USD 7000.

Q3. Is there a qualification required to do a digital marketing course?

No there is no specific qualification required to do this course. Any person from any field at any age can do this course. Some institutes may require A-level certification to do a certificate course. For a master’s program, one requires a graduation degree.

Q4. Is digital marketing a choice for a career?

Digital Marketing is an extremely lucrative career and over the past few years, the demand for these professionals is growing. With many people and companies going online to do business the requirement for these specialists is high and this makes it a good career choice for the future.


Digital Marketing has a wide scope of growth, and as times will pass there will be more demand in the digital sector. These are the times when technology is growing and expanding at a very faster speed. In the above article, we have shared the best possible information to make your choices easy for Digital Marketing Courses in Baltimore. The shortlisted institutes for the digital marketing courses are all reviewed and selected after the complete research. With the maximum information and details shared we hope that the article has been informative and productive.

Happy Learning!

  • Hello I am a content manager. I want to learn how to handle company’s digital marketing demands by establishing and executing new tactics for marketing products and services online to enhance sales and revenue. This may include developing and executing campaigns using social media, pay-per-click advertising, video films, and websites, among other things. For better learning I am planning to join a digital marketing course in Baltimore, from the given list.

  • Hello I am Martin. I am searching for the means to learn how to develop and execute a Digital Marketing Plan? Knowing, understanding and learning the different stages and the significant factors to be taken into consideration while it’s development and implementation of the marketing plan through online medium is my concern. Taking up an admission to the short duration digital marketing course in Baltimore integrated with internship training opportunity would be the best one. IIM skills is good by all means, so would begin with the demo invite session first. Thanks

  • I am Darren. I have completed my studies and doing part-time job as a content writer. These words,”Digital marketing has become an essential marketing strategy for all types of businesses. All businesses big, medium, and small want an online presence for which they require professional help. It is here where the role of a digital marketer comes in. They are the ones who help with the content of your website and suggest you online marketing strategies to use to reach the potential customer. It may seem simple, but it requires skills to do the task. Digital Marketing Courses in Baltimore can give you the required skill to make a carrier in this field.”, are enough to persuade me to join this course. I would like to register a free demo class and then proceed further. Thanks for the informative & productive article shared.

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