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Digital Marketing Course After 12th in 2024

After completing 12th, we have to make some crucial decisions, one which is related to our career and future. Digital marketing is the most important and demanding career choice for students. They need a course which helps them to get a job without studying for a long time. A Digital Marketing Course after 12th is a great career option for you.

Digital Marketing Course After 12th

It is best to do it after the 12th because it is beneficial for your career. This course is short-term and gives you limitless job opportunities. After finishing this course successfully, you will have in-depth knowledge about how this industry works.

You can consider the options such as doing it full time, part-time or freelancing. It provides endless opportunities for your career. This industry is growing and generating jobs for students all around the globe. If you want to see perpetual growth in your career, this is the right time to go for it.

What is Digital Marketing, and why opting for a Digital Marketing Course after 12th is the best option?

The very important question is what is Digital marketing? The answer is simple, this is a part of marketing that is used for selling or promoting your products through the internet. Whether it is social platforms, e-mailing, advertising based on the web, or blogging.

These platforms help brands and companies to get in touch with people. It is the easiest way to convince them to buy the products you are promoting. Through this, you can describe your ideas or products to the people, and if they are willing to buy them then the process is hassle-free.

Students spend much time on social media platforms, whether it is YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. They can utilize their time on these platforms by marketing their products or ideas on them and thus, earn money. Sounds interesting? Yes, they can do this if they get proper guidance to learn marketing on social media and other sites on the internet.

That is why doing a Digital Marketing Course after 12th is always the best option for students.

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Why should students choose a Digital Marketing Course after 12th?

It gives you many job opportunities. It not only makes you perfect in marketing but also helps you to be ready at all times. The reason you can choose the Digital Marketing course after 12th is it will not affect your studies. You can do it side by side. By joining a course, and learning it you can easily understand what exactly one does in online marketing.

Further, the exams in this course are not difficult. Once you get an idea and start learning about marketing, you can easily crack these exams with ease. For that, the suggestion is, you should join this course. One thing you will notice after joining this course that it has nothing to do with the eligibility or the degree. Basic knowledge such as handling computers and the internet would be enough.

Therefore, this course is an important and demanding career option. That is why students go for Digital Marketing Course after 12th.

  • Short duration course

This course is a short-term course. It is simple and does not consume your time much. Other degrees take 3-5 years for completion, but this course does not. This course simply takes 3 months to 6 months for completion. Instead of spending years on other degrees, you can easily opt for this course. This can be done while completing your other degrees.

You can gain professional experience in this course. This experience helps to get an increment in your salary after completing your degree.

  • Affordable

Fees for any course decides whether it is affordable or not. It affects our decision about that particular course. It is not costly, in fact, it is cost-effective. You do not need to pay lakhs for this course. Fees for this course are affordable so everyone can do it without any doubt.

Who can do this course?

This course does not need any eligibility. Few skills like basic computer knowledge, internet cognizance, and English are required. Those who have these skills can easily opt for this course. Other technical skills can be gained after joining the course. Everyone has these skills nowadays. Most people know computers. Many know the English language. That is why this course does not require any special eligibility.

Job opportunities after completion of digital marketing course after 12th

We all know that this industry is prospering in India and providing chances for growth. Students are attracted to it because there are so many job opportunities for them. Every company is always in search of students who are skillful in marketing.

We all are aware that the unemployment rate in India is growing continuously. Many graduates or postgraduates’ students end up with their degrees by getting no job in their hands. That is why this is the best option to do it side by side with your degree. You can get a job in this industry easily because every company needs a person who can do marketing. So, if you do this course, you can feel secure about your job.

This allows you to work in a company as follows:

And you will have many more jobs apart from the above mentioned in this industry.

It is one of the most trusted industries because it has a high employment rate and it helps students to start their own business. Government schemes like, “Start-Up India”, “Make in India” further pushed this industry to grow more.

Needless to say, another government scheme, “Digital India” marked that, if you want to progress continuously in marketing your services, products, or ideas then digitalization is necessary. That is why this industry provides so many job opportunities and one should opt for it.

Salary in Digital marketing

Salaries could vary from person to person. It depends on what skills do you have. How can you handle things and what is your expertise? The average salary of a person in this industry is 2-4 lakh per annum.

It can rise to 20-25 lakhs per annum after getting experience above 10 years. A person who is highly dedicated to his job can get more salary than mentioned above. One can surely see growth in one’s career.

If we talk about unemployment then a simple reason comes out that there is unemployment because job demands are more but the jobs are less. On the contrary to this, it is proven that in this industry jobs are more and demands are less. We can say that this industry is completely able to provide you with jobs and growth in your career as well.

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Components of Digital marketing course after 12th

There are few components of it, that we are going to talk about. These are:

  • Creating a website 

It is important to have your website. You will have your online address to connect with clients. You should keep in mind that your website`s content should be easy to understand. An average person who is having basic knowledge about visiting sites should be able to understand what is your website about.

  • Social media platforms

Social media platforms are a powerful way of marketing. Many people visit different-different platforms to search for products. You can have this opportunity to connect with people. Utilizing social media for marketing is highly necessary.

Products are easily shared on social media because people are more engaged and active on them. People have choices to buy the same products on various sites with different prices. That is the reason they choose these platforms. You should use these platforms as a medium for your growth in marketing.

Many people before visiting any particular site to buy products, search it on google. Your services or products need to be noticed on Google or any other search engines. Search engine optimization would help you for this purpose. Using proper and targeted keywords related to your services or products is important.

Search engine optimization helps your articles/blogs to rank on search engine websites. Once your articles or blogs start getting ranked on search engine websites, people will visit your websites to know about your products and services.

Email marketing is the most useful way to connect with your clients. Through emails, you will let them know about your products or services. Email marketing is not only helpful in selling your products to customers but also creates a good relationship between you and your customers. Emailing can be used for describing new products to customers, giving offers/discounts, and resolving problems related to services or products.

  • Marketing through mobile

This is also a well-known and trusted component of marketing. When you want to promote your products or services to the customer you can use mobile as a medium for it. Although it is a nice way to do but before doing that, you should have some knowledge about it. You can text customers to let them know about the products. It could be a great way of advertising the products.

  • Paid advertisements 

To be noticed is always important. SEO helps in creating a strong customer base. For fast results, you can have the option for paid advertisements. It helps you to be connected with targeted customers with correct exposure.

There will be more chances to be ranked and expand the business all over the world. It always keeps your planning and strategy in the right direction.

  • Content marketing

Content marketing is the most important component. Through this, the targeted customers are given the content through publishing or creating it. Content marketing with a strategic approach can fetch audiences easily. This could also be useful to gain the attention of customers.

We know that traditional marketing is less useful and effective for years now. This is the era of content marketing. Through e-books, emailing, blogging, video, different types of articles, webinars, etc. content marketing can be done effectively.

Customers visit many websites, read books, articles, and watch videos related to their choice of products. They decide which services they want or which product they should buy. In this way, content marketing proves its value to you.

  • Blogging 

If you are planning for your own business then a blog for business is necessary. It is an additional thing promoting the business. It helps you connect with customers and create your own space in the marketing field. Through blogs, customers get knowledge about the products. Communication between you and your customers never breaks because of blogging.

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It does not matter whether you have a little bit of experience of freelancing or not. Once you enter the world of digital marketing you will get to know about it. By practicing and constantly focusing on your niche you can easily understand this concept.

There are a lot of freelancing job opportunities in companies and firms. They hire you according to their need. what if I say that you can do it at your home without going anywhere? Sounds great? Yes, this is true.

If you are not willing to do it by joining any company, you can start freelancing. Freelancing simply means doing work by yourselves and connecting with people on your own which means if you are doing freelancing you are self-employed.

In freelancing you offer services, sometimes you work for multiple clients at a time. You can charge for your services on an hourly or daily basis. Freelancing could be for a short time or a long time.

You can use the internet wisely. Doing freelancing through the internet is a great way. It could be beneficial if you are using it for marketing purposes. This would not only make you self-reliable but also creates awareness about new trends in the world. You will always be updated. In this fast-changing world, one should always be ready to adopt changes and that is why freelancing is the best option.

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Why Digital marketing course after 12th is important?

The whole scenario of marketing in the world is changing and so are we. There is high competition for everything. You should always be prepared for knowing new things. Quest for learning keeps you up to date. This is one of them.

Through marketing, you sell products or ideas to the clients. You should know the current trends and what is happening around you. It is different from traditional marketing. In traditional marketing, a seller goes to a client’s home and describes the products. It is hectic and time-consuming.

A person who is marketing his product on digital platforms can reach wherever he wants. He can give descriptions of the products on social media platforms. He can sell anything to anyone in this world. Days have come when you need to market your products on digital platforms. That is what gives it so much importance.

Final thought

So here you have the best digital marketing course after 12th. Everyone in this world is using mobiles, tablets, computers, etc. for information. We are connected by one end to another end of the world through the different kinds of technological devices we have.

People now can buy anything from their homes without stepping outside and marketing on the internet becomes a milestone for this purpose. This is the right time for you to invest your energy, money, and ideas in it. Opting for a Digital Marketing Course after 12th exam is a great option.

It will keep you market-ready, updated, and connected with people. When you think about marketing what comes to mind that to convince your customers to buy products. Convincing customers is not an easy task. Applying different methods to convince them is important. That is the reason you should know Digital marketing. It will help you to reach your goals successfully.

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