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Top 10 Data Science Courses In Malaysia With Placements

Data science is the process of examining data for improvements and the development of relevant information for use in decision-making. Data science specialization is normally categorized into, huge data science, business science, prescriptive science, health data science, and social media science. A Data Science program focuses on educating the learners on tools used in data analysis, programming languages, statistical methods, data display, and leveraging science for management problems. With increasing emphasis on the use of data in businesses, an academic major in Data Science offers career opportunities in various fields. In this article, we have elaborated on each of these aspects in more detail as follows. In addition to this, we have also given you the details of the 10 best data science courses in Malaysia.

List of best data science courses in Malaysia

What Is Data Science?

Data science is defined as a multi-disciplinary field that uses elements of both mathematics as well as computer and artificial intelligence that analyze large amounts of data with the aim of identifying a specific set of characteristics or behaviors.

These insights will make it possible for organizations to know why certain things occur and devise better decisions for the future. Data science is the domain of data scientists and involves the use of artificial intelligence, particularly in its subsets such as machine learning and deep learning to develop models and make predictions with algorithms and other approaches.

In the past several years, the importance of data science has emerged tremendously because organizations and institutions increasingly rely on big data and other relevant information to make vital decisions that can shape their future course of action and overall direction.

Why is Data Science Important?

Data science allows for making sense of huge amounts of information and finding patterns by using interfaces such as data graphics and science models.

Once equipped with the ability to take proactive measures, businesses can then make better and more comprehensible decisions, optimize their processes, and enhance their cybersecurity, as well as improve their consumer experiences.

The use of data science is being incorporated in the teams for several purposes such as in diagnosing diseases, detecting malware, and optimizing transportation routes.

What are the Uses of Data Science?

Data science is used for all aspects of data analysis, including gathering, cleaning, processing, and interpreting as well as modeling the data and then making use of the analysis to make decision-making possible. Data science involves searching for relationships and tendencies within large amounts of information, which once identified, can be utilized by businesses to make improved decisions.

In other words, data science is applied to the analysis of large and complicated data sets, designing prediction algorithms, making recommendations, and creating visual representations of data sets.

Complex Data Analysis- Data science can perform analysis efficiently and effectively. Using numerous software tools and methodologies, data analysts can pick out trends and patterns in the data with high volumes of data and comprise complicated fields. It allows for increasing the efficiency of the decisions made – for example, regarding the strategy on how to divide customers into groups, or the result of the market analysis.

Predictive Modeling- It also includes Predictive science which presents the usage of data science in predictive modeling. That is, through the application of machine learning to data, patterns can be detected in an effort to predict future occurrences with a certain level of accuracy.

These models are particularly applicable where it is critical that the probability of events occurring in the future needs to be estimated and well known in order for the business to prosper – usually in industries such as insurance, marketing, and healthcare and in the finance domain.

Recommendation Generation- There are some organizations like Netflix, Amazon, and Spotify that work on data science and big data to come up with recommendations for their users’ interests derived from their previous patterns. To this end and through use of data science, users of these and similar platforms can be presented with features that they will appreciate based on their preferences and interests.

Data Visualization- Another key data science application is in generating data visualizations — things like graphs, charts, dashboards — and reporting, which aids decision-makers who are mostly not data scientists or technical employees, or for those executives who are pressed for time to better interpret complex information regarding the state of the business.

The Potential Advantages of Data Science

There are several key benefits that are often associated with data science across industries, which are listed below.

Improved Decision Making- Decision-making is made easier as the analysis of large amounts of data means that leaders have accurate information about past occurrences and data to back up the next steps to be taken in the future. Management can then derive business strategies that are well evidenced and at the same time, more clearly explained to the companies’ employees and other stakeholders.

Increased Efficiency- Through the accumulation of historical information, organizations can identify areas that cause delays in the line of production and find ways of altering the processes to hasten the production pace. They can also arbitrate multiple hypotheses and gather information to observe what strategies are effective and which are not. They can then proceed to design, how-, Efficient processes that include only what is necessary to achieve their goal in the smartest way possible.

Complex Data Interpretation- Data science makes it possible to work with and analyze the vast amount of raw data in different formats, with the aid of which it becomes possible to develop a model that predicts the likelihood of a certain event or occurrence in business such as customer buying behavior, market trends, etc. If other organizations are unable to produce insights from such data, companies do enjoy the definite edge of being the first to anticipate future events and plan accordingly.

Better Customer Experience- Gathering information on customers helps various organizations identify the pattern of purchase from the customers and also their preferred products. Companies can then use this information to develop engaging experiences for customers based on their preferences. For instance, a firm can make commercials and advertising strategies within a particular age group and sex or recommend related products from the same firm the consumer has previously purchased a product from the same company and alter the design and features of a product based on the consumers’ use and their feedback.

Strengthened Cybersecurity- Data science tools provide teams with the capability of tracking a large amount of data and make it possible to identify any divergent patterns. For example, through analysis of the given data, financial institutions can look at transactions and identify incidences of fraudulent activities. Security teams can also collect data on activities underway in network systems in an organization and this can help security administrators in identifying any abnormalities and consequently early detection of a cyber attack.

Find here the other best courses in Malaysia:

Role of a Data Scientist

Data scientists are trained individuals who are responsible for obtaining, sorting, and interpreting data in a format that would enable the data to be presented in a coherent narrative fashion with specific instructions on how to proceed.

The professionals in the field of data scientists are well-trained in recognizing fault patterns in a bunch of data and generally, the data scientists apply algorithms and various machine learning models to assist the organizations in making the right estimations and predictions. Hiring criteria for a data scientist include an understanding of both mathematical algorithms and statistics with programming language knowledge.

Data science is a broad field, and therefore there are many occupations beyond that of a data scientist. For instance, data analysts have the mandate of seeking information within the data corpus, making sense of it, and then presenting the information in the form of reports, dashboards, or graphical representations to other relevant stakeholders in the organization and may even extend to customers.

Another role is that of a data engineer, which is primarily involved in designing and developing the environment that data scientists work with, to process data.

Traditionally, the data engineer resides with responsibilities such as the creation of data models and data pipelines and overseeing extract, transform, and load (ETL). Every position across each area of data science incorporates both hard and soft competencies that would require training and refinement over the years of the person’s profession.

List of 10 Best Data Science Courses in Malaysia

IIM SKILLSMYR 5,667 + 18% TAX11 months


TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN UNIVERSITYAvailable on request1.5 years
HELP UNIVERSITYAvailable on request1 year
THE KPI INSTITUTEAvailable on request1 Year


MYR 32,3102 Years


The data science courses in Malaysia by IIM SKILLS provide a thorough overview of the background, key concepts, and tools used in the data science field. Students become proficient in data visualization, statistical analysis, Python programming, and machine learning.

The course curriculum focuses on real-world applications, ensuring practical skill development. The data science courses in Malaysia are led by skilled instructors and provide students with the knowledge needed for various roles in the industry.

Furthermore, case studies and practical projects foster pragmatic knowledge, making this an invaluable course for aspiring data scientists.


  • Statistics in Data Science
  • Data Science (AL & ML)
  • Data Science Using SQL
  • Data Science Using Power BI
  • Data Science Using Python
  • Data Science Using Tableau
  • R For Data Science
  • Data Science Using Alteryx


Phone number- +919580740740

Email id- [email protected]


2. The University of Malaya

The University of Malaya’s Data Science courses in Malaysia teach students with degrees in both science and non-science subjects, the principles of big data science, and prepare them for careers in this rapidly increasing field of data science.

It helps students who want to further their careers in data science to get in-depth knowledge and skills in analyzing, visualizing, and translating enormous amounts of data from many industries into relevant insights. It is one of the best data science institutes in Malaysia.


  • Principles of Data Science
  • Data Science
  • Programming for Data Science
  • Data Mining
  • Machine Learning for Data Science
  • Big Data Management


Phone Number- +60 3-7967 3502

Website- https://www.um.edu.my

3. Tunku Abdul Rahman University

Tunku Abdul Rahman University’s Master of Data Management and Science program prepares students to help firms leverage their data and uncover new opportunities. This, in turn, results in better business decisions, more efficient operations, higher profits, and happier customers.

Their Data Science courses in Malaysia prepare students to help businesses increase revenue, optimize operational efficiency, improve marketing campaigns and customer service efforts, respond quickly to changing market conditions, and gain a competitive edge over competitors — all with the final objective of improving business performance.

Tunku Abdul Rahman University is one of the data science institutes in Malaysia, where students will gain specialized skills to address complex data difficulties in diverse commercial settings and transform raw data into meaningful information for improved decision-making.


  • Data Management for Data Science
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Data Visualisation Techniques
  • Business Intelligence Information Systems
  • Programming for Data Science
  • Big Data Technology
  • Research Methods

Contact Details

Phone: +60 3-4145 0123

Website- https://tarc.edu.my

4. University Teknologi Mara

The University Teknologi Mara offers a three-semester data science training program in Malaysia that provides in-depth knowledge of data-driven science, a cross-disciplinary discipline concerned with scientific methods, processes, and systems for gathering knowledge or insights from data in many different formats, structured or unstructured.

Their data science courses in Malaysia aim to generate data professionals who are passionate about deriving meaningful insights from data using data science methodologies.

The curriculum is designed to provide you with strong analytical and programming skills for employing data science, ranging from data storage and science to practical applications, to improve business or organizational performance.


  • Enterprise Data Science
  • Advanced-Data Organization
  • Research Methodology
  • Statistical Computing
  • Statistical Data Mining
  • Advanced-Data Science Technology
  • Seminar and Industry Engagement
  • Data Visualization
  • Time-series Modelling and Forecasting
  • Applied Statistical Modelling


Tel: +603-5544 2000

Website- https://uitm.edu.my/index.php/en/

5. Universiti Kebangsaan

Universiti Kebangsaan provides data science courses in Malaysia. The training combines mathematics and statistics knowledge with programming and data analysis skills. This data science training program in Malaysia offers a number of courses centered on data science.

Candidates can customize their learning modules based on their interests and professional aspirations by choosing from three options: Data Computing, Data Science, and Finance/Business Science. The program’s purpose is to produce competent, ethical, and competitive graduates who can contribute to their respective countries.


  • Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
  • Issues in Risk Management and Insurance
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Unstructured Data Science
  • Data Visualization and Communication
  • Business Science
  • Mathematical Statistics with Computing
  • Data Management
  • Multicriteria Decision Making
  • Data Mining
  • Statistical Methods for Computational Biology

Contact Details

Phone: +60 3-8921 5555


6. HELP University

HELP University’s Data Science courses in Malaysia aim to prepare graduates to meet the growing demand for data science specialists capable of making decisions based on large amounts of data.

Their data science institutes in Malaysia students learn to apply science technologies for information discovery and distribution to assist researchers or decision-makers in achieving organizational objectives.

The goal of their data science training program in Malaysia is to produce graduates who can use quantitative modeling and data analysis approaches to address real-world business problems, communicate findings, and successfully demonstrate outcomes using data visualization tools.

Identify and assess ethical issues in business, such as intellectual property, data security, integrity, and privacy. Also, demonstrate your understanding of statistical data analysis approaches for decision-making.


  • Research Methods
  • Applied Machine Learning
  • Programming for Data Science
  • Statistics for Data Science
  • Dissertation

Phone- +60 3-2716 2000

Website- https://help.edu.my


This data science training program in Malaysia aims to improve the decision-making process within the company by conducting rigorous data analysis, as well as to prepare executives and analysts to gain insights from both qualitative and quantitative data.

Participants in their data science courses in Malaysia will learn how to efficiently obtain, analyze, and evaluate data in order to make better decisions based on previous data and trends. In this course, you will get both academic understanding and practical data management skills.

The knowledge will assist people in understanding the importance of data and the insights it gives.


Phone Number- +60 327 421357

8. INTI International University and Colleges

Their data science courses in Malaysia are flexible and welcoming to both students and working professionals. Every corporation in the current climate recognizes the value of data when making business choices.

This data science training program in Malaysia is a research degree that allows students to focus on a specific topic or field of research, with a significant emphasis on self-directed work.

This program aspires to educate leaders and specialists in data science with a positive mindset to maximize the exploitation and growth of science and technology as a way for economic and sustainable development.


  • Data Science
  • Science
  • Information Technology
  • Computer Science
  • Computing


Phone: +60 3-2052 2888

Website- https://newinti.edu.my

9. The Technical University of Malaysia Melaka

The Data Science and Science curriculum at the Technical University of Malaysia Melaka is aimed at providing students with fundamental and practical knowledge, technical skills, and up-to-date technology in the field of data science.

Their data science courses in Malaysia include the fundamental concepts of data science, the capacity to analyze a wide range of big data, the ability to use data science tools and apply data science methodologies in a variety of domains, and the ability to convey science results to the target audience.

This data science training program is delivered through lectures, lab sessions, and industrial projects, with an emphasis on cutting-edge methodologies, tools, and technology, as well as established methodology through university-industry collaborations. Graduates of this degree will be able to pursue careers as data scientists, data analysts, and other roles.


  • Entrepreneurship
  • Big Data Management
  • Applied Statistical Methods
  • Applied Machine Learning
  • Big Data Science and Visualization
  • Modeling and Decision Making


Email-ID- [email protected]

Phone Number- +606 2702411

10. IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

The IBM Data Science Professional Certificate is among the best online data science courses in Malaysia. It was developed by IBM specialists. The course has an average student rating of 4.6/5, with more than 2 lakh students enrolled thus far.

IBM professors created the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate on Coursera. They have numerous years of experience with data science. The course curriculum is based on their experience and skills in data analysis.

The course takes 11 months if students study three hours each week; however, students can complete it in one, three, or six months. Students who want to take this data science training program in Malaysia can do so by going to Coursera.

They can then complete the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate for free in 7 days, but they will not obtain certification.


  • Data Science Orientation
  • Tools for Data Science
  • Data Science Methodology
  • Python for Data Science and AI
  • Databases and SQL for Data Science
  • Data Visualization with Python
  • Data Analysis with Python
  • Machine Learning with Python
  • Applied Data Science Capstone


Website- https://www.ibm.com/training/badge/data-science-professional-certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

What course should I pursue to obtain a job as a data scientist?

Obtain a bachelor’s degree or a certificate in computer science, mathematics, statistics, or any other related field. However, it is also possible to take online data science courses in Malaysia.

Is there a high demand for data scientists in Malaysia?

It is forecasted that by 2020, the demand for data professionals in Malaysia alone will be over 20,000, and for data scientists, there will be a demand of 2,000. In Malaysia, top-notch qualified Data Scientists or well-established Big Data Professionals are expected. This is a good opportunity for you to enroll with one of the data science institutes in Malaysia.

Which programming language do data analysts use most often?

Data analysts query databases through SQL but the cleaning, manipulation, analysis, and presentation of data require either Python or R.


Currently, all IT organizations are in the process of looking for data scientists who can analyze data, identify trends, and make good decisions upon such findings. The application of data science is not limited to the information technology sector, rather it can be applied to enhance the growth and effectiveness of an organization significantly. It also makes it a highly demanded career and area of study for both students and professionals.

Nevertheless, searching for suitable data science institutes in Malaysia may prove to be a challenging endeavor at best, and that is why this article provides a comprehensive guide about the possible data science training program in Malaysia. A key thing to note is that taking these courses will be unfeasible if you do not have a passion to pursue a career in data analysis. You should be open to a profession in data science. We hope that this article will be useful for you to decide which are the best data science courses in Malaysia.

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