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Top 15 Data Analytics Companies In India To Grow Your Career

Data now governs even the most cutting-edge businesses. Due to increased internet access, many data streams are flowing across the world. Businesses are conscious of the fact that this data translates into knowledge they can use to enhance customer service, comprehend trends, or even identify market weaknesses. It is crucial to analyze data and derive precise information that can be utilized to enhance particular areas of a marketplace or the business as a whole to acquire such crucial insight into the data as a whole. Data analytics has a wide range of uses, and companies are aggressively utilizing these applications to stay competitive. Data analysis is used by civic organizations as well as enterprises for several purposes, including crime monitoring. Here is your list of the top data analytics companies in India. 

Top Data Analytics companies in India

People are producing far more data as a result of the Internet’s explosive growth. Data is becoming a vital resource for businesses. Every industry, from medical to manufacturing, retailing, and finance, has started to recognize the need for data-driven business operations, and as more choices depend on inputs based on data collected, the desire for data analytics increases. Since a long time ago, India has been a crucial market for data science and analytics goods.

If you recall, the emergence of the Indian e-commerce business caused a shakeup in the data science industry. Additionally, data science makes use of the capability to stop risk and fraud. Companies that specialize in big data analytics are masters in spotting and reducing anomalous and hazardous data. Not many companies have the resources to hire a data scientist. For all data-related solutions, they consequently seek out data analytics companies. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top data analytics companies in India for 2021–2022, based on our study of organizations in India.

What is the Significance of Data Analytics?

Data analytics is important for two clear causes. First of all, it aids in decision-making. Second, it is supported by facts. When these two characteristics are combined, data analytics becomes a powerful instrument. Making judgments based on actual data (instead of intuition or “gut feeling”) is a far more scientific method of solving issues. Data analytics is by far the strongest tool we have for forecasting future patterns and making inferences about the past, even though it is not always 100% correct.

The applications of data analytics are numerous and varied in today’s world. Data analytics is frequently promoted online as a tool for business information, such as forecasting future sales or guiding product creation and advertising expenditures.

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Data analytics: Why Companies Want It

Organizations can utilize data in many different ways, but successful companies frequently have similar approaches to using analytics. Below are a few typical use cases that you may refer to if you’re not sure where to start as an entrepreneur.

  • Discover the Ideal Audience

Finding a group of people who will be interested in the good or service you are offering is the first step in starting a company. An ideal market to target for disruption is one where there is a relatively underserved market. The best course of action is to identify a niche that you can exploit as soon as you get into an acceptable industry and aim to go forward. The optimal audience for your offering might not be immediately apparent, but you have to start somewhere.

It frequently happens that the consumer you first thought would be most suited for your good or service is very different from the one who uses it. As an entrepreneur, you may step up your efforts to draw in the “correct” population by acknowledging the statistics.

  • Create Wise Choices

For startups, analytics should be a constant emphasis after achieving product-market fit. While some businesses have survived for years on nothing more than a gut feeling, the majority of us would be prudent to look at the statistics before making any judgments.

A company has an endless number of places where data may be used to make improvements. Proper analysis, however, is frequently the challenge. Any information you get is probably not going to be very useful if you can’t come up with insightful questions.

  • Measured Performance

Monitoring your company’s success over time is another important role of analytics. You, as the entrepreneur, may locate the points in your advertising or sales process where conversions are being lost by keeping track of specific signs.

Today’s entrepreneurs are fortunate since they have access to a variety of analytics tools. Years back, what was only a game of experimentation and failure has been improved. Without data, which is the future, you’ll probably lose your competitive advantage.

Analytics is all about determining what is effective and what isn’t. By promptly identifying weak areas and launching a strategy to improve performance, entrepreneurs may hasten their growth by using the tools mentioned above and analyzing the data.

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  • Enhance Earnings

Last but not least, startups may use data to increase overall profitability. Businesses need to be prepared to withstand any storm because of the transient nature of our economy. As a result, businesses should constantly track a variety of factors that have an impact on their runway.

Analytics may be utilized to find methods to boost profitability by decreasing CAC, raising LTV, and reducing churn and burn. Startups may assess the areas that have the most financial impact using data and make the necessary improvements.

List of Best Data Analytics Companies in India

The best data analytics companies in India are famous for their dedication to putting the needs of the client first and for having a wealth of real-world expertise. Nevertheless, there is a lot of hype on the market proclaiming products to be the finest in their respective fields, so it is crucial to do a precise evaluation of what is on offer. The selection process is difficult because there are so many potential options. We have compiled the list of top data analytics companies in India below to alleviate your concerns in this area. This list will help you with your study and will save you a tonne of time and work. Look through this list of data analytics companies in India and make your selections based on your company’s needs.

1. SG Analytics

SG Analytics, recognized by the Financial Times as one of APAC’s fastest-growing firms, is a noted insights and analytics company specializing in data-centric research and contextual analytics.

Operating globally across the US, UK, Poland, Switzerland, and India, they expertly guide data from inception to transform it into invaluable insights using their knowledge-driven ecosystem, results-focused solutions, and advanced technology platform.

Their distinguished clientele, including Fortune 500 giants, attests to their mastery of harnessing data with purpose, merging content and context to overcome business challenges. With their brand’s promise of “Life’s Possible,” they consistently deliver enduring value, ensuring the utmost client delight.

They have been consistently recognized by leading analyst firms such as ISG, Everest, Analytics India Magazine (AIM), Entrepreneur India, and 3AI for our excellence, commitment & impact in shaping modern day enterprises with their evolving data needs.

Recently, SG Analytics has been featured in AIM’s PeMa Quadrant for Top Data Science Service Providers for the second time in a row as a Seasoned Vendor and Best Company of the Year in Data Analytics at the MSME India Business Convention.

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2. Hyperlink InfoSystem

As a trustworthy provider of data science services, Hyperlink InfoSystem enables businesses to develop and carry out well-thought-out big data programs. To assist your company in utilizing the power of data and resolving data-related issues, they have the infrastructure, and workforce of data scientists, analysts, and developers, as well as the necessary technologies. With big data analytic services, they hope to turn your challenging data sets into potent reports, dashboards, and visualizations for company owners to understand their companies.

3. Accenture

This Fortune Global 500 corporation offers services including app development, cloud computing, supply chain management, SAP, Salesforce, and software engineering. The business, which has more than 492K employees and serves clients in 200 cities across 120 countries, employs workers in these places.

The analytics division of the tech behemoth Accenture is called Accenture Analytics. This department has established a reputation for providing data-driven solutions and has strong support from artificial intelligence and machine learning. This analytics division is a fantastic environment for a data analyst because it is powered by Accenture’s predictive analytics technology. You will get access to data sensors, third-party searches, and cutting-edge insight from Accenture. You will get the opportunity to work at Accenture Innovation Centers and Accenture Labs as well as join its worldwide network of above 1800 data scientists and analysts if you join Accenture Analytics.

4. Tata Consultancy Services

One of the leading IT firms in India, TCS is ranked as one of the most desirable IT services brands globally. The business provides services such as enterprise applications, blockchain, web of things, cloud platforms, automation, and mobile apps. Since its founding in 1968, it has grown to operate in 149 sites throughout 46 countries.

5. Tech Mahindra

The Mahindra Group subsidiary Tech Mahindra provides IT services to practically every industry. 125K employees are working for this company across 90 countries including over 900 engaged clients around the world. It offers services such as online and mobile application development, workplace business solutions, cloud technologies, electronic supply chain, and numerous others.

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6. Capgemini India Pvt ltd

One of the leading MNCs offering consulting, technology, professional, and outsourcing services is Capgemini. They employ more than 270K people in more than 50 countries. They are knowledgeable about practically every industry and have experience with blockchain, cloud, SAP, and AI technologies.

7. Genpact

A multinational provider of professional services, Genpact brings corporate change to life. They support their customers’ digital-led innovation and intelligent operations by drawing on their experience managing hundreds of processes, mostly for Global Fortune 500 businesses. They explore design, envision with digital, and solve problems with data and analytics.

8. Tiger Analytics

Tiger Analytics is a leader in the use of AI and analytics to tackle some of the most difficult issues that face enterprises throughout the world. Numerous Fortune 500 organizations, create customized solutions backed by data and technology. They employ a sizable number of remote workers throughout the world and have offices in several locations in the United States, the UK, India, and Singapore.

9. LatentView Analytics

As a reputable partner to Fortune 500 firms, LatentView Analytics is a leader in the data and analytics industry. By assisting businesses in climbing the analytics maturity curves through useful insights that result in data-driven choices, they enable them to better serve their consumers.

10. DataFactz

They are a business that is led by data scientists that are curious. DataFactz has created unheard-of solutions by fusing a variety of Data Science methodologies from statistical data, advanced analytics, machine learning, decisions and strategic business moves, information psychology, and business analytics with our ecosystems of technological platforms.

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11. Alabs.ai

You may begin or change to Alabs.ai, the subsidiary of AnalytixLabs, whether you’re seeking the finest data analytics companies in India. This analytics firm provides organizations with solutions powered by machine learning and AI. Arabs have created exclusive end-to-end tools that are ready for implementation by combining the greatest data science and analytics techniques. When it comes to scalable data models and algorithms that are supported by in-depth industry expertise, Arabs is the greatest location in India to start a career in analytics.

12. HData Systems

data Systems develops unique solutions for data analysis that break down large amounts of data and turn it into knowledge that is useful to your company. Then, using both structured and unstructured data, they transform them into easily observable measures to assist you in choosing the best options for your company. These analysts explain results to non-technical people by visualizing the outcomes. data Systems is an Indian data analytics company that offers services to assist businesses to improve their performance and productivity via the use of analytical methods.

13. Convergytics

One of the greatest data analytics businesses to deal with in India is Convergytics. The company specializes in growth analytics with a retail and CPG focus. Convergytics provides services that assist companies in increasing customer happiness, marketing ROI, and innovation to stay competitive. Convergytics is the ideal environment to develop and learn.

14. Datalicious

Another excellent analytics company to work for in India is Datalicious. With the help of Datalicious, marketers can use data to inform decisions that will enhance the consumer experience. The learning curve at Datalicious, which has a strong and committed staff of data analysts and technologists, is steep. It is important to note that Datalicious is one of the top Google Analytics resellers in the APAC area, which enables it to deal with both startup companies and Fortune 500 enterprises. thus it makes it to the list of our top data analytics companies In india.

15. Crayon Data

Crayon Data prides itself on having a very lively and sometimes crazy work environment (in a good way). Since Crayon Data’s founding in 2012, its growth has quadrupled. One of the data firms with the greatest growth rates, with its headquarters in Singapore, is aiming to make the world’s options simpler. Through SimplerChoices, a unique platform, Crayon Data offers its consumers choices that are highly tailored. The firm currently contains information on around 25 billion taste relationships, 1 billion flavors, and approximately 25 million goods. Food, coffee, and a lot of energy define Crayon Data’s working hours.

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16. Gramener

Among the most exciting businesses to keep an eye on in 2013 was Gramener. Today, Gramener is among India’s leading providers of data analytics services. Gramener uses data to create simplified dashboards that make it easier to solve business problems graphically. The designs make it simpler for the eyes to recognize crucial signals since they are grounded in cognitive studies.

Checklist Before Starting a New Position at Data Analytics Companies in India

Being called for many interviews back-to-back when applying to numerous employers might make finding a job difficult. Applying to a position only for the sake of it, though, might soon be detrimental to your performance and career. Receiving a job offer from a firm that doesn’t fit your ideal work environment or pay scale might result in a miserable work environment.

To make sure the organization you choose offers all you need to deliver your best effort, you must first make a thorough checklist. Expecting perks and bonuses is beneficial, and businesses are aware of this. Because of this, the majority of Indian data analytics companies—big or small—offer nothing in the way of advantages for hiring new employees.

You must be on the lookout for last-minute offer retraction or changes in work obligations as a job search. Consequently, reading through company profiles and evaluations from current employees might be a smart place to start in this situation. A corporation that can’t stay to its choice is not one you want to work for.

The Following Are Some More Remembrances:

  • Position and Contribution to the Expansion of the Business

When applying for a position, don’t only look at the job description. Review the duties you would be expected to assume if you joined. If you are switching careers, it should be in line with your experience. If not, you should be completely confident in each JD pointer so that you can respond to any question about it in your interview. You must examine the specifics of the position and comprehend how you will fit into the company’s growth strategy. Your position can eventually become stagnant if you are not directly or indirectly a part of the development curve. Additionally, if the position positively impacts the expansion of the organization, you may anticipate stability, performance recognition, and professional development.

  • Revenue Information

Do thorough research on the company’s financial situation. You don’t want to work for a business whose finances are in serious trouble. Before you say yes, be aware of investments, acquisitions, and growth statistics.

  • Get to Know Your Colleagues and Reporting Person

Knowing your future coworkers doesn’t need much effort. To know who you’ll be working with, look into each person’s profile, get to know them, and connect with them. Attention to detail regarding your reporting supervisor might also make it easier for you to establish a rapport.


  • Perks and Benefits

To attract fresh talent and keep both the old and the new, large enterprises and mid-sized businesses give careful consideration to workplace incentives and bonuses. Before agreeing, enquire about the advantages and extras, such as medical services, time off, team outings, system assistance, and similar things. Even tiny firms now provide flexibility and help to the best of their abilities following the outbreak.

  • Work-life Harmony

Look into the workplace culture. Examine your ability to maintain a good work-life balance by specifically requesting the type of job commitment the employer is seeking. You should back off if you have any doubts. You will soon be functioning below your potential if you don’t maintain a work-life balance.

  • Growth Curve

Your new position shouldn’t require you to continue doing the same thing you have been performing for years. It ought to provide you with the opportunity to try out new responsibilities and jobs. If you are a new employee, consider what you can acquire and how you might reshape your career.

  • Location-flexibility

The epidemic has altered how we cooperate and work. Today, a firm that limits geographical flexibility is missing out on talented employees. Make sure flexibility is offered whether or not you feel comfortable joining the workplace. It aids. Make sure you travel less if you’re looking for office work and want to return to the office once it opens. To make things easier on you, find a business in and surrounding your accommodation.


FAQs on Data Analytics Companies in India

Q1. Which are the finest data analytics companies in India?

A data analyst would do well in any analytics-driven firm that specializes in providing data-driven business solutions. The top data analytics companies in India will concentrate on data collection and multilevel analysis. As an analyst, you must be allowed to use data to pinpoint market insufficiencies, design product, and marketing strategies, construct predictive models and provide in-depth analysis of workable business solutions. Any business that offers you a position like that is a perfect fit.

Q2. Is the profession of a data analyst a desirable one in India?

Yes. With significant investments in AI and machine learning, the Indian FinTech sector is predicted to grow to become the third largest worldwide. Consequently, there will always be a need for data analysts. As a result, there are plenty of lucrative chances available to you regardless of whether you’re a data analyst or want to begin your career as one in India.

Q3. What businesses in India are leveraging data?

Many businesses in India use data analysis and are among the top places to work as data analysts in India. Several businesses, including Arabs, Accenture, Tech Mahindra, and Genpact.

Conclusion on top data analytics companies in India 

There are several data analytics companies in India in which you could work as a data analyst or in another position related to data science. Even if this list of data analytics companies in India is the best of the bunch, you may still browse Glassdoor for organizations with positive employee evaluations and fascinating employment opportunities for business and data analysts.

Before joining any Data Analytics Company in India, there are a few boxes you must check. You must be pleased to be starting a new job. Your personal life and mental well-being are directly impacted by your career.


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