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10 Popular Coursera Social Media Marketing Courses

Today, most brands communicate with the audience and expand business through social media marketing. Social media marketing is a rapidly growing industry with bright career prospects. This article entails the ten popular Coursera social media marketing courses worthy of a lucrative career.

Popular Coursera Social Media Marketing Courses

 What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a unique way to promote business and generate leads through social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Some of the social media marketing strategies include text posting, image upload, video update. The main challenge lies in constant audience engagement and target audience interaction.

How to Achieve the Best Social Media Marketing?

Factors to tighten to achieve the best social media marketing are as follows:

  1. Focus on Planning Content– Great social content needs sturdy planning. A well-charted plan can help attain visibility in social media. Focus on keyword research and brainstorm ideas that can engage the audience. Try to provide information that lures the target audience.
  2. Maintain Consistency – Post valuable content to gain the confidence of the target audience. Consistency is the key to successful content engagement. Maintain consistency across all the platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. A uniformity will assure the audience and consumers will believe in the authenticity of your brand.
  3. Create Consistent Brand Awareness- Make sure to include your brand name in all the social media posts. Any post you create and upload must reiterate the usefulness of your brand and show the benefits to the consumers. Maintain your brand’s identity in all your posts consistently. The social media platform is a powerful tool to build your brand and audience.
  4. Track the Competitors- Get an insight into your competitor’s social media marketing. It will help determine your stand in the eyes of the target audience. Focus on keyword research on a competitor’s website. It will give an insight into audience interests and provide valuable data. You can channelize your marketing plans accordingly. Try to track the competitors and see the magic happen in your social media handles.
  5. Look for Content Promotion Opportunities- Social media is a great platform to unravel your content delicacies. Promoting your original content can be a real value booster and open new avenues for your brand. Work hard to achieve dedicated followers and then make your readers glued to your social media handles.

Know about Social Media and its Importance

Five Reasons to Study Social Media Marketing Courses in 2022

  • Enormous Growth Opportunities

Social media is the boom of today’s era. There is a growing demand for digital marketing enthusiasts worldwide to hone one’s entrepreneurial skills and improve business. Most of the consumers search online for business proposals and opportunities.

Studying a social media marketing course in 2021 can do wonders from a business perspective and enrich one’s growth opportunities. Social media marketing courses help build brand awareness, pinpoint the target audience, and scale up the business.

  • A Creative Career

Social media marketing is all about engaging the audience with originality and creativity. You can expect a fun-filled, creative career curve if you choose to study social media marketing courses in 2021. A career in Social media marketing means furnishing unique content from time to time.


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  • Lucrative Career Options

Social media marketing is not just a growing industry but a lucrative career alternative. This industry provides attractive salary benefits for freshers and experienced lot. One day, you can become head of social or head of creative and move up the ladder along with salary.

  • Promises Employability

Many businesses have dedicated channels for social media. Studying social media marketing helps in employment opportunities. A job is certain for social media marketing students.

  • Desirable Skills

Social media marketing is the on-demand skill of 2021 that teaches strategies and marketing techniques to survive on social media platforms. Social media marketing reduces marketing costs, puts sales into overdrive, and generates leads for the website. Social media marketing skills are much needed to drive new users to your website.

Learn about Social Media Branding

Why Choose Coursera Social Media Marketing courses?

Why should you choose Coursera social media marketing courses to enhance your skillset or upgrade your career? Let us look at definitive reasons that make Coursera social media marketing courses the best in the market.

  • 100% online course
  • Flexible session schedules
  • Separate hands-on project
  • Beginner level courses availability
  • Availability of various specializations
  • Standard certificates upon completion

Coursera Social Media Marketing Courses – An Overview at Beginner and Advanced Levels

Many courses are available at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels in social media marketing. Let us look at some of the short-term and long-term Coursera courses on social media marketing.

Short Term Coursera Social Media Marketing Courses at the Beginner Level (3 months duration)

If you want to pursue short-term courses, Coursera has the below fifteen courses to quench your thirst. Below is the list of short-term Coursera Social media marketing courses at the beginner level.

  1. Introduction to Social Media Marketing
  2. Fundamentals of Social Media Advertising
  3. Advertising with Facebook
  4. Social media Advertising
  5. E-Marketing
  6. Introduction to Digital marketing
  7. Identifying, attracting, and growing Digital audience
  8. Business analytics and digital media
  9. Measure and optimize social media marketing campaigns
  10. Facebook Social media Capstone
  11. Marketing analytics– Know your customers
  12. Organizational analytics
  13. Getting your film off the ground
  14. Social network analysis
  15. Introduction to Digital advertising landscape

Long-Term Coursera Social Media Marketing Courses at the Beginner Level (3+ months duration)

Now let us explore the list of long-duration courses by Coursera. Make sure you attend these Coursera social media marketing courses at the beginner level to gain in-depth knowledge in various topics of social media marketing.

  1. Social media marketing
  2. Digital marketing
  3. SEO also known as Search Engine Optimization
  4. Digital advertising strategy
  5. Content strategy for professionals
  6. Marketing mix implementation

Coursera Social Media Marketing Courses (Advanced Level)

Three popular Coursera courses (advanced level) are :

  1. Design client welcome kit using Canva
  2. Innovation and entrepreneurship
  3. Design and Innovation of business model

Top Skills Needed to Master a Social Media Marketing Course

The top eight Social media skills to excel in social media marketing courses are:

  • Communication Skills– To engage customers, you need to develop good communication skills. Good communications skills are essential for voicing out the brand on a global stage.
  • Creativity– A creative and engaging content only attracts the audience and retains them for a long time. Creativity is a crucial skill in Social media marketing that keeps followers engaged. One can create viral videos, posts through this essential skill set.
  • Good Writing Ability– Catchy phrases, magnetic words help to enhance the images and videos in social media. Flawless writing ability is a must to excel in social media marketing. Writing plays a critical role in luring the target audience and motivating them to stay connected to the brand.
  • Content Curation Skill– Curating original yet brilliant content is key to success in social media marketing. In addition to audience choice, knowing when to share content, where to share, and how to share content is essential. Content curation is indispensable and necessary to master social media marketing.
  • Marketing Skills– Basic marketing skills aid in understanding and excelling in social media. Marketing skills will lay the necessary foundation for social media content promotion. With the help of marketing skills, you can captivate your audience and build brand awareness.
  • Relationship-Building Skill– Social media is incomplete without building a relationship. Building relationships is a challenging skill and not a cakewalk for many. Audiences from different backgrounds must feel the urge to stay connected to your brand. Audiences need to feel a family-like bonding for a long-lasting relationship. One needs to develop this skillset to manage the audience effectively.
  • Management Skill– Dual management skills are needed- community management and project management. Social media marketers need to manage the project by tracking contacts, creating schedules, managing ad budgets, publishing content, and maintaining profiles. Community management involves building online communities, maintaining online presence successfully. Both these skills are necessary for Social media marketing.
  • Fast Learning Ability– Digital marketing and social media are fields where new tools and techniques continue to grow daily. Social media marketers need learning ability to meet the day-to-day advancements.

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Ten Popular Coursera Social Media Marketing Courses

Although there are plenty of Coursera social media marketing courses, some courses are downright popular and preferable by many students worldwide. We are going to take a glimpse of such famous marketing courses in this section.

  1. Facebook Social Media Marketing (Professional Certificate Course)

Duration: 7 months

Offered by: Facebook

The Number of Courses: This professional certificate offers a total of six courses.

  • Introduction to social media marketing
  • Social media management
  • Fundamentals of social media advertising
  • Advertising with Facebook
  • Measuring optimizing social media campaigns
  • Facebook Social media marketing capstone

Skills from the Course: Top skills to master from this course are performance advertising, digital marketing, brand management, social media marketing, content development, social media marketing strategy, campaign management, ad management, marketing content development, etc.

Course Details:  This course teaches you to create an effective advertising campaign for your audience, troubleshoot Facebook Ads manager, establish and manage social media presence.

This six-course program equips you for an entry-level role in social media marketing. You will earn Coursera and Facebook Digital Marketing Associate certification.

2. Social Media Marketing Specialization

Duration: 7 months

Offered by: Northwestern University

The Number of Courses: This specialization encompasses a total of six courses.

  • What is Social
  • Importance of Listening
  • Engagement and nurturing marketing strategies
  • Content, Advertising, and Social IMC
  • Business of Social
  • Social marketing capstone project

Skills from the Course: The top skills you will learn from this specialization are business planning techniques, digital marketing techniques, influencer marketing hacks, analytics, social marketing, A/B testing, social network, writing, marketing strategy, budget, etc.

Course Details:  This course provides you with training in analytical tools and teaches you to become a successful influencer on social media. In addition, this course helps you to build a complete marketing strategy for social media (from consumer insights to final metrics).

This specialization does not give university credits. By taking up this course specialization, you can indulge in creating blogs, private virtual communities, social networks, passion sites, create target strategies, engage online communities and achieve your organizational goals.

3. Project Course- How to Use Canva to Create Social Media Visuals for Business

Duration: 2 hours

Offered by: Coursera project network

Course Type: Guided project

Skills from the Course: Digital marketing, graphics design, and social media marketing skills.

Course Details: In this course, you will learn to use Canva features, create six social media visuals, prepare visuals for publication and showcase hands-on experience in an interview.

In this course, the instructor guides in a split-screen video and gives step-by-step instruction. You will learn to create a Facebook cover, Facebook post, Youtube thumbnail, Youtube channel art, Instagram post, and Twitter handle.

4. Viral Marketing: How to Craft Contagious Content

Duration: 4 hours

Offered by: University of Pennsylvania

The Number of Concepts: This course covers four main concepts – what makes ideas sticky, how social influence shapes behavior, the power of word of mouth, social networks.

Skillset: Takeaway skills from this course are viral marketing, social network, marketing, and marketing strategy.

Main Concepts: Key concepts of this course are social media landscape, social media platform overview, goals plus plan for success, understanding your audience, and choosing your social media channels.

Course Details:  This course discusses key ideas on viral marketing. This course explains various hacks to market your brands, ideas, and products. You will gain in-depth knowledge on increasing your influence, generating powerful word of mouth and using social network power.

This course discusses successful strategies to create virality across social media platforms. By the course end, you can draft contagious content for your product.

5. Introduction To Social media marketing

Duration: 15 hours

Offered by: Facebook

Course Skillset: Gain basic skills like digital marketing, social media strategy from this course.

Course Details:  This course is a subset of the Facebook Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate course. This course gives an introduction to traditional, digital and social marketing concepts.

This course teaches you to create SMART goals, identify KPIs, define a target audience and measure customer journey. You will get a glimpse of how social media platforms function and perform in marketing. Additionally, you get access to the Facebook certification career network for your job search on completion.

Equip yourself with Successful ways to use Instagram reels.

6. Social Media Management

Duration: 12 hours

Offered by: Facebook

Course Skills: Some critical skills you get to learn are content development, content management, social media marketing, content marketing, and marketing content development.

Course Details:  Social media management is part of the main course- Facebook Social Media Marketing Professional certificate. No prior experience is necessary for studying this social media marketing course.

This course gives you know-how in content creation and management skills. You will learn to manage content, moderate your posts, analyze data, and increase virality.

On completion of this course, you will be able to – create and manage a media presence, create an FB business page, create a brand and voice out on social media, manage a content calendar, evaluate content performance, optimize content performance, and manage content by real-world data.

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7. The Strategy of Content Marketing Course

Duration: Approximately 19 hours

Offered by: University of California Davis

Skills to learn from this social media marketing course – management skills, content marketing skills, copywriting skills, and writing skills.

Chapters of the Course:

Five chapters are as follows-

  • Content Marketing ecosystem
  • The Strategic Context- 7A Framework
  • Mapping Journey– Crafting Content Marketing strategy
  • Strategic types of content
  • Managing content

Course Details:  The specialty of the course is that it’s a partnership between content marketing authority, copy blogger, UC Davis, and professional education.

The course teaches you the best content strategies to retain consumers. The core concepts of this course help to develop, organize, and implement content marketing strategies.

At the End of the Course, Coursera Students Can:

  • Write compelling copy
  • Analyze content marketing
  • Improve effective branding techniques
  • Build professional brand and authority

8. Social Media Marketing in Practice

Course Duration:  4 months

Offered by: Digital Marketing Institute

Course Chapters: Four chapters of the course are social media and digital marketing fundamentals,  social content strategy, marketing of Facebook, Instagram,  Snapchat, Twitter, Linkedin, and Youtube.

Skills from the Course: Learn various skills from this social media marketing course like digital transformation, digital marketing, setting up social media for business, planning media advertising strategy, advertising on Snapchat, native analytical tools.

Course Details: This is a foundation program that offers global standard certification. This course touches upon topics like principles of digital marketing, digital transformation, content marketing, and digital strategy. Also, this course covers business strategy, strengths, and social media. This course unravels the social media techniques of Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Youtube.

9. Content Strategy for Professionals

Duration: Four months

Offered by: Northwestern University

Skills from the Course: You will gain course skills such as brand management, content marketing, target audience, communication strategy, brand persona.

Course Details: This course teaches tools and techniques to enhance the audience experience. You will also learn to create a brand story from this course. Also, you become an expert in growing internal and external audiences.

Four Topics:

  • Content strategy for professionals- Engaging audience
  • Content strategy for professionals– Managing content
  • Content strategy for professionals- Expanding the content reach
  • Content strategy for professionals- Content impact
  • Content strategy for professionals- Capstone project

On Course Completion, Students of Coursera Can:

  • Engage audience through story-telling
  • Manage content effectively
  • Engage multi-channel digital communities
  • Maximize the impact of content

10. Influencer Marketing Strategy

Duration: 7 hours

Offered by: University of Virginia

The Number of Courses: Five chapters are personal branding overview, building brand infrastructure, establishing brands digital home, creating brands maintenance plan and online identity.

Skills from the Course: Personal branding, management, brand management, social media.

Course Details:  This course teaches how to maintain and inhabit your brand.

At the Course End, You Can:

  • Understand personal branding
  • Establish brand on three social media platforms
  • Create a mission statement for brands
  • Learn digital security and reputation management

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is financial aid available for Coursera social media marketing courses?

Yes, those who cannot afford the fee are eligible for financial aid by Coursera.

2. Can students earn university credits after course completion?

No, Coursera does not offer university credits after course completion. However, some universities accept specialization courses for credit.

3. When can I access the lectures and assignments from these Social media marketing courses?

Depending on enrollment type, access to lectures and assignments varies. Audit mode provides free access to course materials. But students need to purchase the graded assignments.

4. What can I do after completing Coursera social media marketing courses?

You can create engaging content, leverage social media platforms, achieve business and marketing goals. You can utilize the learning to engage the audience and track the success through real-time analytics.


Coursera offers a wide range of specialization courses in social media marketing and helps you master industry-demand skills. You can start learning online at your pace after a course subscription. This article discusses ten such popular social media marketing courses.

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