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Top 5 Corporate Finance Courses in Pune

Do you want to learn about corporate finance? You may improve critical skills at your speed by taking one of these online and offline corporate finance courses in Pune. Corporate finance is a lucrative field of finance dealing with the investments and strategic planning of a business.  


List of the best corporate finance courses in Pune


Before we delve into various corporate finance courses in Pune, let us find out what precisely corporate finance is? This article will discuss the benefits, skills required, and courses in corporate finance.


If you work in the finance domain, I am sure you’ve probably heard the term “Corporate Finance” a lot. Corporate finance is the core of a company’s financial division, as it plays a major role in key business decisions wherever money is involved.


You know, it’s tough to define corporate finance because of its vast use cases and strong connection with a business’s strategy and decision. Every decision taken by a company has a financial impact can be termed as corporate finance. So to a layperson, any business decision that involves the financials is known as corporate finance. 


Other most-liked premium courses:


Corporate finance courses in Pune include financial planning and management, risk, valuations, and more. A trained corporate finance professional has endless options ranging from investments banks to advisory firms. Every firm requires these professionals to handle their finances efficiently. Corporate financiers have excellent communication and analytical skills. 


Importance of Corporate Finance


Profit Maximization


Every business’s one part objective is gaining more profits. However, it is not explicitly stated. But in reality, that’s what every business need. Right? Profitability has various other factors to the smoother running of a business.


Decision making 


Funds are the essential aspect of any decision-making process in a business. Businesses will pick and progress on those decisions which are feasible and financially viable. As a result, any investment is always based on profitability and higher returns. So the corporate Finance department in a company plays this role in narrowing down the alternatives based on funds and profitability.


Raising Capital


Businesses build and work on new projects if they have enough funds or raise capital. Hence, the role of corporate finance comes into play here. Capital is sourced either in the form of debt or equity. A funding plan is created based on financial models and project plans to raise money.


Smooth running of the business  


Financial analysts and managers aid in the smooth functioning by adhering to the needs of employees, suppliers, and finance related to loans payment and launching of new products.


Risk Management


Firms need to forecast and consider any risks related to new or current projects. All of this work is taken care of by the finance manager. Management of risks becomes critical to a company’s functioning. 


Principles of Corporate Finance


  • Investment Principle: Corporate finance allocates funds for investment opportunities while also saving funds for the future. It also considers a higher return on investment and decides if a project should be taken or not.
  • Financing Principle: A business structure involves capital, typically a mix of debt and equity. This corporate finance principle is concerned with achieving an appropriate combination of a variety of financial instruments while keeping the future. As a result, corporate financiers use it for decision-making.
  • Dividend principle: If there are no investments plans, companies can pay off excess money to owners of the business as rewards. These decisions are made with the business’s maximum worth in mind. Dividend decisions are handled differently by private and public corporations.


Skills Required for Corporate Finance Professional


Analytical skills


Businesses prefer candidates who can analyze financial statements and financial models. Excellent quantitative and analytical skills enable extracting insights and presenting in an understandable way. These insights and conclusions form the basis of significant business and investment decisions.


Financial analysis


Financial analysis forms the core of corporate finance. As a result, a financial manager must understand financial statements and develop meaningful financial models. These help in decision-making. You should be comfortable reading cash flow, balance sheets, annual reports, etc.




Accounting skills are critical in any finance job. But, in the case of corporate finance, possessing this skill is a must. Financial analysts require accounting to read through financial statements, dissect that information, and organize it in a meaningful manner. Accounting skills are the techniques and abilities that allow you to track, record, and manage financial transactions efficiently. 




Knowledge of taxation aids in evaluating the impact of tax on a business decision taken. So, while making decisions, the taxation aspect is taken into consideration as well. 




Management skills aid in healthier work culture. Managerial roles and senior positions ask for leadership and people management skills. Solving internal and external problems and addressing the team’s issues are a part of this skill. While it’s not asked of a fresher, but a great talent for anyone to have.




Strong problem-solving skills are responsible for resolving a wide range of issues, from technical to interpersonal. When analytical thinking and problem-solving are your strong suits, you can rapidly develop innovative solutions that will benefit the firm, making you a valued asset. Problem-solving skills are required in financial analysis, risk analysis, financial modeling, and more.


Best Corporate Finance Courses in Pune


1. CFI Education


CFI education is one of the leading finance training institutes in India. It offers various corporate finance courses in Pune. Some of them are financial modeling CFA and FMI certification courses. The financial modeling course comprises basic to advanced level concepts. In Addition to these courses, it also offers free courses to pick and learn about corporate finance. These usually cover the fundamentals of corporate finance. 


Financial modeling is a comprehensive course offered through classroom and online live sessions besides a self-paced course. But who is this course for? Graduates, engineers, MBA, CFA, CA, CPA, etc., can enroll for this if they want to upskill their career in finance. 


Course content:


  • Excel training
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Modeling Financial statements 
  • Building scenarios
  • Maintaining and updating the model
  • Dynamic modeling
  • DCF calculation
  • Comparable company analysis
  • Comparable transaction analysis
  • Project Finance basics
  • Pitchbook
  • Soft skills training
  • Resume building


Besides online learning, students learn through projects assignments to promote practical knowledge. Placement support with soft skills training is included in the course curriculum for the overall grooming of students. Previous students of CFI education work in MNCs like Genpact, Cians, SG Analytics, Duff & Phelps, Yes Bank, HIS Markit, and many more.


Program fee: Rs. 32,000


2. Financial Management Specialization-Coursera


The University of Illinois designed this Financial Management course through the Coursera platform. This course focuses on corporate finance concepts and touches on the aspects of value-based financial management. 


This course is offered as a subtopic of the iMBA program of the University of Illinois. This practically means that online MBA students studying this concentration receive the same high-quality finance courses as on-campus MBA students. 


Under this course, you will have a fair understanding of how to evaluate major corporate and investment decisions. Besides that, you will understand capital markets and institutions. This Specialization covers the fundamentals of strategic financial management, such as financial accounting, investments, and corporate finance.


Course content: 


  • Financial accounting basics
  • Financial Accounting
  • Performance Evaluation basics
  • Lessons for investors
  • Measuring value creation
  • Promoting value creation
  • Risk management
  • Financing Investments
  • Capstone project


It is a seven-course specialization. All the necessary aspects of corporate finance are covered with additional assignments and quizzes. The capstone project seals the deal proving you are well versed with the topic and provide you with practical learning. You receive a certificate from the University of Illinois. 

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3. FMVA Certification by CFI


Corporate finance institute offers a financial modeling certification course that’s globally recognized. The course comprises valuation analysis and creating financial models used in various forecasting, mergers and acquisitions, credit rating, and more. 


This course is well worth the money, and its certificate adds a lot of value to your career. This is due to the fact that CFI is a well-known name in the corporate finance training business. CFI has created an exhaustive training curriculum. As a result, it finds its place in this list of corporate finance courses in Pune.


Course content:


  • Accounting
  • Excel
  • Finance
  • Financial modeling
  • Valuation
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Presentation and visuals
  • Strategy


With over 100,000 students registered each year from 170 countries, it’s sure to be popular. We discovered this program’s course content to be harmonious with corporate finance while looking for corporate finance courses in Pune.


Course fee:

Self-study: $497/year


4. IIM Kozhikode online course


IIM Kozhikode is one of the top IIMs in India. It offers financial management and analysis course related to corporate finance. Learning from IIM Kozhikode, you get a quality education with rigorous practical training. Financial subjects require more practical knowledge than theory. And this course has been designed to offer hands-on to prepare students to be job-ready. 


This program will teach you how to use various financial methods and frameworks. It starts from the fundamentals of finance and accounting to advanced ideas in risk management and company valuations.


Course content:


  • Managerial accounting
  • Foundations of Finance
  • Investment Management
  • Financial Derivates
  • Corporate valuation
  • Risk Management
  • Capstone project


The program is delivered through online live sessions. For someone planning to make a career in corporate finance, this course is quite apt. It improves financial literacy and decision-making abilities. Financial analysis and management courses are suitable corporate finance courses in Pune. Due to the fact, A financial analyst in a business requires these skills to get the job done in an efficient manner. This online program spans over ten months. 


Course fee: INR 1,51,000 + GST


5. Introduction to Finance and Accounting Course


This course is hosted on the Coursera e-learning platform. Inside the course, you will learn about corporate finance, financial accounting, decision-making, cash flow analysis, and more. The program delivers training through practical approaches, assignments, quizzes, and short exercises. These activities build confidence and hone the skills due to practice. 


Even though it’s an online course, it ensures students get interactive sessions and hands-on. If you devote 2 hours per week, you can finish it in five months. And let me tell you, the certificate you will receive will boost your resume.


Course content:

  • Finance basics
  • Intro to Corporate Finance
  • Financial Accounting
  • Financial Statements
  • Classification of cash flows
  • NPV and IRR


Course fee:

INR 12,482 / 3 months

INR 17,832/ 6 months




1. What is Corporate finance?

Corporate finance is a subfield of finance that deals with strategy and planning in a business involving money. Corporate finance’s ultimate purpose is to maximize the wealth of shareholders. It involves fundraising, corporate capital structures, management measures to maximize the firm’s value to shareholders, and more. 


2. What do you mean by a corporate finance course?

The corporate finance course teaches you all about funding lifecycles, business valuation techniques, structuring deals, fundraising, and how to finance a merger or acquisition. You will also have to perform financial analysis and extract insights from financial statements. 


3. How to make a career in corporate finance?

To make a career in corporate finance, you need to upskill and hone your problem solving, analytical, financial analysis, and financial managerial skills. It’s also advisable to learn to account and improve your accounting skills. Then research and understand the basics of corporate finance. Finally, take a corporate finance course, complete assignments, and projects hands-on, and gain a certificate. Apply and work in the corporate finance sector. However, to survive in the corporate finance sector, you must upgrade your skills from time to time. You can find some corporate finance courses in Pune in this blog.




If you have completed your CFA, CA, or MBA in finance, you might want to learn the crux of corporate finance. However, engineers can also opt for this sector if they are passionate about finance. Companies have finance departments to deal with accounting, financial statements, and cash flows. While this is all-important, it’s equally important to realize a firm aims to increase profits and expand itself. This is where the corporate financing department plays a significant role. Corporate financiers deal with strategy and planning, investments, and raising capital for new ventures. 


They form the driving force of a company’s profitability and expansion. Based on the conclusions and insights from the financials of the company and funding sources, decisions are made.


These corporate finance courses in Pune provide exhaustive practical-oriented learning and prepare you for corporate finance. There are so many skill requirements to excel in Corporate finance; you can take more than one course. These corporate finance courses in Pune offer placement assistance with study materials.

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