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Top 5 Finance Courses in Pune with Placements

India’s fintech adoption rate globally is at a whopping 87%. The growth is due to India’s growing innovation in fintech and enterprise. As India’s economy is recovering and investments are increasing, the demand for finance jobs is also rising. If you plan to start a career in Finance, check the finance courses in Pune mentioned here.


List of the best finance courses in Pune


The financial industry is growing at a faster rate in India. This growth is propelled by the healthy expansion of financial firms and new firms entering this space. However, this sector is dominated by the banking sector. As a result of this expansion, demand for finance professionals has risen. Various institutes have started offering finance courses in Pune and other cities to meet this demand.


Influence of Technology in Finance


If you’d told me a decade ago that we can make payments through mobile phones, I would have laughed you off. Most of us in India considered mobile phones a luxury back then. And even if we had one, that was not anywhere near a smartphone. So, the idea of making such payments would have been too good to be true. Fast forward to 2022, Indians make payments through mobile phones.


A lot has changed in a decade. The once known finance industry with loads of torn brown-turned papers, registers, or the pile of files has been digitalized. All thanks to the ongoing digital revolution in India. More than 2100 Fintechs have taken this space, and banks shifting to online banking, have boosted digital payments. 


Other considerable course options for you:


The finance industry is ever-growing and ever-evolving. With new tech adoptions by the finance industry, it’s getting more competitive and provides excellent options for consumers. As a result, it makes consumers’ life easier and hassle-free. AI and ML have a more significant role in developing innovative analytical solutions. Fintech leverage most of these techs to better serve the clients.


Reasons to consider a career in Finance.




Finance jobs are growing quicker than other jobs around the world. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data, jobs in financial advice, management analysis, and financial analysis are expected to expand by 15%, 14%, and 11%, respectively,  which is markedly faster than the national average. The recent 100% FDI approval for insurance intermediaries points to the rising demand for financial services and finance management jobs.


Higher Salary


Finance specialists in India and globally are well paid and in high demand. According to payscale, the average salary for a person in financial services is above INR 800k. This salary is above most other professions. With further experience and upskilling, the pay will only increase. As the demand grows, so is the salary offered. So, if you want to pursue a career in this field, you can remain assured of being paid well.




Finance is not just about how good you’re with numbers but also about your personality. You should possess excellent problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities. In addition to that, people’s skills and analytical skills are also necessary. Since you will be at the client-facing end, you need to possess these skills.


If you have any of these skills, consider checking the top finance courses in Pune to begin a career in Finance. However, one may argue that everyone doesn’t possess these skills. To answer that, all I can say is it’s possible to develop these skills over time. If you are passionate about Finance, improving skills in these areas will benefit you in the long run. Moreover, a career in Finance also builds your leadership skills.




We are talking about Finance; how can we forget this vital aspect. Finance jobs might be challenging, but it’s equally a rewarding career. These jobs improve your problem-solving skills. Every day new challenges and these will never make your job boring. For this reason, many young graduates love to pursue a career in Finance. 


Networking potential


A finance degree from reputable college results in networking with people from various fields. As a result, you will connect with more people from the business world. This aspect will be permanently present in your whole finance career. You will ultimately build rapport and links as you work with top companies and their high-class clients. Moreover, you will gain access to financial knowledge and guidance outside your field of expertise. Networking and experience are the most excellent teachers in any profession. The financial sector does it better than other occupations.


Knowledge of Money


Besides, using your financial knowledge to provide solutions for others, you can handle your money better. You will understand money better. As a result, this financial education will aid in excellent financial decisions. you can impart this knowledge to the general public through social media. Financial education in India is an untapped potential. It means that your knowledge and abilities can lead you anywhere in the world. Check the below finance courses in Pune to learn about Finance.


Best Finance courses in Pune


1. Christ Lavasa


Christ Lavasa campus is its analytical hub offering Finance courses in Pune. It has various undergraduate, PG, and doctor-level courses in Management, law, Accounting, and more. Lavasa campus is the off-site campus of its main campus in Bangalore. since we are looking at the finance courses in Pune in this article, let us learn more about it.


This PG program in Financial Analytics is designed in collaboration with Bloomberg and EduEdge Pro. The program aims to provide rigorous training to excel in careers like banking, financial services, consulting, investment management, and many more. The course offers self-paced, online, and on-campus sessions, which put together aids to increase learning potential. This type of approach gives a more involved and interactive learning experience.


Course content:

  • Bloomberg essentials
  • Market data
  • Equity research analyst
  • Advanced company analytics
  • F&O analysis
  • Volatility analysis
  • Fixed income securities
  • Forex
  • Commodities
  • Investment banking research
  • Portfolio modeling
  • Portfolio creation, optimization
  • Replication strategies
  • and many more                    


In this course, you will be working on 10+ financial tools in addition to 300+ learning hours. Besides, students get access to LMS to watch class recordings taught by 25+ industry and domain experts. The institute has a strong placement record. So students have the chance to get hired by top global companies and begin this financial career.




Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning is a leading institution in Pune offering degree and certificate courses in various fields. SCDL offers PG Diploma in Banking, and Financial Services is one of the top-rated financial courses in Pune. Students receive a comprehensive education focusing on a global perspective in banking and Finance and Micro Finance. It’s a four-semester course. Following is the course content.


Course content:

  • Principles of management
  • Management accounting
  • Managerial economics
  • Financial management
  • Global Banking and Finance
  • Financial markets
  • Banking laws and regulations
  • Capital market
  • Financial analysis
  • Accounting systems
  • Bank lending policies
  • Portfolio management
  • Security analysis
  • Macroeconomics
  • Microfinancing
  • Risk management
  • Rural and cooperative banking
  • Project


Students with a bachelor’s degree or graduate from a recognized university are eligible for the course. After course completion, students can opt for various career options like financial analyst, financial agents, portfolio manager, accountant, etc.  


3. Proschool


IMS proschool provides a bunch of financial courses in Pune. These courses are financial modeling, CFA program, and investment banking PG programs. We will discuss these three courses here. Firstly, the Financial modeling course has three learning modes. Students can learn in a classroom, online, or through remote learning. Expert faculty members conduct the classes. Students have access to recordings with their learning management portal. 


Course outcomes include financial management, equity research modeling, financial statements and ratios, and more. Besides, the course improves critical thinking, analytical, and decision-making skill sets. Candidates with a Financial Modelling certification can work in a variety of financial roles. Preschool offers certificates in collaboration with NSE academy and NSDC. Students prepare for placements with the mock interview sessions by preschool.  


The CFA program is a 150+ hours learning program with a high passing rate. Students can aim to clear CFA level 1 or 2 under these programs. Conversely, it also offers a PGP program collaborated by Jain University. IMS preschool has trained over 3 lakh students under its various CFA programs. That’s an impressive feat by any institution. 


4. EduPristine


EduPristine also offers three finance courses in Pune- FRM, CFA, and financial modeling course. The financial modeling course is presented in collaboration with BSE Institute. Professionals with financial modeling skills have a varied range of opportunities. And hence, this course is one of the most sought-after. Besides great options, it also offers a competitive salary that increases with experience. Financial modeling course trains students to build financial models to be used by various organizations. These models can be used in budgeting, forecasting, risk analysis or evaluation, and so on.


The course covers all aspects of financial model development Candidates will learn how to use Excel to develop simple and complex financial models. Candidates will better understand the concepts by practicing with case studies. The faculty members are subject matter experts. In addition to practical learning, the institute also provides interview preparation and soft skills training. This training is followed by placement assistance and resume-building exercises.


The course is offered as classroom training and a self-paced course. Students can choose either of those. Students are trained on excel workbooks and get access to LMS for about a year. In addition, students receive a mentor to support and clear each of their doubts along with 24×7 assistance. Assistance is also provided for exams and placement.




SSBF offers MBA programs in Banking and Finance courses in Pune. The program is interactive, with participatory learning between instructors and students. Faculty members help with this by using a variety of teaching and learning approaches such as group discussions, case studies, presentations, analytical sessions, seminars, and formal lectures.


Wherever possible, simulations and experiential learning supplement the theory, resulting in a great platform for sharpening management and leadership abilities. Teaching and research resources are provided to students from the Bloomberg terminal as well as the Capital Line database. These resources enhance the learning experience and improve understanding.


Course content:

  • Finance basics
  • Business statistics
  • Banking operations
  • Services marketing
  • Financial accounting
  • Advanced excel
  • Derivative markets
  • CRM
  • Strategic management
  • International Finance
  • Retail banking
  • Project
  • Wealth management
  • Fixed income markets
  • FRM
  • Venture and private equity funding
  • Financial tech
  • Taxation
  • Financial product design
  • Into to blockchain
  • And many more


In addition to the above course syllabus, students can select a subject from three electives- digital marketing financial engineering, and analytics and leadership. This course is a full-time residential course spread across two years. This course has a maximum enrollment of 60 people.




1. Is Finance a good career in India?


Yes, it is correct. Finance is one of the most promising sectors, with many choices. There are currently more than 2000 fintech companies in India. With this growth rate, India will soon become one of the largest markets in the fintech space as more and more digital solutions pop up. Companies now need more finance professionals than ever required. And this demand is sure to grow. The potential is vast in the finance sector. A degree in Finance can open doors to various finance job roles. Choose any of the finance courses to pursue a career in this field. For that reason, this article mentioned the best finance courses in Pune. 


2. Why should I study Finance?      


A career in Finance is very lucrative, and at the same time, it can be exciting and rewarding. Finance studies can help you prepare not just for a career in the financial services business, but also for day-to-day activities. In addition, it increases your analytical, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Besides skills, finance students have plenty of employment options. You will also have a higher earning potential.


3. What jobs in Finance are in high demand?


There are a lot of options available for Finance. Some of them are

  • Financial analyst
  • CA
  • Investment banking analyst
  • Tax consultants
  • Accountant


4. What is the future of the finance sector in India?


India’s fintech space is estimated to be $ 150 Bn by 2025. And with growing investments in India in various finance fields, the growth and demand for financial services will only increase in the future.




Finance is one of the most lucrative disciplines to study. More students are choosing finance as a career since it offers a wide range of work options and great earning potential.. A degree in finance also opens up the box of job prospects and increases the earning potential. These five finance courses in Pune offer practical learning with placement support. However, you may think that this is a very challenging job sector, but I would reiterate its benefits are more rewarding. Since the finance industry is fast adopting new tech and ever-evolving, keep upskilling from time to time.

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