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Top 5 Content Writing Internship Programs

Lately, owing to the growth of digital marketing not only in India but across the world there has been a huge demand for people who can write content for the same. Content writing is one such non -conventional field which has expanded vastly and many professionals and students are pursuing it for greater career prospects. Many courses in the market offer quality education in content writing but the few which stand out are the ones that offer the content writing internship.

Top Content Writing Internship Programs

Let us discuss a few courses that offer content writing internships along with certification.

What Is Content Writing?

Content writing is the art of gathering, organizing, and exhibiting the right data for a particular topic or area so that it reaches the right audience and conveys what is intended. Content writing has different areas within it for example writing articles, blogs, and posts, writing cover letters, Social media content, and many more.

Content writing plays a significant role in digital marketing as it helps in getting the right traffic for the right product and services at the right time.

If you are a newbie, read this complete guide to What is Content Writing

Why Content Writing Is Important?

Digital businesses depend enormously upon the sales from their online tools like websites, social media, and other digital platforms. To make sure that the potential customers are targeted the content on the digital platform needs to be optimized with the latest techniques so that they can drive maximum traffic on it.

Keeping in mind the above scenario a content writer is the best person to look upon who can prepare content as per the need of the business with maximizing the results.

Different Types Of Roles Of A Content Writer

A content writer can choose a certain area of interest and then gain experience within the same domain as they continue to work but on the other hand, some content writers work in multiple areas and have a strong command of most of them.

Let us discuss below the areas in which a content writer can work.

Technical Writer:

As the name suggests, content writers in this field have a strong knowledge of the technical field, in other words, they have a high level of understanding in STEM subjects that is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

They usually gather the latest information in the above fields and thoroughly explain them so that new audiences can be attracted towards the subject without losing on the current ones. Many aspects need to be taken care of in this process of writing and the one that tops the list is the authenticity of the information. As the information is technical most of the time, its application is more common than many other types of information, and misinformation can lead to loss of money and life.

Social Media Writer:

As obvious is the name of the type of content writing so is the work involved in it. The content writers engaged in this type of work mostly in creating content related to social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and many other platforms. They strive to create engaging posts, quizzes, surveys, and different activities to keep the engagement level of the people without creating a lull.

The main aspect of this type of content writing is creativity as the audience is bound to get bored with repetitive posts with the same content over a while and hence new ideas with high engagement potential need to be developed now and then.

Email Writer:

An effective email can hit the customer like a bulls-eye especially when it is related to sales of a product or a service. A well-drafted email with an emotional mix like FOMO ( Fear of Missing Out ) increases the chances of increasing your sales graph exponentially without much hassle. A call to action is successful in most cases if the email targets the customer’s niche.

The above actions can be implemented by a content writer who knows different ways of convincing the customer either to upgrade their selves or the potential customers to join the bandwagon. Hence, an email writer is one of the crucial parts of content writing.

Brand Journalist:

These types of content writers work with a single brand or sometimes multiple ones to create a positive picture and enhance it via different activities. They are mostly responsible for creating engagement in the market via press releases, customer feedback, reviews from international bodies, awards, and accreditations. They target the subconscious mind of the consumers.

The content they create normally shows an emotional connection with the brand with things like history, culture, and loyalty been the topmost priority. Sometimes they prefer to exhibit the ethics and morality they follow right from manufacturing a product to recycling it with minimum effect on nature.


A content writer dealing with copywriting has to deal with various topics at times and has to adjust themselves to the data thrown at them. They know different topics and work accordingly when assigned the task of targeting the required audience.

Some of their work includes writing product description that gives the required information of a product to a customer, infographics, print media and many more. These types of content writers are preferred by businesses who are looking to get their work done with minimum capital.

Ad And Promo Writer:

A content writer dealing with ad and promo writer have to create content within a certain word limit and hence they need to be more eloquent as compared to other types of content writing. The message that needs to be delivered via ad is first made clear and then the content is created as per the demand.

They are mostly into creating content for landing pages along with writing product descriptions as well. The most important aspect of this type of writing is giving a precise call to action as the main motive of an ad or a promo lies in the engagement of the audience. Sales are the main motive of writing such content with minimum words and maximum effect.

Skills Required For A Content Writer

  • Ability to think creatively.
  • Ability to meet deadlines.
  • Good command over the language in which content is created.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Understand the latest techniques and apply them.

Now, as we have discussed the background of content writing now we will delve into the courses that offered content writing internship apart from the certification which most of them provides.

5 Best Content Writing Internships Programs

  • IIM Skills
  • Technowrites
  • Skills Upgrader
  • Internshala
  • Henry Harvin 

1. IIM Skills

IIM Skills is a name that has become a synonym for content writing. It is nearly impossible to exclude this institute from any list that discusses content writing. It offers a quality education online with lifetime access to its members at an affordable price.

The faculty is well experienced in their respective fields of content writing and digital marketing which in combination created an invincible pair. The content writing internship offered by IIM Skills lives up to its reputation due to the quality of practical exposure provided during the internship.

It covers various topics like Search Engine Optimization, web development, social media marketing. They also assist the students with developing their websites for freelancing and profile creation.

There are many highlights of the course like it offers lifetime access to the students. Extensive training spanning around 60 hours along with live projects makes it an attractive choice for the candidates.

The certification provided is recognized globally and strong placement assistance is also provided simultaneously for candidates who have completed the course. Last but not least free tools worth 35K are offered under the course fee of 12,900 +18% GST.

The Internship Offered by IIM Skills:

The quality of training offered is also reflected in the internship they offer. Students have a choice of undertaking a 3 months internship program after getting a certificate of completion from the institute.

Benefits of Internship:

A content writing internship from IIM Skills will have the below benefits. Students get well versed with the application of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing.

An internship helps a great deal to land your first job as it creates a strong impression on the resume. Students get hands-on practice with the things they have learned in the course.

Courses Conducted atIIM SKILLS

2. Technowrites

The institute is located in Pune and offers courses in different types of content writing but the stand-out service they provide is the training module that deals with the corporate requirements and thus trains the students for the same. It also offers one of the best content writing internship programs in the market which we will discuss further.

The Training Module That Deals With Corporate Training Cover the Following Topics:

  • Technical Writing
  • Presentation Videos
  • Research Paper
  • Creating E-Learning
  • Creating Training Videos and modules

Apart from the corporate training they also offer technical writing centric courses to help students who want to make a career only in technical writing.

Irrespective of the programs you are interested in, the faculty is something that stands apart as they have trainers well versed with corporate experience and have loads of years of working to back it.

The Internship Offered by Technowrites:

The trainers at the institute usually monitor the progress of individual students and depending upon their progress an internship is offered to them if they are interested.

The internship offered is usually offered for six months and practical training is imparted of the things that you have learned during the course.

Benefits of Internship:

A content writing internship from Technowrites will have the below benefits. A six-month-long internship program would be almost equal to an experience of working in the same field and hence will increase job prospects. Practical learning makes your confidence as the confusion is removed slowly and gradually.

3. Skills Upgrader

Skills Upgrader offers an online training program with a duration of 4 weeks that includes 16 hours of practical assignments. As per their claims, they offer tools worth 40 K which are included in the course fee.

They offer lifetime support for their students with placement assistance and certification that is recognized internationally. The faculty members are well experienced and offer smooth learning processes throughout the course. Content writing internship is also offered for eligible candidates who show required progress and interest.

The Topics Covered In The Course Are As Below:

  • Learning basics about content writing
  • Learning the writing techniques
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Creating your website
  • Freelancing career
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Technical Writing

The Internship Offered by Skills Upgrader:

A 3-month internship is offered exclusively to students who have successfully cleared the exams and got the certification. A free internship is something that is rare and if offered with quality institutes should be grabbed by both hands.

Benefits of Internship:

A Content Writing Internship From Skills Upgrader Will Have the Below Benefits:

As the internship is offered and merged with the course itself there is hardly any disruption in learning.

Internship with Skills Upgrader would upgrade your career especially if you are switching careers.

4. Internshala

Internshala is an online platform where you can find different organizations listing their requirements for a content writing intern. As it is open-source you need to carry out some research at your end regarding the authenticity of the company for which the posting has been published.

Normally, most of the job positions are genuine and there are hardly a few which give a bad name to the website. There are numerous offers from which you can pick the one that best suits you. Some organizations refrain from paying anything to the interns but many pay the interns a stipend which would motivate them in the future.

The duration of the internship offered on the website ranges from 3 months to a year depending upon the requirements of the firm. Many freshers have successfully landed internships which have helped them to climb the ladder of their careers.

Benefits of Internship from Internshala:

As most of the companies listed on the websites are reputed ones so an internship gained over here would be highly respected. If one can get an internship with a paid stipend it would give them a mental motivation of financial earning.

5. Henry Harvin 

The second in our list of top 5 best content writing internship programs is Henry Harvin. With the recommendation from many students who are now well placed in different industries, the institute has already created a special place for itself.

The special feature of the course it offers is that it provides a combination of 9 features in a single course namely, training in lectures, working on projects, certification on completion of the course, internship after getting certified, placement assistance, e-learning, boot camps, hackathon, and gold membership.

It provides training in different types like technical writing, creative writing, business writing, media writing, SEO writing. A student doesn’t have to worry about missing a class or if one needs to attend additional lectures to get a better understanding of the concept as the students have the convenience of attending multiple batches unlimited times and learn from different trainers.

The Internship Offered by Henry Harvin:

Once a student completes the course with appearing for the exams and getting a certification for the same makes them eligible for undertaking an internship program under Henry Harvin.

The internship is either from Henry Harvin or from their partnered firms that offer the same. The good part being the internship is mainly based on working with live projects which increases the practical experience in writing content worth noticing.

Benefits of Internship:

A content writing internship from Henry Harvin will have the below benefits. Gives an impetus to your career especially if you are a fresher. The recruiter usually looks for practical experience and an internship would surely help you for the same. Students can move in direction of starting freelancing which many of them would dream of.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q1. Do I need any particular educational qualifications to make a career in content writing?

There is no special requirement for any educational qualifications as far as learning content writing is concerned. Anyone who has basic schooling education like 12th Standard and has good writing skills can pursue a career in content writing.

Q2. Where can we start to make a career in content writing?

Most of the candidates interested in content writing usually pursue a certification from a reputed institute which makes them eligible for any job consideration. Undertaking an internship after the certification will give you a clear picture of the practical aspects involved in content writing along with strengthening your resume for further career prospects.

Q3. What salary can a content writer expect?

The salary of a content writer depends upon the experience you have and the type of content writing you are into. A fresher can usually expect a salary up to 3- 4 lacs per year whereas, someone with experience of above 4 to 5 years can expect a salary somewhere around in the range of 6 to 7 lakhs per year.

Q4. What are the career prospects in content writing?

A certified content writer can work as a freelancer where they can work independently on their terms and conditions by charging the amount they find suitable. Most of the content writers land jobs in different types of firms handling different types of content writers like technical writing, social media writing, email writing, etc.

As you gain experience there is a salary increase you are offered and you might be promoted to the next level which is usually as a senior content writer.


To conclude, the above programs are the best when it comes to content writing internships as they offer the best certification with a good internship that brings loads of practical experience along with it.

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