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Top 7 Content Writing Courses in Vadodara With Placements

Content Writing Courses in Vadodara can be the much-needed gateway to enter the mammoth world of content writing. If you also want to explore the dimensions of this world, dive in and read about the best content writing courses in Vadodara. 

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The content writing industry has been growing in leaps and bounds since it made its presence felt in the 1990s in India. The art of writing has always been considered to belong to a certain class of people with literary skills. Only people who could write books or articles for established publications were considered writers. However, Content writing has allowed anyone having moderate writing skills to think of establishing themselves as a writer.

In the early days, aspiring writers wrote private diaries to fulfill their desire for writing. The internet and the subsequent opening up of social media with platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram rapidly changed the scenario. The industry of content writing opened up a whole new avenue for such writers as they could showcase their writing talents on well-established platforms.

The initial few years saw the concept of content writing being restricted only to the metropolitan or the bigger cities. With time, this concept spread to the smaller cities and began to inspire people to explore and enhance their writing skills. This resulted in content writing being considered a full-time profession.

Content writing has given a new lease of life to retired persons, housewives, and people who have taken career breaks. The flexibility offered by this industry of working from a remote location along with earning opportunities is seen as a great chance to not only earn but also satisfy their dormant creative aspirations.

Good content with a simple engaging narrative is a requisite, which has been understood widely. This has encouraged people from smaller towns or cities too to take up content writing as a career. It is to be noted that many successful names in the content writing space have emerged from such places.

These are a few of the other best courses in Vadodara

Content writing and Gujarat

With leanings on entrepreneurship, the people of Gujarat have always been perceived as belonging to the business community. With content writing as a career option gaining more recognition, Gujarat is vying for its share too in the pie of the content writing industry. With great talent and unique business acumen, a new breed of content writers from Gujarat is already carving a niche for themselves.

There is a wide range of courses being offered in Gujarat by PAN India institutes. Vadodara also called Baroda is a large & historical city in Gujarat. Content writing is gaining popularity, with many institutes offering online courses in Vadodara. This article will be covering some of the Content Writing Courses in Vadodara.

Presenting the List of Content Writing Courses in Vadodara


The first position in the List of Content Writing Courses in Vadodara is the Content Writing Course being offered by Delhi-based Institute IIM SKILLS. With a very elaborate course content and dynamic faculty, IIM SKILLS is sitting at the pinnacle of Content Writing institutes in India. Their growing reputation has enabled them to break into the list of top institutes offering Content Writing courses globally.


Module 1) Introduction to Content WritingModule 2) WordPress Web Development
Module 3) Digital Content (Articles, Blogging, Web Pages)Module 4) Copywriting
Module 5) Marketing CollateralsModule 6) Email Writing
Module 7 Social Media Writing & Video ScriptsModule 8) Creative Writing
Module 9) SOP & Business ListingModule 10) Legal Writing
Module 11) Technical Writing 101Module 12) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Module 13) Content MarketingModule 14) Affiliate Marketing & AdSense
Module 15) Freelance Content WritingModule 16) Resume Writing

Course Fee ₹ 14,900 + 18% GST

The courses are flexible and are conducted over the weekends. There are over 16 hours of live classroom sessions, which are interactive. The sessions are conducted by highly trained and motivated professionals with industry experience.  The course content is very elaborate and covers every type and aspect of Content Writing, for example, Blogs, Articles, Social media creatives, and Brochures to name a few.

The course offers a unique opportunity to the participants to author an E-book and also helps to get the same published as a part of the curriculum. Additionally, training is also imparted on how to develop and market content for various social media platforms.

There are weekly assignments given to the participants, which need to be submitted within the stipulated deadlines for review by the course coordinator. On completion of the certification, there is an option given to the participants to do an Internship with IIM SKILLS for 3 months. IIM SKILLS offers continuity of the learning process by giving the participants unlimited lifetime access to the Learning Management System. With elaborate course content and a very professional faculty, IIM SKILLS tops the list of Content Writing Courses in Vadodara.

Following is a brief of the Content Writing Course Curriculum being offered by IIM SKILLS

  • Importance of Web development
  • Web Hosting and Web traffic understanding
  • Introduction to various types of Content Writing
  • Importance of Keyword Research & How to use Keyword Planner
  • Creating Content & building Personal brand
  • How to Avoid Plagiarism
  • Marketing the content using social media

For more detailed reviews, read this IIM Skills Content Writing Course Review

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

You may also look at the digital marketing courses in Ahmedabad, if you aspire to become a prolific digital marketing expert. You are sure to find IIM SKILLS topping the list.

2) ECT – Education & Career Times

Second, in the list of Content Writing courses in Vadodara is ECT. Established in 2010, ECT is a well-established name offering courses in Content Writing, Digital Marketing & Communication Skills. The institute takes pride in being the only training organization recognized by the Indian Government as a Start-up. The team of ECT is well structured & has expanded its branches in Delhi. They have also opened a new study center at Pune in 2019.

The course is spread over 32 lectures with 60 hours of video-recorded sessions. The Content Writing course has a good mix of Assignments & Live projects and keeps the participants engaged. With a good vision and planning, ECT is looking at a bright future. It is a front runner in the Space of Content writing courses which is expanding rapidly in Vadodara.

Following is a brief of the Course Curriculum being offered by ECT: –

Course Fee ₹ 15000/-

Contact: Tel +91 7827916060 / Email [email protected]

3) Digital Gurukul

Digital Gurukul is one of the institutes making their presence felt across the country in offering Content Writing Courses. Based in Indore the institute is an ed-tech company and also offers courses in Diploma & Masters in Digital Marketing. Digital Gurukul offers a free class on introduction to a Career in the Digital space. Digital Gurukul provides an option of becoming a business associate. This unique business model is beneficial to learn and gain expertise while owning or being a part of the business venture.

The Institute has a strong mission statement with a good vision, which is amplified by the number of national & international awards that have been received by them.  Digital Gurukul is on the right path to becoming one of the leading Institutes offering Content Writing Courses in Vadodara.

Following are some modules that are covered in course of Digital Gurukul: –

Contact: Tel +91 9584831230 / Email [email protected]

 4) FITA Academy (Focus’d IT Academy)

Gaining popularity in the list of institutes offering Content Writing Courses in Vadodara is the FITA Academy. This Chennai-based institute is primarily an IT-centric academy, with different courses like Net training, Software & Mobile testing training, Oracle & Unix training. The institute also offers a course in the French language. With such diversity, the FITA Academy also offers online courses in Content Writing, Digital Marketing, SEO & SMM.

The trainers at FITA train the students as per the industry requirements. They are experts in their respective domains & professionals providing hands-on coaching on all types of writing. The students are given insight into the various market requirements & expectations as a Content Writer. They are helped in building their resume & how to face an interview panel. With short batch sizes, there is more emphasis on individual attention given to the participants.

Focussed on creating a Pan India presence in Content Writing & Marketing, FITA Academy is most certainly a good institute to be considered amongst the available options in Vadodara.

Listed herewith are some of the topics being coved in the FITA Content Writing Course: –

  • Website content
  • Copywriting & SEO writing
  • Technical & Blog writing
  • Articles writing
  • Strategies in content planning

Contact: Tel +91 93450 45466 / Email [email protected]

5) Skills Upgrader

What would a person want to be adept in a particular field or profession be looking out for? A good focussed teacher and a clear and defined career path. One such institute that ticks these checkboxes is the Skills Upgrader.

A Delhi-based institute Skills Upgrader is a fully focussed Content Writing Institute offering Online Content Writing Courses in Vadodara. Since Content Writing is the nucleus of Skills Upgrader it gives them an advantage over their competitors. The institute uses new innovative methods of training and also offers flexible courses for participants. Some tasks have been designed keeping in mind the need for giving practical & industry exposure.

There are counselors giving career guidance to the course participants. There are over 10 types of writing courses that the institute offers & has the requisite expertise that caters to every requirement. Skills Upgrader has a tie-up with Hubspot and offers the course participants a chance to get an International Certification.

The Content Writing course offers over 86 Hrs of Classes/Practical Assignments put together & and additional free tools worth ₹ 40K. There is also guaranteed internship, freelance writing chances, and placement support being offered by the institute.

The flexibility and course content being offered by Skills Upgrader is a value for money proposition for anyone wishing to enroll in a good Content Writing course. Skills Upgrader Content Writing Course is the one to look out for in Vadodara.

Listed herewith are a few points of the Course Curriculum of Skills Upgrader Content Writing Course: –

  • Types of Writing & the process
  • Creating Website
  • SEO & Keyword Research
  • Optimization of SEO
  • CTA & Marketing strategy
  • Lead Generation & Content Marketing


Course Fee ₹ 6,999 + 18% GST

Contact: Tel / WhatsApp +91 9034229196 / Email [email protected]

6) NTA – Newcent Training Academy

An institute that believes in the mantra of cutting down the capital expenditure of spending on expensive infrastructure & invest the same time & effort to benefit the students is the Newcent Training Academy- NTA.

This philosophy is reflected in the reduced course fees, which is great news to those wishing to pursue a content writing course. Making their presence felt in the crowd of Institutes offering Content Writing Courses in Vadodara, the NTA is focused on its efforts in servicing students better through online tutoring & mentoring.

The NTA specializes in offering distant courses, cutting across locations or boundaries. There is a lot of flexibility in the training sessions due to the virtual nature of the course. The courses have also been designed keeping the requirements of the professional working class.

The institute is diversified into various other courses like Digital Marketing, Translation & Interpretation, Office Admin & Secretarial Practice, Business & Team Leadership to name a few.

Following is a brief of the Course Content of the NTA Curriculum: –

  • SEO & SMO Writing
  • Copywriting
  • News & Creative Writing
  • Writing Practice Sessions

Course Fee ₹ 8,100

Contact: Tel +91 9891120492 / Email [email protected]

7) Spark Academy

Last on this list of Content Writing Courses in Vadodara is the Spark Academy. It is quite amazing when you visit the website of Spark Academy and find them offering over 42 diversified courses in areas like HR, Payroll, Taxation, and many more. This speaks volumes of the capabilities of this institute.

An interesting graph on the website displays career options for content writers across various industries. There is another graph that shows the average monthly salary drawn by content writers for various designations. Spark Academy also offers customized fast-tracked training, which is a unique offering.

The institute has well-experienced trainers in SEO & Digital marketing. It also assures placement support for interview assurances.

Following are some points of the course content being offered by Spark Academy: –

  • Basics of Writing, Grammar & Vocabulary
  • SEO approach
  • Subject knowledge
  • Keyword usage
  • Publishing for print, digital & web

Course Fee ₹ 6,000

Contact: Tel +91 9677207445 / Email [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1.What is Content Writing?

Content writing is the process of creating unique, aesthetic, and informative content that can be used for marketing purposes. The industry is becoming more popular day by day, because of the new normal situation and digitalization of the world.

Q2. What are the basics of content writing?

  1. Be unique.
  2. Be consistent in posting or creating new content.
  3. Write grammatically correct sentences.
  4. Be creative.
  5. Aesthetic presentation.
  6. Research well.
  7. Know exactly what is in trend.

Q3. How to start content writing from home?

  1. Have a clear idea about what is going to be the subject matter of the content
  2. Research well about the topic.
  3. Be active on social media.
  4. Buy own domain and website and post blogs regularly.
  5. Join companies that hire content writers.
  6. Work as a freelancer.
  7. Be creative and express your own thoughts in lucid language.


The content writing profession is growing rapidly in India. Vadodara is being viewed as one of the big markets with a lot of potentials. The presence of so many institutes with varieties of course content to offer is a testimony to the same. In addition to the established branded institutes operating in Vadodara, there are smaller institutes and private tutors who teach creative and content writing courses. This is an indication of the bright future for Content Writing Courses in Vadodara. 

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