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41 Great Content Ideas for Social Media Creatives

Social Media Creatives are creative posts shared by a brand on their social media platforms to reach out to their target audience. It demands the right mix of style, tone, and message to craft effective posts that have the capacity to go viral.

Great Content Ideas for Social Media Creatives

Creatives are crucial in your social media strategy because it is the factor that differentiates you from your competitors online.

There is a lot of unoriginal, bland content on social media. So to stand out as a brand in the eyes of your audience, you need to create social media posts that are unique, creative, and engaging.

Designing social media creatives that fetch results starts with a deep understanding of the brand and the target audience. Establishing a tone and style comes later.

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In this article, we share with you 41 content ideas for coming up with effective social media creatives.

  1. Organize a Giveaway or Contest

Receiving something for “free” remains one of the best temptations of human beings. This is how you capitalize on this general human aspect.

Coming up with a contest is a fantastic way of garnering new followers as well as letting your existing followers actively engage with your brand.

On Instagram, posts that have garnered more than a thousand likes or comments are mostly those related to either a contest or a giveaway. Contests are known to directly impact the growth of a brand’s social media account.

In a giveaway, a chosen participant among your followers is given a prize. Generally, the winner is chosen at random. You can choose to gift them either free products or membership cards. The purpose here is to create awareness of your product or service.

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  1. Hosting AMAs

The whole concept of the AMAs or Ask Me Anything series originated from Reddit. It is a unique way of educating and connecting with your followers. As the name suggests, AMAs are question & answer sessions where you share information with followers.

AMAs can even be a fun and exciting way of sharing your company’s success story or how your company has weathered various ups and downs.

AMAs let you strike an emotional chord with your audience, revealing the face behind the brand. It’s a subtle way of promoting your brand that also makes you aware of your audience’s views and concerns.

  1. Social Media Takeover

An exciting way of reviving your social media feed is by allowing someone else to take over it for a short period of time. If you want a new, refreshing voice to promote your brand, social media takeover by a celebrity or famous influencer can breathe new life into your feed. It is especially useful if you are suffering from a lack of ideas to post on your social media.

It is advisable to choose someone who has a similar audience demographic to that of your brand.

  1. Share, Repost, and Retweet

Building discussion around your brand involves sharing posts by your followers that not only talk about your product or service but also concern the topics that your brand wishes to address. It shows your willingness to be a part of a conversation about your industry.

Moreover, retweeting on Twitter and Reposting on Instagram require little to no effort.

  1. Short Video Clips

Social Media Creatives that involve video content can go viral. While many try to avoid video content as they require more investment and time, a undeniable fact remains that short video clips are more sharable and engaging to your followers. It can grab more eyeballs.

If you want genuine growth in your social media, you should seriously consider incorporating video clips in your posts.

Moreover, short clips require less time to shoot and slight editing.

  1. Repurposing Content

With every social media post you create, it is advised to repurpose it into other formats and then promote them both on social media. This way, you can make the most of the content you create.

For example, you can extract a quote from your article and repurpose it into a compelling image. This can be done through websites like Canva.

For every long video you post on YouTube, you can post a short video clip on Instagram to pique your audience’s interest.

Repurposing content breaks the monotony due to the same kind of posts that your followers might have come to expect from your brand.

  1. Collaborate with Another Brand

You can team up with another brand to produce content as a part of a collaborative campaign. It is a win-win for both the companies as each of them gains publicity from the other’s audience.

Social media is an awesome place for leveraging co-marketing. It is advised to partner with brands that are not your competitors but have a more or less similar audience demographic.

  1. Tutorials and DIYs

While blog posts and articles are a good way of instructing people about a process, social media is also an effective tool for this purpose. You can post instructional videos or how-to’s that teach your followers anything in a step-by-step manner. It is to be noted that the video should be comprehensive and easy to understand. Buzzfeed’s Instagram page @buzzzfeedtasty is one such example. They post short, step-by-step video recipes.

  1. Live Videos

If you want to create brand awareness or would just like to address your audience’s concerns, there’s nothing like going live on social media. Facebook live videos garner more audience than traditional videos do. You can either choose to vlog or conduct Q&A sessions.

Later you can even repurpose your live session videos on various social media.

    10. Giving Spotlight to your Employees

Featuring posts by your employees is one way of building trust with your audience. When people can see the faces behind your brand, they will automatically tend to engage more with it.

  1. Share News about your Company

If something newsworthy is happening in your company, it’s worthwhile to share it with your followers on your social media feed. It keeps followers up to date with important events that build anticipation.

News about important events like securing a new client, winning an industry award, or the launch of a new product can be shared.

  1. Share Market Data

As a company, you might have some data that highlights the work in your company as well as the industry. You can share that market data with your followers in the form of attractive, easy-to-understand posts on your social media.

You don’t have to be a graphic designer to do all this. With the help of Canva, you can create interesting visual posts that are share-worthy.

  1. Share Blog Posts and Articles

Sharing the links to your company blog posts through your social media feed is another way of sharing information with your followers. These blog posts can be about company news, job vacancies, or industry developments.

You can use the “Swipe-up” feature when you are posting on Instagram stories or you can redirect your followers to the article through a link in your bio.

LinkedIn’s publishing platform allows you to share your articles directly.

  1. Behind-the-Scenes

Sharing a bit of inside information about the working of your company can help build curiosity among your followers. Share behind-the-scenes photos and videos on your social media feed showing either the production process or shipping/delivery channels.

However, remember that less is more and stick to a sneak-peek rather than long, tedious videos.

  1. Collaborate with an Influencer

Teaming up with an influencer and having them promote your product or service is another way of engaging the audience. Choose an influencer who fits well with your brand image and ask them to post content relating to your products on their social media. This also ensures that you gain more followers through exposure via the influencer’s post.

  1. GIFs

GIFs or moving pictures are some of the most fun features to incorporate in your social media creatives. It instantly adds a lighthearted tone to your post and also makes them worthy of shares and reposts. You can easily select GIFs that are relevant to trending topics of discussion and key moments in popular culture.

Also, you can easily search for GIFs on Facebook and Twitter by entering the appropriate keywords into their search engines. You can also create your own GIF or get one at Giphy.

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  1. Animations

If you are looking for the combined appeal of both videos and GIFs in your social media creatives, investing in good quality animation is a clever idea. Animations are also the perfect choice if you cannot make high-quality videos due to budget constraints. Tools like Animoto can allow you to make animated videos to post on your social media.

You can also repurpose blog articles into animated videos to share the same message in different formats.

  1. Product Pictures

This is one of the most widely used forms of social media creatives. Brainstorm innovative ways of posting your product’s pictures on your social media feed. To make the photos stand out, use quirky backgrounds. The main idea is to be as creative as possible.

    19. Share Quotes that Inspire

If you want to share key insights, tips, and suggestions from important people in your company without boring your followers with a lengthy article, quotes are a great way to serve the purpose.

By sharing quotes through visually appealing social media creatives, you can educate your followers about what your brand stands for. Quote posts are most popular on Instagram and Pinterest.

  1. Share Industry News

Besides news about your company and brand, it also helps to share knowledge about the developments in your industry as well as industry-specific news on your social media posts. Networking platforms like LinkedIn and news sharing ones like Twitter are some places where posts related to industry news should be shared.

These posts are especially helpful if you looking forward to expanding your reach.

  1. Infographics

Infographics, if incorporated wisely in your social media creatives, can help in getting your message across effectively to your followers. Results and statistics related to market research can be easily communicated through infographics.

The vertical nature of infographics renders them more suitable for platforms like Pinterest that allow vertically-oriented images. For other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, it’s better to design infographics that are horizontally oriented.

  1. Previews, Teasers, etc.

Giving your followers a sneak peek into your latest launches or something else your company is coming up with has many benefits. It makes your followers feel special. When done tastefully, without revealing a whole lot, preview or teaser posts can help in building anticipation around your brand.

The leading tech giant, Apple, put up some of the best previews of their upcoming products.

  1. Memes

Designing social media creatives around popular memes is another way of making sure that your posts become viral on the internet. They add a much-needed element of fun to your relevant posts.

However, it’s important to post a meme only if you understand its meaning and you are sure that people will get the joke. There is no point in putting up a meme that offends the sentiments of a community or individual.

    24. Share Feedback from Clients

Doesn’t matter how new your business is, you must have received good feedback from one or more clients. If that is the case, consider sharing some remarkable quotes from their positive feedbacks on your social media feed. Displaying positive feedback helps you in building credibility among your followers.

You can even request short videos from your clients where they talk about their experiences.

    25. Ask Questions

Audience engagement is crucial for success in social media. Asking your followers some relevant questions can help you build a brand that people genuinely care for. The Question Sticker feature in Instagram Stories enables you to do so. After you receive answers from your followers, you can share them on your Story as well.

  1. Share Tips and Tricks

If you think the usage of your product could benefit from some instructions from experts, then sharing that knowledge with your followers is never a bad idea. From video tutorials to step-by-step pictures, you can include whatever tips you find useful as a part of your social media creatives.

You can post long-form videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram’s IGTV as well. Short video clips can be uploaded on TikTok and Instagram Stories.

Popular beauty companies like Nykaa and Lakme are known to post a lot of videos showing makeup tips and tricks to their followers.

  1. Share Evergreen Posts

If you have an old blog post that you think is still relevant, it is called evergreen content. It can help your social media immensely if you reshare it.

Also, consider repurposing them into new content pieces. This way, they stand a better chance of being shared by your followers.

  1. Conduct Polls and Surveys

Polls and Surveys are a way of spicing things up for your followers. You can ask them for their opinion on your recently-launched products. You can even let them decide the color and appearance of an upcoming product.

Slider Polls feature on Instagram Stories can be used to garner your followers’ reactions to your product images and videos.

Surveys on the other hand will give you insight into the minds of people and what they want as customers.

  1. Press Mentions

Bragging about your brand that recently received praise from the press is certainly not a bad thing. Share the press mention of your company with your followers through various social media platforms.

However, make sure you tag the relevant media outlet in your press mention posts. This helps you gain more followers.

  1. Twitter Conversations

A lot of people resort to Twitter for the latest news, but it is also interesting to note that it is an ideal place to strike up conversations with your customers. Whether the conversations are spontaneous or you initiate them, sharing them on Twitter is always a great idea.

Having said that, you should be careful while sharing Twitter conversations as you wouldn’t want it to have undesirable content. So it’s better to monitor it before sharing.

  1. Share Events

You can create event posts on Facebook for inviting people to your Webinar or a future sale. Using this Event feature on Facebook implies that whoever is registered as interested to attend that event will receive a reminder as a notification.

  1. Happy Customer Photos

If you search for your brand’s hashtag on different social media platforms, then there is a fair chance of you stumbling upon a photo of a customer with or using your product. Sharing these customer photos on your own social media feed is a great way of thanking them.

Make sure the tone and aesthetic of the customer photo match the rest of your social media posts. This is especially important for Instagram and Pinterest.

  1. Holiday Posts

No matter where your audience is from, holidays and festivals are a big part of everyone’s life. Putting up a visually attractive holiday post on your social media feed during the holiday season is how you spruce up your online presence.

Diwali, Christmas, and New Year are some of the occasions that call for a holiday-related post. It can be in the form of a picture, a short video clip, or even an article or blog post.

  1. Free Resources

We all appreciate freebies, don’t we? Put up a post that provides a link to free resources like e-books, white papers, and other reading material related to your brand.

  1. Job Vacancies

Use your social media creatives to post a job listing on your social media. Chances are, one of your loyal followers can end up working for you. Your followers are people who have witnessed your company’s growth. They can even recommend someone they know who is suitable for the role.

  1. “On This Day in History” Posts

No one minds a slice of history on a boring regular working day. Look into your local and national history to find something interesting that happened on a particular day. Share it on your social media platforms.

Huffington Post puts up “on this day in history” posts regularly.

  1. Ask them to Fill in the Blank

Fill in the blank posts are a new, exciting way of engaging your followers by making them think and wonder. These kinds of social media creatives are a fantastic opportunity to think of innovative ideas that people will love to engage with.

  1. Share a Spotify Playlist

This might sound downright crazy but letting your followers know about the music your team listens to is a way of spicing up an otherwise monotonous social media feed. If your playlist is extensive and you have a good taste in music, you might gain new followers who are also music enthusiasts.

  1. Puzzles and Image Scrambles

Give your audience something to rack their brains while engaging in a fun exercise. While beginner-level puzzles can help your followers to take action, image scrambles are a great way to keep people guessing. Image scrambles are zoomed-in photos of objects that your followers have to guess.

  1. Use of Emojis

Of course, no one is suggesting you use only emojis in your social media creatives. But you should use them generously in your captions for your posts. It helps in communicating emotions with your audience without employing a lot of words.

41. Create posts as a part of Daily/Weekly/Monthly Series

If you schedule your social media posts on a regular basis, it enables your audience to engage with your brand. When you communicate with your followers regularly, it helps to build awareness about your product or service.

Twitter makes it even easier to interact with followers. You only need to use a hashtag. The best thing about this way of scheduling posts is that your followers can voice their opinions. It lets you know about what your followers really want and address their concerns.


Q. What is the scope of a creative influencer?

The average career of an influencer is 8 to 10 years for very obvious reason that the audience are mostly young and so are the influencers. With time they both grow and loose the connectivity. If you as an influencer wants to stay a little longer then you can start marketing campaigns like brand awareness build improved conversations social engagement to stay tuned with your audiences.

Q. Can I earn good money as a social media influencer?

There is very little scope of getting wealthy as social media influencers. One need to get more creative and keep learning and growing.

Q. Is it difficult to become an influencer?

Yes. Though it seems an easier job, but it isn’t easy. Social media influencers is just not limited with video making and photos one must have good general knowledge, awareness about the current affairs, digital skills high on creativity and many more.


Gargi is an Arts graduate and an intern at IIM Skills. She is a voracious reader and is passionate about writing, cooking and gardening. Gargi lives in Raipur with her mother.

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