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A Guide to Prominent Computer Courses in Bangalore

In the present era, one can find that they truly leading a hassle-free life when compared to their ancestors. With plastic money in a pocket, one can go out shopping without carrying a bundle of cash. One need not stand in a long queue for booking tickets either for traveling or for entertainment purposes.


The image suggests prominent computer courses in Bangalore


One can also get one’s required things to their house or transfer a lump of money to another person securely just by one click. Have you ever given a thought about how all these are happening? Well, these are the result of the growth of digitalization, which is spreading its wings all over the world. The strong foundation of digitalization is the package of codes usually termed as software which are written by engineers.


These engineers are often called coders or software engineers and this domain of writing is commonly called Software engineering. One must have strong computer knowledge and the necessary skills to code and develop efficient software programs.


This article provides you a brief idea of what a `computer software program is, types of software programs, different types of courses to be taken to gain expertise in the field of software development. After having lived in Bangalore for more than fourteen years, I would like to discuss the best computer courses in Bangalore for coaching.


What is a Software program?


The whole computer system is merely a physical electronic gadget in the absence of a software operating system. Software is a collection of well-defined codes which tell the computer how to operate. These codes are in general, the set of instructions that the computer follows.


Types of software programs:


Essentially, there are four types of software programs which are explained below:


1.    System software:


This is a user interface software that helps both user and the electronic device to work together flawlessly. The devices generally are computers, laptops, mobile phones, or tabs. The main function of the system software explained as follows: when the laptop is turned on, the system software instructs the laptop about the next steps to be performed.


This step majorly focuses on loading up the required files into the memory to work seamlessly. Along with controlling the internal functionality of the device, system software also controls all the peripherals connected to the system such as storage devices and monitors. This software usually runs in the background and they are not directly used by the end-users. Here I am listing out system software:


Ø  Operating system

Ø  Device drivers

Ø  Firmware

Ø  Utility


The Operating system software program handles the working of the device and the associated applications. Some of the examples are MS Windows, Android, etc.


Device drivers: are the set of software that controls the external hardware like pen drives, sound cards. connected to a computer. Examples of drivers are BIOS driver, USB driver, etc.


Firmware: This set of software is embedded inside the system. They in general ensure how the system would interact with the external hardware devices. Some of the examples are Embedded systems, computer peripherals.


Utility software is considered for optimizing and maintaining the device. They support the device in maintaining its efficiency.


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2. Application Software:


The software package which is written for accomplishing the functionality of a specific application is application software. They are widely known as end-user programs as they are directly used. These are not part of the system software, but they work in sync with them when it is added to the system. The application software is designed based on specific requirements defined by the end-user. Some of the application software are as follows:


Ø  Word processors: these are mainly used for documentation purposes. One can even format the data as required and print them if needed. Some examples are MS word, google docs.

Ø  Database software: these are created to manage and store databases. In this mainly the data is organized. Some examples are MySQL, MS Access.

Ø  Multimedia Software: this software enables one to play games, edit and play video clips, audios files, etc. Further, they are also used to create animations. Some of the examples are Adobe photoshops, Picasa.

Ø  Web browsers: these help in accessing and browsing the internet. Some examples are Google Chrome, Firefox.


3. Programming Software:


This software is meant for the users who write computer programming. Programming software is used to write software codes, test them and debug errors as and when necessary. Programming software helps the user to develop new software.


There are specified computer languages used to write the codes and developing software. Assembly, C, C++, Java are some of the computer languages used by developers to develop software. Few examples of programming software to be considered are assemblers, compilers, debuggers, interpreters. While coding, it is understood that the computer processes logical instructions in binary format only i.e., in 1 and 0.


Ø  Assembler: this program converts the codes written in assembly language into a binary language that can be understood by the computer.

Ø  Compliers: this program converts the codes written in C, C++ into binary language to facilitate the computer.

Ø  Debugger: This software is used to debug and detect errors in programs by keeping certain conditions into consideration. These conditions are put by the developer as per the requirement.

Ø  Interpreters: this program directly executes the instructions without converting them into binary language.


4. Driver Software:


This software controls the hardware which is connected as an external device to the computer. They facilitate smooth sync between them. For instance, if we buy a printer and we attach it to the computer then before we use it, we need to install the software. This software is called driver software.


Computer Courses on a broader perspective


In today’s competitive and fast-growing world, one must stay updated about and emerging technologies. Keeping updated is perhaps by one’s interest or to reach better heights in the career. Here is the list of trending computer courses which also provide an assured high remuneration. Below listed are the highly demanded computer courses in Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, and many other IT hubs of our country.


1. Cybersecurity Course:


Knowledge of cybersecurity mainly helps to secure internet data. The cybersecurity course is in big demand in the present times. This mainly focuses on protecting the computer system from illegal activities by hackers, cyber-attacks, or threats. Phishing, ransomware, malware, social engineering the most common threats these days.


This is most importantly required in the industry that carries confidential information of people. The banking industry, government organizations, defense sector are few establishments that are more vulnerable to such attacks.


Many such establishments do require cybersecurity to safeguard their confidential data. Post completion of the course and based on their experience one can work as a Chief Information Security officer, security architect, security analyst, and security engineer.


2. Data Science Course:


This subject is a combination of mathematics, algorithms, tools, and various related techniques. This technique is used for processing a large amount of data and using predictive analysis to take a correct future decision.


To excel in this domain, one must have a good understanding of tools, statistics, and business knowledge. This is mainly used in Banking and financial services, energy & utilities, E-commerce. Post completion of the course and based on their experience one can work as Business analytics professional, data scientist, HR analytics professional. Marketing Analytics and Big data analytics.


3. Web Designing and Development Course:


This course is learned to create, design, and update the webpage on the internet. It also focuses on the development of a web page that includes a database management system. This course brings the advantage of freelancing along with it. So, one who wants to go for freelancing in computer technology can opt for Web designing and development.


This is the process of conceptualizing and arranging online content. Some of the main topics which are covered in this are Data structure, Web technology, animation techniques, adobe photoshop. Some of the job perspectives are Web designers, design consultants, web media designers, web design instructors, freelance designers.


4. VFX design and character animation degree Course:


VFX is the abbreviation for Visual Effects which are the digital effects that add an improvement to the animation. In this, the live-action is combined with the programmed graphics to create an environment that is not possible to create in reality. This is an emerging technology. One should possess very good creative and imagination skills, good presentation skills, and have innovativeness.


Some of the main topics which are covered are digital design, 3D design, camera tracking, cloth VX, projection of visual effects, progressive painting technique. Post completion of the course and based on their experience one can work as an animator, accessory designer, VFX director, texture artist.


5. Software development Course:


With the increase in usage of mobiles and laptops, there is demand for the development of various apps for the same. Software development predominantly involves the development of applications. The developers bring about different useful applications using different programming languages. This is not only confined to computer science but also includes scientists. Application development, gaming development are some of the subsections of software development.


6. CAD Course:


Expanded as Computer-Aided Design, this is mainly used for designing and optimizing the engineering product design. This in turn increases the productivity, quality of the design, and provides the idea of how the product looks. The CAD output is often used for patents, developing products. The output can be either in 2D or 3D.


This can be used for designing from small equipment or structures to big equipment or structures. This majorly facilitates engineers to study the model, its operations, its external and internal features all at once place, they can also do corrections if required.


7. Digital Marketing Course:


The technology nowadays is growing and developing at a very faster pace Many terminologies like Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Big data analysis, Content marketing are more commonly perceived in the context. Digital Marketing in general is termed as marketing our products, content over a digital platform.


Get detailed insights about course training at Digital Marketing Course Training in Bangalore


This digital platform can be mobile phones, the internet, advertisement online, etc. The majority of people in the present time mostly rely on digital media, hence digital marketing is truly a value addition for career growth.


Learn to create the most effective marketing strategies for your business with the Best Digital Marketing Course.


Bonus Advice: If you have a flair for writing, try opting for one of the most trending courses, which is making the predicted tenet true that is “Content is King”-  Content Writing Course. Explore this rewarding course.


8. Cloud Computing Course:


This is one trending computer course that mainly focuses on data storage, in which the data is stored without the intervention of a user. In this, the data is stored mainly in large clouds which is predominately available today. The main idea behind this is to make data centers available for multiple users. This can be for a single organization or multiple organizations. This in general is delivering data storage services via the internet.


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9. DTP Course:


Expanded as Desktop Publishing Course, is computer software used to design many document types such as newsletters, pdf files. Some of the DTP courses are Publishing of Desktop, Illustration, Graphic communications, Digital Imaging, Design Layout, Interactive design of media, and usability. This mainly teaches one image creation, photoshop, and printing of the material.


Since we are talking about Bangalore, read this article on Top 10 Content Writing Courses in Bangalore


10. Graphic Design:


It is one of the computer courses in which visual content is used as a medium of communication. By using a variety of page layout techniques and designs, the designer connects the message with the end-user. This serves mainly in UX design. One must build a strong architecture for the designs and must possess designing skills that would attract the users.


11. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Course:


This is a process of data analysis that is used to automate the analytical model building. Artificial intelligence is the overall process of how to imitate human abilities, whereas Machine Learning is the part of Artificial intelligence that trains the machine on how to work.


The algorithms in Machine learning are studied and written in a way such that, the machine would automatically predict the future results based on the current data analysis. The main outcome of this course is to make the machine behave more commonly like a human in deciding the output while analyzing data, especially big data.


12. Network Security Course:


This computer course mainly focuses on protecting the network from breaches, viruses, intrusions, threats, and keeping the network safe. With the emerging of wide networks, the threats to the networks also increase.


So, with passing time, the demanding work for network security is also increasing. It includes access controls, development of antivirus software, VPN, encryption, application security. Network security plays a key role in protecting client data and information, thus protecting them from losses.


13. Ethical Hacking Course:


It is an authorized process, in which a company having a network permits the professionals to legally hacking the system. These professionals are called ethical hackers. This is a sub-part of cybersecurity, and it has a great demand.


By legally hacking the system, one can find out the loopholes of the system. If an ethical hacker finds the loopholes, then the company would cover it before the actual hacker would attack. If no loopholes are found, then the system is said to be highly secure.


14. TALLY Course:


Expanded as Transactions Allowed in a Linear Line Yards, this course is taken by commerce professionals mainly for accounting purposes. This is a software program that helps to generate invoices, maintain inventory for the industry. This industry can range from small organizations to large businesses. The usage of Tally has spread to Banking, accounting, Billing, Sales, proper analysis, and taxation section.


Another famous course related to Accounts, finance, and Tally is GST Course. Since the GST Act came into existence the demand for GST Practitioners and finance professionals is increasing by the day. You can opt for this promising career option.


If this piece of information interests you, you may want to check out the Top 10 GST Certification Courses in Bangalore


Best Coaching Centers for Computer courses in Bangalore


Once a person is clear about the possible courses and languages, they can start working on it. Though one can train themselves, it is usually recommended to join coaching centers for getting more exposure and ideas. There are many institutes which provide good training all over the country.


But here are the Coaching Centers for Computer courses in Bangalore. This is an effort to give a better insight into training institutes in Bangalore as I hail from the city and also Bangalore is known as IT capital of India.


1. IIM Skills:


One of the leading institutions providing comprehensive online training in computer courses, this institute is well-renowned. The ed-tech institute offers courses such as content writing, digital marketing, and GST Course to make you competent in the relevant field of interest. To know more about IIM Skills please visit the website.


2. IIHT:


Established in 1993, this institute has been providing excellent training services and is now one of the top IT training service providers. They mainly focus on providing training in networking, network security, and database management. The teaching professionals are IIT graduates and have vast experience in the IT domain. With highly qualified teachers, they train students and provide in-depth knowledge, also they stand in the list of best coaching centers for computer courses in Bangalore. To know more about IIHT please visit the website.


3. Ascent Software Training Institute Pvt Limited:


Commonly abbreviated as ASTI, this institute provides in-depth and well-versed training in Java, Linux, Unix, .Net. They have a well-defined course structure for easy understanding. They do have good placement records. They teach in their developed web applications. With their good teaching practice, they stand as one of the best coaching centers for computer courses in Bangalore. To know more about Ascent Software Training Institute Pvt Limited please visit the website.


4. Fortune IT: 


Their main objective is to provide training as per the present IT requirement. They focus on networking, IT technical supports, CISCO, CCNA coaching, Microsoft MCIPT, cloud computing, and their name is present in the list of best coaching centers for computer courses in Bangalore. They provide a very hi-Tech lab and facilitating students to wide exposure. Every student is given utmost care. To know more about Fortune IT please visit the website.


5. Excelon Learning Center:


This coaching center stands as one of the best coaching centers for computer courses in Bangalore for training students on topics related to computers and technology. This institute consists of highly qualified trainers. They also provide coaching for BCA, MCA, cloud computing, CISCO, CCNA training. They usually provide coaching in small batches to concentrate on everyone. To know more about Excelon Learning Center, please visit the website.


6. Vepsun coaching center:


This coaching center provides a wide range of training including CICSO, CCNA, CITRIX, Microsoft, and all trending technologies. They follow unique strategies which help students to understand and apply them to the real world. They also keep their training methods updated to the present world. Having trained professionals, they always come to the list of top coaching centers for computer courses in Bangalore. To know more about the Vepsun training center, please visit the website.


7. Collaboration Technologies:


This coaching center provides in-depth coaching in software development and is also considered as one of the good institutes for Computer courses in Bangalore with highly qualified lecturers. They provide training in Java, C, C++, python, web design and development, database business analytics. To know more about Collaboration Technologies please visit the website.


8. NICT Computer Education:


This institute is one of the premier coaching centers for computer courses in Bangalore, which provides immense training for students with well-trained staff and facilities so that students would build their careers in trending fields. They perform immense research on an emerging trend and set their teaching pattern accordingly. They also provide diplomas and master’s coaching. To know more about NICT computer education please visit the website.


9. Aptech Computer education:


This center is among the list of best institutes for computer courses in Bangalore. Established in 1986, they provide in-depth training of computer courses including BCA. They have good experience in digital technology. They have well-experienced staff and a well-processed syllabus. To know more about Aptech Computer Education please visit the website.


10.Innovative Academy:


This academy has established itself in IT and IMS training. With the adaption of new and best practices suitable for present IT demand, they have made their position as one of the best institutes for computer courses in Bangalore. To know more about Innovative academy, please visit the website.


The above list of computer courses in Bangalore is explained in brief. Before enrolling please have a thorough study about these courses, suitability to the candidate and determine your path to find out the right coaching center for you, so you can excel in your domain of interest.

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