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Top 10 Career Upskilling Courses in Mumbai in 2024

With the advancement of learning, we have continued to acquire multiple academic degrees. So that we do not lose the rat race of getting a suitable job. But we oftentimes forget that the mere acquisition of academic degrees is not sufficient these days. We must have additional skills that will make our resumes or portfolios even stronger. Various institutions offer numerous courses for skill development but choosing the best is always a tough thing to do. In this article, I am going to talk about 10 such career upskilling courses in Mumbai in detail, that are going to help the job-seekers.

Top 10 Career Upskilling Courses in Mumbai

The Reasons to Join Such Career Upskilling Courses

  • The job market demands additional skills in the employees
  • Having academic degrees alone is not sufficient for today’s job market.
  • Employers want the employees to have basic knowledge about technologies.
  • The employers who have learned about software development in detail, are prioritized.
  • Creating and designing good yet informative content has become very important.
  • The world relies heavily on digital marketing and the employees need to have a basic sense of marketing.
  • Learning new skills will add more content to the resumes and portfolios.
  • The experience of various internships matters a lot in the job market.
  • The learners learn how to cater to the market demands and use their learned skills in a more useful manner.

What to Look for Before Joining Such Courses

  • The particular skill development course should complement his academic journey.
  • The skill development course should help him build a career in the future in a particular industry
  • The course should provide the learners with detailed knowledge about a particular skill.
  • The course should provide the learners with practical experience.
  • The course should provide the students with opportunities and platforms to put their skills to use.
  • All the students should get a course completion certificate.

Top 10 Career Upskilling Courses in Mumbai

1. IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Master’s Course:

The special features offered by the course are:

  • Learning Techniques: Marketing is not an easy task to perform. There are various techniques to be followed in the process of marketing. The learners get to learn about all these techniques.
  • Learning about SEO: Without the knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, marketing is not possible. Hence,IIM SKILLS offers detailed knowledge about SEO.

The course fee is INR 29900+ 18% GST With paid internship that comes with INR 6k Fixed stipend.

  • Learning about Tools: The process of digital marketing involves multiple tools to reach a larger audience. The course offered by IIM SKILLS ensures that the students get enough knowledge about the required tools.

  • Social Media Strategy: One of the special features of the course is the emphasis on the various marketing strategies that the students need to learn in detail.
  • Learn about PPC: Pay per Click is a very important marketing strategy that can be utilized to grow a business. Once learned well, this can change the entire game of marketing.
  • Web Analytics: The students need to learn and understand web analytics very well and prepare their strategies accordingly.
  • Content Designing: IIM SKILLS  also ensures that the learners understand the importance of creating informative, aesthetic, and SEO-friendly content
  • Advertising Strategies: IIM SKILLS always focuses more on the strategies involved in the process of marketing. Advertising strategies need to be planned according to the market demands. That is why IIM SKILLS has become one of the top career upskilling courses in Mumbai.

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2. IIM SKILLS Content Writing Course:

One of the most popular career upskilling courses in Mumbai. The best part about this course is that the students can join the classes from other cities and countries.

  • Content Writing: The content writing industry is gaining immense popularity these days and rightfully so. Today’s world relies heavily on technology and marketing. Because of this pandemic, marketing has reshaped itself in the form of digital marketing. The basic requirement of digital marketing is to reach a larger audience. Make the leads aware of a particular brand name and converting them into customers. Writing good content attracts the attention of the audience immediately and they spend their valuable time having a look into the product details. Considering the importance of writing good content, IIM Skills provides the students with in-depth knowledge about this industry.
  • Knowledge of SEO: Writing good content is not enough these days. Several other factors contribute to the growth of a business. To reach a larger audience, an article or any form of content must appear on the top-ranking web pages. That can only be possible if the writer has enough knowledge about how Search Engine Optimization.IIM Skills ensures that all the students enrolled here, acquire enough information about SEO and incorporate their learning at the right place and at the right time.
  • Online Accessibility: Due to this pandemic situation, a lot of interested students cannot afford to join institutions. IIM Skills also ensures that the students can learn about all these things at home, without compromising their own safety.
  • Lifetime Access to LMS: One of the unique features of this course is the LMS or The Learning Management System that records all the details of the classes, assignments given to the students, necessary tools, and even the session recordings. The students have lifetime access to the LMS.
  • Free Website Development tools: To build a strong reputation in today’s digital market, an individual needs to have a separate identity on the internet. This can be possible by having your own website and domain. IIM Skills provide the necessary tools for stabilizing websites and other important plugins free of cost.
  • Access to various tools: The students get to learn about a lot of new tools and get free access to them. All of these can be utilized for creating and designing excellent content like Canva, WordPress, and many more.
  • Live Lectures: The students get the experience of attending live classes with Q&A sessions. They can discuss anything with the mentors and clarify their doubts.
  • Hands-on Assignments: All the students at IIM Skills have to complete various assignments during the course and the proper evaluation of their assignments makes them improve the quality of their content even more.
  • Completion Certificate: IIM Skills provide the students with authentic certificates at the end of the course and help them to build a career in this industry as certified content writers.
  • Internship: This is the best part of joining the course. To build a career in the content writing industry, one needs to have the opportunity to prove the skills and talent in writing. The content writing course at IIM Skills includes an internship program of 3 months where the students can get various platforms to put their learned skills to good use.

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3. Simplilearn Artificial Intelligent Course:

The reasons to list this course as one of the best career upskilling courses in Mumbai are:

  • Collaboration with IBM: This course collaborates with the leading computer manufacturer company This fact alone speaks a lot about the importance of this course in today’s market and the opportunities associated with pursuing the course.
  • Access to IBM Cloud Lite Account: The students get access to the IBM Cloud Lite account. With the help of this, they can build multiple connected apps free of cost.
  • Data Science: The importance of data science in today’s world does not need any explanation. We do everything nowadays with the help of this scientific method, its processes, and information about the data algorithm. If a person masters the science of data analytics, he secures a very important place in today’s market.
  • Artificial Intelligence: The students acquire knowledge about a very important section of modern technology. Knowledge about Artificial Intelligence enables an individual to create software applications and understand the complicated process of data analytics.
  • Job-ready: The course is designed in a way that will make a student prepared to cater to the market demands, immediately after completing the course.
  • Certificate: At the end of the course, all the students will be provided with a certificate that will further pave the way for them towards success.
  • Market Demand: Opting for a random career upskilling course is not a wise idea. The student needs to understand the contemporary job demands and choose accordingly. Since every single thing nowadays depends on technology, learning about AI and Data Interpretation is certainly a good decision. This course provides the students with various opportunities after completion.

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4. UpGrad’s PG Diploma in Software Development:

This course offered by Up Grad is a popular one because of making the students realize the importance of data analytics in today’s world. It deserves to be on the list that includes top career upskilling courses in Mumbai.

  • Data Warehousing: This is one of the most important parts of software development. Data warehousing is important to collect data from multiple sources and then utilizing them data reporting. The diploma course enables the students to learn about the complicated process in detail.
  • Real-time processing: Software development includes a lot of stages and one of them is real-time processing. It requires a continuous flow of data and the developer has to manage the entire process. They utilize the system for data streaming, for providing customer service, and for many more. Learning about this process in detail is certainly worth the time.
  • Data processing: The course also makes the students learn how to process data to utilize them.
  • Big Data Analytics: Learning about data analytics is one of the vital parts of software development. The students can learn more about this complicated process in detail after joining the course.
  • Programming Languages: C++, JAVA, Python are the basic programming languages that every software developer must know. This Diploma course makes the students learn these programming languages.
  • Case Studies: The students get to work with real cases so that they can acquire enough knowledge and experience.
  • Projects: Multiple projects are assigned to the students during the course so that they can acquiring enough practical knowledge beforehand.

5. Codeacademy:

Its reputation is primarily because of offering the code learning course.

  • Code Learning: If one knows code learning well, the person can develop several apps and programming as well. Codeacademy is especially famous for offering this course and is one of the most popular career upskilling courses in Mumbai.
  • Free learning: Codeacademy offers various learning programs free of cost so that anyone can join their course and get benefited.
  • Online Access: The courses are offered online. It saves a lot of time for the students and they can enjoy the process of learning within the comfort of their house.
  • Technical Skill: Code learning is a skill that adds to the qualifications of an individual.

6. Udemy:

The reasons to place it on the list of the top 10 career upskilling courses in Mumbai are:

  • IT: The world primarily depends on Information Technology. Learning about this definitely places the learner at the forefront of the job market.
  • Technology knowledge: Nowadays, knowing technology has become very important. To get a job as a content writer as well, an individual needs to have basic knowledge about computer applications and programs. Udemy makes the students tech-savvy by making them aware of various technologies and how they work.
  • Designing: Udemy offers various courses. One of them is designing unique content. The utilization of various tools and applications to create unique content is certainly a very important subject to learn about.
  • Marketing: If an individual is searching for an opportunity to build a career in the industry of digital marketing, Udemy offers an appropriate platform to start with. The student will not only learn about it in detail, but she will also gain practical experience.
  • Photography: Udemy also offers basic photography courses that will help the learners to upskill their careers in their respective fields.
  • Online access: All the courses offered by Udemy are available online for easy access and convenience.
  • Android Development: Udemy also offers code learning courses that include courses like android development and application development.
  • Free Services: Various courses offered by Udemy are accessible free of cost. Anyone can join the courses and develop new skills.
  • Videos for better learning: The lectures are in video form. The audio-visual medium to teach the learners has proved to be an effective way. Videos also make the process of learning interesting and no data can be lost.

7. Duolingo:

Duolingo is an application to learn a new language. But this can also be counted as one of the important career upskilling courses in Mumbai and in all over the world because:

  • Learn New Language: Learning a foreign language may prove to be a great advantage in case a person is in search of jobs where it involves communication with persons belonging to a foreign community.
  • Audio Sessions: The sentences are told repeatedly until the learner gets acquainted with the pronunciation of the words.
  • Reading Sessions: The learner has to read sentences written in the target language that helps them to read books and various documents in the target language.
  • Writing Sessions: The language learner has to write sentences in the target language. Thus, the individual learner can develop reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.
  • Short Tests: Duolingo assesses the learner’s proficiency in the target language by making them appear for tests.
  • Free Access: All the lessons are absolutely free on Duolingo.

8. Skillcrush:

The software development and web development courses offered by Skillcrush make it one of the popular career upskilling courses in Mumbai. The specialties include:

  • Technological Skills: Makes the students experts in utilizing various technologies.
  • Code Learning: Skillcrush offers lessons and courses to learn to code.
  • Web Development: The learners can get the necessary assistance and knowledge for web development.
  • Online Courses: The best part of this course is their online service.
  • Free Courses: All the courses are available here at zero cost.
  1. GeeksforGeeks Data Structures and Algorithm Course:

The course deals with very complicated yet important skill development. The reasons that make it one of the popular career upskilling courses in Mumbai are:

  • Algorithm Techniques: This course enables the learners to understand the data algorithm.
  • Skill in Problem-Solving: Reshapes the learners’ thought process and analytical mind so that they become efficient in solving problems.
  • Increase Analytical Skill: Train the mind of the students to think more and analyze information.
  • Practice Sessions: They offer practice sessions so that the learners can gain self-confidence and assess their learning process.
  • Self-Assessment: The analytical minds of the learners get trained in a way that they become capable of assessing their own skill development and knowledge.
  • “Get Hired” Portal: The students get access to a “get hired” portal as well. They get multiple platforms to put their skills to good use.

 9. Intellipaat’s Cloud Architect Certification Programme:

This course offers a plethora of benefits. This is one of the best career upskilling courses in Mumbai. The specialties include:

  • Cloud Computing: This enables the user to access and distribute data over multiple locations. This is one of the most demanded skills in the job market.
  • Learning DevOps: Considering the fast pace of life, it has become the responsibility of organizations to provide customers with fast services and applications. This becomes possible because of DevOps. That is why learning this is very important.
  • Programming Language: Also offers lessons to teach the learners C++, Java, and many more programming languages.
  • Official Course Material: Intellipaat also provides the learners with official study material during the course.
  • Online Courses: Online services and learning ensures a better and interesting learning process.
  • Projects: The students have to take part in completing different projects to get enough experience.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What are upskilling courses?
  • Upskilling courses help you to get trained in additional skills that will make you even more qualified for a job. In today’s world, acquiring academic degrees is not sufficient. That is why people are opting for these professional upskilling courses.
  1. Which course is best for my career?
  • It depends on your decision. You have to decide first in which field you want to build your career and depending on that there are various options you can choose from. Usually, graphic designing, content writing, digital marketing, and photography are some of the highly popular courses nowadays.
  1. What does Upskilling mean?
  • Upskilling defines getting trained and learning some new skills that can be helpful for a person to build a career in a particular field.


The detailed description of various career upskilling courses in Mumbai and the special features of the individual courses will help the students in deciding which one to go for. The students should join a course that will help them in their future endeavors.

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