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Can Digital Marketing Be Done from Home?

Can Digital Marketing Be Done from Home? The short answer is Yes! Read the complete article to know about the detailed work process of digital marketing as a Work from home option.

Can Digital Marketing Be Done from Home

 We all know that the present world is widely running on a digital platform. We know that we are just one click away from giving suggestions on various products, brands, restaurants, or destinations for information about a product. Most of us have observed that only certain websites and brands appear on top of the entire list. Further, we continue to receive suggestions about the same product through emails and advertisements which intermittently flash on our web pages. Digital marketing made it all possible.

Questions like, what is digital marketing? Why digital marketing? How does it work? Who can learn? Career options, and so on. In the event of the prevailing situations, ‘’can digital marketing be done from home?’’

Furthermore, the subject of the article can digital marketing be done from home. Is it a valid career option? This article will make it easier to find answers to these questions.

What is Digital Marketing? 

Digital marketing, in general, is how the brands, products, or services are promoted over the digital platform in the form of podcasts, videos, emails, display ads, or posts and services. Many innovative marketing strategies make Digital Marketing gain big-time importance in the present times.

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Knowing the importance of Digital Marketing:

Before digital marketing ideas emerged, traditional marketing methods were in use. In this form of marketing, promotions were done through newspapers, billboards, pamphlets, radios, televisions. Internet was not into consideration for marketing.

The scope of traditional marketing reduced with the evolution of the internet and digital platforms. However, as the number of users on digital platforms increased, digital marketing became more prevalent.

Some of the points listed below enrich that digital marketing has replaced conventional marketing practices and explains its importance.

⮚      One can directly reach many people on a single platform, which makes it easier to promote.

⮚      It helps one to easily reach their ideal audience who are interested in your product.

⮚      The promotion of the brand will be budget-friendly when compared with the high-cost traditional marketing.

⮚      Compared to traditional marketing strategies, digital marketing comes with some of the best strategies that offer good investment returns that mainly help small businesses.

⮚      Digital marketing is measurable. We can easily determine the number of people our promotion has reached as the activities take place digitally.

⮚      We can also optimize our content and strategies easily based on the result obtained from the digital marketing analysis.

⮚      Along with that, digital marketing is more engaging when compared to traditional marketing.

⮚      Digital marketing needs creativity along with earning a very good income.

⮚      Digital marketing comes with a wide range of long-term opportunities, as the whole world is getting digitalized.

⮚      If needed, one would also work independently in this domain.

Digital marketing provides ample career opportunities in present times and is one of the flourishing fields. Best Part, you can have a full-fledged career as a high-paying digital marketer sitting at home. Learn How to leverage this field to start a successful digital marketing business from home.

These categories are based on the following sub-domains, which are put together to constitute digital marketing. These subdomains are a form of strategy.

⮚      Search Engine Optimization (SEO) –It is the process of getting the pages to a higher ranking in Google without paying.

⮚      Web Design: This is the art of designing a web page using HTML and CSS techniques.

⮚      Pay Per Click: It is an online advertising tool in which the advertiser charges each time their ads are clicked.

⮚      Content Marketing: This is one of the marketing strategies used to attract an audience by sharing relevant data.

⮚      Social Media Marketing: Various marketing strategies are used together to get the desired result out of the efforts invested in marketing.

In addition to the above, marketing is also possible nowadays via text messages and calls over the mobile phone for advertising purposes.

The brief introduction to digital marketing above manifests its influence on widespread career opportunities. More and more people are taking an interest to opt the field as a career. Needless to mention about the influence of the internet on work culture. Working from a remote place or work from home has become part of the work lifestyle. With the questions related to career options, one question commonly asked is, can digital marketing be done from home? The answer to this would be, “Yes! It can be.”

The next part of the article focuses more on providing answers to related questions. For example, how can digital marketing be done from home?

First, let us focus on some of the advantages of digital marketing as a profession from home, as listed below. These benefits are in general relished by employers and employees as well.

⮚      Increase in productivity: There is a commonly understood fact that working in an office environment is likely to increase productivity. But often, we consider the opinion that a considerable amount of this productive time of the employees gets spent in random chit-chats, meetings, and frequent coffee breaks. So, by reconsidering the total productive time, work from home is more likely to result in better productivity.

⮚      Saves money: Establishing a company comes with expenditures towards maintenance and other overheads. To cut down these costs for companies, working from home is usually preferred.

⮚      Diversified workforce: As employees would be working from their place, there are good opportunities to find out talented individuals and working practices from various places worldwide. It makes everyone know more about different people and their cultures.

⮚      Improved work-life balance – Work from home eradicates 9-5 jobs sitting in a single place. Therefore, employees are free to find a place of their choice, and along with this, they also get time to be amidst their family members. Thus, a better work-life balance can be achieved as they spend time with their family while at work.

⮚      Travel free time – Reaching the workplace often becomes an arduous task for employees, especially if their everyday traveling distance to office premises is more. It is mainly due to the present road traffic conditions in most of the cities. Work from home greatly contributes to avoiding this situation and facilitates employees to start their work with enthusiasm.

Aspirant graduates passionate about learning marketing can get enrolled in digital marketing. Together with the graduation qualifications, the required skills make them successful marketers even if they work remotely. Knowing the desired skills is the key aspect for recognizing individuals. Here are some of the technical skills which one should acquire to become a digital marketing expert.

⮚      Data Analysis skills: Digital marketing is all about targeting the right audience to help achieve goals with efficacy. Data analysis skills help in targeting the right audience. In this, the data is gathered by using various functional procedures and data analyzing software. The data is gathered based on the online transactions of an individual, the content being searched and, many other methodologies which assist in digitally capturing the count and data. It is advised to keep updating this database at regular intervals to make effective decisions.

⮚      Writing and editing skills:  The digital marketing domain demands good writing skills to ensure that the blog posts or articles are targeted to the right audience. Of course, these articles instigate the targeted audience to make a move. To ascertain that the written content reaches the right audience, make sure to edit and optimize the article by including SEO keywords.

⮚      Content-creating skills: Content is the heart of digital marketing, which attracts an audience. If the content is not up to the mark, it fails to attract people, impacting the marketing business. Therefore, the digital marketing aspirants must keep on creating new, meaningful, and genuine content.

⮚      SEO skills: The algorithm of google keeps on getting updated at regular intervals. The importance of the usage of specific keywords is growing significantly. By making use of SEO, the high demanding keywords can be obtained. So, one who wants to improvise their career in digital marketing needs to know how to obtain the keyword through SEO.

⮚      Conversion rate optimization skills: We are familiar with the fact; the end part of digital marketing is converting web traffic into sales. In conversion rate optimization, various techniques are experimented with and implemented to bring more traffic, resulting in a sale. Therefore, all digital marketers must be very versed with this skill to reach their end goal.

⮚      Design Skills: Visuals in digital marketing play a vital role. The more appealing visuals result in greatly attracting customers. Therefore, digital marketing professionals must be familiar with various design skills. In addition, they need to know the various methodologies to showcase a social media post, PPC advertisements, and other relevant visual content.

Along with these technical skills, improved soft skills like communication, behavioral and problem-solving skills, teamwork, adaptability, work ethics add good value for better marketing

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Secret To A Successful Digital marketing career while working full-time  from home

With familiarity with digital marketing and its flexibility, let us try to know how digital marketing can be done from home. Of course, every event has its prerequisites to be met before starting the work. Likewise, digital marketing does have some of its prerequisites, particularly for working from home. These prerequisites are explained below.

⮚      Being familiar with the work: This is one of the fundamental requirements in general. As we all know, without basic knowledge, we cannot start the work. Therefore, one needs to gain knowledge and try to understand digital marketing. Needless to mention that in the present times, there are ample ways and means of acquiring knowledge.

⮚      Choosing your area of interest: Digital marketing is a very vast domain. Gaining expertise takes a lot of time in all the sub-domains of the field. Starting with the vertical of your interest helps in getting more connected with the subject. So, upon knowing the subject, chose your area of interest.

⮚      Establishing the website:  Expertise in a subject matter should get justified by our talent and knowledge on that particular subject. For example, the knowledge and talent of digital marketers are seen through their blogs. So, one should work on creating a blog and regularly updating it with genuine content.

When can digital marketing be done from home?

Meeting the above prerequisites means that the person is well prepared for digital marketing. One can avail work from home facility either from the company where they work or by opting freelancing path. A Freelancing job is a job in which the individual works for themselves rather than working for a company. Work from home option works widely in freelancing jobs. Let us get to know what can be done in both ways of working.

Freelancing Jobs:

Freelancing is the common solution given to people who wander around the question, “can digital marketing be done from home?” Also, until you set up your client base, uncertainties are likely to hover.

Here is the brief on how to get started with freelancing:

1.       Be patient: The freelancing journey won’t be easy during the initial phase. There would often be a lot of stress, disappointments, high workloads, and many times one may not hear back from clients with your application. So, during these times, one should be patient and try to keep working on their expectations.

2.       Recognize your skills: No one knows you as much as you know about yourself. Therefore, you need to realize your skills to understand what you are good at in digital marketing and which category you want to work in.  Along with technical skills, check up on the list of soft skills which you possess and try to work on them for improvisation.

3.       Find a niche: This is one of the crucial steps, as determining the proper niche helps land more jobs. Don’t combine multiple niches, as this might not help in getting more jobs. It is because clients would feel there is a lack of precision. Also, trying to narrow your niche based on the current trend.

4.       Personal Brand development: Even experts in freelancing need to create their brand. Also, make sure to add some personality by meeting the clients personally rather than in meetings and trying to be honest with your delivery deadlines.

5.       Look for clients: Many websites help freelancers to secure a freelancing job. Direct emailing the clients would, at times, also help one in securing a freelancing job. This direct emailing is commonly done by writing service proposal requests.

6.       Charging of amount: During initial times, try to compare the amount charged by various freelancers. Then, based on the experience earned, you can have a change in your amount. Usually, freelancers charge the amount per hour, per month or, project. However, at times, the client would prefer payment per month.

7.       Try making utmost use of tools that would make your work easier.

Here are some tips for freelancers and their easy collaboration with clients:

⮚      Be more organized:  With more clients added to your network, there would be a slightly hectic life. You would receive a lot of emails every day, which would create chaos. To avoid such chaos, always plan your work.

⮚      Connect with other freelancers: People interested in freelancing must make sure; they get connected with other fellow freelancers. This interaction would help one to know more about freelancing, digital marketing, and various working ways.

⮚      If anyone is willing to start freelancing in digital marketing, it becomes difficult to find clients as no one knows them. In the initial stages of your freelancing, where you would be trying to adjust to the new environment, try to provide your service to your friends and relatives free of cost. In this way, you would be gaining trust along with clients.

⮚      Reserve a certain number of pages in your blog and portfolio for your clients’ details and reviews about your work. In this way, trust gets build.

⮚      Some of the websites recommended for freelancers are Felxjobs, ProBlogger job board, LinkedIn Jobs, and Upwork.

Apart from freelancing, many companies allow their employees to work from home, considering the underlying benefits. Work from the home facility from the company is the choice for people who have the question, “can digital marketing be done from home in 9-5 jobs?”

All the pre-requisites and knowledge required are the same as that of freelancing. However, here the digital marketers need to report to their respective bosses. Their leads and managers would decide their work.

There would be a slight change in the active lifestyle when compared with freelancing. In this one need to work in a team to get the result. Working from home in 9-5 jobs looks different from working in the office, as there must be a proper synchronization within the team. Here are the few points which employees can inculcate within them so the workflow is smooth.

⮚      Make sure you plan your activity for the day. Do inform the team so that the team will be clear about your work list for the day.

⮚      Make a habit of placing all the required documents in a common shared folder. It would make sure that the team members have access to all the documents.

⮚      Always try building a personal connection with the team members.

⮚      Always have frequent nonofficial communication with the team members.

Another concept that will complete the answer to the question “how can digital marketing be done from home?” is the tools. The digital marketing domain requires the usage of tools at various steps. Here is the list of few recommended tools used in this domain, mainly when working remotely.

●        Slack: This is a communication tool used while working remotely, where one can schedule meetings and create channels for projects and many more.

●        Skype/ Zoom: These are chat interfaced online platforms where one can schedule and conduct meetings, chats, and many such things.

●        Google workspace: This is a cloud-based google application like google doc, Gmail. Google slides and many like that.

●        PayPal: Using this, freelancers can request money for their services, in which they can generate the online invoice online.

●        MailChimp: This is a social advertising tool, which helps in making customized content. This email marketing tool, by ensuring the customized email content reaches the right audience.

●        Google ads: This is an online advertising platform developed by Google. In this advertiser inverts certain amount to display their brief ads online.

●        Google Analytics: This is the largest web analytic tool, using which every digital marketer can find out the amount of traffic to a particular website.

●        Canvas: In this platform, one would build social media graphics, posters, and many more.

●        SemRush: This is an all-in-one platform, wherein one can avail many services like keyword research, PPC, SEO, SMM., and many tools like that.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1.     Can everyone pursue digital marketing from home?

Digital marketing can be done by any individual who is interested and has a zeal for learning. It can be done by students or working professionals, or anyone interested in making money.

  1. Is a digital marketing course worth pursuing?

Pursuing a digital marketing course will provide you with multiple job opportunities. In addition, you can successfully build your career in the industry if you learn about the basic technique to make marketing campaigns successful.

  1. Are digital marketing courses expensive?

Considering the benefits you will get, it can be considered that digital marketing courses are not expensive. Instead, it is like a one-time investment that will help you in the future.


There are many job options available for a digital marketer. They can work as bloggers, content marketers, paid search marketers, social media marketers, and many more. I hope this article will clear the doubts related to the digital marketing work-from-home option.

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