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Top 10 Business Analytics Companies In India To Look Out For

Analysts that can understand data and derive significant business-oriented insights to promote growth are in high demand in India. The increase in business analytics use is directly proportionate to the number of new analyst job vacancies. Companies are actively seeking data professionals and are willing to pay top dollar for them. It is reasonable to say that some of India’s biggest data analytics firms are now hiring (along with other tech giants). So, if you’re seeking a beginning point or to make a change, now is the moment. To save you time, we have identified the top business analytics companies in India that you can shortlist for your job application. 

Top Business Analytics Companies In India

Digitization and data are influencing how businesses make choices and design procedures. After carefully evaluating the performance and trends under different scenarios, harnessing, and analyzing data created by digital systems is the key to making informed and intelligent judgments. More businesses rely on big data and data science to increase efficiency, expand their market reach, increase revenues, and implement new processes and solutions. This trend is allowing analytics firms to develop and offer Business Analytics (BA) and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. As a result, there will be a considerable need for business analytics and data science personnel.

Before we move to the list of top business analytics companies in India, let us understand business analytics.

About Business Analytics

Business analytics refers to the use of methodologies like data mining, predictive analytics, and statistical analysis to analyze and transform data into useful information, identify and anticipate trends and outcomes, and ultimately make better, data-driven business decisions.

The Main Elements of a Typical Business Analytics Dashboard Are as Follows: 

Data Aggregation:

Before analysis, data must be obtained, sorted, and filtered, either through volunteered data or transactional records.

Data Mining:

Data mining for business analytics is the process of searching through massive datasets utilizing databases, statistics, and machine learning to detect trends and build associations.

Sequence and Association Identification:

The recognition of predictable acts that are conducted concurrently or sequentially with other actions.

Text Mining:

It is the exploration and organization of massive, unstructured text databases for qualitative and quantitative analysis.


The analysis of historical facts from a certain era to make informed predictions about future occurrences or behaviours.

Predictive Business Analytics:

Predictive business analytics uses several statistical techniques to develop predictive models that extract information from datasets, discover trends, and produce a predictive score for a variety of organizational outcomes.


Once patterns and predictions have been found, firms can use simulation tools to test out best-case scenarios.

Data Visualization:

Provides visual representations of data, such as charts and graphs, to facilitate and speed up data processing.

The Fundamentals of Business Analytics Are of 3 Types:

descriptive analytics, predictive analytics, and prescriptive analytics. Descriptive analytics analyzes historical data to determine how a unit may respond to a set of variables; predictive analytics examines historical data to determine the likelihood of specific future outcomes, and prescriptive analytics is a combination of the two.

The management of clinical information systems in the healthcare sector, the tracking of player spending and the creation of retention strategies in casinos, and the streamlining of fast-food restaurants by observing peak customer hours and determining when specific food items should be prepared based on assembly are some examples of business analytics. 

Modern, high-quality business analytics software solutions and platforms are designed to ingest and process the massive datasets encountered by firms and exploited for optimal business operations.

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Now Let Us Move to Our List of Business Analytics Companies in India

The first on the list of business analytics companies in India is Mu Sigma Analytics.

1. Mu Sigma Analytics

Mu Sigma, one of the most prominent Decision Science and business analytics organizations, assists businesses in making intelligent decisions by providing best-in-class and accurate data analytics solutions.

MuSigma specializes in in-demand analytics, marketing analytics, network planning and optimization, and risk analytics, among other services.

Analytics Services

Through their new ‘Art of Problem Solving,’ MuSigma assists their clients in systematizing improved decision-making. 

Their big data analytics software assists organizations in scaling data analytics solutions, from problem formulation and mapping to the discovery and implementation of analytical solutions.

Client Testimonials

MuSigma has worked with over 140 Fortune 500 firms, delivering significant ROI.

Clients appreciate their problem-solving methodology, which has led to MuSigma being adopted by multiple subgroups within the organization.

MuSigma is active in numerous functions across the organization with most of its clients, such as marketing, finance, CRM, and so on.

Aside from that, they have collaborated with CMOs in many organizations on various initiatives centred on advertising and campaign effectiveness.

The second company on the list of business analytics companies in India is Latent View.

2. Latent View

Latent View is headquartered in New Jersey, with offices in Mumbai and Chennai.

Latent View has plenty of R&D space, and the company’s R&D centre, IdeaLabs, is the driving force behind its big data and predictive analytics solutions. The firm serves the Retail, Financial Services, and Consumer Packaged Goods industries.

Analytics Services

Latent View offers business analytics, marketing analytics, risk and compliance analytics, supply chain analytics, and data engineering.

They offer a variety of solutions to meet the various analytics requirements of businesses across industries.

Casper is a personalized conversational analytics system that allows users to input natural language inquiries in the form of text or speech and gives relevant insights in visual, text, or voice form.

Another product, SmartInsights, is an AI-powered platform that assists businesses in forecasting consumer trends ahead of time. It aids in gaining a first-mover advantage by speeding up and driving product creation.


Their high client retention rates and long-term connections allow them to invest early in knowing clients’ business goals and issues.

LatentView’s bespoke roadmap is intended to advance companies through the analytics maturity quadrant, allowing them to evolve alongside their customers as their digital savvy grows.

The third company on the list of business analytics companies in India is Tiger Analytics.

3. Tiger Analytics

Tiger Analytics is a dependable data science and data engineering partner to several Fortune 500 firms.

The corporation is based in Silicon Valley and has a global delivery centre in Chennai.

They bring extensive knowledge in customer analytics, marketing science, and operations and planning analytics.

Analytics Services

Tiger Analytics provides a variety of services such as marketing analytics, customer analytics, risk analytics, and operations and planning.

They assist in the configuration of KPI reporting and dashboards for tracking and alerting on pre-defined performance metrics.

They also aid in the discovery of insights by using a structured and iterative strategy to drill the data to uncover key patterns of interest using visual and tabular analyses.

Industries that are Served

Tiger Analytics serves clients in a variety of industries, including banking and finance, insurance, retail and consumer goods, telecommunications, media, logistics, and technology.

The fourth company on the list of business analytics companies in India is Fractal Analytics.

4. Fractal Analytics

Since its founding in 2000, Fractal has developed more than 40 specialized speciality services for use in a variety of sectors, including technology, healthcare, retail, and the hospitality and healthcare industries. Fractal’s solutions support the delivery of smarter, quicker, more inventive, and more accurate decisions and are supported by powerful analytics. San Francisco, New York, London, Singapore, Dubai, Mumbai, and New Delhi are among the locations where the organization maintains operations.

Analytical Services

For its diverse clients, Fractal Analytics offers a variety of analytics solutions.

The offerings include text analytics, advanced artificial intelligence solutions, forecasting tools, and image and video analytics.

They have solutions for supply chain, behavioural science, and customer experience.

Qure.ai (AI for Radiology), Cuddle.ai (The Personal Analyst), and Eugene.ai are some of their offerings (Anomaly Detection).

Sectors Served

Consumer Packaged Goods, Financial Services, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Insurance, Retail, Information Technology, Media, and Telecom are just a few of the several industries that Fractal Analytics serves as clients.

Some of the best companies in these fields are among their clients.

The fifth company on the list of business analytics companies in India is Accenture Analytics.

5. Accenture Analytics

The analytics division of the tech behemoth Accenture is called Accenture Analytics. This area has established itself by specializing in providing data-driven solutions and receiving strong support from machine learning and artificial intelligence. This analytics division is a fantastic environment for a data analyst because it is powered by Accenture’s predictive analytics technology. You will get access to data sensors, third-party searches, and cutting-edge insight from Accenture. You will get the opportunity to work at Accenture Innovation Centers and Accenture Labs as well as join its global network of over 1800 data scientists and analysts if you join Accenture Analytics.

The sixth company on the list of business analytics companies in India is Datalicious.

6. Datalicious

Another excellent analytics company to work for in India is Datalicious. With the help of Datalicious, marketers can use data to inform decisions that will enhance the consumer experience. The learning curve at Datalicious, which has a strong and committed staff of data analysts and engineers, is steep. It is important to note that Datalicious is one of the top Google Analytics resellers in the APAC area, which enables it to deal with both startups and Fortune 500 enterprises.

The seventh company on the list of business analytics companies in India is Manthan.

7. Manthan

Manthan’s Business Analytics businesses have completely taken over the retail industry intending to seamlessly integrate technology and customer experience.

Manthan offers big data and AI-aided decision-making solutions for many industries, including restaurants, fashion and apparel, e-commerce, food and grocery shops, and convenience stores

Analytical Services

Manthan combines AI and data power to deliver outstanding analytics solutions for retail and consumer organizations.

Their AI and analytics platform, which is hosted in the cloud, enables autonomous decision-making by closing the loop for crucial business processes using data-driven insights and algorithms.

For food and grocery, restaurants, fashion, and apparel, as well as other retail firms, they offer excellent analytics solutions.

Services Offered and Clientele

Manthan offers world-class solutions for the food & grocery, fast food, convenience stores, and restaurant industries.

On their extensive client list are some of the well-known figures in these fields.

Crocs, Zara, Prada, Marks & Spencer, FairPrice, Foodland, KFC, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Domino’s, and many more are just a few of the clientele.

The eighth company on the list of business analytics companies in India is Absolutdata.

8. Absolutdata

By combining technology, complicated data, and advanced analytics with a diagnostic methodology, Absolut Data is changing the conventional analytical approach. For marketing, sales, and analytics professionals, their brand NAVIK offers a portfolio of potent products that let them tap into the potential of AI.

Analytical Services

AbsoluData offers top-tier analytics services, such as marketing analytics and customer analytics, in addition to its artificial intelligence solutions.

For the marketing vertical, it offers comprehensive and specialized services to better understand clients, forecast the most successful marketing campaigns, and choose what will give a competitive advantage.

They offer a 360-degree perspective of the customer under customer analytics, combined with micro-segmentation and behavioral analytics.

Among other excellent services, they offer to assist with client engagement strategies, customer acquisition analytics, and customer lifetime value modeling.


Big names from a variety of industries are among AbsolutData’s clients. Adidas, Apollo Munich Health Insurance, Epson, Emirates NBD, Hershey’s, Hyundai, Janssen, Kellogg’s, KIA Motors, Levi’s, LG, Loreal, Petronas, Standard Chartered, Uber, and several other companies are just a few among them.

The ninth company on the list of business analytics companies in India is Convergytics.

9. Convergytics

Convergys has been working to address a major issue that many organizations experience when implementing analytics: the gap between creation & consumption, which prevents analytics from having the most possible business impact.

By integrating the production, consumption, correction, and fusion of analytics, Converytics fills this gap. They have implemented our solutions for market leaders throughout the years in a variety of industries, including retail, banking, healthcare, social media, CRM, supply chain, and telecommunications.

Convergys has evolved into one of the fastest-growing analytics solutions companies by offering technology-neutral and sector-specific holistic solutions that help organizations maximize their ROI, boost customer happiness, foster innovation, and preserve a competitive edge.

By utilizing the power of big data, Convergytics offers solutions for digital analytics, business intelligence, CRM, and pricing analytics.

Consumer packaged goods, healthcare, telecom, and banking are a few of the sectors they serve.

Making data-driven and actionable decisions enables organizations to react to a market environment that is continuously changing.

Analytical Services

Convergytics’ clients benefit from better consumption and ROI, quicker time to market, lower cost of ownership, and flexible engagement models because of its superior solutions.

Marketing analytics, digital analytics, pricing analytics, social media analytics, and CRM analytics are among the analytics services they offer.

While most businesses offer marketing analytics, Convergytics goes a step further by analyzing social media and digital data to offer insights across marketing channels.

Services Offered and Clientele

Convergys has clients from a variety of industries and has offices in India, the UK, and the USA.

The tenth company on the list of business analytics companies in India is Cartesian Consulting.

10. Cartesian Consulting

In India, Cartesian Consulting was established in 2009.

Presently, it employs 150 people who work for more than 50 businesses in ten nations out of offices in India, Singapore, and North America.

Cartesian Consulting has grown to be a well-known international brand in just ten years.

Their capacity to quickly integrate advanced data into a business setting and make a difference from it sets them apart.

Analytical Services

They offer services in Customer Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Business Analytics, and Digital Analytics, among other areas.

One of the cleverest CRM applications available is their “Solus” solution. The brains behind hyper-personalized marketing are responsible for this.

Sectors Served

Across industries, Cartesian Consulting has assisted brands in increasing toplines by 5–10% and margins by 6–12%.

Retail, quick service restaurants, financial services, telecommunications, e-commerce, and hospitality are the sectors they have so far mostly served.

This was the list of top business analytics companies in India. Now let us move to some of the most asked questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What prospects do business analytics have in India?

As companies of all sizes and analytical skill levels enter the big data game, the scope of business analytics is continuously expanding and improving. The best management promise, the greatest technology, the best people, and a clean culture are all necessary for exploring business analytics. Businesses like IBM, Cognizant, and KPMG use business analytics solutions to generate meaningful and efficient decisions.

To be successful in the field of business analytics, one must develop the necessary skill set. To excel in the field, one needs a strong sense of curiosity, the ability to understand data, a full grasp of tools and processes, the capacity for in-depth analysis, and mathematical abilities. Indian institutes, in collaboration with numerous top universities, are enabling standard as well as executive business analytics courses in response to the necessity to develop a workforce that is knowledgeable in the field and equipped to handle the challenging issues associated with business analytics. In addition to traditional colleges, numerous analytics coaching centres provide their business analytics courses or work with renowned institutions.

Business analytics has received a lot of attention recently across most industries. With so much data flying around in every area of a business—marketing, sales, finance, social media, etc.—it is crucial to evaluate and comprehend the data to improve business decisions and market growth.

Business analytics (BA) refers to the knowledge, tools, and procedures for conducting ongoing, methodical investigations and analyses of past business performance to generate knowledge and advance industry preparation. Company analytics focuses on creating fresh understandings of how businesses operate using data and statistical techniques. Industry intelligence, which is likewise focused on data and statistical tactics, typically targets with a uniform set of criteria to both measure past operations and direct firm preparation.

Q2. Is business analytics difficult?

Your task in business analytics is to employ data analytics to generate pertinent information for corporate decision-making. 

Technically speaking, business analytics is not particularly challenging. It could be taught to almost anyone who has a basic understanding of math. Some tools can help extract meaningful information from a dataset that was created by data scientists, who have a difficult job.

However, this does not mean that someone with little aptitude may perform the job effectively because business analytics is not a particularly technical task. You must possess the ideal blend of traits to succeed as a business analyst.

In contrast to disciplines like data science, business analytics focuses more on deriving useful conclusions from massive amounts of data than it does on having excellent technical skills.

Importantly, communicating the business implications of data to stakeholders is just as crucial as data analysis itself. Business analytics translators require strong presenting and persuading abilities. Students must possess technical abilities, but the main emphasis is on how to understand data and apply its lessons to corporate strategy.

Q3. Which Indian business analytics company is the best?

Data specialists are in high demand from businesses, and they may expect to pay top cash for them. It is conceivable that some of India’s largest data analytics companies are currently hiring. So, whether you’re looking for a starting point or want to make a change, the time is now. In this article, we have listed the top business analytics companies in India so you can shortlist them for your job application and save time.


A wide range of duties outside of technology is being added to the business analyst’s function, which is continually changing. To land work as a business analyst at these prestigious firms, familiarize yourself with the cutting-edge business analytics ecosystem.

  • Enroll in classes to learn about cutting-edge technology and how it may be used in business.
  • Develop your skills to use big data technologies for more intelligent decision-making and better business solutions.
  • Make sure to follow the user design and develop a solid understanding of UX.
  • Participate in stakeholder engagements to create better outcomes and solutions.
  • Continually upgrade your knowledge of new technology and business analytics trends.
  • The key is continuous progress.

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