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Best Business Accounting and Taxation Course in Karachi

Wondering about the best Business accounting and taxation course in Karachi? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. The finance industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years. This growth has been the result of technology. New ways of approaching the same old industry have changed the perspective of those hiring and being hired. If you are someone who is interested in getting into finance or accountancy, you are at the right place. This article tells lists the best BAT course in Karachi. Let’s begin.


Business Accounting and Taxation Course in Karachi


Karachi, Pakistan


The city of Karachi located in Pakistan is known to be the industrial as well as the financial center of the country. It is considered to be the most cosmopolitan city in the country due to its vibrant and diverse population. Several cultures are celebrated in the city. It is the largest city in Pakistan. As a modern developed city, some of the best institutes have also come up here. The degree of development of a city is directly reflected in its employment facilities. Today a lot of new kinds of jobs are available in the city.


What do BAT courses mean?


Just by hearing about the title of the course, you know that this has something to do with finance and accounting. Business accounting and taxation course also called as bat course is an extremely knowledgable course for those interested in joining the field of finance and accounting or getting into the tax department.


Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Karachi are those courses which are available here. In this course, you will learn about the various kinds of taxes as well as the software which is used in this department.


If you are someone, who has done a course on clinical psychology and counseling, the basic requirement of you to apply for a job would be a first-hand experience of having done counseling with someone. This kind of first-hand experience is needed because this is a career that needs practical training. A piece of purely theoretical knowledge will not be of much help here.


Similarly, if you are willing to enter the industry of finance and accountancy, you need to have some practical experience in the field. Most of the degrees offered by our universities depend purely on theoretical knowledge as opposed to western universities.


In such a situation, it becomes important to do this kind of a professional course which gives you the required theoretical knowledge along with the practical application of that knowledge. These practical applications will help you gain experience as well as the confidence to work well in your place of work.


Eligibility criteria for doing a business accounting and taxation course in Karachi


Even though the BAT is a professional course, it does not come with rigid eligibility criteria. While the eligibility criteria are institute specific, most of the certificate courses don’t follow strict criteria. 


This course is more likely to be done by those from the commerce stream. Some institutes allow students to do these courses after graduation, while some others allow one to do this course after class 12. Thus it depends on the institute you desire to join.


A common requirement to do this BAT course in Karachi is the need to know basic computer skills. Since you would be using different kinds of software you have to know the basic operations of the computer. This is a job-oriented course that focuses on the practical application of knowledge. Thus knowledge about basic computer handling is a must.


The students must also have good communication skills in English since most of these courses are conducted in this language. If you do not have good knowledge of spoken English, it would be difficult for you to follow the course sessions.


If you are someone from the science or the arts stream and are interested in getting into the field of finance, you can too go for this course as specific eligibility is not applicable to this course.


Job Prospects After BAT Course in Karachi


After doing a business accounting and taxation course, you can be employed in any field related to finance and accounting. Since finance forms the backbone of the economy of a country as well as any company, your position will be of great importance. Some of the positions suitable for you are:


  • Tax analyst
  • Accountant
  • Auditor
  • Bank Manager
  • Budget analyst
  • Bookkeeper
  • Data analyst
  • Risk manager
  • Legal assistant
  • Controller
  • Investigative Accountant
  • Cashier


Scope of Business accounting and taxation course in Karachi


BAT is a professional course meant for those looking for a job in the finance sector. While a conventional course in commerce can also provide you with a job, doing a bat course would help you get a better paying job in a good company.


This is a job-oriented course that will give you the practical knowledge needed in the workplace. What our common degree syllabi lack is application-based knowledge. In a conventional set-up, you would learn about the tally, taxation system, auditing, etc. But when you join a company as a fresher, you would need to use that knowledge for real situations.


Most freshers don’t know how to apply their knowledge. A bat course being a work-oriented course would help you make the transition from theoretical knowledge to practical application-based knowledge. 


Since a bat course deals with a wide range of topics, it will help you to know the field which would be suitable for you. The various topics would help you to know your niche. While as a layman we would not the different kind of effort required for an accountant and a legal assistant, a professional course would help you with that.


Most of the BAT courses offered by various institutes come with internship opportunities. This internship is highly beneficial for every fresher as these function as a warm-up session for the newbies. The experience you would gain through this would act as a guiding light for you. You would receive certificates which would be a great add-on to your portfolio.


Difference between business accounting and financial accounting


While both of them may not sound very different, there is a lot of difference between the two. One of the most basic points on which they differ is that business accounting is concerned about meeting the internal needs of a company or sector while financial accounting is concerned about meeting the external needs of a company.


While business accounting deals with the business part of the company like the projections, and modeling activities, financial accounting deals with the finance part of a company. There is a difference in the way a business accounting and financial accounting work like legal stipulations, projections, reporting, asset valuation, accounting tools, etc.


Check out Online Business Accounting and Taxation Courses 


Institutes providing business accounting and taxation courses in Karachi


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is considered to be one of the top-ranking online educational platforms providing quality and work-based education to their students. The institute was established in 2015 and within a short period of time, it was able to get ranked among the top institutions. They have their presence in about 23 cities in Asia. All the courses provided by them are job-oriented. The modules are in accordance with the latest industrial needs. The training for each of the courses is conducted by expert professionals who are ready to help their students during their time of need.


Course Offered: Master BAT course


Fees: INR 49,900+18% GST


Download Business Accounting and Taxation Course Curriculum


  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Modules Covered:


  • Business accounting
  • Advanced Tally ERP 9
  • Tally Prime
  • Accounting in Tally
  • Basics of GST
  • Tally and GST
  • GST Filing
  • Tax Deducted at Source- TDS basics
  • TDS in tally
  • TDS filing
  • E-filing of TDS and TCS
  • Payroll basics
  • Tally and Payroll
  • Income tax and tally
  • E-filing of income tax
  • Advance excel
  • MIS reporting and financials


Mode: Online


Duration: 3 months- live online training


Benefits of doing this BAT Course in Karachi:


– You will learn about GST, balance sheet, payroll, income tax, MIS, etc

– Experts will train the students to help them gain the needed level of competency and acquire the required skill

– IIM Skills believes in and promotes skill-based applicable knowledge. Thus the course is a blend of theory and practical with 120+ hours of lectures followed by 60+hours of practical assignments

– Students are provided with internship opportunities for their benefit. Certificates for the internship would be provided once the stipulated period of work is completed

– The course will help you to polish and enhance your bookkeeping and account-keeping skills

– Various tools used in the finance and accountancy industry would be introduced to you. You will learn the usage of these tools, the times when they are used, and will also learn to apply those tools for your live assignments


IIM Skills BAT Course free demo invite


Email: [email protected]


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2. EduPristine


EduPristine was founded in the year 2008. Expert professionals from well-known companies are part of the faculty. They are known as the premier finance training institute around the world. Today they provide training and specialization to students in different sectors like finance, accounting, healthcare, marketing, and analytics. The institute has built a strong online platform so that maximum students can benefit from their course. The online mode helps them to reach out to the maximum number of students so that one’s physical distance does not come in between your education.


Course Offered: Post Graduate Program in Business Accounting and Taxation


Modules Covered:


  • Accounting basics
  • Accounting and tally
  • GST
  • Tally and GST
  • Income tax
  • Tally and income tax
  • Payroll basics
  • Payroll in tally and excel
  • Excel and MIS reporting
  • MS Excel for accountants
  • Format of financials
  • Financials on excel
  • Setting up BUSY software
  • Extraction of GST reports
  • Purchase and sales process
  • Practical simulations
  • Effective business communication
  • Interpersonal communication


Mode: Pre-requisite online training+classroom sessions


Duration: 5 months


Benefits of doing this BAT Course in Karachi:


– Their course is a curious blend of online live training which is followed by practical classroom sessions. Online training deals with the theoretical concepts, meanings, functions, applications, etc. Once the online training is completed, students can then attend the classroom training. The classroom training is about the practical aspects where students will be applying the tools they have learned about in real projects and situations

– The students will be led by expert faculty members who have been in the finance industry for a long time

– Each one of you will be provided with placement assistance. Questions asked during interview sessions, good communication, coordination with the HR team, job updates, career counseling, etc are all part of their placement assistance

– All those who enroll in this course will get acquainted with the 4 major tools used in the financial sector namely- SAP, excel, tally, and BUSY

– They have a special cell dedicated to their students which would provide them with assistance and doubt-clearing sessions beyond the stipulated classroom training


Email: [email protected]


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3. Pakistan Institute of Management


PIM has two training centers- one in Karachi and the other one in Lahore and a co-located training center in Islamabad. The course caters to the industrial needs of our times. Their course is an amalgamation of theory-based knowledge along with the practical application of the theory. The main objective of their course is to provide each student with practical knowledge so that they can apply those in their field of work. Finance and accounting play a key role in any sector and have led to the development of this course.


Course Offered: Diploma in Accounting and Finance


Fees: INR 36,000


Modules Covered:


  • Basic concepts of Accounting
  • Business and accounting cycles
  • Debt management
  • Inventory management
  • Managerial accounting
  • Receivable Management
  • Dividend policy
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Cost of capital
  • Budgeting
  • Cost accounting
  • Risk and return
  • Profit planning


Mode: A classroom session


Duration: 3 months


Benefits of doing this BAT Course in Karachi:


– The classes of the course are held on only two days- Monday and Wednesday from 6 pm to 9 pm in the evening. The number of days of the classes, as well as the timings, are created in the following way to help students continue their regular work along with the course

– Method followed by the institute is a blend of various techniques like lectures, assignments, group discussions, videos, exercises, and case studies

– Practical approach to the theoretical concepts is one of the key features of this course. Each student will learn about the concepts and thereby use them for their assignments

– The course is conducted by an expert trainer who has been associated with the Institute for many years now.

– Students will receive PIM certificates upon completing the course


Contact: 00312-2464635 & 03333143609

Email: [email protected]


IIM Skills BAT Course free demo invite


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Frequently Asked Questions Related to BAT Course in Karachi


Q1. What is the average duration of doing a Business accounting and taxation course in Karachi?


A. The average time duration ranges between 3 to 5 months. You might take more time if you fail to give the required test or attend the required number of classes.


Q2. Will a business accounting and taxation course in Karachi help me get a good job?


A. Yes.

The requirements of the companies have changed in this digital world. In a group of 10 students with a normal degree, you are bound to stand out due to this add-on course. Your recruiter will know that you have a greater knowledge about the industry in comparison to your peers. This increases your employability rate.

Q3. Can I do the business accounting and taxation course in Karachi if I am from the arts stream?


A. Yes.

This course is not specific to any particular stream as such. You could be from any stream with the basic knowledge of the computer as well as basic vocabulary skill in English.

But the criteria also depend upon the particular institution. There are certain institutes that require you to be specifically from the commerce stream to do this course. Thus before enrolling for the course, it is necessary to go through the details carefully.


Q4. Are certificates provided once I finish the business accounting and taxation course in Karachi?


A. Yes, definitely.

Any institution from which you would be doing this course would definitely provide you with the course completion certificate. Without a certificate, you will not be able to authenticate the completion of your course. 


Q5. Can I do the business accounting and taxation course in Karachi in the online mode of education?


A. Yes.

The students can choose the institute from which they would like to do their course in accordance with their preferable mode of education. Though there were online courses before, the pandemic has changed the perspective of people. Today online courses are in demand.

While some institutes provide only online training, some provide only classroom training. Thus it is up to the students to choose their desired mode of education.




We live in the digital age. This digital age has transformed and molded our lives in such a way that today we cannot even imagine an existence without this. Technological advancement has reached every section of society.


This new age demands professional courses from freshers. The business accounting and taxation course in Karachi is a job-oriented course that would help those aspiring to enter the professional world of finance and accountancy. This course will help you to apply the bookish knowledge that you have in you to real-life practical scenarios.


If you are someone who has always been interested in knowing how the world of finance and accountancy works, this course is for you. Doing the business accounting and taxation course in Karachi would also help you gain the confidence required to get through an interview.


I hope you enjoyed reading this article. All the best for your future.

  • The business accounting and taxation course in Karachi appears to be rather appealing. I like to keep educating myself to broaden my understanding of the financial field. I will look into this course in order to prepare for a wonderful job. I thought it would be a great learning experience since I am a commerce graduate I am interested to join this course in the next session. I found out about business accounting and taxation today and I wanted to enroll in a finance program and advance in the various roles available. I would recommend that anyone interested in advancing their career in finance look at the modules of this course

  • I’m an accountant for an offshore MNC right now. My resume is remarkable for someone with this much experience, in my opinion, and I have over 10 years of expertise in this sector. On the side, I’m also trying to improve my abilities and build a side business in data specializing and auditing . To expand my skill set, I was seeking for a business accounting and taxation course in Karachi. Thank you for the wealth of knowledge contained in this blog. Please send me a registration form for this course since I am certainly thinking about taking it and I want to enrol right away.

  • Hi I am Aafiya. I am a student in karachi. I am studying commerce and will join this course when I’ll pass my exams. I am interested in finance and accounting. I would like to study this course and add it to my portfolio. I want to become an accountant and have started the preparation for it already. Can I study this course along with my MBA degree also? I found out about business accounting and taxation course in karachi and started understanding the course from the internet. Thank you for considering and I will be waiting for your reply.

  • I’m currently employed in a hotel . I’m in charge of the accounting department and house keeping records , as well as a variety of other responsibilities. I’d like to learn more about this new ability in order to assist the restaurant in running efficiently, and I’d like to enrol in a course to do so. I’m curious about the cost of a business accounting and taxation course in Karachi. I read because it covers a wide range of topics that I am interested in learning more about. I’d like to have pick a course that has flexibility in my schedule so that I pursue it around my job .

  • The course on business accounting and taxation is highly intriguing. I’d like to work in the taxation department for a reputable firm. I’m delighted this is a career choice I can pursue after completing this course, as few financial courses prepare students for a variety of financial roles offered in the market. I am now studying and would like to learn more about business accounting and taxation course in Karachi because I am interested in enrolling in this programme right away. I’m also curious if I can take this course while still pursuing my studies. Please guide me to a good institute which I will be benefitted from

  • Hi. I am rashid khan. I live in karachi and it is true what you said about karachi being the centre for industrail and financial development. I am a student pursuing commerce and I wanted to know about the business accounting and taxation course in Karachi offered by the institutes. I have some questions
    Will I be able to secure a good job after this course completion?
    Do I need to learn coding in order to learn this course
    What are the job opportunities in karachi for this specialistaion?
    I am enrolling in the course so when I am done I can have an additional skill to my resume. Kindly help me with my doubts

  • Thank you for writing this article. I am looking for the best institute to deliver bat course to me and help me. As i was searching for a business accounting and taxation course in karachi i could not find many that would help. you have written a well researched post and it has helped me very much. I have decided that I am going with bat course because it will help me with my financing skills and tell me that in which way it is going to work and how will I get better jobs. iam in a start up in karachi as an intern and will like to learn this skill.

  • Hey this is Hussain and I am a working professional in the finance industry for the last 5 years . I was recently filing taxes for my parents as well as helping them with their retirement procedures and I was surprised at the things I had to pick pace with. That’s when I decided to look into a relevant course that will help me enhance my knowledge about new world of finance . I also believe there are many opportunities and better openings once a course is completed . I am interested in business accounting and taxation course in karachi which will help me look for better job prospects . I wanted to be directed to the best institute providing this course .

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