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7 Lucrative Career After BA in Bangalore Awaits You

Whether you’re from Bangalore or elsewhere, the city fascinates you and keeps you coming back.  It captivates you through its cosmopolitan culture, food, and weather.  You feel proud when your city is known as The IT hub, Silicon Valley of India, and big corporate giants help you making a career after BA in Bangalore.

Lucrative Career After BA in Bangalore Awaits You

Obtaining a BA (Bachelor of Arts) Degree opens the gate for many rewarding careers. Whether you’re from a Science background, arts or commerce, you have plenty of options available to choose from.

Career after BA in Bangalore is in plenty. It would be best if you chose meticulously as per your choice, strength, and futuristic demand.

  • MBA(Master of Business Administration)
  • Digital Marketing
  • LLB(Bachelor of Law)
  • Mass Communication (Journalism)
  • MA(Master of Arts)
  • Insurance
  • Government Jobs

Here are 7 Lucrative Career after BA in Bangalore

A) MBA Program Still One of the Hottest Career Options After Graduation

As a student, you might have done some research and homework on Career after BA in Bangalore.  Undoubtedly MBA program remains one of the hottest on the list.

The two-year program teaches you everything to run a successful business and offers opportunities for becoming an entrepreneur.

Whether you wish to work for a corporate or plan to set up your business MBA degree can help you in both. Besides, you have the option of revamping your family business if it exists.

In a nutshell, job opportunities after MBA are in plenty.

The specialization such as Marketing, Finance, HR (Human Resources), International Business, etc. helps you choose what interest you. People outperform when they study topics/subjects of their interest, it boosts their confidence too.

It’ll be unfair if you skip the discussion on salary or packages that MBA graduates get upon completing their course.  By far, they are one of the highest-paid in the industry in India and abroad as well.

India represents the largest democratic country globally, its population 2nd in the world, and 3rd purchasing power.

So what?

A diversified population means more festivals, unlike in Europe and the USA where there is hardly any festival except Christmas.

India is a land of festivals. Unlike others, Indians always look for excuses for celebration irrespective of the community they belong to.

Companies like Amazon find India as one of the most lucrative markets. And others, too, believe in.

India has become a global consumer hub. Whether cosmetics or any FMCG (Fast moving cosmetic goods), all big companies have lined up in India.

If you also want to carve a space for yourself in the digital marketing domain, enroll in the Best Digital Marketing Course in India



India is a potential market for them.

To run a business apart from other things, you need a workforce as well.  MBA graduates are most suitable.

MBA becomes the Number #1 choice for those who look Career after BA in Bangalore

Can anyone do an MBA?

Of course not. You must be graduate in any discipline with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks.

Many factors work to crack CAT (Common Admission Test), but mathematics, English, Data Interpretation, and Reasoning dominate.

Admission to India’s top 20 Management Institutes depends upon the score you obtain in CAT. Some institutes conduct their exam separately, but their question patterns are equally competitive.

B) 7 Ways Learning Digital Marketing Can Help You Achieve Your Financial Goal

The Internet has revolutionized the world, and so does its career options. Digital marketing is one among them. If you are interested in digital marketing and wish to be professional, it’s a promising career after BA in Bangalore.

What is digital marketing?

The name itself suggests it is a type of marketing. It promotes business through the Internet offering digital marketing solutions.

The ads you see on your laptop or mobile, the content you read on the website or social media platforms, even the images that appear online come under digital marketing.

In simple words, it’s tactics through which you promote your product, service, or brand digitally.

The objective is to target audiences using a medium like an email, web-based advertising, and social media as marketing channels.

The objective is simple Companies looking for Digital marketing services that can bring traffic to their site, ultimately generating revenue.

To have a more clear conception of digital marketing, check out the Digital Marketing Course Training in Bangalore

Here are the 7 ways learning Digital Marketing can help you achieve your financial goal

  1. Affiliate Marketing is a form of digital marketing that creates passive income

Imagine running a website or writing a blog post that brings hundreds of visitors, and it keeps growing. The audience loves your content, and they trust you for whatever the reason may be. This trust can bring good revenue for you.

When you pitch a particular product or service loaded with benefits, your audience shows interest in reviewing or buy it. You create an external link enabling your audience to click to purchase the product to make things easier. In return, the merchant pays you some commission.

  1. Running ads on your website is the easiest way of earning money

Depending upon your target audience and the domain authority Google AdSense allows making money through this channel.

If you’re unhappy or unsatisfied with the Google AdSense program, you have the option of selling space to ADVERTISESPACE or BuySellAds.

  1. Generate passive income by selling your favorite e-book on your site

When you’re a content writer, you can sell your ideas by writing an e-book or compile study material in pdf to patronize your online courses.

There’s no better satisfaction when your audience reads your book, appreciates your work, and motivates you to write more.

  1. Email marketing is one of the best options to grab the attention of your target audience

If you’re good at writing an email, you can convert strangers into readers and, finally, loyal customers over the period.

What you write becomes unimportant; how you write makes a big difference.

Here are the few essential points which make your email stand out:

  • Subject line (Title or Headline)
  • The first sentence of the introduction
  • Subtitle
  • Email body
  • Quality content
  • Formatting

It’s a slow process with guaranteed success. You can even become a copywriter and generate good revenue.

  1. You can earn money as a Content writer

If you can write well, engage your audience, offer a solution to their readers, you can monetize your writing.

However, if you have a broader vision and have a long-term plan to achieve your goal, the following skills are essential to possess.

For those of you who have an ineffable passion for writing, you can also opt for a Content Writer. Start by enrolling in the Best Content Writing Course that makes you familiar with the tactics of content creation.

High-Quality Writing Proficiency

  • Ability to research keywords
  • Adaptability
  • Knowledge of SEO (The technique and tactics to bring organic traffic to your site)
  • Study how Google Algorithm functions

Also, check out the Top 10 Content Writing Courses in Bangalore

  1. The option of becoming Social Media Manager is open to monetizing your skill

Here are the 5 key elements

  1. Quick feedback- respond to your audience as soon as possible to make them feel you care about them.
  2. Your words, sentence, and your style of writing boost your credibility.
  3. Show consistency in your voice to promote your brand.
  4. Measure your progress use metrics to analyze whether there’s any gap or vacuum found between readers and writers.
  5. Social Media Network serves a dual purpose. If consumers get cheated or found unsatisfied with the company, they can demonstrate their complaint globally. It can ruin the image of the company.

On the other hand, there’s no better platform than Social media to showcase their product, service, brand, or even image.

  1. If you’re an SEO specialist with a proven record of success, you can double your earning

SEO is the nucleus of digital marketing. You need to understand how the Google algorithm works to get your website ranked. It’s a skill and very much achievable.

Listing 7 ways as mentioned above doesn’t mean you can’t think of earning beyond. Career after BA in Bangalore doesn’t stop here. The job possibilities are on and on.

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C) 6 Reasons Why You Love Being a Lawyer Despite the Wrong Perception in Society

Lawyers are cheaters; this is a general perception of people. The reason being, people perceive what media shows.

In a country like India, where most people are ignorant of their rights and responsibilities, the government should include short lessons at the school and college level, highlighting the importance and necessity of law.

A Bachelor of law can be one of the best options for a career after BA in Bangalore.

Law by name sounds dry and dull; however, statistics show more and more students every year opting Career as BA LLB (Bachelor of Law)

Here are the 6 Reasons which confirm career after BA in Bangalore is worth

Why you love a lawyer as a profession, and what prompt you to become a lawyer?

  1. You have plenty of career options after BA LLB (Bachelor of Law). Examples below:
  • Joining corporate industries
  • Taking judiciary exams to become a judge
  • Opting legal advisor
  • Company secretaryship
  1. Financial stability helps you make a decision to choose this career.

Whether it’s your calling or your dream job, it falls flats when it fails to generate sufficient funds to run your family. It might de-motivate to the extent that you might think of giving up your favorite career.

Obtaining a law degree can accelerate your income at your own pace. The sooner you show your skill and ability, the quicker you get recognition.

  1. Being a lawyer, you have the authority to handle your case single-handed.

When you notice injustice, corruption, lawlessness, you as a lawyer can take the initiative and drag them in court and bring them to justice. The ordinary person is unaware of what a law says and its technicalities.

Imagine you are traveling with your loved ones, some wild animals attack you. If you are carrying your gun, you can secure the safety of your loved ones by shooting the animals. Similarly, being a lawyer, you are an asset to Society. Not everyone can have this privilege.

  1. Great world leaders felt the importance and the necessity of studying laws.

Have you wondered why leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Fidel Castro, Barak Obama, Studied law?

To win people’s hearts, you need to understand human psychology similarly to rule a nation; you must understand the laws that prevail there.

“I just can’t get things done here without a law degree.” – Barack Obama.

  1. If you’re a problem-solver, analyst, or trouble-shooter? You better join the judiciary.

Your approach, honesty towards your work, and discerning quality decide your future graph. Your achievements and your contribution make you stand out from others. The right path at the right time can make you a good decision-maker.

  1. Nothing but Studying laws can allow you to hone your multi-skills

Law is such a subject that affects every aspect of life. Studying laws make your mind curious. You haunt for the truth, look for evidence, research to get to the bottom of the case.

Studying laws allows you to enhance your communication skills, think out of the box. And the ability to work independently and also working as a team.

D) Journalism offers a fascinating career after BA in Bangalore

 7 Reasons That Fascinate You and Make You Feel Proud Being a Journalist

It’s okay to work hard, enjoy life, and keep yourself happy in your comfort zone. Life goes on, and you don’t bother to look beyond.

However, another category of people see the world differently and distinguish between right and wrong.  And they don’t want to be an ostrich with its head in the sand. Journalism empowers you to show the actual image to the world.

Are you the one?

If yes, then journalism is the right profession for you. It’s exciting and challenging.

What about the job prospect who choose journalism as a career after BA in Bangalore?

Career options after BA journalism are plenty. Some are as follows:

  • Newspaper and Magazine-print or online
  • Radio broadcasting
  • TV Channels
  • Content writing
  • Advertising Agencies
  • PR (Public Relation) agencies

Besides the listing mentioned above, if anyone is looking for jobs after BA, mass communication can even approach Music Industry, Education, and vacancies are available even in the government sector.

7 Reasons that fascinates you and feel you proud being a journalist

  1. Unlike corporate, where the primary objective is to maximize profit with minimum input. You get paid based on the revenue you generate for the company.

Here in journalism, you are working for a cause. To make people informed and updated by showing an accurate picture of the world. You’re on a mission to create a better world.

  1. There’s no better medium than journalism to express your opinion. It makes people feel you are a true representative (of people) and ready for hand-holding for those who deserve it.
  2. Books, Magazines, Newspapers, Internet give you a sea of information, making your research work more exciting and meaningful.
  3. What is good for Society, favorable for the nation must reflect in your writing. Forces can deter you from diluting your mission. Truth must prevail.
  4. Journalism will never bore you; it will keep you active, updated throughout your career. There’s no place for mundane work.
  5. Who pays you what? That doesn’t matter much. But what matters is your writing and your peace of work that gets appreciation and rewards from industry experts.
  6. Meeting, interviewing, educating people allows you to build a network. This connectivity with people can offer you multi-benefits in the long term.

E) Pursuing MA Is Mandatory If You Study Further or Love Being a Professor?

Why do you prefer doing MA when Career after BA in Bangalore is copious?

When you have a specific goal to achieve or yearn to go in-depth on the subject, say you wish to become a lecturer/professor, or plan to do some research work, earning a Master’s degree becomes mandatory.

Doing a master’s degree, appearing for the UGC NET exam is a career after BA in Bangalore which everyone plans whose ultimate goal is to go on academic field.

Reasons that motivate you to pursue a master degree as follows:

  • In-depth understanding of the subject you pursue. More emphasis on content and its complexity.
  • You learn more about what you love the most. An opportunity to hone your skill further understands things from a practical aspect.
  • Unlike BA, here, your learning aspect goes beyond the classroom. What is happening around you vis-à-vis to the subject you are learning is also discussed and explained.

Your credibility gets boost up, you feel more confident, and you gain a sense of accomplishment.

Why do you love being a professor?

  1. Your knowledge is vital to you and the world but useless if not shared. Being a professor, you can enlighten the world.
  2. A doctor’s objective is to cure the disease of their patients. The Professors’ aim lies in developing the mindset of their students who can make the world a better place to live in.
  3. You might be knowledgeable, scholarly, or informative; however, to become a successful professor, you’ve to ensure you’re capable of translating those skills.
  4. The guidance the inspiration one gets from their professor is not confined to the classroom. It can impact the whole life. They are life-changer, a motivator, and much more.
  5. Like students, professors to study their subject and beyond to ensure their teaching is engaging, stimulating, and creating an impression that learning can be fun.
  6. Unlike corporate or industry jobs teaching profession gives you more freedom to explore and experiment. Besides, you have less pressure to meet the deadline.

F) 5 Best Practices Can Bring Your Insurance Jobs a High Earning Machine

COVID Pandemic has put Insurance not only in the limelight but on top across other industry spectra.

Slowly but surely, the middle class has no option but to buy insurance policy resulting in a sudden surge.

What does it mean?

More demand means more workforces—good news for those who want to build a career in the insurance sector. COVID –Pandemic has changed the working style. Meaning work from home is now possible.

Some hard truth facts

Imagine visiting a restaurant, mall, cinema hall, or even theme park. You pay and get some tangible or intangible product or service. That brings a smile and a sense of instant satisfaction to you.

Isn’t it?

But in Insurance, when you pay, in return, they give you nothing except assurance. Policy details spin your head as the contract looks complicated, nearly impossible to understand by the average person.

Choosing Insurance as a career after BA in Bangalore gives you an opportunity to judge your selling skill.

Who is best suited to join this industry?

  • One who is client-centric and good at reading human Psychology
  • If you can play the card of emotional intelligence, mastering the story-telling. You, too, can convert business.
  • If you’re persistent, having thick skin, the ability to argue rationally loaded with truthful examples can make your client captivated.
  • Despite knowledge of your policy, you need to listen more and speak less. Make the client feel your existence is because of them.
  • If you can’t dare to speak the truth, don’t tell a lie. Sooner or later, you’ll extinct from the market.

Here are 5 Best Practices that can do your Insurance jobs a High Earning Machine

  1. Encourage one-on-one session with you client rather than giving a presentation in a group unless they demand.
  2. Be truthful to your client but being boring and robotic are crimes-don’t commit. What you speak matters, but how you communicate decides your career future.
  3. Interact with your client only when you get fully prepared. Let your client decide how confident, prudent you are in solving their issues.
  4. Highlight the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of your policy to make them (clients) feel you care and will remain at their disposal.
  5. Always put yourself in the client’s shoes. It can give you a better edge to understand and deliver better service.

If you’re good at selling, why don’t you try Insurance as a career after BA in Bangalore?

G) 5 Government Jobs Guaranteed Your Happiness Till the End of Your Life

Choosing a government job is open when you think of a career after BA in Bangalore.

The craze of a government job has not yet dwindled.

Some of the important reasons are as follows:

Unlike the Private Sector, every month your salary is guaranteed. In the private sector, you get paid when you perform.

The corporate allows you to work based on your productivity. You survive as long as you perform. When you underperform, the company can fire you at any moment.

You have fixed working hours in the government sector. Your entry timing is set in a private organization, but there’s no specified time to exit. You have to work to ensure nothing is pending. Working late hours is a part of the job.

To meet the deadline, you have to work tirelessly, spend a sleepless night. In government, you work as per routine.

Your job is secured; no one can quickly fire you. While in the private sector, hiring and firing are common.

In a private job, you have to hone your skill every day, compete with others, and justify your salary. In contrast, in a government job, there’s no such pressure.

The government allows you paid holidays – every year, you can make up to 60 days and casual leave up to 20 days. The private sector doesn’t show such generosity.

If a question haunts you, what are the government jobs after degree? You have dozens of options to choose from as per your interest.

Here Is the List 5 Government Jobs Guaranteed Your Happiness Till the End of Your Life

  1. UPSC (Union Public Service)

UPSC is one of the most prestigious and challenging examinations in India. Upon clearing the exams –these civil servants, also called bureaucrats, execute government policy and contribute to decision making.

IAS(Indian Administrative Service), IPS( Indian Police Service), and IFS(Indian Foreign Service) are the top preferred posts.

Age limit: Between 21 and 32 years

Educational Qualification: Any graduate in any discipline

  1. RBI (Reserve Bank of India) Grade B

When you consider building a career in Banking, there’s nothing better than RBI Grade B.

If you manage to get entry at a young age, there’s a high possibility of becoming deputy governor depending upon your achievements and RBI departmental exams.

Age limit: Between 21 and 30 year

Educational Qualification: Graduation in any discipline with 60% marks or Post-Graduation with 50% marks

  1. IFS (Indian Forest Service)

If you’re a nature lover, hate crowds and pollution, unable to cope with fast and materialistic city life, then IFS is an ideal job for you.

Feel proud when you conserve nature and protect wildlife.

Age limit: Between 21 and 32 year

Educational Qualification: Science or engineering graduate Or Bachelor of Science in Agriculture.

  1. Staff Selection commission’ Combined Graduate Level ASO (Assistant Section Officer)

Upon clearing the examination, you have the opportunity of joining the popular post as follows:

  • Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC)
  • Assistant Enforcement officer
  • Income Tax Inspector
  • Assistant Section Officer(CSS)

Age limit: 18-30 year

Educational Qualification: Any Graduate can take the exam; however, different positions demand different subject lines.

  1. RRB NTPC (Railway Recruitment Board Non-Technical Popular Categories)

Nothing has more unified India than Indian Railways. If you love traveling, there’s nothing better option than to choosing a career in RRB NTPC.

Some benefits offered by RRB NTPC are excellent:

  • Free traveling pass throughout life
  • Numerous welfare funds
  • Educational Assistance for Children
  • Subsidized Hostels and subsidy
  • Various schemes and measures for physically challenged and blind

Age limit: Between 18 and 32 year

Educational Qualification: Graduate In some posts, you need to be proficient in typing in English or Hindi.

For the ones who have not found their best fit career, I have a piece of pro advice for you. Considering the fact that finance and taxation is a proliferating industry, you can also dwell on a GST course to build yourself a lucrative career.

If you want, you can also have a look at the Top 10 GST Certification Courses in Bangalore


You might have made up your mind to choose the career that suits you the best.

You have a crystal clear picture of what to do and what not to do. It means a career after BA in Bangalore is no more bothering you.

The right decision at the right time can make or break your career.

Upon completing your graduation degree, you can better off looking into a career after BA in Bangalore.

Your interest in a particular subject helps you stand out from your crowd. Do what your calling says.

It’s your life; you have to sail the boat of your journey-don’t let anyone influence you. It’s your territory; you have the right to rule.

Listen to everybody but do what your wisdom says—your intellect matters in your decision-making. You are the torchbearer of your plan.

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