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What Is The Difference Between Content Writing And Academic Writing

Content writing, when compared to academic writing, is a larger domain which wraps many other forms of writing. Academic writing itself is a form of content writing with more precision, analysis, facts and evident references.


content writing and academic writing

The graph of content writing vs academic writing is quite interesting, for if we see the efforts required in content writing vs academic writing, the graph goes higher on the academic writing side.


Academic writing is also a form of content writing, and now that we are comparing content writing vs academic writing, we have to analyze academic writing as a separate form of writing and consider content writing without involving academic writing.


Now, this has to be understood very deeply, for one who isn’t aware of the difference between content writing and academic writing.


Content writing, if we exclude academic writing is left if creative and analytic forms of writing where the content generated on the same niche may vary when written by different people and this is because of the perception and individual take on that particular niche.


But in academic writing, no matter how many people drag on the same niche, the core content regardless of the framework of writing has to be the same.


Academic writing is all precisely existing facts and calculations which will continue to remain the same, and it’s just the requirement which makes it a professional form of content writing.


Before we jump into the depths of Academic writing, we need to understand content writing first for a better approach while studying content writing vs academic writing.


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Content writing is a medium of communicating with the audience through written texts about any particular topic. Content writing is a very broad domain itself that it wraps many other forms of content writing. News reporting and journaling is also a form of content writing. Content writing involves both creative and non-creative aspects of writing depending on the purpose.


Because the approach of most of the forms in content writing is to gain as much audience attention as possible, content writing is closely associated with digital marketing.


Almost all forms of content writing whether it is blogging, SEO writing or copywriting involves strategies either to reach more audience or to grab audience attention real quick.


Content writing is the requirement of the hour for any business, especially the ones based on the internet. Generating written content around any business model or structure will be a necessity for the companies in the next 3-4 years.


Content is the only next that does the work of educating your audience and also keeping them engaged in that specific organization developing content.


While content writing is all about more audience and marketing something out there to reach millions of people, the digital marketing game is not that strong on the side of academic writing if we closely understand content writing vs academic writing.


In terms of career, if we compare content writing vs academic writing, both are very different things. There are people who hold a good level of expertise in academic writing and therefore one cannot judge which career is better. There is good scope in both the domains and especially the salaries in academic writing are better compared to the salaries in regular forms of content writing.


The fact is true that many people enjoy content writing over academic writing, and this is because of the lack of creative involvement. But academic writing is also recommended and practiced by many professionals. Therefore the graph of content writing vs academic writing has to judge on various parameters such as marketing, efforts required, creativity, opportunity, and also the money factor.


So far if we study the above-mentioned details, the graph of content writing vs academic writing is quite consistent and provides almost equal space and strength to each domain.


To have a better understanding of content writing vs academic writing, let’s switch to the details of academic writing and precisely understand what it exactly is so that we can show up with sound results explaining the difference in content writing and academic writing.




Academic writing is basically the dissertations and thesis especially required by the students. The academic writing culture developed in other countries before India, because of the Education structure here.


Students abroad require dissertations, essays and analyzed and detailed reports while applying for the higher education qualifications such as universities.


These dissertations, essays, and reports are required at a high scale throughout their time pursuing educational degrees. These dissertations and essays have to be very detailed and organized with content written to the point.


Many students, despite having good knowledge in the required field, fail to create a written dissertation, essay or long-form thesis and that is when they outsource these academic tasks to professional writers.


Depending on the importance f these long-form academic content, the salaries or payout per content piece delivered is quite high.


For one to be good at academic writing should closely follow the requirement of the universities which require this long-form thesis and dissertations.


Famously known universities and organization that could be observed carefully to study the requirements that make a good piece of academic content are Harvard, American Psychological Association and Modern Language Association.   


This is a very profitable career and holds a lot of opportunities. There is a huge amount of opportunity because the industry is still not as crowded as the content writing industry and the demand for such academic content is still growing.


It one of the most popular forms of writing preferred for freelancing.  There is evident and numerous example of people making  5 figure income through academic writing.


Academic writing is a task with a lot of responsibility as it deals with the student assignments and thesis which could possibly get them into good future opportunities.


So, making sure that the scholar documentation is well- organised and written to the point is very important. As an academic writer one has to keep in track of the changes in requirements of the very famous universities and organization for these written content.


This is because the format and type of content accepted by these universities could easily be accepted around the globe by almost every organization.


Adding the ability to write according to the standards of Harvard, MLA and APA could possibly increase the profile strength and flow of new clients.




So the scope in the industries, i.e, content writing and academic writing seems to be equal. If we compare content writing vs academic writing, both of them seem to be equally opportunistic.


While judging content writing vs academic writing through other parameters such as marketing and money-making, have quite different results.


In the content writing vs academic writing, the marketing aspects are stronger on the content writing side, while the academic writing doesn’t need any marketing practices, for these are solely meant for institutional organizations.


In content writing, the audience has to be provided value, but in academic writing, the only requirement is organized to the point content.


But in content writing vs academic writing, the graph for efforts required is quite balanced for both sides. This is because of the content writing has to deal with many aspects such as audience demands, keyword use, SEO practices and lot many strategies, for the content generated has to reach maximum people.


But in academic writing, the content is not made to reach millions of people, neither does it provide any value to the end-user, and it is made according to the required standards.


There are a lot of things to be taken care of in content writing and academic writing. Both of these writing forms are equally opportunistic as well as both of them offer an equal level of challenges to the writer.


It’s quite difficult to compare content writing with academic writing, to determine which one is more preferable. It is just like any other profession, only when one is passionate about academic writing they are definitely recommended to pursue it as a career option.


The above-mentioned details are to be carefully understood especially by people who are starting their career in content writing and also for the students and aspiring writers.


The above points were basic differences in content writing and academic writing, and individually these industries are very diverse themselves. There is still a lot to learn from both these industries as one progresses through any of these careers.


So, we conclude from the above discussion about content writing vs academic writing that, content writing and academic writing have some similarities such as efforts required and opportunities are equal while the basic differences in them are that content writing requires strategies and digital marketing tactics while academic doesn’t require any of it.


Also depending upon the level of difficulty in academic writing and the responsibility, the average payouts for academic writing is relatively higher than that of content writing.


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