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Wells Fargo Investment Banking Services – A Detailed Analysis

Wells Fargo is a renowned name offering various Investment Banking Services in the Investment Banking industry. It is an American multinational company, headquartered in San Francisco, California with a global presence in about 35 countries. It is considered to be one of the big four banks, alongside JP Morgan Chase, Bank Of America, and Citigroup. It is a dream place for many people looking for a successful career in the Investment sector. It provides a range of banking products, mortgages and home equity, loans, credit cards, investment services, and commercial financial services.

Wells Fargo Investment Banking Services

Benefits At Wells Fargo Investment Banking Services:

  • Health Plans: Wells Fargo Investment Banking Services offers competitive health benefits, dental check-ups and vision benefits to help you and your family.
  • Well-being: At Wells Fargo Investment Banking Services, the well-being of the employees is taken as a priority to make positive changes for a healthier future and to manage current healthcare needs.
  • Parental and caregiving leaves: At Wells Fargo Investment Banking Services, the company offers paid leaves to spend time and take care of your family when they need you the most.
  • Paid Time Off: Wells Fargo Investment Banking Services believes in the mental sanity of its employees and that is the reason provides paid leave to accommodate other needs and life events.
  • 401(K) Plan: To help you save for your retirement, Wells Fargo Investment Banking Services take care of your financial success.
  • Discounts and Savings: The best customers at Wells Fargo Investment Banking Services, offer special discounts on Wells Fargo products and services.
  • Commuter Benefits: With Wells Fargo Investment Banking Services, you can save money on mass transit, on a pre-tax benefit.
  • Adoption Reimbursement: This is unique at Wells Fargo Investment Banking Services. An individual is eligible for up to $5000 for adoption-related expenses through their adoption reimbursement program.
  • Education Benefits: Wells Fargo Investment Banking Services always believes in employee benefits and is continuously working towards it. It offers tuition reimbursement of up to $5000 annually and scholarships of up to $3000 to dependent children of employees every year.
  • Surrogacy Support: Regular fixed and term employees and their spouses are offered up to $35000 for surrogacy and fertility expenses at Wells Fargo Investment Banking Services.
  • Point to be noted: The benefits mentioned above are offered to the employees in the United States. Benefits may differ by country.

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Different Business Divisions At Wells Fargo Investment Banking Services:

Chief Operating Office:

This division at Wells Fargo is responsible for delivering a consistent approach to business operations across Wells Fargo. It promises to provide effective and efficient enterprise services to its employees and customers. Client servicing, lending operations, and money movements within the business are some of the important functions. This group of COOs also manages the team including control executive, Customer Excellence, Sales practice oversight and management and strategic execution. Data management and insights deliver important services to our employees and customers.

Corporate And Investment Banking:

This division believes in delivering capital market, banking and financial products and services. Services like transactional banking, commercial real estate lending services, investment banking, equity and fixed income solutions including sales, trading, government, corporate and institutional clients across the globe.

Human Resource:

At Wells Fargo, human resources is a centralized function that is aligned with the support staff, line of business and other functions. They are responsible for building and implementing strategies, and programs and retaining top talent for the company. To achieve these goals the organization supports employee experiences, consulting, operations, systems, technology, learning, talent planning, employee relations and total rewards, and people analytics. HR plays an important role in supporting employees, advancing the company’s work culture and in the success of the organization. At Wells Fargo, it is believed to deliver employee-centric solutions.

Strategy Digital and Innovation: 

The team of strategy digital and innovation provides and manages the company’s digital foundation and common capabilities and transforms the business to meet customer’s needs and requirements to grow the company. The investments help the company to create innovative digital banking experiences for the customers to achieve their financial goals.

Consumer Lending:

Wells Fargo lending businesses make sure to take care of their customer’s dreams. Whether it’s buying a home, purchasing a car or making payments through credit cards for daily expenses, everything is taken care of through this department. The group includes home loans and auto loans, retail and merchant services, personal lending, and consumer lending control. The vision of this team is to leverage technology to make work simple and easy for their clients.

Consumer, Small and Big Banking:

Wells Fargo consumers, small and big banking serves customers through ATMs, digital channels, and customer service centers. National advice and acquisition, deposit products, National branch network and premier banking services all are handled by consumers, small and big departments.

Corporate Risk:

It helps to identify and manage risk at Wells Fargo. Corporate risk role depends on a variety of skills including, data analysis, change management, risk cause analysis, process management, risk governance and strategy, risk identification and assessment, risk prevention, risk prevention, and monitoring.

Wealth and Investment Management: It offers personalized wealth management, investment and retirement products and services to clients. Financial planning, private banking, credit investment management and fiduciary services to high-net-worth individuals and families are handled by the Wealth and Investment Management division of Wells Fargo. Some key roles of Wealth and Investment professionals involve:

  • Building client relationships through thoughtful advice
  • Developing plans for clients to help them meet their financial requirements
  • Helping clients build their financial resources and wealth.

Commercial Banking:

It includes commercial capital, middle market banking, and treasury management.


Wells Fargo with new technology provides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, banking access through online mode, branch walk-ins, ATMs, and other channels.

At Wells Fargo, many programs are introduced and offered, and they are:

Undergraduate Programs:

  • Commercial Banking Analyst program
  • Audit Program
  • Analytics and Data program
  • Control management development program
  • Corporate and Investment Banking undergraduate program
  • Corporate risk development program
  • Finance Program
  • Human Resource
  • Operation Program
  • Public Affairs
  • Strategy Digital and Affairs
  • Technology Program
  • Wealth and Investment Program

Graduate Program:

  • Advanced-Data and Analytics Program
  • Corporate and Investment Banking
  • Corporate Risk Developments Program Master’s
  • MBA Strategy Rotational Program
  • Quantitative Analytics Program

In-House Events:

  • Corporate and Investment Banking MBA In-House Diversity Event
  • Corporate and Investment Banking Undergrad In-House Diversity Events
  • Junior Leaders Conference

A Certified Course from a recognized University helps any individual to secure a successful career and also upgrade their skills as per market requirements.


Now, that we’ve seen the various Wells Fargo Investment Banking Services, we should look at a few courses that offer Investment banking Courses. Most of these courses will help you to upskill from anywhere and at any time you want to. This is your path to success in the Investment Banking Industry.

Without further ado, here is a list of some Top Institutes that offer World-class Investment Banking Courses:


IIM SKILLS is growing big and is one of the renowned online institutes in India with a global presence in 23 countries. The Investment Banking Course is one of the in-demand courses at IIM SKILLS and has also got global recognition.  The Investment Banking Course is delivered by industry experts. IIM SKILLS offers online ed-tech training programs providing access to the course on phone, laptop, and tablet from anywhere and anytime.

Highlights Of The Course:

  • The Investment Banking Course is for 3 months and is delivered by that is skilled trainers
  • 70+ Hours of lecture ( 50+ Hours of training and 20+ Hours of doubt solving)
  • Pay in 7 Interest-free EMI
  • 100+ Hours of Practical Assignments
  • 1 Month guaranteed internship | 100% job support
  • LinkedIn profile building
  • Mock Interview Preparation
  • Lifetime Support | Capstone Projects | Resume & Interview Preparation
  • Recognized Investment Banking Master Certification
  • IIM SKILLS course and material have free access

Modules Covered

Module 1MS PowerPointModule 5Technicals of Investment Banking
Module 2MS ExcelModule 6Different Marketing Collaterals
Module 3Financial System and MarketModule 7Technicals of Financial Modeling
Module 4Derivatives MarketModule 8Business Valuation

Benefits of Doing the Course From Iim Skills for Getting a Desired Job in Some Top Investment Banking Companies:

  • Anytime, Anywhere Access
  • Super Interactive Session
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Expert Faculty
  • Learning Resources
  • Master certification
  • Comprehensive Courseware
  • Internship and Placement Support
  • Complimentary Services

Modules of the Investment Banking Course are:

Module 1- PowerPoint (4-6 Hours)

  • Introduction to MS PowerPoint and understanding the ribbon
  • Keyboard shortcuts and their importance
  • Slide Creation, and More
  • Adding transitions and animations
  • Slide Master Creation
  • Inserting pictures, and links and editing them
  • Illustrations and shapes
  • Building different kinds of graphs and charts

Module 2- MS EXCEL (8 Hours)

  • Introduction to MS Excel
  • Keyboard shortcuts and their importance
  • Regular use of functions and their combination among themselves
  • Rules of conditional formatting
  • Font and Number Formatting
  • Concept of freezing
  • Data validation as well as formulas
  • Table functions and dynamic arrays
  • Introduction to Micros
  • Creating different types of charts and graphs
  • Sparklines
  • Sensitivity analysis using Data tables
  • Dynamic dashboards
  • Text functions like find and replace
  • Text to columns functions
  • Iterative calculations and circular referencing
  • Analysis using Goal Seek and Data Table

Module 3- Financial System and Market

  • Basics of Financial System
  • Different kinds of financial systems, capital markets and money market
  • Market participants and regulators
  • Stock exchange and Financial centres
  • Difference between exchange-traded securities
  • Equity and preference shares
  • Understanding of long and short positions
  • Meaning of depository receipts
  • Characteristics and types of bonds
  • Meaning and concepts of bond price
  • Yield to maturity
  • Forex and its features
  • Quotes and Trades

Module 4- Derivatives Market (2-3 Hours)

  • Introduction to derivatives
  • Forward, future and options
  • Discussion of call and options
  • Derivative types in the derivative market
  • Concept of swaps
  • Meaning of Speculation and Hedging
  • Overview of credit default swaps

Module 5- Technical of Investment Banking

  • Overview of Investment Banking
  • Role of Investment Bankers
  • Types of Different Investment Banks
  • Understanding of different types of business
  • Concepts of Mergers and Acquisition
  • Vertical and Horizontal Mergers
  • A sell-side life cycle
  • Concept of due diligence
  • Different funding stages
  • Concept of underwriting and building approach
  • Overview of the Greenshoe option
  • Understanding of corporate restructuring and turnaround
  • Discussion on tender and Leveraged buyout

Module 6- Different Marketing Collaterals

  • Buyers list or Investors list
  • Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
  • Pitchbook/ Pitch deck
  • Teaser
  • Confidential Information Memorandum
  • Financial Models

Module 7- Technical of Financial Modelling

  • Introduction to financial modelling
  • Creating scenarios using scenario managers
  • Projecting or forecasting the financial statements
  • Building detailed revenue including real estate, e-commerce, automobiles and MNC business
  • Preparation of different schedules
  • Financial modelling practices and error tracking

Module 8- Business Valuation (4 Hours)

  • Difference between GPC and GTM
  • Difference between deal and transaction value
  • Criteria to screen peers
  • Valuation multiples to be used
  • Concepts of controlling premium
  • NAV approach for valuation
  • Relevance of the approach
  • Concepts of pre-money and post-money valuation
  • Presentation of valuation output
  • Blended valuation presented through the football field
  • Concepts of leveraged and unleveraged Beta

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Course Fees: INR 39,900 + 18% GST

Contact details: +91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]

2. BSE Institute –

BSE Institute is an online institute that provides multiple courses on Investment Banking and the course is designed in a way to guide their students who are interested in deep knowledge about the Investment Banking sector. BSE Institute has a tie-up with Mumbai University and also offers Certification Programs from many International Universities.

Some Of The Preferred Career Domains are:

Investment Banking is a rewarding career with a motive to help clients reach their financial goals. There are possibilities for advancement and also it is highly in demand.

Private Equity Associate: Raising capital and using it to acquire or invest in companies to generate higher return values.

Mergers & Acquisition: Merger and Acquisition is a process where one company with higher turnover buys another company and unites as one company.

Risk Management: The goal of risk management is to understand and eliminate all the risks. Organizations use this tool to understand the problems and try to reduce the risk.

IPO: Initial Public offering is a process a Public company shares with the public for the first time. In this process, the existing shareholders sell their shares to the public.

Highlights Of The Program:

  • Professionals who have deep knowledge of experienced teaching methods are appointed as faculties
  • Courses are designed as per the industry requirements that benefit the students
  • Globally recognized certificates
  • There are chances of you getting hired by some top International Universities after the successful competition of the course
  • Classes can be conducted from anywhere.

Academic Partners At BSE Institute:

  • Western Sydney University
  • University of Otago
  • HBSU
  • GLA University, Mathura
  • Techno India Group
  • UPES School Of Business
  • Rennes School Of Business
  • Indian Institute Of Technology, Madras
  • Lucens ET Ardens
  • Simon Fraser University
  • University of Canterbury
  • Gannon University
  • Ohio University
  • Techno India Group
  • Chitkara university, Punjab

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Students from any stream doing graduate are eligible for the course
  • A recognized certificate from any university is applicable
  • This program is designed for professionals
  • Final-year students are also eligible for this course

Syllabus Included in this Course are:

 Financial Market includes:

  • Financial System
  • Investment Banking
  • Equity
  • Debt
  • Securitisation
  • Money Market
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Commodity Markets
  • Derivatives

Investment Banking includes:

  • Investment Banking
  • Trade Lifecycle
  • Reference Data Management
  • Global Security Operations and Settlements
  • Corporate Actions
  • Collateral Management
  • Reconciliation
  • Assets management

Risk Management:

  • Risk Management
  • CAR
  • Recovery and Resolution Plan
  • Introduction to Regulators

Contact Details: 1800 22 9030

Must Check,

3. The Wall Street School –

The Wall Street School is a leading Institute that provides both offline and online classes on investment banking. It has a global recognition.

Highlights of the Course are:  

  • Practical training for the participants
  • Well-skilled trainers who have experience in the Investment banking industry.
  • Real case study and material for course purposes
  • Pay only 40% of the fees on the enrolment and 60% after the successful
  • placement.
  • Nothing is hidden from the participants

The Modules Covered in This Course Are: 

Module 1- Essential to Intermediate Excel: 

  • Usage of the mouse in Excel
  • Sorting data to use advanced filters
  • Using Excel and the data
  • Linkages used for financial modelling
  • Simple Excel formulas
  • Match function
  • CAGR Calculation
  • Transpose function
  • Usage of the IF function
  • Table function
  • Pivot function
  • IRR Calculation
  • Cell referencing
  • Interest function as EMI calculator
  • Sum if, Count if, Sumifs
  • Sum product functions
  • Multiple usage of Vlook functions.

 Module 2- Advanced Excel: Understand how to use Microsoft Excel for data


  • Offset function
  • Sensitivity Analysis using different ways
  • Iterative Calculations. How to negate it
  • Using Excel for Statistical Analysis
  • How to summarise data using an indirect function
  • Charting

Module 3- Basic Finance Concepts: 

Financial concepts for financial and valuation analysis. It covers:

  • 3step and 5step Dupont Analysis
  • Safety analysis and Breakeven point analysis

Module 4-Feasibility Study/Business Modelling:

  • How to calculate the finances using NPV
  • Using different approaches and the value of projects
  • Calculation of free cash flows


Selecting peers to analyse the final output is what is taught in this module.

The following Are Some Points:

  • Impact on convertible securities and convertible preference shares.
  • Role of multiples in IPO valuation
  • Running regression analysis on multiple

Module 6- Discounted Cash Flow Valuation:

  • Forecast done for the target company
  • How to calculate WACC

Module 7- Merger Model: 

  • Strategies made after acquiring new companies
  • Everything about the M&A Process
  • Why we need to learn PowerPoint
  • Basics of PowerPoint
  • Learning Letter of Interest
  • Learning Letter of Intent full
  • Learning Merger of Model Basics
  • Merger Model Files
  • M&A Notes

Module 9- Leveraged Buyout:

  • LBO Model (Valuation)
  • LBO-Transaction assumption
  • LBO-Debt assumptions
  • LBO- Goodwill calculation
  • LBO- Closing Balance Sheet, and more

Course Duration:

  • 6 Weeks / 180+ Hours /Mon-Fri/ Rs 45000+GST
  • 2.5 Month weekend/ 120 Hours/ Sat-Sun/ Rs 42000+GST

4. Indian Institute of Management Indore –

IIM Indore is an autonomous business school that ranks 8th in the country for its successful training courses designed as per industry standards giving benefits and wonderful placement opportunities by enhancing the skills of its learners.

A certified course with a Post Graduate Certificate in Investment Banking

Highlights Of The Course:

  • IIM Indore offers an Investment Banking certificate
  • Investment Banking and commerce of deep understanding
  • Alumni executive education
  • Campus immersion module

Content Of the Course:

  • Financial Reporting, Analysis and Valuation
  • Financial Management
  • Investment and Portfolio Management
  • Investment Banking- 1 and 2
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Options, Futures and Derivatives
  • Economic Environment
  • Spreadsheet Modelling for Finance
  • Industry lecture

Courses and Training Offered Are:

  • Accounting Fundamentals
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Financial Modelling
  • Corporate Valuation
  • Excel skills
  • Corporate finance
  • Mergers & Acquisition

Eligibility For The Course Completion:

Diploma or Bachelor’s degree or equivalent or 2 years Master’s degree or equivalent from a recognized university with minimum 50% marks of all the years.

Course Duration: 12 Months

Course Fees: INR 4,00,000

5. Symbiosis School of Banking –

Symbiosis School of Banking is a Deemed University that is recognised by many institutes across the globe and is recommended as one of the best institutes for Investment Banking courses.

The Syllabus of the Course Includes:

  • Perspective of Business Finance
  • Business Statistics
  • Banking Operations Management
  • Insurance Management
  • Derivative Markets
  • Microfinance and Developmental Banking
  • Credit Management
  • International Finance
  • Forex and Treasury Management
  • Fixed Income Markets
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Taxation
  • Corporate Governance and Ethics

 Contact Details: [email protected]

FAQs About Wells Fargo Investment Banking Services:

Q. What are the advantages of banking with Wells Fargo?

The benefits of banking with Wells Fargo are:

  • Online banking
  • 24/7 fraud monitoring protection
  • Wells Fargo has many numbers of ATMs
  • Contactless debit card transactions for safety transactions and ATM access

Q. Is Wells Fargo a big investment bank?

Wells Fargo is a renowned name in the investment banking industry. It ranks #47 on the Fortune 500 list of top multinational companies in the United States.

Q. What kind of account does Wells Fargo offer?

Wells Fargo offers accounts like savings accounts, checking accounts, and Wells Fargo Advisors investment accounts. There are no ATM fees charged by Wells Fargo.

Conclusion On Wells Fargo Investment Banking Services:

Wells Fargo Investment Banking Services is a multinational investment banking, with a global presence in many countries. It is one of the few top banks in the United States for Investment Banking. To apply for jobs as an Investment Banker, you have to have skills that are required as per industry and for that we have got you some of the best institutes as per our research that will help you in getting a job at Wells Fargo and many top investment banks across the globe along with your hard work and dedication. It is advised to do some research at your end as well.

I am skilled at researching any topic requested and values creating unique yet compelling articles for my clients. My passion for writing content and blogs has motivated me to pursue a career in content writing from IIM Skills. Before this, I have 6+ years of experience in the Banking and Media Industry with EiPi Media, Hindustan Times(Shine.com), Royal Bank of Scotland and Citibank.

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