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Top 7 Web Designing Courses In Mumbai in 2024

As stated by internet statistics, the web designing industry is presumed to develop more with an increase of 8% from 2019 to 2029. It is much quicker than the rest of all other professions. We will be talking about the top institutes offering Web Designing Courses in Mumbai later in this article.

List of Web designing courses in Mumbai 

Why choose Web Designing?


The reasons speak for themselves why you should pursue this as a career: –


  • Web Designing provides us with countless opportunities to operate in a company as a web designer, the independence it offers, is very enticing if one fancies working on their own.
  • The industry is still growing with lots of job opportunities, its growth rate is much faster when compared to other professions. The realm of web design is suspected to rise further as businesses shift from in-store to online.
  • Today with most of the information being read online, it gives web developers the best chance to show their talents and help their respective firms to achieve success since the first impression nowadays is mostly based on the website.
  • Most of all, web designing jobs pay well. The range of salary varies with respect to one’s skill set, experience, job role, and location. The average is about 2.85 lacs per annum.
  • The ability to operate from any place around the world is very exciting.


These facts alone provide you with a multitude of reasons to pursue this field of work.


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  Eligibility Criteria


Intending to advance your web designing knowledge from any institute offering this course, there are certain conditions necessary for the candidate to be eligible for the web designing course. The applying candidates must have a 10+2 education from a recognized board, while the Post Graduate degrees will require the candidates to have an undergraduate degree of the same.  You can also go for a B. Tech degree in IT and Computer Science and Engineering. Some Institutes may also require aspiring candidates to pass their entrance exams.


Walk through the Best options for the following courses


What is Web Designing?


Web design comprises numerous skills and exercises in the generation and maintenance of websites. The diverse fields of web design incorporate graphic design, UI design, standardized code and proprietary software, UX design, and SEO.


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 Top 7 Web Designing courses in Mumbai


1.    IIDE (Indian Institute of Digital Education)


Course Name– Web Designing Course

Course Fee On Inquiry

Course Duration 6 months


If you are looking for the best web designing courses in Mumbai, you won’t have to look further. IIDE offers the best Web Designing courses in Mumbai. Below are some key features which will help you choose your course-


The course curriculum includes the following: –

You will learn the Fundamentals of Design during this course (Designing Elements, Sketching, Role of Design, and more)

Next up is Graphics Designing which encompasses understanding layouts, photography, Digital Design Thinking, and Introduction to photo editing.

UI & UX which incorporates Gamification in UX, Wireframing, Interface Designing, and Portfolio Building.

They also render 100% placement assistance in renowned digital firms. They also offer one on one student mentorship.


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2.    Zee Institute of Creative Art (ZICA)


Course NameWeb Designing Course

Course Fee– On Inquiry

Course Duration– 6 months


This is one of the most renowned and prestigious institutes offering web designing courses in Mumbai. Zee Institute of Creative Art, also known as ZICA, was established back in 1995 and has since ascertained its place among the elite institutions of web design. They provide 100% placement assurance and have ties with some of the notable companies in the nation namely TATA and ANI.


Course Overview:


You will get the opportunity to learn from the Pros of the field. Web Design typically involves a blend of text, animation, images, audio-video & additional interactive kinds of media.

The program offers you the art and technology of designing banners, web templates animated e-presentations, active, responsive, and interactive flash web pages. You will be able to navigate your way towards becoming a professional artist.


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3.    Softpro Institute of Web Designing


Course Name– Master Diploma in Web Designing

Course Fee ₹26,550 (inclusive of all taxes)

Course Duration– 6 months (2 hours daily) or 12 months (1 hour daily)


One of the most renowned institutes offering web designing courses in Mumbai. They not just offer web design courses but have established a web designing company as well. They are based in Mumbai (Dadar, Fort, and Andheri). They offer a very practical course for their students.


Course Overview:


The course is divided into 6 semesters, covering topics such as HTML, JavaScript (L1,2), CSS (L1), Adobe Dreamweaver™, Adobe FLASH ™, Adobe PHOTOSHOP ™, WordPress™ Web Designing, Facebook Page Designing, YouTube Videos, SOUND FORGE ™, On-Page Search Engine Optimization, Google WebMaster Tools, Mobile website development and Android App development.


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4.    Edit Institute


Course NameDiploma in Graphic + Web Design

Course Fee On Inquiry

Course Duration5.5 months (each session comprises of 2 hours)

One of the top institutes offering web designing courses in Mumbai, with 30 years of experience in design training.


Course Overview:


Graphic and Web Design consists of 35 sessions while UI development has 12 sessions. Tools covered during the course are- Ai (Adobe Illustrator), Ps (Adobe Photoshop), HTML5 and CSS3, Dw (Adobe Dreamweaver), B (Bootstrap). Three portfolio projects are given namely- 1. Mobile Apps, 2. Responsive Websites, 3. Live Project.


5.    QuickXpert Infotech


Course NameWeb Design course

Course Fee On Inquiry

Course Duration2 months


QuickXpert Infotech is one of the renowned institutes offering its web designing courses in Mumbai. They claim to offer 100% placement assurances, task students with live projects and help to improve their skills in the field. Besides in-house training, online classes are available too.


Why Choose QuickXpert?


The trainers are industry experts

They provide live projects

Student-friendly atmosphere

The Course fee is affordable

The Syllabus is up to date

Hands-on training is offered

The Course is job-oriented and the certification

Placement assurances are 100%

Eligibility Criteria- Students must have at least a graduation degree, the course duration is of 2 months (minimum). The placement team is very dedicated, helping students throughout the course.

6.    Esquare Infotech


Course NameWeb Designing Course

Course Fee ₹5000 to ₹15000

Course Duration2 months (class 5 days per week)

Batches5 days in a week class, weekend batch, and only Sunday batch

Eligibility requiredBasic Computer Knowledge and HTML knowledge is preferred too


They are one of the best institutes offering web designing courses in Mumbai with good placement records. Presenting adaptable batches and customizable courses, Esquare Infotech is a well-liked and low-priced web designing institute that practices the fundamentals of HTML and additional programming languages. They offer complete after-course job assistance.


Course Overview:


Students are introduced to websites and themes, types of websites, practical applications of web designing in the industry and their demands, and understanding of mobile and website themes, HTML4, HTML5, and CSS3. Creating webpages with HTML and CSS, embedding Flash files in websites, advanced CSS3, and HTML5, tasked with creating 3 basic websites, website validations, the latest syllabus is implemented during the course, HTML5 and CSS3 are used while designing, JavaScript Library (jQuery and JavaScript), Bootstrap- Bootstrap File Structure and Implementation and Bootstrap Grid System.


7.    Keerti Computer Institute


Course Name- Web Designing Course

Course Fee– On Inquiry

Course Duration- 6 months (240 hours)


Eligibility Criteria- HSC+

Keerti Computer Institute is amongst the most prominent local computer institute offering web designing courses in Mumbai that help students excel in the web designing industry.


Course Overview:

Tools covered during this course- 

  • Adobe Photoshop- students learn the basics, the interface layout, selection tools, alteration tools, basic image editing, cropping, resizing, correcting, and saving.
  • Illustrator- students learn the selection Tools, Magic wand, drawing with path primitives, drawing with the pen tool & drawing in illustrator, type tools, appearance and fill, grouping objects, applying attributes to a gaggle and layers, artboards, transforming and positioning art, working with images, operating efficiently with symbols, working with masks, printing, saving, and exporting.
  • HTML and HTML5- students learn the fundamentals, operating on texts, and images with links, creating tables and lists, generating audio and video with HTML5, embedding fonts on images, and getting intimate with HTML5 (Graphics, Canvas/SVG, Forms, Basic APIs)
  • CSS3- students must become familiar with the overview of CSS3, operate and learn the background and color usage in CSS, working on texts, box models, effects, pseudo-elements, pseudo-classes, and elements in CSS.
  • JavaScript and jQuery- learning JavaScript, structuring data, operating browser object model, and document object model. In jQuery, students work on callback functions.
  • Bootstrap and WordPress- students get familiar with Bootstrap and WordPress applications.
  • Core PHP and Advanced PHP- Classes are taken on the basics of PHP, installing and configuring PHP, in PHP working with loops working with control statements operation and expressions array with PHP. While in Advanced PHP, students learn File handling in PHP, generating web Features Object-Oriented Programming, Forming Security using PHP regular expression.
  • Few other notable tools covered in this course are- MY SQL, Angular JS, Node JS, Orientation of SEO, Web Hosting, Web Analytics overview, and Soft Skills and Personality Development.


Skills you will be able to learn and master along the way

Certain skills you must rule to become a master web designer.


  • Designing software:

Although designing software keeps mutating and modernizing onward with the technological progress and current website design trends, few conventional designing software that a web designer must be intimate with, such as InVision Studio, Adobe XD, Sketch, Affinity Designer, Marvel, Proto.io, Figma, UXPin, Balsamiq, MockFlow, ProtoPie, Adobe Comp, Justinmind, Flinto, Fluid, Axure, etc.


  • Programming languages:

Programming and markup languages are acknowledged because of the access to the realm of web designing. And HTML skills are one of the most crucial matters for a web designer. XML, CSS, and XHTML are some additional programming languages that web designer is obligated to learn to further advance their skills.


  • Coding:

Another interactive and basic element of designing is coding. Web designers don’t need to be trained in coding unless they are operating both, front-end and back-end website development. However, they must be intimate with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, AJAX, C++, and numerous complex imperative coding scripts. They should also be deft with PHP, WordPress, and other popular web and E-Commerce platforms.


In the aggressive galaxy of marketing, search engine optimization is a necessary piece of website development. There are diverse factors that influence the website ranking, so, a web designer must be through with the essence of SEO, SEM, and SMM and engulf all the aspects for a more favorable ranking.


Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. What are the fees for web designing courses?
  • It depends on the course you opt for. Usually, it takes around Rs. 12,000 to 1 Lakh.


  1. Is web designing easy?
  • It may seem easy in the beginning. But the more you will start working it will be more challenging.


  1. Is web designing a good career option?
  • Web designers are in high demand. The more popular e-marketing will become, the more web designers will be hired.




The web is a remarkably thriving and developing industry that is brimmed with possibilities and stimulated with new technologies. A web designer who is deft with the essentials of web technology, web designing is the apt field to flourish their talent.


Below are the tips which will help decide a perfect web designing institute for you-


  1. Skilled faculty constitutes the core of a web designing institute. The right faculty with abundant knowledge and experience in the field can offer better training and further enhance the skills of candidates.
  2. A striving web designer must be meticulous with technologies, they are expected to learn and seek an institute that embraces all the pertinent topics and subjects correlated to website design and development courses.
  3. There are countless institutes that have their private pre-designed course package with characteristic web-designing course curricula. There are a plethora of web design institutes and colleges, those that still have not updated their syllabus, which would require you to check every institute thoroughly, or you will end up missing the current trend of the industry.
  4. Regarding fees, one should find an institute that suits their financial capacity. If you are reluctant toward spending too much, online courses would be the best fit for you.
  5. People often favor institutes that are closer to their homes, but one should keep in mind that with respect to finding an elite institute for them, they have online courses available to them.
  6. Prior to enlisting yourself in any web designing institute, it is crucial to check and research thoroughly with respect to authenticity and reliability to avoid fake reviews from many sources whether it is online or offline.


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