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14 Topic Ideas for Content Writing to Increase Website Traffic

Looking for topic ideas for content writing? Running out of ideas to write on? Sometimes, actually more than some, you run out of useful topics under your niche to write an article on. There are many universal topic ideas for content writing you can take advantage of. These topics attract people and thus help in increasing traffic to your page. So, learn how to create this win-win situation by lending some minutes here. Let us get into the topics!

Topic Ideas for Content Writing

 What is Content Writing

Content writing can be basically defined as writing diverse forms of communication for the web. It can be called a medium through which each type of communication of thoughts and art happens. It involves writing for websites, consumers, different social media, scripts, books, magazines, and much more. Content writing includes writing blog postsarticles, scriptwriting for videos or podcasts, content marketing, and many forms through which communication can take place.

Questions regarding topic ideas for content writing are obvious to rise. Even well-named writers take a leap from time to time to grab some good topic ideas for content writing. Today, however, content writing also involves the need for good technical knowledge.

The ranking of the website ensures the availability of your sources to people. This needs learning about SEO and web traffic. You may have a website of your own, or maybe you are working for a company or seller, in, either way, having good knowledge about the professional setup for writing has vast importance.

Content writing is more than merely writing as a hobby. As a content writer, you plan and edit useful articles and publish them on certain platforms, many a time for content marketing. You have to learn all the different forms and tricks for content marketing.

The three main forms of content are audio, video, and text. Each of them is a form of content, which requires creativity and usefulness. Whether there is a podcast episode that needs to have a script or a blog post about the importance of healthy food.

Each and every form of link via communication is through content. And as the term simply suggests, “content writing” is giving the content a face through words. No matter how the art is depicted further, an infographic, a video, a song, anything, even a part of practical life; at some point, all it is mere words.

Everything we know or learn today is merely the distance between our keypad and finger. The world of the internet and media is reaching its peak with each passing second, scattering the “content” all the way across the area. There is a sea of content out there now, each drop making an impact on us without even making us realize it. That is the power you as a content writer need to behold.

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Why Do You Need Topic Ideas for Content Writing?

Content writing is more complex than just writing as a hobby. An article articulated with perfection will get no claps until it reaches someone looking for it. People look for the contents that are useful to them. So, writing for the consumer is the foremost strategy.

But even under your niche, there falls an eclipse on useful topics at times. So, what to do then? Breaking the schedule till some topics emerge is the hard way. No doubt it is important to come up with good topic ideas for content writing.

But do not worry. There is a huge number of media on the internet, and it is getting faster with each passing second, but not everything is as useful as others. You need to create the content required by the readers, for which you need to put yourselves in the reader’s position. What do people really want? 

And most importantly, what does YOUR audience want? If you are already getting some engagement in your website, focus on what users/customers want from you. What are the blogs they are giving better responses to? Choose what they choose and create something relevant according to it.

Remember, the topics given in this list are very effective, but not more than the expectations of your already-made audience. So, value those who visit and engage with your site first.  

Now, there are a huge number of topic ideas for content writing that fill the night with lights. Ultimately, following what people need is the solution. And there are always some stagnant searches Google sees. Those repetitive searches will be a cherry on your niche to create good traffic to your website.

The given list has many diverse topic ideas for content writing, ranging from topics to forms. You can mold them as per your niche or choice. Many of them will work perfectly if overlapped, for example, the best ways to write a “tutorial” will be in a “list” format.

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Here are 14 Topic Ideas

1. Tutorials

In this permanent era of computers and ease, the users are just a few clicks far from their needs. With this ease comes the need to know “how to” acquire something. “How to” is one of the most searched key phrases in Google today because people want to know the right procedures for everything. From fixing an error to mixing two colors to creating another one, people are looking for good and easy-to-follow tutorials. 

Your niche climate can be dry at times but never will a step-to-step good tutorial be a waste. People search for good sources for the correct steps to follow. Thus, making a guide or tutorial is one of the best topic ideas. Plus, you can also make a tutorial on something related to your niche! Isn’t it amazing?

 2. Trending Topics/News

Hot topics always stir up the internet.

Don’t you want to know about things going on? About trending news, media or fashion trends, etc? Everyone wants to know that. Trending news, media, trends, discoveries, and other things always stand ahead in people’s interests.

A descriptive article or any such medium on trending topics is the key to increasing traffic on your website. Trends never stay stagnant. They change before you know it, but whether it is a piece of international news or an actor’s workout routine, or a song, each is followed by thousands of people.

Each creates a trend, which is somehow useful or entertaining to people. So do not wait! Grab a new headline and make it your next headline. Therefore, writing on trending news or topics will surely be a great idea.

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 3. Comparison Posts

Looking for the best course for content writing? How about a comparison article between the top two providers of the same? Very tempting and useful, right?

So, without a doubt, you understand why comparison posts are one of the best topic ideas. Every service claims to be the best. What do users do then? Users look not for the best claims, but for the ones better than some others. 

People look for the pros and cons of basically everything. As told earlier, the world is now just a few clicks away, leaving no one blind enough to trust anything without research. That is why customers/consumers go through thorough research on benefits they can obtain from different sellers. For this task, the easiest way they look forward to is comparisons!

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4. Reviews (Tools, Books, Movies, Other Products)

The next topic is writing reviews!

You may be wondering that everyone writes a review, for example, any buyer who isn’t satisfied with the product or is very happy with it. This is somewhere the truth, but those reviews don’t cover all the topics most of the time.

A buyer/to-be buyer finds it best to get authentic and all-round reviews of a product. As a content writer, it is your job to present the truth to the consumers. You may consider writing about the products you have used to add first-hand experience in the review, as it increases the trust of the buyer. Where do you lead yourself to when not sure about a certain product? That’s right. Reviews.

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5. Myth Busting

One of the most interesting topic ideas is myth-busting!

Truly, science and technology could jump over the sides of the cliff but myths will always be around. Some myths originate from jokes and made-up stories. Overall, it is an interesting and informative job to disintegrate facts and myths.

You must have seen many myths flying around Covid-19 through messages. Some people believe them, but the other more aware people search for the facts, which leads them to us. Thus, we as content writers should research thoroughly and provide useful information.

Myth-busting has always been a great approach to increase web traffic. Myths answer questions regardless of time, thus making them immortal. On the other hand, it overlaps with trending topics, as said earlier, people are likely to search more about trending news.

6. Hacks and Tricks

Another great topic idea is providing useful material people don’t come across easily- hacks! Seems like the trick is to write on tricks and hacks!

There are infinite hacks in a single field/niche that are very beneficial for people. Users search the ways all the time. For example, hacks to get more organic followers on Instagram or the best ways to optimize SEO

Who does not want to know simple ways to get the work done? Bundle up the information and feed them to people! Hacks never go out of style, they help consumers. Think like a consumer/user and write according to them

For example, if someone wants to learn how to fix a bug in Windows 10, what will be more convenient? Tutorial to fix bugs? Or, an easy hack to fix XYZ in Windows 10? If you think closely, not everything has hacks or tricks, that is where tutorials come in.

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7. Problems and Solutions

You are here to get some topic ideas for content writing and you are provided with a whole list of them here. Basically, you are having difficulties in coming up with great topic ideas for content writing. That is what happens with everyone, so why not use this? As was told earlier, the best way to gain organic traffic and the attention of people is by writing what your audience wants to read

Ever noticed how flooded Quora is from questions? Questions are never going to end. Choose some good questions under your niche and write a beneficial article out of it. A full article on a problem with useful answers has more authenticity than small answers given elsewhere.

Take a problem, a question, a doubt, and explain the answer in the way people need. Explain first why they need the solution. Take inspiration from customers’ needs!

8. Career Advice

One of the most tedious and important tasks today is to find a perfect career. People search a lot for the best options available according to their requirements. It is understandable how very confusing it is to choose a needle from the haystack, people look for magnets in this scenario. The more, the merrier. Explain every detail about the course or profession.

A perfect article should include a list of potential choices, its benefits, budget, eligibility, pros, cons, and everything a person should know in a single article. Stack each required data

For example digital marketing courses in Mumbai

You can explain about a certain profession thoroughly as well, adding the ways to pursue it later. This is an amazing and most useful way to get the reader’s attention and fulfill the requirements.

For example: what is content writing and is it a good job to pursue? 

9. International/National Political Predictions

We already discussed what a great topic idea for content writing is trending topics/news. Similar to that is this one. The only difference is the addition of perspectives or predictions of experts on the topic.

Topics that make the paper are highly valuable for people. Readers tend to search more on the information and impact of a certain decision or change in party politics etc.  

For example: What will be the impact of banning abortion?

Here, predicting the impact and including an expert’s analysis makes the article authentic and informative for readers. Not to mention, the beginning to end of a certain topic in a single article with well-researched information will lure anyone.

And here is a little secret, people talk! Give them accessories to talk about! 

 10. Lists

Regardless of the fact this one is an obvious topic, it is worthy to mention in the list. What you are reading right now is a list as well.

Let it be any question or topic, writing the article in the form of a list is a much better way than writing a story. People do not wait and read each word line to line, so your job is to give them a glimpse and let them choose which segment they are willing to read.

Make lists of anything you like. Under your niche, there can be many different topics, but clubbing some common things together and listing is a great way.

Write lists of hacks, tricks, facts about something, solution of a problem, destinations, pros and cons of things, basically anything! Prefer lists over other forms. Choose lists to go along with other topic ideas for content writing. 


11. Health and Lifestyle

Most people are conscious enough to be in good health and lifestyle. But not all of them are serious enough to pay health consultants to do so, either because of time barriers or capital.

So, these people turn to the internet, which leads them to you!

Another benefit is always having the audience with some questions. “Exercise routine for beginners” will never stop being a good article, as there always will be beginners looking for the information.

Write useful articles on health and lifestyle. Questions related to it will never leave the media, which makes it one of the cleverest topic ideas for content writing. You can even make health/lifestyle your niche if you are unsure and looking for some idea to permanently rely on. Although many other ideas except this mentioned here could be your niche too.

12. Social Media Tips

Media is as vast as the internet. To ace media’s algorithm, thousands and thousands of users search for the right approach.

How to get 1k followers in 1 month? How to view post insights on Instagram? Give the users some tips as to how!

From asking the right questions, to commenting the right thing, to posting consuming content, everything needs to be followed by algorithms on social media. The result is users searching for the correct ways, to begin with. And note that the number of professionals searching for tips is much lesser than normal social media users. It is now in “fashion” to have more followers and likes.

The profitable way you can channel this is by writing articles on tips for social media. Give some useful tips and you will receive a great response.

13. Periodic Analysis

What does periodic analysis actually mean? Basically, a summarized analysis on any topic that is based on a specific interval of time. It benefits users who want to know about the main points that happened over time.

For example most selling books of 2021

A periodic analysis is done for two reasons. First, to retell all the achievements a company has achieved in a year/certain period, like mentioning the awards the company has won since last year. Second, to summarize/mention some particular things or topics that happened during an interval, for example, changes that took place in the red list for the last 5 years.

Readers find this periodic study more valuable because they provide a better and wider variety. Also, it is helpful for people looking for a quick overview. See for yourself. Which will probably give a more apt tour of the book’s status of a year? Best books? Or the best books of 2021? The latter, right?

14. Educatio

The educational blog is a platform for transferring education. Educational blogs or articles are another most used topic idea for content writing. Choose a topic and fill your article with information. Whether it’s a student or an adult, everyone comes across questions regarding education. Either you can write on captain topics, like blogs on historical events, or you can provide courses and solutions, or both. 

The Internet is no less than a collection of knowledge. Many users grab educational data from here. You can provide courses, information about your niche subject, and everything regarding your chosen subject. 

Through your page or industry, provide knowledge and tips. An A-to-Z article on educational topics or courses is a good idea. If done passionately, you will get immense clicks on your site. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some other interesting topic ideas for content writing?

You can always choose from your hobbies, like writing blogs on books, movies, travel, food, music, facts, hobbies, and much more. “Interesting topics” cannot be defined. Anything which interests you is interesting. Cooking can be something you love, but not everyone loves that. Write what interests you and relatable people will get interested. 

2. How to generate new content ideas?

Get inspiration from things right in front of you. Check the comments on your previous posts, interact with the audience, perform interviews, ask your audience for suggestions, check other competitors’ websites, and look at what is trending. Check Google search suggestions and questions asked by people. 

3. Tools to generate topic ideas for content writing?

There are many tools that can help with idea generation, some being:

● SEOPressor’s idea generator

● HubSpot’s blog idea generator

● Impact’s blog title generator 

● Ubersuggest content idea generator 

● Title- generator.com 

● The Hoth blog content idea generator 

4. What are examples of content writing?

There are many forms of content:

● Blog posts

● Articles

● Listicles 

● Podcasts 

● Video scripting

● Infographic

● Reviews

● Tutorials, and much more. 


So, these are some of the ideas you can explore to create brilliant and unique content. Hope you found some good topic ideas for content writing!  



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