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20 Content Writing Hacks for Better Productivity in 2024

The significance of content writing for businesses and brands is unmatched. Business and financial development have given rise to several new entrepreneurial activities that require high-quality content. 

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Creating very high-grade content requires you to be committed and dedicated completely to the task. You’re likely involved with more than one project which makes Time a very valuable factor. That is when some strategies also known as hacks come to great use.  


In this article today, we will discuss some important Content Writing Hacks that would increase your productivity. Content writing hacks improve the quality of your content in very little time. It also helps to amplify your content marketing initiatives. Just like growth hacking in Digital Marketing, content needs certain elements that could help to get more visibility and exposure. These hacks help to increase your efficiency too.


Below are listed 20 such content writing hacks that would help you to get results, and create exemplary content. They also help to channelize your potential to the maximum effect in the creative writing process.


  1. New Ideas for Content Topics

There are so many channels from where you can get amazing ideas on creating content. You have to research, analyze, and go through several interactive platforms, social media channels to glean what the audience wants to read. This will give you an idea of the most in-demand content ideas and topics.


Every content piece needs to evoke some kind of positive response in your online reader to make an impact. Google’s latest algorithm emphasizes the interest factor of your online reader. That is how you should choose your topics and create content. When you decide on the topic consider whether your readers seek answers on different platforms on this topic. 


Let’s imagine that you have selected the topic of choice based on its importance in the lives of your target consumer. Schedule and devote a certain time for research on that article. Organize your time by breaking down your time based on research, time, and proofreading.


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  1. Put together Resource Details

This is one of the most important content writing hacks for generating ideas for your content topic. You have to write down every important idea that you come across. Whether it is a blog post or content ideas from Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and other such channels. 


Also, RSS feeds and channels like LinkedIn, Quora provides you with many updated materials that can help you create some of the best content copy.


Inspiration is a very big part of the entire content writing process. And there is no dearth of inspiration in the online media today. You have so much to write about so many things. Just tap into these resources. Jot down the ideas you get and collate them together efficiently to refer back to you when you are looking for new ideas


  1. Don’t Vacillate

Indecisiveness or vacillation is a reason why we don’t get work done on time. Procrastination can only result in less productivity and a messy mind. 


Even if you suffer from writer’s block do not get stressed. It is a norm for writers all across the globe. Sit down and write whatever comes to your mind no matter the number of words. This can be immensely helpful to get yourself going. 


Don’t pressurize yourself into thinking that you have to achieve a certain number of words today. Fill the blank paper or a blank document in front of you. Write whatever comes to your mind at that point. It is an extremely helpful way of eliminating the tedium you are experiencing. It refreshes your mind to finally sit down to work on the project at hand. 


  1. Take Help of Images

Images not only help to bolster the utility of your content but also helps you to draw inspiration from them. Images invoke responses like joy, entertainment, curiosity, excitement, awe. 


Pictures in content copy will help in retaining the information better. It is one of the most effective ways of making your copy viral, getting leads, and driving more traffic to your website. 


If you are posting original images then make sure that they are compressed to fit your website and optimize your web page. If you have taken the picture from somewhere else, ensure you don’t violate copyright issues. Always mention the source from where you have taken the image. 


Another great utility of images is that it helps to repurpose content for different platforms aligning with the character of that particular channel. 


Images can take the shape of infographics, pie charts, photographs, and several other types of charts and graphs. These help to visualize the information better. That, in turn, helps the content to remain at the top of the mind of your target reader. 


  1. Create infographics with online tools

Infographics are a frequently used content format to draw more readers. It is a combination of pictures and texts that help to provide information to the target consumer. Infographics can inspire confidence, elicit interest, and educate your online reader at the same time. 


There are many tools to explore if you want to start creating infographics to strengthen your content copy. With these tools, you can include images and different visuals in your infographics. You can also use various color schemes, themes, and styles of fonts to make it more attractive.


Canva, Pictochart, Venngage, Photovisi, Easel are some of the popular infographic creating tools. You should also use tools that compress your image to a certain pixel size for optimizing page speed load. Compressnow, Kraken, JPEG optimizer are some of them. 


  1. Quality Over Quantity

Why do thought leaders on content writing emphasize the importance of quality over quantity? 

The reason is, when you are creating quality content your main consideration is your consumer. It is okay to write content that will align with the search engine needs and help to increase traffic to websites. But, if your content is not of high quality, your customers will not be satisfied. As a result, they will not come back to your website again. 


If you create many posts, and if your readers are not impressed by the value they receive, you will not get qualified leads. Consequently, you will not be able to make conversions.


Creating high-quality articles even if the quantity is less, helps you to increase your brand goodwill along with your credibility as a writer. This will also help to sustain the business very successfully in the long run. 


  1. Research and Facts Citation

One of the greatest content writing hacks is for you to mandatorily research the subject for you are writing it. Even if you are pressed for time, devote a certain part of your content writing process to getting pertinent research on the topic. 


This will help to increase the productivity of your content copy by providing facts, figure statistics, and data. 


Any copy that provides data will build trust with their focus group. You will also have to provide the name of the sources you cite your claims from. 


A very important outcome of the research is that you can provide creative examples of the point you’re trying to make. There is so much inspiration around you. You can always reinforce a point that you’ve written with an apt example. Moreover, examples just like images help to remember a point better. 


  1. Use Several Tools – Plagiarism, Social Media Sharing, Headline Analyzer, Editing

This is probably the most important in the content writing hacks that increase productivity to a great extent. To utilize time efficiently, and get the best out of the content copy you have to incorporate the use of several tools.


Plagiarism is a very serious offense as you all are aware. Any content copy should be tested by an online plagiarism detection tool compulsorily. 


It is not always that you are deliberately copying someone’s work. Even then you can have identical sentences and phrases that you might use unknowingly. 


There are several useful plagiarism detector tools like SEO tools, duplichecker, Copyscape, and premium versions of Grammarly. They help to eliminate any chances of plagiarism. 


Grammarly is a complete tool that comes with editing and proofreading as well. Then you have social media sharing channels like Buffer, Coschedule, Social Pilots, Sprout Social, Hootsuite that help to share your content copy on social media channels by automating the time and date of the post. 


You have several keyword research tools, topic generator tools like The Hoth. These tools help you to generate topic ideas for your article. You can also test several headlines with a headline analyzer to know if they are going to be impactful or not. 


  1. Aim for longer posts above 2500 Words

Longer posts are advantageous for both for your search engine rankings and for providing value to your online readers. Long-form posts are much more exhaustive in nature. This means you can provide content replete with in-depth comprehensive information about a certain topic. 


Posts above 2500 words have very good chances of ranking on search engines. You should incorporate keywords in your content copy wisely, provide actionable CTA, and make your copy scannable. 


Delve deep into the topic, find out what kind of questions your consumer is asking pertaining to the topic, and provide solutions in the form of long-form content. 


Long-tail keywords work better in your headlines. Top, Best, Most re some of the words that have a greater impact. Incorporate storytelling that will resonate with the audience. 


Slice of life stories and humane elements have a very positive influence on your online reader. It is also the distinctive element that separates your copy from the rest. 


When you share anecdotes, incorporate them into graphics and images you are bound to get more traffic that will provide you with qualified leads and ultimately result in a great conversion rate.


  1. Write appealing headlines

We emphasize the importance of relevance, inspiration, and information in the content copy. But the very first thing that attracts your readers towards your content is your headline. 


You have to invest considerable time in creating a headline that is going to provide the element of uniqueness and originality. 


The importance of headlines is so potent that it can get you more than 70% of your content marketing success through an engaging headline. 


When you create content, your aim is for the reader to go through your entire content without leaving anything out. That is not an easy feat for a content writer to achieve. 


The attention span of your target consumer is a few mere seconds. Therefore, half-hearted writing and lackluster headline will make your reader move on to some other content piece.


A compelling headline helps to invoke and sustain curiosity about your topic. An attractive headline has been proven to increase the activity on that particular web page/blog post and reduce the bounce rate considerably.


  1. Set Timers and Take Intervals

This is one of the important content writing hacks to boost your creativity and productivity. Content writing is a creative endeavor. That is exactly why you need to give your brain some rest from time to time. 


Take breaks for 10 to 15 minutes after writing 30-45 minutes of writing content. It helps in reducing the exhaustion of the mind. 


Walking a little, taking in the fresh air, will help you to clear your mind and invariably create highly valued superior grade articles.


Important tip

Set a timer for 30 minutes. When the time is up, take 10 minutes to move around, listen to some good music and then come back to work. You will definitely feel more rejuvenated. Words will flow fluidly without you even trying. 


  1. Jot Down Important Information as and when you find them. 

Inspiration can come from anywhere and anytime. Keep note apps like Evernote, Pure Writer on your phone. Also, keep a notebook and a pen with you at all times. 


You should be able to jot down any important facts, story, data you come across. It helps you in bolstering your content with significant information. 


Make notes of important questions posed on quora, blogs, Facebook, Instagram, and make a spreadsheet of them. This will help to keep all your ideas and concepts in one place. 


You might get information sitting in your daily commute, a coffee shop, an office meeting, or a gathering of friends and family. As weird as it may sound at first, writers need to keep apps and/or notebook ready. This will come to use to gather the information they glean from various resources. 


And, when I say resources, I don’t mean the conventional ones like articles, features, or blogs. They can be people, nature, billboards, or a pamphlet distributed when you travel. 


  1. Read e-books and blogs

Coming up with new ideas every day is a task that needs a lot of time and work. Along with topic generators, you can also read blogs from the genres you want to write on. 


They give you a plethora of ideas. Ebooks can provide valuable tips, strategies. They also provide you with the correct approach to write your content in the most precise way possible. 


One of the content writing hacks is to understand how industry veterans and leaders format blog posts for maximum effects. A close analysis can yield great benefits. You will be able to comprehend better what type of formatting works, what content formats to incorporate, and how to design your content to suit the needs of your online readers. 


  1. Content Framework Ideation

Suppose that your content includes all the essential details that will help your online readers. However, if you do not have a clear framework on which you base your content copy, the efficiency of your content will diminish. You have to organize and create a proper content format to captivate the reader and appeal to their senses.


In this context, you have to create an engaging headline that will first draw the reader into your content copy. The next part is the introduction which will delineate all the important points that you will cover in your content copy. 


This gives clarity and purpose to your readers. You leave no room for any confusion or ambiguity regarding the purpose of your contact. Next, you incorporate all essential details and information in your content body. 


Highlight important text, use bold when needed, make a copy crisp, and concise. In conclusion, summarise all the details that you have incorporated in the copy. Include an actionable call-to-action with proper buttons and icons. 


The call to action can be anything from the subscription to newsletters, signing up for ebook, email notifications for a purchasing decision for particular products and services. 


Some great examples of websites that have incorporated the content creation framework successfully to acquire leads are Neil Patel, Upworthy, Search Engine Journal.  


  1. Obtain efficiency in Email Content Marketing 

The importance of email marketing in this era is unparalleled. People thought emails would get obsolete over time with other content marketing strategies and avenues, opening up. Yet, emails remain one of the most consistent forms of content marketing techniques that generate great results. 


Email marketing coupled with great content writing is one of the most popular growth hacks for your content writing initiatives. It boosts your online traffic, gets you conversions, and helps you to get more clients than any other format. 


People still subscribe to email newsletters for detailed information. Industry leaders and digital marketers always emphasize on giving importance to email marketing. Strengthening your knowledge is important to leverage email marketing techniques.


Moreover, with several email marketing tools, these content writing hacks have become even more effective. Right from email automation to personalized email, everything can be performed through these well-structured systematic, and efficient email marketing tools. 


Mailchimp, Convertkit, Active Campaign, AWeber, Drip are some of the finest email marketing tools that get your work done in the least time possible.


  1. Internal Linking

Writing innumerable content without much value does not get you results. You should aim for creating high-quality articles consistently. Redirect your online readers to your other quality content through internal linking. 


Internal linking gives you credibility as a content writer, improves your page views. Additionally, these help Google to crawl and index your article. When you create high-quality articles for online readers they will want to go through your pages thereby spending more time on your website. 


  1. Use Speech Recognition Applications

When you are pressed for time and need to create content, one of the great content writing hacks is to be aware of speech recognition software and applications. They help to get the work done with great alacrity.


Most note-taking applications today come with the speech to text feature. You can dictate your content and it gets automatically written down with the help of this software. 


Google docs, Evernote, and every note app come with this feature for greater efficiency in your writing process. However, there can be errors and you need to edit it meticulously to avoid mistakes. 


  1. Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar helps you to remain focused and give you clarity on the things you need to work on. It helps to create content with the utmost efficiency. Whether it is research, analysis, writing, sharing, editing, and proofreading, everything is coordinated. Reminders can be set for activities. That helps you to expedite the content writing process and plan your day. 


  1. Encourage Engagement with Readers, incorporate CTA

One of the best content writing hacks is to incorporate elements in your contact copy that persuades the online reader to engage with you. 

It might be through emails, comments, feedback, likes, share. All of these features help you to understand the popularity of your content. 


Moreover, it helps to gauge the importance of your content in the lives of your online reaches. The click-through rate helps to get a better idea of what your online readers want and how to achieve that. 


  1. Guest Blogging 

Guest blogging is one of the finest ways of getting recognition and Goodwill as a credible competent content writer. It is rated as one of the top hacks for content writing. 


Guest blogging requires you to create comprehensive incisive articles on your blog first. The next process is to disseminate it to people of import. Once you are successful in networking properly with concerned people from the industry, you can contribute to their blog. 


You should always aim to provide value and build your own audience. You can easily get backlinks as well as increased search engine rankings without making a concerted effort to do these two vociferously this way. 


When you guest blog a high-grade article it will generate curiosity. Your online readers will definitely look for your write-ups and land up on your website. Additionally, the websites you guest blog for will add backlinks to your web pages in their articles. 



So, here are 20 comprehensive content writing hacks that will help you in your overall efforts of getting clients and generating traffic. Your passion for disseminating high-quality articles, incorporating SEO techniques, and timely delivery of your content will create a positive impression on your online readers. 


The key is to not take your target customers for granted. Make an organized effort to strategize a strong content writing technique with these content writing hacks.

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