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Top Strategic Management Courses for Professionals

This article will give you a basic understanding of what strategic management is. It also tells you what are some of the top strategic management courses available today.


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The global business scenario has evolved a lot over the years. It is not just spending money on material and working to get a profit. What goes on behind the public eye has changed vastly. This transition has led to a demand for Strategic Management in Businesses. 


Strategy planning has become the first and foremost step in any business organization today. It has become important to lay down the long-term and short-term goals and missions of an organization. It all comes down to the organizing, controlling, and coordinating of all the factors involved and is aimed at realizing the said goals.


Strategic management can also help within the market place which is continuously changing because of the innovations in technologies. Strategic management can help deliver a fixed bottom line to the execution of your agenda and campaigns. Read on to know more about the top strategic management courses that will help you in your business journey.


What is Strategic Management?


Before we go into detail about the different courses for strategic management, let us understand what the term strategic management means. Strategic management is a sub-discipline of business management focused on achieving long-term business goals that deal with coordinating not only the material but also the human resources.


The traditional business management practices did not give much importance to the workforce, which often leads to unoptimized use of these resources. Strategic management practices provide methods through which this can be achieved, along with combining the advantages of traditional business management practices.


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Why You Should Take Up Strategic Management Courses?


Have you ever thought about why some companies like Apple, Microsoft, or Google are more successful and in-demand than other essential industrial companies like oil, gas, or electricity? Though the latter could be thought of as more necessary, the public eye is caught more towards the first category. This is because of the reason that people perceive Google or Apple as more effective and cool than traditional companies. This is just one aspect of strategic management.


Advantages of taking up a course


Knowing how to get the people interested in the product and how to keep on keeping them interested are closely related to business management. The people who are involved with the decision taking in an organization or company comes across various scenarios that require a lot of strategic planning and management.


A good strategy is what makes a company different than the rest and ensures its continued success. Taking up strategic management courses ensures that you learn the basics and also get exposure to the practical side of things before you are ready to implement them in your business. Some courses even offer internships to help you get used to the operating side of the business.


If you are already employed or own a business on your own, these courses can help improve your management abilities as well as other skills like leadership, decision making, and critical thinking. It will help you have an edge over the other businesses.


Also, if you are only starting, then having undergone these pieces of training can boost your chance of being employed sooner, and can help you to showcase your management skills better. Add to this the fact that strategic business management is not limited to a single niche or sector. You can apply these lessons to a diverse set of industries, which again improves your chances of a better job or compensation.


Another great advantage that taking such a course provides is an opportunity to network. Networking is an unavoidable and critical part of any successful business. When you are learning you can find peers or industry leaders with similar thought processes or ideas. You get the opportunity to learn with and about them and their visions to get started. And such kinds of bonds can help you lifelong.


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Top Strategic Management Courses in India


Though management studies are really popular in India, Strategic Management courses are not as widely known. Considering the size and diversity of the Indian markets, the scope for strategic management is large. Students can pursue a Master’s or Post-Graduation in Strategic Management if they have a minimum of 50% of marks in a graduation course from a recognized university. Some colleges or universities might have entrance exams as well.


Enrolment in India varies from institution to institution, with the curriculum comprising of various industrial experiences and case studies that you as a student can learn from. Given below are some of the courses related to Strategic Management along with colleges and institutions that offer the course for students.


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MBA in Strategic Management


For students looking to complete their Masters in Business and is interested in strategic management, this is the perfect course. The course intertwines theoretical as well experience-based learning, enabling students to understand in depth. Students are given the chance to study and analyze different organizations and their approaches to strategic management, study more about consumer and client behavior and reactions, collect, interpret, and analyze data along with a detailed study on business methodologies and principles. The course fee ranges from 1 to 15 lakhs for two years, depending on the type of institution you choose.


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Below are the colleges in India that offer an MBA course in Strategic Management:


  • Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
  • Institute of Financial Management and Research (IFMR)
  • Xavier Institute of Management, Bangalore
  • Institute of Management NIRMA University, Ahmedabad


Here are 20 Online Strategic Management MBA programs. Check them out now.


Strategic Management of Innovation


This is a twelve-month course focusing on solving the challenges in a business environment, by introducing and improving innovations at the workplace. This course is meant for people who are already working or have worked in the business industry and have some kind of experience in business and management. Students also get the opportunity to learn more about strategic innovations, business processes, and competitors.


The course fee for a year is around 1 lakh. The Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Bangalore provides an excellent course for Strategic Management, if you are looking for it.


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Master of Science in Strategic Management


If you are looking to gain specialist skills in areas of business strategy like strategic thinking and analytics, then an M.Sc in Strategic Management is the perfect course. It is a great mixture of business management theories as well as management practices, providing an excellent opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs and business professionals to upgrade their business management skills.


The program is designed in such a way that it helps the students to develop their key business skills- leadership, strategic planning, decision making, negotiating, as well as other quantitative skills. The course fee usually ranges from anywhere between 20,000 to 1 lakh. Christ University, Bangalore offers one of the top M.Sc programs in Strategic management.


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Strategic Management short course


If you already have some experience in business management and are not looking for anything long-term, there are short-term courses that you can take up that are just as good as the long-term ones. This particular course is a 100-day program that is specifically designed for managers and executive-level employees. Developing managerial and leadership qualities are the main focus of this program.


The overall aim of this course is to help learners understand the market processes and appropriate techniques as well as different analytics related to the market. The course fee is around 1.25 lakhs. Two of the IIMs (IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Calicut) offer this program currently.


Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership


A diploma is a formal acknowledgment by an academic establishment that a student has absolutely met the necessities for a program of study. The diploma program will embrace a precise skilled field or tutorial subject resulting in a career or any study.


What is a diploma in strategic management? it’s a program of study that may educate students to use strategic thinking associate degreed actions within the development of an organization’s business objectives. One goal of education in strategic management is to show skills to arrange students to guide major structure initiatives. work might embrace business communication, business technology, belongings management, and human resources management.


Diploma graduates will have the benefit of strategic management work by learning a way to effectively handle advanced problems within the business world. Receiving coaching on systematic analysis is another advantage of the diploma. Students conjointly have the benefit of being exposed to numerous technology trends that affect the management processes.


The cost of a diploma in strategic management varies betting on the length of the program yet as its location. Individual learning institutions’ prices might vary in tuition and housing. It’s best to contact the admissions workplace to inquire concerning the most recent program prices.


Strategic management skills area unit required by a good style of businesses, thus this course of study may add skillfulness to career plans. Education in strategic management will result in a career in either the non-profit-making or business areas of business, particularly within the technology and producing sectors.


Multiple departments in firms like human resources, finance, marketing, and sales will have the benefit of employees trained in strategic management. Strategic management skills may additionally improve probabilities for career advancement into social control roles or amendment management groups.


Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership


Professional certification is achieved as part of a short, postgraduate program where no further degree is attained, however an acknowledgment of experience is granted. People typically use certification programs as continued education and to strengthen their resumes, along with their existing experience and skill set.


What could be a certificate in strategic management? Strategic management is a crucial ability for business leaders in any type of industry. To get this certificate, leadership courses, business strategy, and business performance metrics are sometimes needed. Alternative courses like advanced accounting, finance, economics, promoting and human resources could also be offered as electives.


Electives are chosen to support the precise instructional wants and desired field of application. Usually offered industry-specific courses embody health care, cordial reception, and environmental leadership.


Earning an expert certification shows dedication to career and commitment to higher learning. Not solely do certified people receive a wider vary of career opportunities, however, they are higher ready for life’s complicated challenges. Certifications vary in price, as do their associated examination fees.


A certificate in strategic management will open up doors in nearly every sector. Professionals who earn this certificate could keep in their current position and ask for a promotion or amendment in the title, whereas alternatives leverage their new certification to use for higher-paying roles at other firms.


Since the program offers coaching in leadership and strategy, several graduates have war management responsibilities and be a part of groups of advisors or consultants to assist steer the direction of a firm. Jobs within the money business furthermore as retail, technology, health care, and government sectors also are out there.


Top Online Strategic Management Courses 


For people who cannot attend the full-time strategic management courses from colleges and other institutions, there is also the option of attending online courses. This type of course in fact permits a learner to complete the learning according to his or her time. In such a course, students can study totally different aspects of business management, like client management, sales, and promoting.


These courses cover specific strategic management software and also teach the students about how to develop a good business strategy and how to analyze an existing one. Courses also cover creating business proposals and making business decisions.


Students are able to build upon their skills by completing a course in strategy. This improves their chances with potential employers or allows them to advance in their current position. In addition, it enables a learner to be better prepared if he or she wants to start a business.


The cost and duration of these programs can vary based on the chosen program and school. Listed below are a few of the best online strategic management courses online.


Strategic Management by Copenhagen School of Business (Coursera)


This is one of the great strategic management courses to start for beginners as all the topics are explained in detail from the basics. You will be able to learn both old methods as well as the latest management strategies and have the chance to compare between them.


The syllabus contains graded assignments that can help you track your progress and provide feedback. You are also provided with a capstone project that measures your learning and can add a lot to your portfolio. The duration of the course as given on the site is 4 weeks.


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Business Strategy Specialization (University of Virginia)


You will learn more about the global and dynamic aspects of strategic management in this specialization. A lot of case studies, including those of leading companies like Microsoft, Disney, etc., are made available for the learners. The combination of theoretical and practical lessons will help you understand the techniques in detail.


In addition to this, you have a capstone project available at the end, to apply the topics you have learned along with the way. You also get exposure to a lot of the tools available and the timings are flexible, which makes this the perfect choice. The duration is around 7 months, considering lessons of 3 hours per week. If you are interested, you can enroll now.


Strategic Leadership and Management (University of Illinois)


This specialization focuses more on improving leadership and other business skills. If improving these skills for immediate impact is your main focus, then this is perfect for you. The classes cover the basics of human resources and organizational management.


There is also a capstone project at the end for the learner to apply the skills and techniques that they have learned along with the course duration. The duration is about 8 months, considering 4 hours per week.


Advanced Strategic Management Program (IIM, Kozhikode)


This is more for experienced business professionals, who want to develop their functional expertise and improve their leadership skills. You will be learning about frameworks and best practices in business strategy and will also learn how to develop a business mindset. This is a 9-month course, and you will be undergoing live interactive classes. You will also be an IIM executive alumni after completing the course!


Advanced Strategic Management and Innovation (XLRI Virtual Learning)


This is a cutting-edge program that helps you focus on maximizing your business growth by focusing more on your strategic decision-making. The classes are online with live interactions. There will be video lectures, graded quizzes, assignments, and more to help you get constant feedback on your progress. The course duration is around 10 months.


Strategic Management Certification (IIMB, edX)


This micro masters program is around 5 weeks long and covers the basics of market competition and how competition analysis helps in strategic decision-making. You also get a look into risk management in business. You will be having graded assignments as well. Since this is an introductory course, this is a free course and there is no prerequisite. The certification can be obtained at a minimal fee.


Strategic Management Certificate (Harvard School)


Remaining competitive and relevant in the industry is the need of the hour. This program helps you do just that for your organization. You will get lessons that are broken down in detail, and you will have regular assignments and lessons to complete. You will be learning the best business tips and tricks from the industry experts, and learn to analyze the market structure and your organization’s growth.


Strategic Management (edX)


The course guides you through the necessary features on how to reposition your business in the market, create strategic alliances, negotiate and analyze the market. You have to have a foundation knowledge of the key concepts, as this is an advanced program. You can apply for job profiles like business development manager, consultant, sales manager, etc after the completion of this program.


This course is designed specifically to sharpen your decision-making and strategic thinking skills, which are important in the growth of a business. Though the study material is free, you will need to pay a nominal fee to get the certification, which you can get by clearing all the graded assignments and quizzes. The duration of this particular course is about 6 weeks.


Strategic Management Course (Michigan State)


This contains a series of lectures that provides you with new perspectives required for building market resilience and growth for your business. You learn what value-addition does to your business and how to add that to your strategic plans. Learners will also learn about critical topics like mergers and acquisitions, leadership, diversification, etc.


You get assignments along the way, as well as examinations to get the credits. The learner can complete at their own pace as the course is self-paced.


Scope of Strategic Management Courses


The Strategic Management course aims to prepare students for careers in management. It enables students to appeal to a broader business segment, such as assessing and researching buyers and sellers. The focus and scope of these courses allow students to understand every concept that governs the industry, from entrepreneurship to research and development.


A student must have an excellent command of certain skills after learning the Best Strategic Management courses to have a successful career. Research, planning, strategizing, networking, presenting, communicating, analytics, management, etc. are some of these. Once you have completed a course in strategic management, you can apply for a variety of job profiles.

Some of the popular jobs are as below:


  • Business Development Manager
  • Strategic Planning Manager
  • Strategy Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Consumer Analyst
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Business Development Coordinator


The world of business and related markets evolve and change every day. It takes an abundance of effort to catch up and stay informed. Whether you are a student, an aspiring entrepreneur, or an experienced business professional, it does not matter. Taking up one or more of such strategic management courses can help you a great deal in being relevant to the industry.


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