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Top 7 Choices for Career After 12th in Bangalore

In the pre-internet age, students had very few options to choose from for their higher studies. For their career after 12th in Bangalore, students would invariably choose engineering, medicine, or commerce.


The image shows top 7 choices for career after 12th in Bangalore

A student’s interest or aptitude would hardly matter. An engineer, a doctor, or a chartered accountant always commanded a better salary and higher respect in society. But the education landscape has witnessed a sea change over the last few years. We can now build a solid career by pursuing courses that match our interests and also rake in the moolah.


No doubt, the traditional college/university structures continue to dominate the education turf. But what is learned in college just stays in college. Technology and globalization have completely disrupted the education and employment market.


We are slowly moving away from brick & mortar institutions and paper certificates. While this change has been visible for quite some time, the pandemic has only accelerated that pace of change. Skilling, re-skilling, and up-skilling are the mantra today. Many online courses are available for students to build a flourishing career after 12th in Bangalore.


I know a lot of you might be confused with the myriad options available in the market. Competition and peer pressure only multiply your confusion. But worry not. The most complex problems often have the simplest of solutions. Have an open mind and read this article completely. These courses are open for students in college and working professionals alike.


Let us look at few options for students looking to build a career after 12th in Bangalore.


  1. Digital Marketing


Marketing is the fuel that drives the business engine forward. The very sustainability of a business hinges on the quality of its marketing strategy. Traditional marketing involved the use of product brochures, print & electronic media, billboards, etc.


But the advent of the internet and the advancement in communication technology has virtually-delivered a death blow to the traditional marketing channels. Today marketing has almost become synonymous with digital marketing. The fading of traditional marketing and the raging pandemic has opened a flood of opportunities in the digital marketing space.


What is Digital Marketing?


Every business, small or big needs a digital presence today. A company without a website or a social media account (Facebook, YouTube, Linked In, and Instagram) is deemed to be non-existent. Digital marketing is all about reaching out to customers through one or more of these digital channels.


Today people hardly visit a shop to buy something. Amazon and Flipkart sell more of any product than the company’s physical stores. So digital marketing is the present and the future of marketing.


To know more details, check out the Digital Marketing Course Training in Bangalore 


I am interested in digital marketing. Can I have a great career after 12th in Bangalore?


Definitely. You can be a fresher looking for a great start, an experienced professional wanting to upskill, a freelancer, or a business owner. Digital marketing can be a wonderful skill set to boost your earnings. While there are many free resources available to learn digital marketing, a paid course helps you by providing a structured learning format and mentorship from industry experts.


Get complete hands-on learning in digital marketing with the Best Digital Marketing Course


Digital marketing is a huge umbrella that incorporates different aspects such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Management, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, Web Analytics, and Facebook/Google Ads, etc.


A good course should provide the students’ exposure and practical training in all the major areas. They should get an opportunity to work on real-time projects. It should also enable them to manage an integrated marketing strategy by employing one or more of these techniques.


What is very important is the post-training support and assistance provided by the institute to the students. Bangalore is the IT capital of India. A few of the renowned institutes for students seeking a solid digital marketing career after 12th in Bangalore are IIM Skills, National Institute of Digital Marketing, Digital Academy 360, and Simplilearn.


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  1. Content Writing


Content is the king in the digital age and space. A brand is judged by the quality of the content that it communicates to the marketplace. Content often makes the first impression on the audience. To make this the best impression, we have the content creators letting their creative juices flow to capture people’s attention. Attention is surely the new currency!


What does a Content Writer do?


  • If you like an article in a newspaper/magazine, it is the job of a good content writer.
  • If a company’s website, blog or social media handles impress you, credit the content creators for the same.
  • An attractive brochure or an advertisement with a catchy tagline is the handiwork of a good copywriter.
  • Remember that product description when you bought something on Amazon. It was inked by a content writer.
  • If a thriller movie or a mystery novel grips you with its suspense, it is creative writing at play.
  • Do you struggle to craft a nice Statement of Purpose (SOP) while applying to universities? Well, you can reach out to content writers.
  • Ever wanted to author a book? Now you can write and publish your E-book on platforms like Kindle and Google Books.


Content writing looks interesting. Can I have a promising career after 12th in Bangalore?


There are no specific prerequisites to become a good content writer. While a degree in Literature or Journalism can help you, it is not mandatory. Your interest, passion, and creativity would matter more to make it big as a content writer.


Learn the advanced techniques of content writing with the Best Content Writing Course.


To get started, you should take up a structured course to understand the finer nuances. A good course will equip you with the right strategies, tools, and techniques to create a nice piece of content. It would also support you to market your content effectively once it is designed. An internship during the course is a great opportunity to develop your portfolio that you can showcase to your prospective employers or clients.


Content writing is a perfect choice for bloggers, freelancers, and people looking for a side hustle. The right content is the base for digital marketers to design a successful marketing campaign. Once you get established as a writer, you can dive in full-time and even start your content writing agency. Some good training institutes to consider for a career after 12th in Bangalore are IIM Skills, Inventateq, and Content Knockout.


You can read about the Top 10 Content Writing Courses in Bangalore 


  1. Web Design and Development


Let’s accept it. A good website with a nice design and an easy user interface can completely delight us. If our experience on a website is engaging & enriching, we keep visiting it again and again. A website is often the first time that a brand connects with the marketplace. So a poorly designed website can put off the visitors forever, no matter how good the product is.


What is Web Design and Development?


Are the terms web design and web development synonymous? No, there is a difference between the two. A web designer takes care of the aesthetics of the website to make it more visually appealing. Their main objective is to attract the visitors’ attention and make it easy for them to use. But a web developer’s job is to infuse life into this design i.e. make the website functional.


Web designers use software like Google Web Designer, Wix, WordPress, etc to create a layout for the website. These programs are so efficient that laymen with absolutely no technical knowledge can create a wonderful website. But a web developer is essentially a programmer who is responsible to build and maintain the website. He should know programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Java, Python, etc.


Depending on the job profile, we have a front end, back end, and also full-stack web development. The front end refers to what the visitors can see on the website like colors, menus, text, images, and so on. Front-end developers ensure that the website has a user-friendly interface. The back end refers to what the users cannot see.


Back-end developers are responsible for the proper running and maintenance of a website. The code written by back-end developers helps the visitors to use the website. So the back-end developers have to work on the server and database side to ensure that websites function smoothly. A full-stack developer is a ‘master of all trades with an understanding of both front-end and back-end development.


It is quite obvious that full-stack developers are highly sought after by employers due to their knowledge breadth. Inventateq, Coding Ninjas, FITA Academy, and ZenRays are the preferred institutes for a web development career after 12th in Bangalore.


  1. Goods & Services Tax (GST) Practitioner


The introduction of the Goods & Services Tax or GST in July 2017 has been a game-changer for the Indian economy. The long-pending reform in indirect taxes was finally made possible by the implementation of GST. It is a simple system of taxation that is designed to replace multiple levies by both the center and the state governments.


No one escapes death and taxes. Every business needs trained professionals to navigate the tax maze. This has led to a plethora of job opportunities for students (in the final year of graduation) and finance professionals. There is a huge demand for people with the right skills and expertise in GST. The right certification course can provide you that perfect launchpad for a rewarding career in finance and taxation.


Where do I start to build a career in GST?


As a GST practitioner, you need to be well versed with all the compliance requirements and the technology (software tools) aspects. You can start as an executive preparing and filing tax returns. With knowledge and experience, you can render consulting services to entrepreneurs and business houses.


For an immersive learning experience of GST-related A to Z concept, enroll in IIM Skills’ GST course.


To help the taxpayers in complying with the GST provisions, the government has introduced the concept of GST Practitioner. A GST Practitioner is a professional, who is authorized by the government to assist the taxpayers:


  • in matters of GST registration
  • filing of GST returns periodically
  • timely refund & payment of taxes and
  • act as an authorized representative before the GST department/Tribunal


To begin with, you need to register as a GST Practitioner on the GST portal and obtain an enrollment certificate. Once the enrollment is done, you have to appear for the GST Practitioner’s (GST-P) exam conducted by the National Academy of Customs, Indirect Taxes & Narcotics (NACIN) within 2 years. You must score a minimum of 50% in this online exam to become a certified GST Practitioner. Note that you should at least be a graduate to get certified as GST-P.


There are many institutes in Bangalore that train you for the GST-P exam. Choose a course that gives you practical training with the latest updates. It should be delivered by GST professionals who are subject matter experts.


Some of the top training institutes to start a rewarding career after 12th in Bangalore are IIM Skills, Clear Tax, and V-Skills. 


You cannot overlook the Top 10 GST Certification Courses in Bangalore


  1. Multimedia, Animation & VFX


Are you a fan of fantasy movies? Do superhero stories excite you? Games and cartoons virtually rule the lives of kids today. The Spiderman mounting the tallest of skyscrapers with utmost ease will hook kids and adults alike.


The special effects displayed in Ramayan and Mahabharat enamor us. These shows notch the highest of TRPs even decades after their first telecast. Movies like Baahubali, Krrish, Interstellar, The Matrix, Avatar, etc transport all of us into a fantasyland. Welcome to the entertainment industry.


All these things are possible today only due to multimedia and visual effects (VFX). Multimedia essentially involves the use of multiple forms of texts, images, graphics, sound, and video to present any content to the audience. Animation is a specific type of multimedia that presents static visuals in a manner that appears to be in movement. If you have enjoyed watching movies like The Toy Story Series, The Lion King, Ice Age, Frozen, Inside Out, and the like, you precisely know what I mean.


Multimedia and animation are ideal for students with a creative bent of mind. The duration of this course ranges between 6 months (certificate/diploma) to 3 years (degree). You can work for few years to gain hands-on experience and later become an entrepreneur by opening your own agency/institute.


Multimedia & animation professionals are not just restricted to the gaming or entertainment industry. Students have many options to begin a highly promising career after 12th in Bangalore. In the digital age, they have immense opportunities in Advertising, Education, E-learning, Design, and IT sectors too. Some of the skills that can help you weave magic and achieve great success in this field are:


  • Creativity with a keen sense of imagination
  • Giving shape to ideas in the form of visuals & graphics
  • Comfortable with using technology/software tools
  • Attention to details – finer and minor aspects
  • Wit and a sense of humor to charm people


There are many institutes to help students to build a great career after 12th in Bangalore. They are LISAA School of Design, IIFA Multimedia, Arena Animation, and Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC).


  1. Event Management


Another great career option for creative people with excellent organization & public relations skills is ‘Event Management’. Though not very popular, it is emerging as one of the hottest careers in new-age India. Bangalore is a tech city that hosts global events. So event management is a fantastic choice for a great career after 12th in Bangalore.


Who is an Event Manager?


Have you ever attended a fashion show or a music concert? Most professionals would have participated in a conference meet or a corporate seminar. Brands organize product launches to showcase and promote their offerings.


Students revel in absolute joy at their college fests and reunions. Destination weddings and theme-based parties of celebrities garner wide media attention today. Millions of devotees congregate at large religious gatherings in India. Major sporting events are just awe-inspiring. Who do you think deserves the credit? An event manager is a real brain and the mastermind behind all these activities.


What exactly do Event Managers do?


Event managers are professionals who help you to plan, organize and conduct such events successfully. Often clients do not have a clear idea about executing the events meticulously. So they approach the event managers who give a detailed blueprint for the same.


They remain on the ground to conduct the event by taking care of all the requirements and safety precautions. Be it a private ceremony or a large-scale global event, event managers can manage the show with great élan.


Where do I begin?


Right after your standard 12, you can enroll in a short-term diploma or a full-fledged degree course. Some MBA courses do offer a specialization in event management. Please ensure that the course offers an internship track with an event management firm. This would give you practical knowledge and hands-on skills to organize any event. Look beyond a degree. Get your hands dirty on the field.


Desirable Skills:


  • Out of the box thinking to come up with novel ideas
  • Planning, organizing, coordination, and people skills
  • Ability to put in long hours and travel frequently
  • Ability to handle pressure especially for big-ticket events


Some of the top institutes that offer courses in event management are GEMS B-School, Event Management Development Institute, Jain University & Wizcraft. These institutes are a great choice for students seeking a fulfilling career after 12th in Bangalore.


  1. Photography


Did you love clicking photographs on the good old camera? Were you mesmerized by nature’s beauty and wanted to capture the moments forever? You may be clicking selfies on your cell phone now. But does your hand itch for that high-resolution camera to get the perfect shot? Well then, photography might just be your calling. No formal degree is needed. Students can start their career after 12th in Bangalore as the city is a goldmine of opportunities.


What was once considered a hobby, is a highly lucrative vocation today. If you can master the art and science of photography, you can fully monetize your talent & skills. Earlier, photography was only limited to private functions, public events, and the cinema world. But the explosion of the internet, advertising, and social media has created a huge demand for professional photographers.


Do you have it in you to become a successful photographer?


While your interest and talent can get you started, formal training holds you in very good stead. Though the opportunities are immense, the field is very dynamic and competitive. Complete a diploma or a degree course from a reputed institution. Follow it up by an apprenticeship with an established photographer. You are now all set to soar through the skies.


You can also choose a specific niche like fashion photography, travel & wildlife photography, wedding & events photography, photojournalism, etc. You can take up a job, become a freelancer and even start your studio. As an aspiring photographer, focus on building your portfolio that can be showcased to employers and clients.


Required Skills:


  • Highly imaginative and artistic
  • Very independent and organized
  • Extremely detail-oriented
  • Technical and marketing skills


Some of the top institutes offering photography courses in Bangalore are Flux School of Arts, M.S. Ramaiah University, and Seam Edu School.




Bangalore is India’s technology capital. Whatever the stream you choose, you can craft a terrific career after completing your class 12th in Bangalore. A successful career is not a sprint but a marathon that stretches over 40 years. Make sure that the job does not merely pay your bills but is also a source of deep contentment. Finally, never stop learning. Keep learning, relearning, and unlearning to stay on the top of your game.


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