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Top 21 Options for Career After 10th in Bangalore

The usual trend of education in India is X, XII, and graduation. But for some students, after clearing 10th Board exams, they are willing to do some practical job. This may be due to some kind of interest or sometimes due to family financial issues. Some might want to support their family.


The image highlights top 21 options for career after 10th in Bangalore

Whatever may be the reason, you need not worry as I have compiled the Top 21 Career after 10th in Bangalore. Bangalore is the Silicon City of India and it is a hub of IT companies. When we think about Bangalore, we think about software and IT companies but there are many more career options to follow.


Here is the list of Top 21 options for a Career after 10th in Bangalore. Students can choose the option as per their preferences.


Different Fields of Career after 10th in Bangalore:


  1. Engineering Field
  2. Medical Field
  3. Architecture and Construction Field
  4. Online Digital Marketing Field


Eligibility: The students must be class 10th pass out with a minimum of 50 percent of marks. Some of the colleges or certification courses do not require any minimum percentage criteria.

Fees: The approximate range of fees is from ₹60000 to ₹150000. The fees vary with different colleges in Bangalore or another part of India. The certification courses are very cheap in comparison to diploma courses. You can get a certification starting from ₹15000.

Admission Process: Some of the colleges have written exam criterion but there are many colleges which take admission on merit basis.

Duration: These are generally short duration courses. They may range from 6 months to 2-3 years.

Certificate courses are of very short length. Some of them last for even 1-2 months.


Engineering Career after 10th in Bangalore


Students can go for an Engineering Career after the 10th. There are many Diploma level courses available in Bangalore. Diploma courses are short-term courses that usually last for 1 to 2 years. These types of courses provide knowledge and skills in a specific field only.


The college fees range from ₹50000 to ₹2 Lac. The fees vary as per government and private institute. If you prefer government colleges then the fees will be very less. Pursing a diploma or any other course from a government institute always has an added advantage.


Reasons to Choose Engineering Career after 10th in Bangalore


·       Innovation, Ideas, and Creativity

The engineering field helps you to apply your innovation, your crazy ideas, and creativity. If you are a person with that zeal and passion, then Engineering is for you.

·       Challenging Tasks

As an Engineer, whether mechanical, civil, or electrical, you are always surrounded by challenging work in almost your daily life. This is one of the careers in which you can’t get bored. If ideas and creativity pop up in your mind frequently, you can apply these in the engineering field.

·       Entrepreneurship

Being an engineer, you will get to know about various technical as well as system knowledge. After gaining rich experience from global organizations, you can set up your start-up ventures.

·       Social Contributor

Engineers are known for solving big problems with the help of their sound technical and analytical skills. Whether it is about the erection of sky-touching buildings or supplying electricity from thousand kilometers to a remote village, you as an engineer will always be a social contributor.

·       Social and Economic Security

With the demand and tough competition, skilled engineers are well paid. This helps them to live a better lifestyle for themselves and their family. The reputation and income go hand to hand for engineers.


When we search about Career after 10th in Bangalore,  Engineering courses are still the favorite of many students. If you have an interest in building or experimenting with something new, you can opt for Diploma in Engineering.


This is mainly for students who are interested in Science and Technology. In Diploma, you will learn more practical things than theory. We have provided some of the top Diploma courses you can pursue after 10th in Bangalore:


1.     Cyber Security


With the enhancement of the technological and digital world, the security of data and systems became a major concern. Diploma in cybersecurity deals with software, electronic data theft, and security of the system.

Every renowned organization has this department. You can find a job in various anti-virus companies.


2.     Computer Engineering


As a computer engineering student, you will learn about basic electronics, computer hardware, and software. Bangalore being a tech hub, has a demand of students in Diploma in Computer Engineering.


If you love to code and the world of computers attracts you, then this course is for you. The future is in this area as technology is being updated and changing.


3.     Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering is the study, design, and development of mechanical sensors and devices. It includes various heavy tools, engines, and types of machinery. Students with an interest in heavy machinery and mechanical stuff can go for this course.


The minimum eligibility of the course is a 10th pass out. Students will be able to apply in both the private and government sectors. The course duration is from 2 to 3 years.


4.     Civil Engineering


Engineering that deals with the design, construction, and sustenance of man-made constructions as well as the naturally built environment. Civil engineering is an evergreen stream of engineering.


Students can opt for this course if they are keen to learn the planning, designing, and execution of various constructional activities. The course duration and fee are the same as above.


5.     Electrical Engineering


Students with Diploma in Electrical Engineering can work in Rural Electrification projects, Thermal Power Plants, and Power generation and distribution companies.


You will learn majorly about how electricity is generated and distributed across the country. Students interested in various motors, dams, and transformers can opt-in to this interesting field.


Medical Career after 10th in Bangalore


The medical field is vast, especially in India. A career in health work is always in demand. There are medical diploma courses available after the 10th class. Experience and knowledge in technical skills will boost your career.

There are many Diploma level courses available for the medical field.


Reasons to Choose Medical Career after 10th in Bangalore


·       Vast Career Opportunities

There are more than 60 specialties students can choose from. You can choose to work in hospitals, research labs, and other medical departments.

·       Eliminate Pain and Suffering

When you opt for the medical field, you are going to help and heal the world in some direct and indirect manner.

·       Job Safety

Once you become market-ready, there won’t be any looking back. The medical field provides good job safety and security once you get that experience and exposure. You can set up your clinic or own dispensary.

·       Always in Demand

With the increase in population and various new diseases and pandemics, medical personnel is in huge demand and this will increase in the coming future.

·       Reputation and Social Well Being

Being in the medical field, you not only get good and consistent pay after the experience, but you also get a good reputation in society. You get a chance to serve society and get love and respect from people.


These courses have added advantage when you go for higher studies. Some of the Diploma in Medical after 10th class are:


1.     Nursing Assistant


Students pursuing the Diploma in Nursing Assistant will get jobs in the medical field. The course will teach students about entry-level skills in hospitals, local clinics, and nursing homes. A diploma in Nursing Assistant can be done in 2-3 years.


2.     Medical Laboratory Technician


After completing 10th, students interested in laboratory works can go for Diploma in Medical. The same can be done with the help of certification courses. The duration of the Diploma is from 2 to 3 years. Certificate courses can be done in a much shorter period.


To have better knowledge in this field, students are advised to go for Diploma courses as it will help in further education.


3.     Dental Lab Technician


As a Dental Lab Technician, you have to communicate with the dentist and collaborate with him to plan, design, and execute dental prostheses for every patient.


In the course, the student will learn about digital impressions or molds of teeth to create bridges, dentures, crowns, and other dental appliances. The duration is 2 years.


4.     Medical Record Technology


Diploma in medical lab record technology is also known as Diploma in Medical Lab Technology. As a medical record technologist, you have to not only maintain the patient records, you have to help the hospital with great statistical reports.


If you are a student who loves the medical field and some data handling, then this course is for you.  The duration is 2 years.


5.     Pathology Lab Technician


Pathology Lab Technician or the pathologist lab assistant helps laboratory scientists and pathologists to prepare, store and examine the specimens. You can work in medical labs, hospitals, physician offices, or medical universities. The course duration is 2 years. Some certification courses are also available.


6.     Laboratory Assistants of Chemical Plants


This course is an ITI course. Students interested in Laboratory Assistants of Chemical Plants will learn analysis of various solid, liquid, and gaseous materials for research, development of new processes and products, and quality control.


In addition to this, you will learn the theoretical or practical usage of chemistry and related fields.

A medical career is always a rewarding career in India as well as abroad. So these were some of the best  Medical options for a Career after 10th in Bangalore. Now let us move to some ITI Courses which you can do after the 10th class in Bangalore.


Architecture and Construction Career after 10th in Bangalore


Candidates who have just passed the 10th class can choose a career in Architecture and Constructions. There are many ITI courses available for this. ITI stands for Industrial Training Institutes where the students learn about the specific fields and get training in that area.


If you are planning to earn some income in the early stages, then ITI courses are the right choice for you. In comparison to Diploma courses, ITI courses are less costly but Diploma has their advantages.


1.     Architectural Assistance


A professional course that included tasks like the development and preparation of architectural drawings. They help teams and builders in all matters of architectural design. After completion of the course, the students will be able to work with companies dealing in infrastructure projects.


The course duration varies from 1 year to 2 years depending upon the college or institute you choose.


2.     Building Maintenance


ITI in Building Maintenance will help the students to learn about the maintenance and repairing of residential buildings. Testing, installations, inspection, roofing repairs, plumbing, and minor carpentry is also included in the course.


The course duration lasts from 6 months to 1 year. After the completion of the course and gaining experience, students can earn a good amount of salary.


3.     Draughtsmanship (Civil/Mechanical)


In this professional course, you will learn sketches, technical drawings which shows plan, blueprints of construction which the construction team will execute.


In the course, you will learn various building codes and conducts, architectural drawings, symbols. If you are interested in technical drawings, then you can opt for this rewarding course.


If in the future, you want to do graduations, then this course will be an added advantage both for the graduation course and from a job perspective.


4.     Interior Designing


This course is a Diploma level course. The students will learn various aspects of interior design. Project planning, communications with clients, design principles, and various factors of designing will be taught.


Working with color, textures, source, and selection of various furniture will also be included in the course. After the completion of the course, you can get a job in interior designing companies and work as an interior designer.


The course duration is from 1 year to 2 years.


5.     Architectural Design


The creation of Plans, layout, and drawings of landscapes and buildings comes under architectural design. You will learn various types of structures, designs, and implementations. Technical software like Auto CAD will also be introduced.


The course duration is from 2 to 3 years. After completing the course, students can work for construction companies as an architectural designer or supervisor. This course is also a Diploma level course.


These were some of the engineering options for a  Career after 10th in Bangalore. Now let us talk about online digital marketing career options.


Online Digital Marketing Career after 10th in Bangalore


Some courses do not need any minimum education qualification criterion. If you know how to read and write in English, then you can easily pursue the following online digital marketing certificate courses.


Reasons to Choose Online Digital Marketing Career after 10th in Bangalore


·       Convenience

One of the biggest advantages of the online course is that it provides convenience to take the class at your home only. No need to go outside. Just grab your coffee and start learning.

·       Flexibility

You can study at any time you want. You can have recorded lectures of the class.

·       Financial Benefits

Online classes in comparison to offline classes are less costly. The trainer or the institute can save money by eliminating the cost of rents and electricity, and thus you the course fee is reduced.

·       Global Approach

No matter how many kilometers away you are from your tutor or trainer, you can easily connect him/her in seconds. There is no boundary between states or any country.


1.     Content Writing


Students interested in reading and writing can pursue courses in Content Writing. You will learn how to write blog articles, press releases, newspapers, magazines eCommerce articles, etc. The initial earning might be slow but when you become an expert in the field, you can earn a good amount of money from this.


You can start your Content Providing services or agency. Students can be freelancer content writers.


There are several Content Writing Courses available online. Always select that course that has an internship. In the field of content writing, IIM Skills provides the best content writing course with 3 months internship.


Also, read about the Top 10 Content Writing Courses in Bangalore.


2.     Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing or online marketing or internet advertising whatever you call it, is a type of marketing in which we connect and try to influence our potential customers to make them buy our services. There is no eligibility criterion to do a Digital Marketing online course. Everyone who can read and write in English can do this course.


Learn about Digital Marketing Course training in Bangalore


After completing the course, the students will be able to do jobs with multimedia companies and digital advertisers.


Many online institutes teach Digital Marketing. IIM Skills is among the top institutes which offer the Best Digital Marketing Course in India. The duration of the courses is around 3 months with 3 months internship.


You may want to know about the Top 23 Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore


3.     Diploma in Digital Photography


Students keen to travel the world and click pictures can pursue this course. The focuses on various aspects of photography. You will learn the art of photography, various cameras, working with cameras, editing, and producing photographs.


Photography such as sports photography, wildlife photography, fashion photography, and product photography will be taught.  If you have that passion to follow, this career path has something to give you back.


4.     Diploma in Digital Cinematography


As a digital cinematographer, you will be dealing with the art of photography and visual storytelling in television and pictures. The Diploma in Digital Cinematography will help you to step into the world of pictures and motions.


Students who are interested in the film domain can opt-in for this 2 years course.


5.     Blogging and Youtube


Youtube and Blogging do not require that much technical stuff. The best part is you even start without having any minimum education. All you need to desire to learn and implement things.


You can learn all tips and tricks on YouTube itself but experimenting takes time and money. So it is advisable to go for some online course on blogging and youtube and take the help of some experts.


Always remember that content and consistency is the key to success on Blogging and Youtube. Students after 10th can have a look at these two rewarding career options.


Apart from these online creative and innovative career options, you also have the option of diving into the finance field. To do so, you can step in and enroll for the GST certification course, which is one of the trending courses among the students.


You can also read about the Top 10 GST Certification Courses in Bangalore


How to Choose Best Career after 10th in Bangalore?


Choosing the right career is difficult in itself. Students passing out 10th are always in a dilemma when it comes to career selection. The right guidance can only help them.


To make it easier to find a better career for you, I have listed the following steps which will help you to find the right path for your career and success:


·       Assess Yourself

Try to figure out what you like to do. Write down the name of subjects you love to read and enjoy a lot. If you find it difficult, you can use self-assessment sheets to know what you like the most.

·       Build a List of Career

Figure out 5-7 career options you like. Divide them under Engineering, Medical, Entertainment fields.

·       Long and Short Term Goals

Write your long and short-term goals again against each category. Consider all factors you enjoy and like with future perspectives.

·       Take Expert Advice

During all these exercises, talk to experts about these fields, their future growth. The expert can be your family member, your teacher, or your friend.

·       Eliminate

Eliminate the options from 5-7 to 1-2 options. Write your strength and weakness before elimination. Prioritize by ranking them 1, 2, and 3, and voila you got your career path is well defined and very easy manner. The rank 1 priority career is the career for you.


Remember you can choose 2 options as a career. Keep one as a backup always.


Final Words


Always remember that you should follow what you love and enjoy. Doing what you like will never exhaust you. Money is the byproduct of what you do. For instance, you like to read and write a lot, then you should go for content writing. If you like machines, then opt for Engineering.


Choosing a career is a very crucial and life deciding part. Take your time, talk to experts and go grab what you want in life.


All right, friends, these were the top 21 options for a career after 10th in Bangalore. Hope you got some good information from the blog. Please do not forget to comment and share with your friends, colleagues who need to know about such information.


All the Best for your career.


Worked as an Electrical Engineer for 4.5 years. Certified Hi-Po, ISTD Student, Content Writer, and currently Intern at IIM Skills. Expert in Excel (Not Surf Excel) and loves Biryani.

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