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Top 10 Computer Courses After 12th in Bangalore

To pursue the jobs of their choice in IT, students pursue computer and IT courses some of which are short-term while others are long-term courses. I will list out the “Top 10 computer courses after 12th in Bangalore” in this article.


The image highlights top courses after 12th in Bangalore

Bangalore and Computers go hand in hand. When we talk about Bangalore, it becomes quintessential to think about IT and computers. The city is called “Silicon city of India” due to the headquarters of all major IT giants like Infosys, Wipro, TCS, in the city.


Top 10 Computer Courses After 12th in Bangalore


1)Bachelor of Technology In IT/Computer Science/IS


Bangalore is a hub of Engineering colleges hence the mobast popular choice of course among the students in Bangalore is an Engineering program. The B.Tech or a B.E program has different specializations like IT(Information Technology), CS(Computer Science), IS (Information Science) that students can choose as per their interest and college policy.

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On the surface, all these specializations sound similar yet they all cover different modules. Let us see what do each of these specializations covers and their scope. These courses will always remain on top amongst the top 10 computer courses after 12th in Bangalore.




A Bachelor of Technology in IT is a 4-year program that involves all aspects of software designing and development, hardware maintenance, networking, and security. It provides theoretical as well as practical knowledge on these modules.

2)CS or Computer Science

The degree or course of Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science is all about the software and hardware aspects of the computer itself. This includes algorithms and detailed information systems of the computers.


3)Information Science


A Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science is a study of data management, designing, execution of software and hardware. A B.E in Information Science is a gateway to great career opportunities like Cloud Architect, Solution Architect, Application Developer, and so on.


So, it is evident that a B.Tech Or B.E course opens up a plethora of opportunities and for this reason, a B.Tech Or a B.E course in IT/CS/IS is among the top 10 computer courses after 12th in Bangalore.


2) BCA (Bachelor Of Computer Applications)-


When we talk about the top 10 courses in Bangalore after the 12th, the BCA program certainly takes a spot. It is yet another popular choice among students after 12th.BCA is a 3-year undergraduate program and being a professional course, the exam is also semester-based. Sometimes when a candidate could not make it to B.Tech (IT), this course is a great alternative.


A course in BCA from a reputed institute also provides good career opportunities and a similar pay package like that of a B.Tech(IT). The most special feature of the BCA program is that students of any stream can pursue this course. Some colleges have cut off marks to apply for this course followed by personal interviews.


The others conduct an in-house entrance test for this course followed by a personal interview. The course module includes C programming, Python programming, Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Graphic Designing, and so on.


BCA Graduates are hired by private as well as public sector organizations for their IT departments.

Christ College, Presidency College & St. Joseph’s College of Bengaluru are just a few names that are amongst the most reputed colleges for BCA course.


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3) B.Sc IT-


Many private and deemed universities in Bangalore offer a 3-year course which students of maths background can consider pursuing. This course is about managing, storing, and processing bulk information in an organization.


This course focuses on software development, designing, networking, cloud computing, database management, software testing, web development, and programming languages. The average fee for these courses is around 90k-2L. A candidate with a B.Sc IT degree gets plenty of job opportunities in leading IT companies like IBM, Infosys, TCS, Wipro, etc.


Many government organizations like ISRO also hires candidates with this background. Some colleges take admission on merit basis while other conduct entrance exam and personal interview for enrollment in this course. This is a semester-based program consisting of 6 semesters.


4)Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is a new course but is becoming increasingly popular among students after 12th. This is a short-term course of duration up to 6 months. The fee range is Rs 30000-Rs 1.5Lakhs. Depending upon the reputation of the institute and modules covered, students can choose an institute.


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A lot of students pursue this course along with some mainstream courses. A digital marketing course includes several modules like Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, and so on.


In today’s era when every business is online, a program in digital marketing gives students a better chance of employability. One of the reasons for Digital marketing being in the top 10 computer courses after 12th in Bangalore is that Bangalore is also a city of startups and many entrepreneurs seek a program in digital marketing to apply in their business models. Another reason for the popularity of this course is that after learning the concepts of digital marketing one gets a plethora of job opportunities.


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Though this course is becoming increasingly popular and considered as an extension of mainstream marketing, no college offers a module of digital marketing in their main courses. Hence many institutes offer online courses in digital marketing to provide knowledge and degree for the same.


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5) Content Writing/marketing


This is yet another new course that is amongst the top 10 computer courses after 12th in Bangalore. This course is a module on Digital marketing but many institutes offer online courses separately. Content is everywhere, much in demand so a course in content writing is total worth in today’s era.

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It is also a course that students pursue alongside a mainstream course like BA/B.Sc and so on. Every business that is online today needs quality content and hence arises the need for content writers. A content writing course is a short-term course of up to 3 months duration. It includes various modules like Article Writing, Blogging, Press Releases, SOP, and Web Content.


Students do freelancing, blogging, web content writing, along with mainstream courses, or become independent content writers. Another plus is that students of any stream can pursue this course. Many companies have a separate team for promoting and developing their content so the scope is massive after this course. A lot of students pursue this course simply to upgrade their skills.


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6)MS Office Certification Course


This is a short-term course for students after 12th who want to gain expertise in MS Word, Powerpoint, and Excel. Some students learn this to enhance their knowledge in MS office while others pursue this course to be job-ready in less time. There institutes in Bangalore authorized by Microsoft to conduct exams for MOS(Microsoft office certification). Platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, LinkedIn Learning are quite popular for conducting MS office certification exams. This course has three levels which are as follows:

1)Microsoft Office Specialist

This is the first level of this course that equips the candidate with hands-on knowledge on Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, and Access. Exams are conducted separately for each of the mentioned functions. Once the candidate passes the exams, he/she becomes a Microsoft office specialist.


2) MOS Expert(Microsoft Office Expert )


It is a second level after the MOS. The MOS expert has sound knowledge in advanced features of MS Office and Excel. To become a certified MOS expert, one has to pass only one exam and he is job-ready.


3)Microsoft Office Specialist Master (MOS Master)


It is the highest level of exam that Microsoft conducts and to become a MOS Master, one needs to pass 4 exams in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Having a MOS master certificate implies that a candidate has in-depth knowledge of MS office.


Scope -These certifications offer ample opportunities for jobs like Executive Assistant, Office Assistant, Project manager, Data manager, Project Co-Ordinator, and so on. Of course, the opportunities will depend on the level of certification. Since these certifications have a massive scope, they are also rated amongst the top 10 computer courses after 12th in Bangalore.


7)VFX and Animation-


VFX and Animation courses are other courses that are among the top 10 computer courses after 12th In Bangalore. There are several institutes in Bangalore that offers a course in VFX and animation. The scope of VFX and animation is huge in today’s era not just in Bangalore but elsewhere too. Students who want a creative career in technology and marketing can pursue this course.


The range of duration of these courses is from 2 months to 3 years depending upon the module of the program. Almost every content we see today both online as well as offline has visual graphics. The online content has visual graphics as well as audio effects which are all done through VFX and animation.


There is also a B.Sc program in animation which is a 3-year program. The scope of this course everywhere today right from media, entertainment, education, and so on. Students have a wide range of career options like as follows :


  • Freelancer in VFX
  • Independent VFX Professional
  • Media Animation Professional and Expert
  • Visual Effects Expert
  • Trainer in VFX and Animation
  • Creative and Program Head


Since the scope of this course is huge, this is a rewarding career if a candidate can grasp the skills and techniques in the modules. The prospect will further grow only owing to the expansion of the internet and technology.

8)Web Designing

Web designing is yet another course that will always remain amongst the top 10 computer courses after 12th in Bangalore. With the companies doing online business, everyone wants to have a decent website that can grab the eyeballs of the customers.


A good website increases the traffic thus leading to increased sales. Hence the demand for website designers is massive and a career in web designing is quite stable and rewarding. The modules covered in “web designing” include visual and graphic designing, UX, HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and so on.


There are ample job opportunities after successful completion of the course. Some of the options that students pursue are freelancing in web designing, web designing in companies, Graphic designing, and UEX designing. The short-term courses range up to 2-3 months of duration. There is also a diploma course in web designing that is a 1-year program.


9) CAD (Computer-aided design)-


The certificate course in CAD is a one-year program after class 12 suited for students with Maths and science background. The cost of this certificate course in CAD is quite affordable. It ranges between Rs4000-Rs 20000 depending upon the institute and duration of the course. A certificate course in CAD equips the candidates in teachings the drawings useful for architects, engineers, and graphic designers. In the earlier times, people used to draw manually on paper.


But with the evolution and growth of technology these drawings are done on computers. This course is suited for people with a technical bent of mind along with creativity. In this course, students learn about architectural designs and product drawings on computers. Some students pursue this course to upskill themselves while pursuing a course in IT, engineering or designing.


They also include training in many software like AutoCAD, Fusion 360, and so on. These learnings give them an upper hand while applying for jobs in the field of designing, IT, engineering, and architecture. For all these reasons, a certificate in CAD is considered amongst the top 10 computer courses after 12th in Bangalore.


10)Mobile Application Development Program


Bangalore being the silicon city of India opens a plethora of opportunities in the field of technology. In the last few years, there has been a growing use of mobile applications. Many businesses which have a website nowadays also have a mobile app.


It provides easy access to their customers. We have a mobile app for e-commerce like Amazon, Flipkart. For groceries, we have several apps like BigBasket, Grofers, etc. We also do have apps for banking and related services. To say the least, it is very difficult to imagine our life today without mobile apps.


For this reason, there is a huge demand for mobile application developers which has given rise to separate courses of mobile development. These are short duration courses up to 4-6 months and have taken the spot amongst the top 10 computer courses after 12th in Bangalore. The B.tech or BE programs have a module on application development.


However, some students independently pursue this course alongside some other courses. These courses cover system design, coding, languages like HTML, JAVA, CSS which are also common in web development. Only a few things are taught additionally like Python, Adobe flash lite, etc.


Application developers are equipped with sound knowledge to work on different mobile platforms like android, iOS, Windows, and so on.


Application designing and development is the common and most popular job opportunity. However, a candidate who has sound knowledge and experience in this can also be an independent app developer or a freelancer. Another new opportunity after this course that is on the rise these days is Application testing. All in all, this field is interesting and financially rewarding as well.

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All the above-mentioned courses will guide you on the top 10 computer courses after 12th in Bangalore. These computer courses are professional courses which will enhance your chances of employability. Bangalore is a city of great opportunities and resources. The city boasts being the preferred location for most tech startups be it software or IT-enabled services Based on your aspirations, affordability, the interest you can decide on a course for yourself after the 12th and upgrade your skills for a great career.


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