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Top 10 CAT Coaching Classes In Noida In 2024 (Updated)

CAT registrations start in the first week of August and many IIM-aspiring candidates have already begun preparation for the same. Are you from Noida and aspire to crack the CAT? We have a list of the top 10 CAT coaching classes in Noida for you.




The Common Entrance Test is a gateway into the Master of Business Administration programs at the distinguished IIMs in India. Several other elite B-schools also consider the CAT score as admission criteria. As such, for students across India aspiring management degrees, it remains one of the most sought after competitive exams.




Noida stands for New Okhla Industrial Development Authority. It is a satellite city of Delhi, a planned city, and a part of the NCR (National Capital Region) of India. With a robust progression and growth, the city has the highest per capita income in the entire NCR. Massive structures like th2e Buddh International Circuit (formula one racing), the Sunburn Arena (hosting international performances), and the tallest North India skyscrapers like Supertech Supernova Spira and Supertech North Eye are all evidence to the rapid transformation and progress of Noida.


It is a hub for many national and multinational companies, a flourishing IT and outsourcing sector, and a hotspot for travelers who wish to have an experience of the vibrant high street culture of Noida. The education sector has caught up with all this progress as well.


With massive changes over the past three decades, and people from different parts of India settling down here with flourishing jobs, the provision for excellent education is in place. Noida has some of the best management colleges, and with the proximity of the IIM-Delhi, most Noida students would aim at the IIM and other top B-schools in and around Noida. Below is a list of the top 10 CAT coaching classes in Noida.

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IIM SKILLS is a forerunner in the list of the top CAT coaching classes in Noida. With a history of over five years of excellence, it has trained 4300+ professionals from 30+ countries, which is no mean feat. It operates on the ideology that skills are the gateway to premium jobs. IIM SKILLS exhibits an unmatchable panache and excellence. Every course it designs is an unforgettable and valuable experience for its students. The institute is a stalwart to reckon with in the up-skilling industry. IIM SKILLS is a global leader in online education service institutions.


IIM SKILLS has always been in sync with developments globally, especially in the education and skills prep industry. It is one reason why their courses are so valuable, for their inherent ability to embrace the new and utilize the same to maximize results. The skills they provide through their training courses are highly in-demand and functional. The institute is student-centric. It caters to the students as per their convenience and mentors them to achieve their set goals. The mentors themselves are experts in their domains and know how to extract the best from the aspirants. They are friendly and approachable and readily share their fund of knowledge and counsel the students as per their aspirations.


Features of CAT coaching at IIM SKILLS:

  • For first-timers, the online CAT coaching starts from zero. The institute guides the students from the very basic to ultimately the CAT format itself, breaking down the entire journey into achievable smaller milestones.
  • There are options for a weekday or weekend class. There are also options of taking up just one subject, CAT capsule, or even any two CAT capsules. Also, there is a self-paced variant for students preferring to take things at their own pace from the comfort of their homes.
  • For students who want complete coaching, there is a comprehensive, complete course that takes the students from start to finish.
  • Since it is entirely an online module, there is no hustle-bustle of time management with other multitasking for college students or working professionals. The online module gives a lot of flexibility and saves a lot of time.
  • Another advantage of the course being an online version is that of the complete knowledge bank available online for use anytime from anywhere and any device.
  • The videos, e-books, and other courseware are available for students to access from their LMS portal. The complete course aspirants have access to this LMS for lifelong while the aspirants choosing different variants have access to it for a year.
  • The courseware and study plan is different for every aspirant, after assessing their strengths and weaknesses in the CAT syllabus.
  • Mentors/trainers provide an immediate resolution to doubts, and there are no separate doubt clearing sessions as such. The instructor-led interactive online sessions are through Zoom software, with clear audio and video quality.
  • Lastly, the instructors assist the aspirants through their complete journey, the GD/PI/WAT inclusive with counseling on college selection as well.


Address and Contact Information:

IIM SKILLS (Co-Offiz) H B Twin Tower

8th Floor, Max Hospital Building,

Netaji Subhash Place,

Telephone#: 92110-99503

Website: https://iimskills.com/


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Another name that comes at the top of the list of the best CAT coaching classes in Noida is that of the Triumphant Institute of Management Education. With headquarters in Hyderabad, like many other top education-prep coaching classes, it has a nationwide presence having 237 offices across 118 cities in India. The institute coaches students across various segments, such as college-level courses inclusive of CAT/MBA, GATE, GMAT, IELTS, Bank exams, CRT, TOEFL, etc. It also offers to coach for school-level courses such as the JEE, NEET, CLAT, NDA, IPM, IIT foundation, and even school tuitions. Across all these segments, its main aim is to deliver quality coaching and guidance to students and help them design their future.


Features of CAT coaching at T.I.M.E.

  • As with all significant coaching classes, T.I.M.E has all variants of coaching, i.e., online or distance learning, classroom, and the test series standalone.
  • The classroom module is what most students opt for, and it takes the students from basics to advanced level.
  • Apart from physical one-on-one doubt clearing sessions, the classroom batches have sessions for B-school selection, test-taking strategies and seminars, and even Achiever’s meet, where past achievers meet present students and motivate them to give their best.
  • The online repository has videos, tests, sections for GDPI, all at the disposal of students, for them to take the tests and go through the in-detail review or analysis and understand their weaknesses and strengths.
  • This module is inclusive of training for other MBA related exams, essay writing, group discussion, and personal interview also.
  • The online platform again has various courses such as a regular course, regular +100 videos, advanced, advanced with 100 videos, and finally advanced with 200 videos.
  • There are sample videos on their website. Students can benefit from the same, and it can be a guiding factor on which course they would prefer to take.
  • The course content, as such, is unique, helping students develop competence in every single area of test prep. They cover the fundamentals of all areas such as the Quant, Data Interpretation, Verbal Ability, Reading Comprehension, and Logical Ability.
  • Students get to practice with general awareness test papers, CAT mocks all India CAT Mocks and mocks for other management entrance exams.


Address and Contact Information:

303, Krishna Apra Royal Plaza, Above ICICI Bank,

Commercial Belt, Alpha-1,

Great Noida-201308

Telephone#: 0120-4262207 and 92135-02221.



Career Launcher Noida has made a place for itself with its courses that are simple and easy to understand. It has a nationwide presence with a focus on diverse segments of education and learners spanning multiple age-groups. It has been around since 1995, guiding students and shaping their careers. The core ideology at Career Launcher is enabling individuals to realize their potential and reach out for their goals and dreams. The institute coaches for entrance exams related to segments such as Law, MBA, BBA/IPM, Banking, SSC, GMAT, and CRT. It undoubtedly is one of the top CAT coaching classes in Noida.


Features of CAT coaching at Career Launcher:

  • At Career Launcher, there are CAT courses in plenty, with variations to suit every student’s needs. Some of the courses are, CAT Premium batch extended (weekday), CAT residential, CAT night classes, day classes, each with the test series or without, with the smart cracker or without, separate smart cracker, test gym, and test series.
  • Broadly, the features of the courses are similar with slight variations.
  • The key features of the classroom variants are a minimum number of classroom sessions, test series to assess knowledge assimilation, qualitative, and quantitative assessment of each individual with individual mentoring.
  • The online versions, too, have similar features, including a set amount of live online sessions, full-length CAT mocks with in-depth analysis, and over 7500+ questions spread across three levels of difficulty, a hard copy of books, and virtual sessions across five modules.
  • There is also the test series for students who prefer only to have CAT mocks for practice.
  • Career Launcher also has only study material on offer for students who would prefer a self-study.


Address and Contact Information:

1st Floor, C-30/3, Opposite Indian Oil Apartments

Sector-62, Noida-201301

Telephone#: 120-4312135 and 99105-50614



IMS has been around in the educational test prep industry for over four decades. It initially started with mentoring students for management entrance exams and now caters to various undergraduate and postgraduate entrance exams. The infrastructure at all of IMS centers is excellent, complete with computer labs, and a library replete with recommended reads. The IMS centers cater to CAT, CET, IIFT, SNAP, TISSNET, CLAT, Symbiosis ET (law and general), AILET, GMAT, SAT, GRE, etc. With some of the best mentors, IMS is one of the top CAT coaching classes in Noida.


Features of CAT coaching at IMS Noida:

  • There are classroom CAT sessions as well as live online sessions.
  • The online CAT coaching at IMS is inclusive of 175+ hours of coaching that is a blend of classroom and live online.
  • Video content spanning 150+ hours covers the entire CAT syllabus.
  • Courseware preparation is meticulous with planning by experts in the field.
  • Stringent and rigorous practice with nearly 100 full-length CAT mocks ensures the students are CAT-ready.
  • The course follows an approach that blends the offline and online knowledge repository for maximum student benefit.


Address and Contact Information:

B-77, Sector 2, Near Noida Sector 15,

Metro Station, Noida – 201301

Telephone#: 01204320021 and 88791-27127


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TathaGat is an MBA Entrance training institute, particularly CAT, since 2007. Their coaching has a fresh and rational approach due to which TathaGat has acquired a reputation as one of the best CAT coaching classes in Noida and Delhi. It is a strong leader in the education-prep industry.


Features of CAT coaching at Tathagat:

  • The CAT coaching is for either one year or two-year duration, with the difference being in the number of classroom hours, 500+ as opposed to 700+ in the two-year course.
  • There are weekend batches as well as weekday batches.
  • There are 400+ online tests along the lines of the original CAT format.
  • A small batch size helps give personal attention to students.
  • There are many doubt clearing sessions.
  • The coaching is inclusive of exhaustive GD/PI, essay writing, and GE sessions.
  • The study material is comprehensive and excellent in attractive booklets.
  • There is a particular focus on previous years’ question papers.
  • There are 80+ hours for workshops.
  • The institute encourages students to focus on general awareness and reiterates the importance of good reading habits.


Address and Contact Information:

C-59, Noida Road, D Block, Sector 2, Noida, Uttar Pradesh-201301

Telephone#: 0120-6888860



With its inception in 2003, MBA Guru takes an adaptive approach rather than the traditional approach towards CAT coaching. In a short span of time, MBA Guru has become one of the best in terms of CAT coaching classes in Noida and an institute that has a team/faculty with a common goal of giving the best to its students.


Features of CAT coaching at MBA Guru:

  • MBA Guru believes in the adaptive prep approach for CAT coaching.
  • The Adaptive Prep-V3 is by far the most intense CAT prep program to-date across the nation.
  • The institute proactively adapts to the visible and likely changes in CAT format year-on-year.
  • Classroom sessions at MBA Guru are of three-hour duration, enabling students the practice of sitting through 180 minutes of the CAT exam itself.
  • While the traditional coaching method is like a one-size that fits all, the Adaptive Prep at MBA Guru is more tailor-made, taking into consideration individual abilities.
  • The traditional CAT coaching method relies heavily on classroom coaching with offline material. In contrast, the Adaptive Prep approach believes a mix of online and offline teaching with courseware to be the best way forward.
  • The Adaptive Prep at MBA Guru has maximum impact with the most exceptional results.
  • With its adaptive tests, adaptive learning process, and adaptive approach, this institute even provides handholding through the GD/PI sessions.
  • MBA Guru allows you to book a free tele-counseling session with an expert.


Address and Contact Information:

Bhagwan Sahai Tower, Ground Floor, Main Road,

Sector-15, Naya Bans, Noida-201301

Telephone#: 93110-67490 and 93110-67487



EduShastra deals with coaching in the fields of educational test prep, special education, music, business courses, and business training. With a basic ideology of education for people, not profit, this institute provides quality education at an affordable price. They brought their services on the online platform in 2016 and have been doing an excellent job since then, providing quality coaching and educational resources at very economical prices to the masses. They do not assume quality education at an affordable cost as their core obligation but as a moral imperative. Another impressive ideology that EduShastra believes in is that a good product requires zero marketing. It is one of the top CAT coaching classes in Noida.


Features of CAT coaching at EduShastra:

  • EduShastra takes in seven to nine students per batch in the classroom as well as online or hybrid mode.
  • They have provisions for weekend and weekday classes.
  • The institute has a mapping phase where each new student is in a Zero Group for a week, and their proficiencies (intellect, intelligence, aptitude, and commitment) decide on the mapping into five different IQ groups enabling like-minded, same-level students per batch.
  • After the scientific process of batch allocation, each batch gets a custom course structure, syllabus, and schedule.
  • The CAT coaching here has an introductory phase, a foundation phase that covers the basics of all concepts, the testing phase that is computer-adaptive, and finally, the control phase that identifies gaps in test preparation.
  • Overall the CAT coaching is inclusive of a minimum of 80 hours of classes and 80 hours of free support sessions.
  • Study material is in-depth, covering core concepts, booster packs, question banks, and practice tests.
  • A minimum of 21 All India level full-length CAT mocks, and 250 topic-wise test series gives the students real-time experience. The test series is also inclusive of 120 sectional tests, 50 fundamental level tests, 30 intermediate level tests, and 20 advanced level tests.
  • Finally, the academy assists students through soft skills preparation, group discussion, written ability test preparation, general knowledge prep, and personal interview prep.
  • 24/7 faculty support with alumni guidance and expert counseling are benefits that add value to the course.


Address and Contact Information:

Knowledge House

First Floor, C-56/36, C Block,

Phase 2, Sector-62, Industrial Area

Noida -201309

Telephone#: 8448854310




The AICE or Amity Institute for Competitive Examinations is of the firm belief that Indians have the potential in them to be the best and shine in the world. They provide coaching in various competitive examinations to nurture the talents of the young minds providing them with world-class facilities and best educators, creating a knowledge pool par excellence. Since the year 2000, AICE has been guiding students to master fundamentals setting a new benchmark in the field of education prep industry. The institute provides coaching for JEE, Medical, CAT/MAT, GMAT, GRE, Olympiads, etc. It is one of the top CAT coaching classes in Noida.


Features of CAT coaching at AICE:

  • The various courses available are Crash Course (CC) for seven months, Group Discussion and Personal Development Program (PDP), Intensive Classroom Contact Program (ICCP) for 18 months, One-Year Classroom Contact Program (OCCP) for 12 months, and Online Mock Test Series (OTS) or Mock Test Series (MTS).
  • The Crash course has 200+ hours of classroom coaching with 8-10 hours per week, take-home exercises, 60 tests, online CAT mocks complete with performance analysis, and the GD/PI sessions.
  • The PDP is for 90 hours for students who have already taken the CAT and need a handholding only for the GD/PI part.
  • The ICCP has 500+ hours of coaching, eight hours per week, three module tests and topic tests, take-home exercises, doubt clearing sessions, special workshops for the various MBA entrance exams, an online question bank for the test series as well as a handholding through GD/PI.
  • The one-year program or the OCCP has 350+ hours of classroom coaching, with the rest of the features akin to the ICCP.
  • The OTS or MTS comprises of 60 online, and offline CAT mocks along with the original format of CAT with an in-depth discussion and more than 3000 questions for rigorous practice.
  • Each of these courses provides individual attention to the students, is available as a weekday or weekend batch, with special batches for engineers and working professionals.


Address and Contact Information:

Block-J, 1st Floor, Sector-44, Noida-201303

Telephone#: 0120-2431842 and 2431839



Starting in 2010, Pinnacle Learning Destination was into coaching for various competitive examinations such as CTET, Bank PO, Bank clerk, SSC-CGL, Police Exams, NDA, CLAT/Law exams, Railway Exams, Civil Services, and MBA entrance exams. Initiating with SSC coaching, it now has several educational prep training under its belt, guiding students across various careers. It is now one of the best CAT coaching classes in Noida.


Features of CAT coaching at Pinnacle Learning Destination:

  • The faculty has tremendous experience and dedication towards the teaching profession and is an exceptional team.
  • CAT coaching includes shortcuts and tricks for maths and reasoning.
  • For the benefit of working professionals, there is early morning or late evening batch. There is the availability of crash courses as well.
  • The study material is up-to-date and excellent with innovative learning techniques. The coaching itself available at a nominal fee.
  • There are rigorous CAT mocks and regular newsletters about current affairs.
  • Flexible timings and personal attention are given for the CAT coaching here.


Address and Contact Information:

Plot No.3 Third Floor,

Above Citizen Co-operative Bank,

Raghunathpur, Sector 22,

Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

Telephone#: 9953842445


C-25 Second Floor

Near Narula Hotel, Sector-2,





Starting operations in 1995 as education consultants, MBA Wizards has come a long way. The founder, Mr. Surinder Gupta, an IIT Roorkee graduate, invented the ability-based model for MBA coaching and opened up centers in his hometown and elsewhere, transforming teachers into efficient coaches for MBA and the other MBA-related entrance exam coaching. This ability-based model is the Manthan Methodology, a coaching approach that maximizes student potential providing them with custom courses as per their abilities and not standard courseware. MBA Wizards is now one of the top CAT coaching classes in Noida.


Features of CAT Coaching at MBA Wizards:

  • There is an opportunity to integrate CAT coaching with GMAT.
  • Under their Manthan Methodology, students can choose their hours of work and study directly under a coach with an individual custom-made plan, complete with regular assessments.
  • Since Manthan is an adaptive method, the plan adapts per student ability.
  • A self-assessment with a questionnaire gives a broad picture to the student, and the faculty of the course plan and structure required.
  • An assessment for every student’s subject-wise understanding to segregate them into basic or advance batches is the next step.
  • There are extensive practice tests and sectional tests improvising students in concepts, accuracy, and efficiency.
  • Finally, the student faces the random level of difficulty, full-length CAT mocks, with a systematic assessment to assess the gaps and bridge them.
  • Online live classes, booster sessions, math workshops, access to faculty till course completion, a small batch size, and personal feedback, all do much to help students excel and crack the CAT.


Address and Contact Information:

The regional office is in Gurugram with a contact number: 97177-38553.




  • What is the eligibility for sitting for the CAT exam?

Since CAT is mainly the admission to a Master Degree Program in Business administration and a Postgraduate Degree in Management, you have to be a graduate to be able to appear for the CAT exam.


  • Am I eligible to appear for CAT if I am in the final year of graduation?

Yes, you can absolutely appear for the CAT exam if you are in your final year of graduation. However, if you qualify and you clear your interview, you will have to provide a graduation certificate to show that you have cleared your graduation. When you fill out your form you will have to provide the marks of the last semester that you appeared in.


  • Can I make changes to my CAT application form?

You can only make changes to your photograph and signature. If you want to edit your name date of birth phone number email you have to register to create a new email id to make such changes. The latest information and new updates are going to be taken after registration and the admit card will be issued based on the same.


  • How to Prepare for CAT?

The best thing would be to join an online CAT coaching institute now. You should also join the various study groups on Facebook, Telegram, Quora, And Social media that will help you to connect with fellow CAT aspirants and exchange notes.


  • Which is the best CAT coaching Institute?

All the institutes mentioned above come in the list of the top CAT institutes. When enrolling in a CAT Institute, make sure that they conduct plenty of mock tests in (VARC, DILR, QA) sectional tests, and GD-PI mentoring sessions that will help you to prepare for the main CAT exam and subsequent processes. Along with guidance from the mentors of a CAT coaching institute, you should make a well-planned schedule to devote time to the different sections of the CAT exam diligently.


  • How to Prepare for GD-PI of CAT?

When you join an institute, the faculty is going to take meticulous care that you have plenty of mentoring sessions on personality development, confidence building. There will be one-one sessions where all nitty-gritty of the GD-PI will be explained. You will have an assessment of your strengths and weaknesses after evaluation. After that you will chart a preparation process for acing your stage 2 of the admission process, that is the GD-PI Part. If you are self-learning, go through videos available on different platforms to get an idea of how to approach the GD-PI stage with confidence.



Start your CAT prep well in advance to stay ahead. The CAT exam is dynamic. Consistent and rigorous practice will help you master the subjects and remember there is no shortcut to success.


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