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The Ultimate Guide To The Benefits Of Video Marketing

Are you an online business owner? Do you literally crave engagement with your audience? Or do you often struggle when it comes to planning your video marketing strategy? If yes, this article is all for you. here you will get to know the benefits of video marketing in detail. Happy reading! 

The Ultimate Guide To The Benefits Of Video Marketing

We are into 2022 when customers want to consume quality information; more specifically ‘visual’ information. Eye-catching visual content in the form of photos, infographics, and videos is ruling the world. Platforms out there are prioritizing video content and, it’s your time to make benefits out of video marketing.

Without wasting any more time, let us quickly understand the benefits of video marketing.

Benefits of Video Marketing

If you think that videos are just a marketing tactic, I’m sorry to break your heart. You got this wrong. Absolutely wrong!

Videos are much more than a marketing tactic. An entire marketing strategy can revolve around videos.

So if you own a creative business or even a boring one, you must be investing in video marketing and, if you are not, you’re missing out on a lot.

According to Hubspot Researchconsumers of online content want to see videos over any other type of content. Customers love videos. It helps them engage with the brand. And engagement is what all of us are here for. In a nutshell, if the consumers ‘see’ the value you provide, they’ll definitely stick by you. 

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There are several benefits of video marketing.

Video Marketing Benefits On Landing Pages

If we talk of landing pages, videos are one of the key elements that make them effective. Videos can actually help you convert leads if used as an element on the landing pages. So inserting videos on your landing page can help you seal the deal. 

Before we dive in to discuss how videos can be effectively used as an element, let me brief you about landing pages.

In the simplest words, landing pages, as the name suggests, are the web pages on which visitors aka potential customers ‘land in’ to purchase your product. 

The mere fact that a visitor has landed on this page ensures that he’s interested in the product or service you’re dealing with. So, your goal is to convince the visitor to purchase the product/ service after he goes through your landing page. Thus, it’s important to convey information appealingly.

The web pages where you are taken to when you click online advertisements or marketing emails are the landing pages. 

A great landing page contains separate sections of content arranged in an appealing color scheme. To ensure that visitors can digest the information, fonts used on landing pages are clean and concise and aim to improve readability.

The sole mission of every landing page is to convince the visitor to take action. This could be downloading the app or, simply making a purchase. But, can someone make a purchase just by reading a handful of words? Yes, they can. But, the chances are that many of them won’t just because of the ineffective delivery of information.

It is here when video marketing comes to the rescue. Videos on the landing pages make a visual impact on the psyche of the visitors. Videos are \used to explain the feature of the product. Testimonial videos are also added to highlight the experience of other customers or clients.

Most importantly, videos are used to trigger the feeling of missing out. Visual information in the form of videos can make the visitors feel that they are missing out on something. Such psychological triggers can convert leads to sales.

Writing good copies for landing pages is an art. Good copywriters can use words to compel the readers to buy the product. But, let’s face it, bad copies do exist. So, it’s always a wise move to invest in video marketing.

Benefits of video marketing On Email Marketing

When it comes to email marketing, videos can hook the viewers and increase engagement. You’ll be amazed to know that you can increase the open rate by including the word ‘video’ in the title. 

Having said that, let me quickly brief you about open rates. A vast number of marketing emails never make it to the inbox and are left wandering in the spam folder. Even if the mail reaches the inbox, the chances are that it is never read.

So, the email open rate is the percentage of subscribers who go on to open the email out of the total number of people who’ve received it. 

Thus, it’s important to engage with the reader, and what better way than a video. Video is the most efficient way to communicate the main features of the product or the service.

Videos grab the attention of the subscribers and convey the most crucial information in minutes. Also, the style in which the videos are delivered can compel viewers to respond more positively to the product. 

So, what are you waiting for? Include videos in your email marketing campaigns because they do make an impact! Videos are the most efficient way of communication and should be an integral part of any marketing strategy

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Benefits of Video Marketing – Builds Trust

Videos express the personality of your brand. It helps to establish a connection and build credibility. Raw and authentic information conveyed through videos can help you earn the trust of the viewers.

Benefits of Video Marketing – Improves SEO

Another benefit of video marketing is that Google loves videos. Including videos on your website can boost your SEO rankings.

We’ll have a deep dive into this topic in the other half of this article, so as of now let’s cover the other video marketing benefits.

Videos encourage shares. Videos can be easily shared on social media and other relevant platforms. It makes your content easily accessible. 

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Videos have more reach as compared to any other type of content. But what type of videos should you be making to optimize your content on the web? Which style should you follow?

The answers to all these questions are discussed in the next section.

Types of videos 

Now that you know about the benefits of video marketing, you may be wondering about the types of videos that you can make to convert leads into sales.

Apart from sales, videos are also a great tool to build credibility and trust. Your viewers will engage with you if you serve authentic content. Visual information needs to be delivered, and videos are the best way to do it.

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Let me now discuss the 4 different types of videos that will help you make the most out of the benefits of video marketing.


Commercials are short, brief videos that express the personality of the brand. It showcases the main characteristics of the product and is filmed dramatically to grab the attention of the viewers.

The main purpose is to inform the viewers about the product. Thus, commercials are aimed to leave an impression of the brand in the minds of the viewers. 

Commercials are often run on television, streaming services, and other media platforms like YouTube. We can also say that commercials are paid advertisements run on the web and television.

They are usually short and brief. The duration of a commercial can range anywhere from 10 seconds to even a minute or more. Commercials are the must-have elements on your website and social media as they express the voice of the brand.

Explainer Videos

As the name suggests explainer videos are the videos made to explain to the audience about a particular topic. These videos are used to inform the audience about anything related to the brand. The information could be about the company/ brand or the product/ service with which the company is dealing.

Explainer videos are made to provide solutions to a particular problem. Such videos provide quick solutions to a complex issue and end with a strong Call To Action. 

When I say that explainer videos can provide information about anything, I mean anything related to the brand.

It could be a 2-minute video explaining the main features of a product or a video attached in your email explaining to your subscribers how to add you to their contact list.

Product Videos

A product video is an explainer video that is entirely concerned with the products and services that you offer. It is the product description conveyed through videos.

Having that said, it’s important to know that consumers prefer to see videos over text. Thus, it is important to include videos

Product videos must have a place on your landing page. They can also be shared on social media platforms.

A product video is the last bait that you can throw to convert leads into sales. If used effectively, product videos can help you seal the deal.


Testimonial videos are the most significant form of video marketing. They are personal feedback videos from the previous users of the product/ service that compel other viewers to respond positively towards the product.

A large proportion of consumers look for reviews of the product before making a purchase. Reviews are a crucial factor that can make or break a deal. Thus testimonial videos help potential customers take the final call.

A 2-minute testimonial video of a client sharing honest personal feedback of the product can be added on the landing pages to increase sales.

Apart from landing pages, testimonial videos are so versatile that they can be shared anywhere.

These are some of the major types of videos that you can serve your customers to build trust that will subsequently lead to sales.

Along with the types of videos, it’s important to choose the style in which you would deliver your content

The style of a video is the tone in which the message is delivered. It’s upon you to choose if the videos are delivered dramatically, in a narrative tone or, will they follow a simple documentary style.

The style and type of videos that you pick should match the nature and size of the business you’re involved in. 

Video Marketing Strategy

Now that you know about the various types of videos that you can include on your website. Let us briefly discuss the video marketing strategy that will help you gain the most out of video marketing.

Define Your Goals 

The first step in creating a video strategy is defining your goals. The result that you’re aiming for is the goal.

Before filming any video, you must think about the result you want to achieve through the video.

 Like any other goal, the goals for your videos must be SMART.

    • Specific- Try to provide value to your viewers and pick specific topics in your niche. The internet is flooded with general information about anything, so try to give in-depth information about a specific topic.

Also, specify the platform you’ll be making videos for. The streaming channels should be decided in advance. This will help you decide the duration, type, and style of your video.

If you’re putting it out on YouTube, the length could be longer but if you post it on your social channels like Instagram, the duration and style will have to be changed accordingly.

    • Measurable– It’s super important that your goals are measurable. In the case of video marketing, goals can be measured depending upon the streaming platform.

Once you decide on the streaming platform, you can compare your content. The number of likes, shares, saves, and comments you get on a particular video will help you compare the figures with the goal. So, try defining the goal numerically. 

    • Achievable- Your goals should be achievable. You must consider the traffic you’ve been getting on your previous videos while planning out goals for your next videos.

Don’t expect a 50% rise in views instantly. Your goals should be attainable. I know that there’s always a chance of your content going viral but, that’s an exception.

Do not make videos with the sole aim of going viral. Your content should be aimed to reach out to the quality traffic in your niche.

    • Realistic- This point is closely related to the previous ones. Plan realistic goals that are achievable in the given time period. 

Posting authentic content regularly will help you grow. So, invest your time and energy and put content that is relevant to your area of expertise.

Don’t give false hope to your audience. Try to connect with them naturally and realistically. 

    • Timely- Last but not least, your goals should have a time period. You must plan out the time you’ll take to strategize and film the entire video. Prepare deadlines and (try to) stick to them at all times. It’s always good to define the number of videos to be published in a week or month.

Also, once you decide on this, let your audience know about it. If you’ve decided to publish every Wednesday, just talk about it and let your viewers know that another piece of authentic content is on its way.

Define Your Target Audience

This is the most crucial factor which decides the success of your content. Any piece of content should be specifically designed for its target audience.

The target audience is the intended type of traffic for which you’ll be making videos. Always prefer quantity over quality when it comes to traffic.

Your content is bound to get lost if it’s consumable by the general audience. Therefore, it’s wise to define your audience and serve content that’s specific, authentic, and real. 

You must ask yourself the following questions to define your target audience.

  • Who will find my product/ service useful? Is it the students, entrepreneurs, or someone else?
  • What’s my intention in making this video? Is it engagement or brand awareness? What do I want viewers to do after watching this video?
  • Where will I find my audience? Once you’ve decided upon who will find your product/ service useful, go on to find them on relevant social platforms. This can be Google, YouTube, and other social channels. Curate your content as per the platform.

Define the type and style of videos

Once you know about the goals, target audience, and the platform where you’ll be publishing your videos, define the type and style of video you’ll be making.

Apart from the four major types of videos that we discussed in the previous section, you can also put expert interviews, case studies, live event videos, and many more.

The style of your video will be determined by the platform you choose for publishing your content. 

Bonus Tip: If you run out of ideas, try to engage with your audience on social media. Ask them about the topics they’ll want you to post. This will not only help you with engagement but will let you know the needs of your audience.

Maintain your budget

 If creative planning and strategizing form the heart of video marketing, financial planning is its soul.

Always plan for the money you’ve got to execute your video strategy. Consider the following:

  • What you’ll shoot in house and what you may outsource
  • Charges of experts
  • Prices of freelancers
  • Cost of putting online advertisement

How Do Videos Improve SEO Ranking?

Among the several benefits of video marketing, improving SEO is something you should have your eye on.

So, my dear online business owners, content and copywriters and all concerned with handling content online pay attention! Maybe your ultimate goal is to inform and educate your viewers but you cannot do so if your content never makes it to your target audience.

Thus, your content must rank on the top of search engine results.

Here comes the role of video marketing, videos help your content rank and rank high!

As discussed before, videos are the most significant form of communication. Videos inform, educate, and engage with the viewers. Customers love videos and so does Google.

The ultimate goal of search engines is to provide value to the searchers. And what provides value better than videos? An authentic Video itself!

When Google sees that a website hooks up the searchers and keeps them engaged with authentic content, they rank that website over other ones. This is done because Google wants to provide a positive overall experience to its uses.

Inserting videos on your website can improve your SEO ranking as it helps drive more organic traffic to your website. If a particular keyword that searchers are looking for is covered by you, Google highlights your content by using videos as snippets that grab the attention of the searches over other results.

As these video snippets highlight your content on the search result page, searchers are more likely to visit your website. Thus, this increases the organic traffic flow on your website.

Videos on your web page can also help in improving your SEO ranking by lowering the bounce rate. Bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors who move away from your website after reading only one page. This means that they do not spend time on your website to dig deep into your content.

Facts prove that people spend more time on pages that contain videos (wistia) than those which are without videos.

How to use videos to improve SEO? 

Here are some of the simple yet significant ways you access the benefits of video marketing.

Use videos on your website

Remember that your website is your identity and don’t ever underestimate it. So, the first place which you should consider publishing your video is on your website. 

Include the video wherever you can. Just make sure that it is relevant to the particular page where you are embedding it.

You must include product videos and testimonial videos on your landing page and try to include videos relevant to the blog posts you publish. 

Post videos consistently

There are content creators who write blog posts and attach videos of the same along with it. This strategy works well because not all viewers are comfortable reading large chunks of copies.

At the same time, videos engage with the viewers and yes, you leave an impression on their minds too.

Consider posting videos on other platforms

So, here’s the pro tip! Whenever you publish a blog post, try posting its video on other streaming channels like YouTube. This will help you drive traffic from several places.

For example, when you publish a blog post on your website you’ll get traffic directly from Google. But, now that you’re publishing the same content in the form of a video on other streaming channels, people may come and find your website which will increase the organic traffic.

Also, try to share the link on your socials as social media is the heart of content creators.

Wrapping it up on the benefits of video marketing! 

The scope and benefits of video marketing are immense. I can’t stress this fact enough that consumers and Google love videos!

Thus, businesses of all sorts, irrespective of the size, nature, and industry must try to connect and engage with their customers through authentic videos. This booming era of digitalization has a place for videos because they enhance user experience.

Luckily this is the era of video marketing. The cost of producing visual content was never so reasonable. You can shoot videos from merely your phone and free editing tools can change the fate of your brand.

What are you waiting for? Get up! Plan your video strategy. Start with video marketing and see the magic happen.

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