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Top 8 Technical Writing Courses in Trichy with Placements

Technical writing, the largest subcategory of technical communication, developed into a topic of growing importance parallel to the growth of technology. Technical writing is inevitable in the present knowledge-based economy. A host of industries need qualified technical writers to ensure their everyday smooth functioning. A skilled technical writer also assures the safe usage of different types of equipment by explaining them in clear and precise language. Now is the time to begin a career in technical writing, whose scope is to grow in tandem with knowledge. The following article discusses some of the best technical writing courses in Trichy.


List of the best technical writing courses in Trichy


What is technical writing?


Technical writing is the communication of technical information in written format in occupational and technical fields. Today it comprises any documentation of complicated mechanical processes and is no longer limited to long user manuals. Industries that use technical writing are consumer electronics, engineering, medicine, chemistry, aeronautics, robotics, biotechnology, finance, forestry, etc.


According to the Society of Technical Communication, technical writing should give practical instructions on specialized or technical topics with the help of technology. Technical writing is audience-centric. It communicates complex information in clear and plain language to the audience to educate or help them perform a task. Today technical writing is the main subdivision of technical communication.


What does a technical writer do?


A technical writer conveys complex information in the best structure and medium between two or more parties in a way that helps the understanding of the information by the end-user. They use their technical knowledge to organize the content intelligibly to an average person.


The work of technical writers is published more online than offline these days. These writers rely not only on words to communicate a piece of information. But they also use interactive technologies like illustrations, screenshots, photographs, custom graphics, video, audio, animation, etc.


Professional technical writers serve as a valuable resource for technical staff and managers for actualizing their communications goals through easy-to-understand technical documents. In the documentation process, technical writers collaborate with subject matter experts and other technical writers to ensure the correctness of the information in the content. Technical writers also help designers, manufacturers, companies, and clients evolve technical information.


Now you are familiar with the basic concept of technical writing and the job of a technical writer. Read on to know more about some of the best technical writing courses in Trichy.


Technical writing courses in Trichy:


  1. IIM SKILLS led technical writing courses in Trichy:


IIM SKILLS is a leading facilitator of online education services in India and elsewhere. Industry experts with experience of more than twelve years lead the programs at IIM SKILLS. At the institute, you receive hands-on training during the professional certifications programs.


The mission of IIM SKILLS is to provide world-class education at reasonable pricing to all. They are constantly working hard to recognize the skill requirements in the industry and help professionals upskill through their self-paced and live online programs. Now IIM SKILLS offer Master’s certifications in content writing, digital marketing, GST, SEO, and technical writing.


IIM SKILLS started as a successful educational blog with a reach of one million people and soon launched its first full-fledged training program in content writing. At IIM SKILLS, you learn skill-based courses as comprehensible bite-sized practical tips, thereby understanding the concepts clearly. All the training programs at IIM SKILLS are informative and engaging. The institute offers one of the best Technical writing courses in Trichy. The following are the course details:



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    1. Introduction
    2. How to Write
    3. Creating Your Content
    4. Technical Reports
    5. White Papers or Journals
    6. DDLC and Versioning
    7. Conversational Writing
    8. Reviewing and Publishing
    9. API Documentation Using XML
    10. Data Sheets, User Manuals & Application Notes
    11. Effective Writing
    12. Medical Writing
    13. Case Study


The technical writing program at IIM SKILLS is ideal for content writers, marketing executives, technical documentation engineers, configuration & control engineers, design or development engineers, hardware engineers, software engineers, and technical writers. Some Technical writing tools the course would introduce to you are MS Visio, Canva, Powerpoint, Scribus, Git, and MS Project.


The technical writing program at IIM SKILLS is ideal for content writers, marketing executives, technical documentation engineers, configuration & control engineers, design or development engineers, hardware engineers, software engineers, and technical writers. Some Technical writing tools the course would introduce to you are MS Visio, Canva, Powerpoint, Scribus, Git, and MS Project.


IIM SKILLS certification is of global accreditation. Even after the course, you can update your knowledge through a constantly revised LMS. Through IIM SKILLS technical writing program, you learn to craft engaging and succinct documents following the audience analysis. You become capable of recognizing different forms of technical communication and choosing the most suitable format to express the technical information.


Through the course program, you learn to explain complex technical concepts clearly for an average person to comprehend without difficulty. You will practice amending your technical writing skills for the reader. You will learn to create visually appealing documents incorporating design elements while still following the formatting rules. You will follow the best practices to avoid drawbacks and make a great reading experience with your documentation.


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  1. Google Developers led technical writing training in Trichy:


Google Developers offers self-guided quizzes, coding exercises, video tutorials, and technical articles to teach software skills required to evolve with the search engine’s technology. Google developers designed one of the best free online technical writing courses in Trichy for engineers, students of Computer Science, and those working in engineering-adjacent fields.


The technical writing courses by Google developers require you to have a little writing proficiency in the English language and some prior background in coding. The course program is in two parts. Technical Writing One, which spans two and a half hours, will teach you the critical fundamentals of technical writing. Technical Writing Two introduces you to four intermediate topics in technical writing in the same duration.


You should attend the two parts in sequence. The training program also includes pre-class lessons for the two parts. The pre-class materials offer a firm educational experience, which the in-class sessions complement.


3. ECT led technical writing courses in Trichy:


ECT aims to reconsider the way knowledge transmission happens in India. ECT offers courses that teach theory with living projects to help students validate their learnings. The institute also provides its students with regular feedback and support to make progress in their career with morale. Today ECT offers training programs in content writing, digital marketing, personality development, and communication skills.


The technical writing training in Trichy by ECT offers two options. The former is for people familiar with a programming language and the latter for those aiming for a stable career in big tech companies. The second option has additional modules with the elementary course. The following are the course details of the comprehensive technical writing training program by ECT:


    • Course: Technical Writing + [HTML + CSS + JavaScript]
    • Duration: Three to six months
    • Fee: ₹ 39,999/-




    1. Introduction to Technical Writing
    2. Grammar & Styling in Technical Writing
    3. Information Architecture
    4. Master a Markdown Language
    5. Learn XML
    6. Learn JSON
    7. Learn DITA
    8. Document Authoring Tool
    9. Technical Authoring Tool
    10. API Documentation
    11. Agile Documentation Strategy
    12. Careers in Technical Writing
    13. Contributing to Open Source Projects
    14. Other Useful & Beginner Friendly Tools
    15. Introduction to Web Development Fundamentals
    16. Setting Up Dev Environment
    17. Learning HTML 5
    18. HTML Table
    19. HTML Forms
    20. Semantic HTML
    21. Learn CSS
    22. Introduction to JavaScript
    23. Learn JavaScript Conditionals
    24. Learn JavaScript Functions
    25. Learn JavaScript Scope
    26. Learn JavaScript Arrays
    27. Learn JavaScript Loops
    28. Learn JavaScript Objects
    29. Learn JavaScript Iterators
    30. Learn JavaScript Class
    31. Learn JavaScript Modules
    32. Errors & Debugging in JavaScript
    33. Concept of DOM
    34. DOM Events with JavaScript
    35. Building Interactive Website with JavaScript
    36. Async JavaScript and HTTP Requests


The comprehensive technical writing course by ECT includes both live online classes and e-learning videos. In addition to the course modules, the training program also consists of eighteen assignments, eighteen live projects, thirty-six quizzes, and four certifications.


4. Alison led technical writing training in Trichy:


Alison is one of the leading free learning platforms for skills training and education worldwide. It is a social enterprise that aims to make it possible for anybody to learn anything at any subject level, anytime and anywhere, for free online. Alison offers one of the best free online technical writing courses in Trichy. The following are the course details:


    • Course: Technical Writing Essentials
    • Duration: 1.5-3 Hours
    • Fee: Free




    1. Basics of Technical Communication
    2. Professional Style
    3. Document Design
    4. Research Methods
    5. Common Document Types – Part One
    6. Common Document Types – Part Two
    7. Course Assessment


Through Technical Writing Essentials by Alison, you learn the basics of technical writing, professional communication, and technical reports. You will learn essential practices and aspects of technical writing. The course will familiarise you with the complicated and repetitive nature of the writing process. You will also learn to study your audience and write targeted content for them. You will also learn to apply strategies to improve readability, clarity, and more.


The course program introduces chief elements of technical document design, professional style, research skills, and oral presentation. These elements help design presentations and professional technical documents for various objectives and audiences.


The course program will help you describe technical writing and its significance and recognize the practices and traits of technical writing. It helps understand the purpose of rhetoric appeals in workplaces and avoid logical misconceptions. In addition, it teaches you to effectively coordinate headings, figures, lists, and tables in written communications.


The course will help you define basic terms related to research and to ascertain the authority, reliability, and relevance of research sources in a professional framework. After the training, you can recognize the common types of technical documents. You will also know how to make the correct structure, format, and content for different technical documents.


After completing the course program, you can purchase an Alison certificate. You can either download it as a digital certificate or receive a hard copy through free shipment. Without buying the certificate, you will still be able to showcase your achievements through the Learner Achievement Verification of Learner Record available on your dashboard.


5. SCDL led technical writing courses in Trichy:


The Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning offers opportunities to do a Diploma, Post Graduate Diploma, and Certifications in various industry sectors through distance education. These industry sectors include International Business, Business Management, Banking and Finance, Information Technology, etc. SCDL is thus one of the most sought-after centers for distance learning education in India.


SCDL partners with prominent local, national, and international organizations to offer corporate programs. The institute introduced several advanced features to distance learning. The following are the course details of the technical writing program by SCDL:


    • Course: Technical Writing in Business Management (Post Graduate Diploma)
    • Duration: 2 years (4 Semesters)
    • Fee: ₹ 50,000/- + Application form fee of ₹ 1200/- for general category



First Semester:


      1. English Grammar
      2. Introduction to Technical Communication
      3. Technical Writing Style & Editing
      4. Information Development Life Cycle – I
      5. Information Development Life Cycle – II


Second Semester:


      1. Technical Communication Software Tools
      2. Advanced Concepts in Technical Communication
      3. Technical Communication Project Management
      4. Principles & Practices of Management


Third Semester:


      1. Business Communication
      2. Instructional Design for Business Communication
      3. Introduction to Creative Writing in Business Communication
      4. Advanced Documentation Types & Processes


Fourth Semester:


      1. Advanced Technical Writing Tools
      2. Research Methodology
      3. Project


The Post Graduate Diploma in Technical Writing in Business Management by SCDL aims at preparing the learners with theoretical and practical facets of Technical Writing. The program focuses on producing competent specialists in technical writing who would be proactive and capable of working at all professional levels. The training program at SCDL also helps develop creativity, meticulousness, and process discipline in students.


The application fee for the program is non-refundable. The students can pay the program fee through a one-time payment or two installments within a particular timeline. The PG Diploma program opens many career options for the students, including Business Writer, Information Designer, Online Technical Writer, Technical Web Writer, Technical Writer, and Usability Tester.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


6. Techno Kraft led technical writing training in Trichy:


The training center TechnoKraft began in 2003 to offer training in Instructional Design and Technical Writing. The training center in Bangalore provides sophisticated technical writing training. It was also the first in India to give classroom training in Instructional Design. Major IT companies employ Techno Kraft’s corporate training and documentation and placement services.


Technical Writing Training by Techno Kraft gives equal emphasis to concepts and tools. The course also prioritizes the correct grammar and usage of the English language. After each module, students do assignments whose evaluation follows industrial standards. Students also enhance their presentation and public speaking skills through regular presentation delivery on any given subject as a part of the program.


Tools you learn in the course program are Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe RoboHelp, MS Visio, Snagit, Advanced MS Word, HTML, and XML. The advanced level course also discusses DITA, Adobe Articulate, Adobe Captivate, and Adobe Illustrator.


Skilled technical writers prepared the excellent and robust courseware of the Technical Writing Training. In addition, the training program also includes mock interviews, study materials, evaluation exams, and a certificate of completion by the institute. For additional information on duration and fee, you will have to contact the institute directly.


7. Confai led technical writing training in Trichy:


Confai is an award-winning collective of editors, technical writers, and domain experts. The team at Confai has expertise in the documentation process in domains like mobile, electronics, electrical, software, security, manufacturing, aviation, supply chain, and marine.


Confai has fifteen years of experience in training technical writers in different parts of the world, including India. The institute conducts both online and onsite training programs. Organizations can also avail customized training for employees creating technical/professional documentation.


The institute also provides technical writing solutions and consulting services. The following are the course details of the three technical writing courses in Trichy by Confai:


    • Course: Technical Writing Certification Course
    • Duration: 6 weeks
    • Level: Beginners
    • Fee: ₹ 20,000/-




    1. Introduction to Technical Writing
    2. Document development life cycle
    3. Technical Writing – Style Issues
    4. Presentation & Drawing Tools
    5. Authoring Tools


Technical Writing Certification Course by Confai, which certifies you with a Diploma in Technical Writing, is suitable for all enthusiastic about becoming professional technical writers.


    • Course: Certificate Course in DITA/XML
    • Duration: 1 week
    • Level: Beginners
    • Fee: ₹ 9000/-




    1. Introduction to DITA
    2. Understanding XML
    3. DITA Fundamentals
    4. Introduction to Topics
    5. The Base Types of Topics
    6. Maps
    7. Linking


Certificate Course in DITA/XML is one of the best DITA technical writing courses in Trichy, where you undergo the entire life-cycle of composing DITA documentation. You will benefit more from the course program if you have prior experience in technical writing.


    • Course: Certificate Course in API Documentation
    • Duration: 1 week
    • Level: Beginners
    • Fee: ₹ 9000/-




    1. Understanding API
    2. Understanding API Documentation
    3. Acquiring API Knowledge
    4. Planning API Documentation
    5. Creating and Reviewing API Documentation


Confai’s Certificate Course in API Documentation is one of the best API technical writing courses in Trichy. As a part of the program, you will apply the conceptual knowledge to create API Documentation for actual APIs.


All the technical writing courses by Confai are instructor-led live online training programs. During and after the training sessions, you will do tasks and assignments that will help you improve your skills and clear your doubts.


8. Henry Harvin led technical writing courses in Trichy:


Henry Harvin is an online university and edtech company offering over two hundred programs for reskilling and upskilling. The other services of the institute include corporate programs, college programs, books, skill development programs, public programs, assessments, and consulting services.


The institute’s vision is to reshape the development of organizations and individuals globally. They aim to achieve this through the best training experience with standardized content, resources, and modern technology. The following are the course details of the technical writing training in Trichy by Henry Harvin:


    • Course: Technical Writing Course with Gold Membership
    • Duration: 32 Hours
    • Fee: ₹ 15000/-




    1. Introduction to Technical Writing
    2. Documentation Process
    3. Technical Writing Process
    4. Grammar and Editing
    5. Technical Writing Software Tools
    6. Components of a Technical Document
    7. Technical Writing Techniques
    8. How to create Technical Document Template
    9. Overview of formats of Technical Documents
    10. Advanced Technical Writing tools
    11. Soft Skills Development
    12. Resume Writing


The technical writing training program at Henry Harvin includes live projects, internship, certification, placement assistance, e-learning, boot camps, hackathons, gold membership, and round-the-clock lifetime support. The peculiar features of the gold membership include recorded videos, weekly job support, and monthly brushup sessions.


Through the technical writing course at Henry Harvin, you become aware of the conventions of scientific communication. You acquire the expertise in preparing all-inclusive research proposals. You learn to recognize different kinds of literature reviews as a part of the training program. You master effectively communicating technical details to an audience with no technical background through English expressions that help you write clearly and concisely.


While practicing the composition of thesis and research papers, you learn to streamline the writing process to prepare a better article in a short time. Through the process, you get clarity about the different sections of the research paper and familiarise yourself with free software that helps you create perfect citations in no time. As a part of the training program, you also learn to use authoring, image editing, spell-check, and technical writing software tools.




  1. Is there a demand for technical writers?


There is a calculation of 12% growth in the scope of technical writing in the present decade. Each year over the decade will see a demand of over 5000 technical writers on average.


  1. Is it beneficial to get a certificate in technical writing?


Certification in technical writing is beneficial for you to enhance your knowledge and overall proficiency. Technical writing programs also introduce different specializations.


  1. What are the different roles of a technical writer?


Some of the different job roles for a technical writer based on the type of technical documentation are:


    • Content developers.
    • Content writers.
    • Documentation specialists.
    • Information designers.
    • Information developers.
    • Manual writers.
    • Policy writers.
    • Technical communications specialists




It is a challenge for businesses to find skilled technical writers. A certified technical writer will have more to offer through qualities that will set them apart in a crowd and give them preference for jobs. Some traits are refined writing, descriptive skills, accuracy, and knowledge of document designing tools and the subject matter. So wait for no further to join one of the best technical writing courses in Trichy and seize the latest job opportunity.

  • I’m looking to enrol in a Technical writing courses in Trichy that will help me and make me a great asset to my employer. I work for a digital marketing company. According to your post, technical writing classes can help even business owners. In order to learn more about it and to get the chance to ask more questions, I’d want to take a trial class. Since I’m new to the idea of technical writing and have learnt the most of what I know through the internet, I’m also curious if all of the topics mentioned are covered in depth. Please get back to me as soon as you can; it will help me a lot.

  • I am a stay-at-home mom with no prior writing experience. I just create a few posts for myself because I’m not confident enough to put them online. This is why I looked into several online courses. I even attended a demo course and was unsatisfied, so I went into other options, which is how I discovered Technical writing courses in Trichy. Most of these courses offer online training, and I was concerned about the quality of the instruction because we can ask all of our questions and have them answered immediately when we are offline. Please recommend a suitable institute where I might try out a class before enrolling.

  • hello, Darsana Excellent list of technical writing courses in Trichy. Despite the fact that your post is quite thorough and helpful, I still have a question about eligibility because I am still in college. Are these online technical writing courses still available to me?

  • Hey I am an life insurance agent and I have been doing this for a while now . I want to take up writing on the side and write about my ideas which will help promote my business. My idea is to write monthly articles that answer many doubts that people have about life insurance. I don’t want to use traditional outdated methods of advertising as I feel they are fading away . I think Technical writing courses in Trichy can be a great way to market your brand if the content you learn to write is unique . I will definitely be enrolling in a course anytime soon .

  • hey, I have read tons of articles about technical writing courses in the Trichy over the past few weeks and this article is one that I find most helpful, especially the ‘what technical writers do’ part. I want to learn technical writing for quite some time now, but finding a course that I can complete along with my studies is complicated. this article has a collection of all information I want to know about the course like course fee, duration, mode, etc in one place. I feel like the writer of this article Darsana, did all the work in my place so just wanna say thank you.

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