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Top 8 Technical Writing Courses in Ghana

Today, we live in a tech-driven world assisted by technology to accomplish things. With the impact of technology on us growing every day, we will always require technical writers to enlighten people. Ghana is a fast-growing fast-developing country in Western Africa that empowers its nation through technology and other means. This article will summarize the Top 8 Technical Writing Courses in Ghana offered by the best Institutes and e-learning platforms with a short note on technical writing and the future scope of technical writers.


Technical writing courses in Ghana


The job of Technical Writers


Initially, technical writing was all about documenting manuals and how-to guides. However, with the growth of technology in various fields, technical writing is no longer confined to technical fields. Non-technical fields also use technical writing for various needs.


So given the diversified uses of technical writing in different sectors, you might wonder what exactly is technical writing and why should you take up technical writing courses in Ghana? Technical writing is the art of converting and communicating the complex technical aspects of any field into understandable information to people.


To accomplish this objective, technical writers use different means like words, illustrations, figures, videos to communicate effectively. Technical documents written by technical writers vary based on the audience for which they write them. They also vary based on the objective and the sector in which they work.


Some of the sectors where technical writing gets employed effectively include Aerospace, defense, IT sector, Medical industries, Biotechnology, Finance, etc.,


Nature of Technical Writing


In technical writing, the content must be up to the point in simple language. Generally, write-ups created using technical writing are user-centric and, they help end-users to finish a task or, learn a new installation process, or it is a guide on how to use a product.


What do technical writers do?


Technical writers are responsible for creating technical documents based on the company’s or the organization’s needs. They take on the role of a mediator between experts and people who have less technical knowledge. Their most fundamental job is to research, interact with developers and product designers and then think from the user’s perspective to create and write technical documents.


There are different types of technical writing a technical writer must know.

Some of them are:

  • Traditional Technical writing: that includes Scientific and Medical papers, Reviews, and Reports


  • End-User documents:  which includes Assembly Guides, Quickstart guides, Product manuals, User help functions, and Technical books


  • Marketing content: that includes case studies, Brochures, Proposals


Duties and skillsets of a technical writer you must note:


If you are looking for ways to become a technical writer, here is a list of some of the duties (irrespective of the field) you must do while accepting this job:

  • To communicate with a wide range of engineers, developers, and, Subject matter experts to get in-depth knowledge about products and applications you are writing on.
  • To research and find out the user needs and accordingly revise and modify the user manuals, how-to guides.
  • Constantly review the online help content pages and edit them if necessary for a better user-friendly experience on the other end.
  • To write, modify and create manuals, reports, other documents.
  • Analyze existing documents and suggest revisions if necessary.


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Skillset checklist of a technical writer:


Given the complexity of the work involved in taking up the role of a technical writer, here are a few skills that you must have to become a technical writer:


Ability to write in simple language:

As mentioned earlier, technical writing is all about writing a piece of complex technical information in a language that is easy to understand. Having the skill to convey even a perplexing concept in simple terms will help you to prepare for becoming a technical writer.


Being tech-savvy with gadgets

While working as a technical writer, you will often come across new technologies and software applications. Therefore, having a zeal for using new technology will make you a better technical writer.


Constant urge to learn something new:

As a technical writer, you will come across different technologies and other complex things to research and write. To design easily accessible and user-friendly documents, you will have to learn many software tools. Therefore, having an urge to learn something new will help you learn things efficiently.


Having excellent communication skills:

Having excellent communication skills will help you to have effective interactions with everyone. As a result, your communication skills will help you write crisp and concise write-ups.


Ability to do teamwork

Teamwork is the foundation of a successful technical write-up. To create effective technical documents, a technical writer must have the ability to do teamwork. Therefore, being comfortable while working in a team, can help you to become a successful technical writer.


Before applying for the job of a technical writer, remember to check whether you have these above-mentioned skillsets.


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Taking up technical writing as a career path:


Whether you have decided to take up technical writing courses in Ghana or straight away pursue technical writing as a career, here are a few points you must consider before making your final decision.


Eligibility for becoming a technical writer:

Recruiters prefer candidates who have a Bachelor’s degree in English, Journalism, or any communications-based degree for the role of a technical writer. Earning a degree in any of these and having in-depth knowledge about tech-related fields (like engineering, mathematics, science) can help you get a job as a technical writer.


Getting Certification:

Many Universities have started providing technical writing courses in Ghana for interested students using the online mode. Taking up these courses will help you to get certified as a technical writer and start your career.


Job opportunities for technical writers


After getting certified as a technical writer from the best technical writing course in Ghana, the next step for you is to look for career opportunities. If you are not sure about taking up a full-time job as a technical writer, you can always become a freelancer in technical writing and enjoy the variety of works freelancing jobs can bring to you.



According to the Salaryexplorer.com website, the average monthly income of a technical writer in Ghana is around 4,300 GHS. Find out more about salary from salaryexplorer.com


Future scope


In recent times, with many tech-start-ups (indigenous to Ghana) and many other existing tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Uber, and other companies focusing on making Ghana a tech-savvy nation by gaining momentum there, technical writing is seen as a good career option for the upcoming years.


To know more about the future scope of technical writers, read: Career Option For Technical Writers 


Why enrolling technical writing courses in Ghana


Taking up one of the technical writing courses in Ghana to learn technical writing can be beneficial to you in many ways.

  • It will expand your knowledge in technical writing.
  • You will have an experienced instructor who knows the field in-depth to guide you. He will help you to build your technical writing skills in a step-by-step process.
  • You will get feedback for the assignments and work you do as a part of the course. Hence, you will hone your skills.
  • The well-defined curriculum of the course will help you to know technical writing in a better way. Signing up for a technical writing course will give you insights into the tools you must use to present your work like a professional.


Now, having outlined the benefits of signing up for a technical writing course, let us take a look at the criteria you must consider before signing up for a technical writing course.



While choosing a technical writing course, check whether the curriculum drafted is well-defined and has hands-on activities within it.


Fee structure:

Some technical writing courses on the internet are free for anyone to take the course. However, if you have decided to take up a paid technical writing course in Ghana, check twice on the fee payments that you should make to enroll.


Course duration and timings:


If you are a working person signing up for a technical writing course outside your working hours, it’s always wise to check the class timings before signing up.



Some technical writing courses provide internships as a part of their training program. Signing up for such a course can help you gain both knowledge and an internship in the end.



Some technical writing courses will provide opportunities through Placements. Enrolling in such a course can help you work as a technical writer after the course completion.


Top 8 Technical Writing Courses in Ghana:


Now, we have reached the most significant part of this article. To save your time and help you decide which technical writing course you must enroll in, here is the list of Top 8 Technical Writing Courses in Ghana.




IIM SKILLS is an online education Institution having its origin in India. It has transformed the lives of many people who have taken up different courses with them for many years now. Some of the best training courses they offer people include Content Writing Course, Advanced SEO Course, Digital Marketing Course, and many more.


The Technical Writing Courses in Ghana are offered by experts with the best practices to develop the students into an expert in technical writing. With a well-drafted curriculum based on current trends, the professionals at IIM SKILLS always deliver engaging online sessions and customized assistance for students to develop the necessary skills to excel in the courses they take.


The delightful aspect of the curriculum followed in the Technical Writing Course is the tools-driven learning approach. This approach helps students to learn many tools like MS Visio, MS Project, Git, and many more to draft their technical documents.


The journey you start with IIM SKILLS doesn’t end with online classes alone but stretches ahead to provide you Certification, career guidance, Internship, and Placement at the end of course completion. If you are looking for technical writing courses in Ghana to hone your technical writing skills, IIM SKILLS is the best place to sign up for online sessions.


Name of the course provided: Technical Writing Master Course

Course duration: 5 weeks of live sessions

Fees to be paid: Rs. 14,900+ 18% GST

Lifetime access to learning materials


Download IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course Brochure


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Other Courses offered by IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

2. Udemy


Udemy is the world’s most renowned online learning platform used by millions of people. It offers a spectrum of courses in different fields. Amongst these courses,  the technical writing courses are distinct in type and are versatile in structure. Currently, Udemy has about  184351 learners under the technical writing courses.


The price of the course package available on Udemy’s webpage differs based on the course duration and the type of technical writing course you decide to take up. One of the bestsellers featured on their webpage is Professional Technical Writing: Advance your Writing Skills. Now, let’s take a look at the key features of this bestseller course.


Name of the Course: Professional Technical Writing

Fees to be paid: Rs. 12,800


Key features of this course:

This course introduces technical writing to learners and teaches them the various writing techniques for creating technical documents. This course aims at delivering insights into building a career out of technical writing. With lifetime access to 110 downloadable resources, a certificate of completion will be given to you by the end of course completion.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


3. Coursera


Coursera has joined hands with more than 200 renowned Universities and leading companies to provide the most informative and comfortable online sessions to educate people and hone their skills.


Name of the Technical Writing course:  Technical Writing

The fee to be paid: free to enroll


Key features :

This course aims to teach the learners about the usage of language, style, structure to be followed while reporting the results of their research as a technical writer. It also aims to teach different types of technical reports. The Certification of completion will be provided in the end.


4. LinkedIn Learning


LinkedIn Learning (a Subsidiary of LinkedIn) provides various online courses for people in three different categories. The technical Writing Course offered by LinkedIn Learning is informative. It aims at teaching the ways of creating Quick Start guides for people.


Creating this kind of user-manuals and How-to guides is a part of technical writing. Therefore, the course focuses on honing this skill of technical writers in the learners who take this course.


Name of the course offered: Technical Writing: Quick Start Guides

Fees to be paid: Initially, it has a free trial period for a month. But after that, you must pay.

A course completion certificate will be provided when you complete the course.


5. Alison


Alison (a successful e-learning platform) has more than 21 million learners in about 195 countries in the world. It provides distinct courses in many fields. The technical writing course offered by Alison is Technical Writing Essentials. This course is one of the best courses amongst the technical writing courses in Ghana.


Name of the course: Technical Writing Essentials

Offered by:  BCcampus OpenEd


Key features:

This course aims at providing its learners with knowledge on the basics of technical communication, Documentation design, and many other topics. The Certification of completion will be provided in the end. To get yourself Certified by this course, you must score 80 percent or above in each assessment.


6. ECT


ECT, based in India, focuses on training students in various courses.  The Technical Writing courses provided by them are of two versions. Both versions aim at making the enrollers into professional technical Writers.


Name of the course: Technical Writing Course

The fee to be paid: Rs. 16 949+18% GST


Key feature:

Being one of the technical writing courses in Ghana, this course aims at fulfilling the requirements of the short-term goals of enrollers to become technical writers. This course focuses on technical writing and the tools necessary to create technical documents.


Duration of Course: 3 Months


The second Course package of Technical Writing includes the following:

Name of the Course: Technical Writing Course+[ HTML+CSS+ JavaScript]

The fee to be paid: 33898+18% GST


Key Features:

This course focuses on providing knowledge about web development and other tools needed to master the art of technical writing. It also focuses on providing insights on building up a stable career ahead. Internships are also available at the end of course completion.


7. Technical Writer HQ


Technical Writer HQ (the largest community for technical writers) provides many resources and online courses for students to develop their technical writing skills. It offers many writing courses with certification for people. Here are a few key features of the technical Writing course offered by it.


Name of the Course: Technical Writer Course

The fee to be paid: $299


The curriculum of this course focuses on teaching the fundamentals of technical writing, documentation creation, the art of answering interview questions, and the secret behind adding uniqueness to yourself as a technical writer. Technical Writer HQ provides the best technical writing course in Ghana.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


8. Henry Harvin


The next Institute to come on the list of technical writing courses in Ghana is Henry Harvin. Henry Harvin provides various online courses in many fields for people in different parts of the world. The technical writing course provided by Henry Harvin has many distinct features and benefits within it.


Name of the course: Technical Writing Course with gold membership


Key features:

This course is focused on various facets of technical writing from the basics and teaches many tools to edit and draft technical documents. The course outline has many hands-on activities and projects to make the learners gain expertise in using those tools. In addition to online sessions, they also have internships, placement, and other support from their side to make their students into professional technical writers.



Now, these are the top 8 Technical Writing courses in Ghana which can teach you the secrets of becoming a unique technical writer in this competitive world.




1. What can I expect from technical writing courses in Ghana?

A technical writing course aims at giving assistance and insight in honing your technical writing skills. It will have a curriculum that will tell you all the basic things you must know about technical writing. Technical writing courses will have assignments and activities to hone your research skills, writing skills, and your ability to use software tools to edit and write technical documents. You can expect professional and experienced technical writers as your instructors. And they will help you to build a strong portfolio and perspective to see technical writing as a successful career path.


2. What skills do technical writers need?

Skills needed to become a skilled technical writer includes

  • Research skills
  • Writing skills
  • Vocabulary
  • Communication skills

3. Is it hard to become a technical writer?

Since technical writing is all about conveying complex technical information in simple language for people to understand; having linguistic skills and strong writing skills will help you to become a technical writer. As long as you are tech-savvy and have an urge to learn new things, you can always succeed in mastering the skill to become a successful technical writer. The job arena of a technical writer often revolves around technical things.


4. Where can I learn technical writing?

There are different sources from which you can learn technical writing. It includes youtube videos, books, podcasts, technical writing courses offered by various institutes and communities. While all these sources can help you to grasp the concepts involved in creating technical documents, it is only by writing on various online platforms and by doing freelancing technical writing jobs will you learn technical writing effectively.

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  • I’ve been looking for Technical writing courses in Ghana to help me start my career as a technical writer and improve my skills, but I’m not sure where to start because there are thousands of courses available on the internet which had initially got me so confused as to which one should I pick. This post answered most of my questions about technical writing and the numerous courses associated to it. This article regarding online technical writing courses is unquestionably assisting me in locating a course that is appropriate for me. Thanks for this article which is wonderfully put together .

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  • My family owns a coffee plantation farm in Ghana. We want to further our business and expand it to a tourist visitational farm. It is pretty expensive hiring professional help from outside and our target audience is foreign tourists. Technical writing seems appealing in upping our business and hence I am looking to sign up for a Technical writing courses in Ghana. Are these courses conducted in English ? I also want to know what is the duration of the internship given by these academy’s . Are any of the stated institutes based in Ghana ? Thanks and hoping for a reply

  • hey, I have read many articles about technical writing courses in Ghana and this article is one that I find most helpful. I want to learn technical writing as a new skill, but finding a course that I can complete along with my studies is tough work. this article has all information I want to know about the course like course fee, duration, mode, etc in one place for me. Making my hunt for the best technical writing course available in Ghana easily.

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